MONSTA X to Release an English Version of ‘Play it Cool’ With Steve Aoki

Social media posts by DJ Steve Aoki and MONSTA X confirm that the group’s song “Play It Cool” will have an English version.

Steve Aoki (left) and Monsta X – Starship Entertainment

Earlier this week, DJ and producer Steve Aoki posted a message on social media where he announced that the English version of MONSTA X’s song “Play It Cool” is scheduled to be released this Friday. Following his announcement, MONSTA X’s retweeted his message on its official account confirming the news.

The song is from the group’s full-length album TAKE.2 WE ARE HERE, which came out last month. The group collaborated with Aoki to create title song “Alligator,” and the two parties have decided to link up again for the English version of “Play It Cool.”

Fans of the group praised the song for its clean and refined vibe. In particular, rapper Joohoney participated as a vocalist for the first time. Moreover, with member I.M. helping to craft the rap parts of the song, he was able to achieve a different sound that deviated from the powerful and intense music that the group is known for.

Meanwhile, “Play It Cool” will come out on Friday in the United States, and Saturday in Korea. It will be available on music sites worldwide.




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‘Baby Shark’ Song Lands on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart

Congratulations to the popular Baby Shark song for getting listed on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for 2 weeks in a row!


On January 15, OSEN reported the English version of the children’s song Shark Family known as Baby Shark was No.38 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart!


This isn’t the first time the Baby Shark has made its mark on a Billboard chart. Back in July 2018, the catchy song made its appearance on Billboard’s Kid Digital Song Sales chart. Additionally, the Baby Shark video on YouTube has gotten over 2.1 Billion views since its release on June 2016.

The catchy “Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo” has gone viral gaining international love and attention. There have been many headlines wondering what makes this song so addicting like CNN’s headline “What’s behind the insane popularity of ‘Baby Shark’? Lets examine.”

It has been said Baby Shark became an international sensation largely thanks to Kpop groups like BLACKPINK and Red Velvet singing and dancing along to the cute song. As a result, it became viral first in Korea followed by other parts in Asia (especially in Indonesia) before it made its way to the US to captivate children with its catchy beat. The song is popular with not only children but also adults through the “Baby Shark Challenge” that has gone viral. What do you think of the song?

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MOSTA X Shares Thoughts on Performing Together with The Chainsmokers

MONSTA X shares their thoughts on performing an unexpected collaboration with The Chainsmokers at the 2018 Boston Jingle Ball!

On December 4, MONSTA X joined The Chainsmokers for an unexpected collaboration stage at the 2018 Boston Jingle Ball. The event took place at the TD Garden, where they managed to keep the audience entertained with their surprise appearance.

MONSTA X is currently on their American tour, during which they received the invitation to join the lineup of The Jingle Ball concert as the only K-Pop act. As a result, the idols were able to make a surprise entrance during the stage of The Chainsmokers to perform the American duo’s hit-track “Something Just Like This” together.

According to earlier reports, the two parties first met at the 2018 Ultra Music Festival in Korea back in June. During the festival, Hyungwon collaborated with the duo for a special stage. Ever since then, they had been keeping in contact, managing to put on another perfect performance together at the 2018 Jingle Ball Concert.

In regards to the collaboration, Hyungwon commented, “it was truly an honor to perform a special collaboration with The Chainsmokers. They are artists whom I cherish and love very much. Last time, only Shownu and I.M. were with me, but I was glad that I finally got the chance to introduce all MONSTA X members this time.”

He continued, “aside from this performance, I hope to meet them once again in another special collaboration. Just like we’ve put on great performance in the past, we will continue to perform with all our passion and pleasure.”

Image Source – Starship Entertainment

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MONSTA X’s ‘Shoot Out’ Named the Most Covered K-Pop Song of November

Group MONSTA X continues to show its global influence.

Image source – Amazer

According to the global K-pop video community Amazer, “Shoot Out” by boy group MONSTA X recorded the highest amount of covers by fans in both the U.S. and Europe. Additionally, overall, people from 70 different countries covered the song, either through dance, song, or both.

The seven-member boy group continues to demonstrate their global popularity by appearing on different entertainment programs internationally and doing a variety of performances. Notably, MONSTA X recently performed at the 2018 Jingle Bell concert series in the U.S.

Following the boy group was BLACKPINK Jennie’s song “Solo,” and TWICE’s “Yes or Yes.”



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Famous Hair Salon Owner Claims Big Entertainment Companies Skip on the Bill

The head of a famous hair salon claims that large management companies Starship Entertainment, C-JeS Entertainment, and Cube Entertainment have skipped out when it is time to pay the bill.

