Lee Sung-Kyung Captivates in Red at Milan Fashion Week

Lee Sung-kyung, who is an actress and model, made a splash at the Fendi show at the Milan Fashion Week with her bold red style.

On her way to attend the late Karl Lagerfeld‘s Fendi 2019 Autumn/Winter Women’s Collection Show” held in Milan last Thursday, Lee Sung-kyung attracted attention with her red outfit.

Wearing a red textured flitz skirt, a t-shirt and short jacket both from Fendi’s Roma Amor line by Lagerfeld, Lee gained attention from media outlets who had gathered for the late designer’s last show. According to reports, sources say that people admired her “Barbie doll proportions” and ranked her high in regards to both fashion and beauty.

Last week when new of Lagerfeld’s death came to light, it was reported that Lee was invited to view his last collection in Milan.




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“New-Tro” a ‘Mr. Sunshine’ Inspired Fashion Trend Gains Traction in South Korea

It is not unheard of for viewers to be inspired or motivated by what they see on TV. This time around, fans of “Mr. Sunshine” are bringing a new twist to old trends.

Items and accessories that have a retro and antique look like mirrors and traditional gloves have taken a huge jump in popularity.

A new trend “new-tro,” which combines the words “new” and “retro,” is emerging among fashionable 20 and 30 somethings. Notably, some are saying that the trend is influenced by the colorful and unique retro style seen on TV shows set in the early 1900s.

Open Market Auction, an online retailer, reported that for the past month (7/14-8/13) sales of retro fashion and household goods items had increased five times compared to the same period last year.

Screen capture from Open Market Auction’s website

Earmuffs with elegant decorations such as flowers and butterflies have increased five times (400%). Further, intricately designed hand-mirrors have also increased by 47%; traditional or old-fashioned bags, gloves, and wallets that feature embroidery on materials like silk and ramie jumped by 304%. In addition to these items, traditional dolls and other handicrafts have gone up by 49%.

The trend is also affecting what kind of items people are using on a daily basis. According to Open Market Auction, the site also recorded an increase in vintage styled electric teapots more than tripled in sales, with pastel colors being particularly popular. More, 1950s styled refrigerators and speakers have also increased.

Image source – Coupang

The hit drama “Mr. Sunshine,” which is set in early 1900s Korea, has become the talk of the town for the story, the products, and historically accurate clothing. As such, some are connecting the show with influencing the growing “new-tro” trend.

An Open Market Auction official said that as the trend develops among younger generations, it has gone beyond clothes and food, but to accessories and small appliances too.



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Actor Park Bo-Gum is Ready for Fall in New Pictorial

Actor Park Bo-gum creates a chic atmosphere in a new fashion photo shoot.


Park Bo-gum once again showed off his perfect visuals in a photo shoot with clothing brand 18F/W. In the pictorial, the actor showed off various styles and outfits that had a distinctly retro feel. The clean lines, well-tailored coats, sweater, and pants all harkened back to a simpler time.

However, the photo shoot wasn’t just a call back to the past, but also forward to autumn. Although the weather is still hot and humid now, the seasonal shift is close, and temperatures will begin to drop, creating a perfect climate for knits and fashionable jackets.

Meanwhile, Park and actress Song Hye-kyo confirmed their appearance in the drama “My Boyfriend.”



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Super Junior D&E to Release Their 3rd Japanese Full Album ‘STYLE’

Super Junior D&E is releasing their 3rd Japanese full album ‘STYLE’

On June 7, SM Entertainment reported that Super Junior D&E is releasing their 3rd Japanese full album entitled ‘STYLE’ on August 8. This will be the first full-album release since their last one in 2015.

After Donghae and Eunhyuk finished their military duties, they have released digital singles every month since last November. Furthermore, they participated in SM’s monthly projects and made 7 songs, which they have included in their upcoming album. The track list includes ‘Here We Are,’ ‘You Don’t Go,’ ‘IF YOU’ and 8 others, making 11 songs in total.

Meanwhile, Super Junior D&E debuted in Japan with single ‘Oppa, Oppa’ in April, 2012. At the time, they placed 2nd in the Japanese Oricon weekly single chart, and placed first with their first full album ‘RIDE ME’ in 2014. Since it’s been so long since their last official promotions in Japan, much anticipation is rising.

In addition, the group will also host a tour in Japan. From September to November, they will host ‘SUPER JUNIOR D&E JAPAN TOUR 2018: STYLE’ and travel through 7 cities to perform 17 concerts in total. Lastly, they plan to have a ‘Meet and Greet’ event, where lucky fans who are chosen randomly get to meet with the members of Super Junior D&E.

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