In a press interview on Monday, the owner of a famous hair salon, surname Kang, claimed that Starship Entertainment, C-JeS Entertainment, and Cube Entertainment book makeup and hair appointments for their talent, but fail to pay the bill. According to the owner, his shop has continually sent out payment requests but did not get a response from the companies. More, Kang also alleges that company representative threatened him on several occasions to not go public with the information.

In response, all three companies have refuted the allegations. Further, a representative from C-JeS Entertainment said that since 2013, the company had requested payment and transaction information, including work done, on several occasions. However, they never got a reply from Kang.

Likewise, Cube Entertainment (Cube) said that they have evidence of payment to the salon until the first quarter of 2015. Like C-JeS Entertainment, Cube claims to have made several requests for payment, invoices, and transaction details to no avail.

As such, the three agencies are asking for Kang’s cooperation to submit relevant evidence as soon as possible to complete any necessary payments, if there are any.



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K.Will Talks About Yoo Yeon-Seok Featuring in His New Music Video

K.Will returns with his fourth studio album and thanks Yoo Yeon-Seok and Mamamoo’s Hwasa for their support!

On November 5, K.Will hosted an interview celebrating the release of part two of his 4th full-length album, “Mood Indigo.” During the interview, the balladeer showed his gratitude towards Mamamoo’s Hwasa and actor Yoo Yeon-Seok for showing support for his return.

K.Will begun, “after releasing a single last spring, I was able to come to a completion with part two of my 4th studio album this time. I made this while preparing for autumn. It’s been about a year since I released a full-length album, and I’m hoping that this new album will receive lots of love from many of my audience.”

He continued, “I tried to show who I am as naturally as possible. I tried not to exaggerate. Nowadays, not a lot of people actually buy and listen to a physical album. However, I still put much effort while thinking of those who have been so patiently waiting for my return.”

The singer also talked about the title track “These Days,” for which he co-produced with well-known lyricist Kim Eana and producer Kim Do-Hoon. K.Will said, “if there are people out there who are expecting to hear a ‘K.Will-y ballad,’ I think that’s the perfect term to describe this track.”

The track’s music video especially got attention from the public for featuring actor Yoo Yeon-Seok. In the music video, the actor played in the role of a tailor, who is taken aback at a female client’s beauty. K.Will explained the process of asking Yoo to appear in the music video. The singer said, “I don’t have a personal connection with Yoo Yeon-Seok. I’ve talked to him on the phone once, but that’s it. While working on this music video, we became quite close. He so easily accepted my request to appear in my music video.”

However, the truth was that Yoo Yeon-Seok not-knowingly stole K.Will’s chance to appear in his own music video. The singer jokingly continued, “initially, I was going to be the star of the video. However, after Yoo Yeon-Seok confirmed his appearance, there was no need for me to. My company strongly suggested that I stayed out of it. It’s not like I asked him, first.”

Lastly, K.Will also thanked Mamamoo’s Hwasa for featuring in one of his tracks, “Don’t be Too Nice.” He said, “it’s been a while since I sang a duet with a female artist. All members of Mamamoo have great talent, so I’ve always wanted to collaborate with them. I’m thankful that Hwasa accepted my proposal to work together. In midst of busy schedule, she participated with much delight. She also showed her support for my new album, I’m just very thankful.”

Meanwhile, K.Will’s 4th studio album pt.2 “Mood Indigo” will drop on November 6 at 6PM, KST.

Image Source – Starship Entertainment

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Monsta X Joins the 2018 Asia Artist Awards Line-Up

Boy group Monsta X is set to compete at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards.

Image source – Starship Entertainment

On November 28, this year’s Asia Artist Awards are set to take place with a line-up composed of some of the hottest and most talented singer and actors. There, winners will be based on big data from Hallyu fans around the world, a facet that sets it apart from other year-end awards shows.

However, there are a limited number of artists and actors that are asked to join the ceremony with only 25 of each getting on the guest list. Today, it was announced that Monsta X has snagged one of the coveted spots for the show — and rightfully so.

The boy group debuted in 2015 with the mini album TRESPASS and has since established a reputation for hip-hop based songs with intense choreography. Moreover, with a rapidly expanding fan base throughout Asia, North America, and Europe Monsta X have already completed two world tours. Additionally, over this past year, the group have also received a lot of attention in both Japanese and American media with multiple interviews in both countries.

In particular, the iHeartRadio, a U.S. based media music media company invited the group to perform at their year-end show Jingle Ball. Notable, this is the only the second time that a Korean artist has been asked to attend, with the first by Psy. With this announcement, expectations are on the rise for the exceptional performances that this year’s awards show will have.



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MONSTA X Receives a Second Golden Disc Title for Japanese Album

Monsta X has earned their second Golden Disc title.

Image source – Starship Entertainment

The Japanese Record Association recently awarded Monsta X’s fourth album single Livin’ It Up with a Golden Disc certification, acknowledging that the group sold over 100,000 units. Notably, this is the group’s second certification this year alone. Earlier this year, their other Japanese album Spotlight, releases in January, earned them their first Golden Disc.

Further, the good news comes just days before Monsta X is set to make an October 22 comeback with The 2nd Album: Take. 1. Moreover, with these certifications under their belt and a new album on the way, the group is adding to an already good year.

This year, they have been engaged in activities both at home and abroad in Asia, North and South America with good results. They had a sold out tour in Japan, done a media round in the U.S. and were recently announced as part of the Jingle Bell concert series in the U.S.



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Soyou Reveals to Have Hesitated to Appear on Mnet ‘Produce 48’

Soyou says it took a while for her to decide whether go to on Mnet ‘Produce 48’ but she is glad she eventually did.

On October 2, Soyou participated in an interview to commemorate the release of her second solo album “RE:FRESH.” During the interview, she talked about appearing on Mnet’s audition program “Produce 48” as a vocal trainer and how she gained a lot more from it than she expected.

Soyou said, “when I received the offer to appear as the vocal trainer, I had to think about it a lot. I didn’t think I was capable of teaching someone. However, you know how when you teach someone, sometimes you get to learn something from it. That’s why I eventually decided to do it.”

She continued, “I was always thinking about how I could deliver my know-how’s as efficiently and effectively as possible. I was just like them before I debuted. I also competed against others to debut, so I knew exactly how desperate they were at the moment. That’s why I may have seemed a bit harsh towards some trainees.”

At last, she said, “if you don’t put your best effort in the moment, all you have later is just regret. I didn’t want them to feel regret. That’s what made me to give harsh, but realistic advice to the trainees.”

On the other hand, Soyou also expressed how proud she was of all participants.

The singer said, “if you really think about it, they are so young. They even amazed me, sometimes. The trainees who absorbed my advice like a sponge, they are the ones that really showed growth throughout the show. Some trainees are overload with passion and enthusiasm that they come to me with questions even when we are not filming. I loved that, too. As I was teaching them, I was learning from them at the same time. I didn’t want to forget my beginning, when I was just another trainee like them. That really helped me with preparing for my new album, as well.”

Regarding the new album, Soyou says she wants to showcase the “upgraded” version of herself with the upcoming comeback. The singer said, “there is an image of me that was established during my time as a SISTAR member. However, I wanted to show you an upgraded version of that with my comeback this time.”

She continued, “During the SISTAR era, we had a lot of choreography and dance moves that were both sexy and powerful. Of course that’s very important, but as I’ve aged, I wanted a choreography that focused on my body line. If you look at the choreography for my upcoming title track, it’s like seeing a musical. This one song conveys many different genres in itself.”

At the end, Soyou said she put in more effort into the second album than her first. The singer said, “when you are overdoing something, it becomes too much. That’s why for my first album, I tried to relax a little. However, for the second one, I decided that my title track should be a dance song. Naturally, I had to put in more effort into this.”

Soyou’s second solo album “RE:FRESH” and its title track will become available on October 4 at 6PM, KST.

Image Source – Starship Entertainment

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Soyou Confirms Solo Comeback in October

Soyou confirms to return as a soloist in October!

On September 12, several sources from the industry reported that Soyou is releasing a new mini album in October. The singer is currently in the final stages of album preparation and has already confirmed the comeback schedule. In order to release an album to near-perfection, Soyou is putting all her time and effort into the preparation.

Image Source – Starship Entertainment

Thus, the singer will be making her solo comeback for the first time in 10 months, since the release of “RE:BORN” in December, 2017. This upcoming album is her second album since group SISTAR disbanded.

Meanwhile, Soyou had previously gained much recognition for her uniquely soothing voice through collaborations with many artists. The list includes Geeks, Junggigo, Mad Clown, and EXO’s Baekhyun.

Furthermore, she also participated in numerous hit songs as a member of SISTAR, until the members concluded their partnership on good terms in 2017. Ever since then, Soyou released her first solo album, for which she collaborated with many male artists, including Sung Si-Kyung, Yoon Jong-Shin, and Kwon Soon. In addition, she appeared in various TV programs, such as tvN’s “Seoul Mate” and “Road to Ithaca,” receiving much love from the public for her honest talks.

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