[Slide!] Kpop Idols Grace the Red Carpet for the 6th Annual Edaily Culture Awards

Kpop idols attended the 6th Annual Edaily Culture Awards on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul.

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SS501’s Park Jung-min Heads to Vietnam for Film with Hari Won

Park Jung-min of boy group SS501 is heading to Vietnam for the film starring Vietnamese-Korean actress Hari Won.

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On November 4, Park Jung-min headed out for Vietnam for the production of the movie, “YOU & I.”

Starring as the male lead, the singer-turned-actor is to act with Vietnam’s top actress Hari Won in the romantic fantasy movie. The film will be released in the first half of 2019.

“I feel nervous to be acting in such an anticipated piece,” said Park Jung-min. “I will return fans’ support and interest with a great outcome.”

Park Jung-min released a single album on October 12. The star plans to continue his career as both an actor and a singer.


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Kim Hyun-Joong Expresses Hope and Divulges Details About Past Scandals During Press Conference

With his return back to the entertainment world after four years, the production press conference for “When Time Stopped” veered from standard operating procedures to focus on Kim Hyun-joong.

Image source – OSEN News

Since 2014, Kim Hyun-joong has been engaged in a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend sprinkled with additional scandals. The complicated situation with his ex-girlfriend includes accusations of abuse, a miscarriage, and the birth of a child who has been identified through tests to be Kim’s biological son.

In the midst of this legal battle and ongoing scandal, Kim entered the military and his public image quickly dissolved. More, the fact that he was indicted for drunk driving last April did little to recover his lost reputation. As such, whether Kim, who has been in the spotlight for his many ups and downs, will have a good performance in his first small screen project in fours years has generated a lot of interest.

As such, it should come as no surprise that during the press conference for the upcoming drama starring Kim “When Time Stopped” the conversation veered from standard operating procedure to the embattled singer and actor.

Image source – OSEN News

During these press conferences, the director, writer, and cast introduce the new program and explain their motivations for joining the project, their characters, and perhaps even certain scenes. This time around, the press could not help but take this event as an opportunity to ask Kim some burning questions. In response, the singer and actor shared his hopes for the project and divulged some new details about his life.

Talking about his time in the military, Kim confessed that it was a challenging time since he could not do anything about many of the things happening at the time. “I thought about whether I had really failed in life or how I could be happy again,” he confessed.

Image source – Ilgan sports

Moving on to talk about his ex-girlfriend, Kim confessed that he had not seen his son yet. At the same time, he is doing his best to think about the child and how his action can affect him. “There is nothing I can do but do my best in my position for the sake of my child. Any words could hurt the child,” Kim explained.

“I don’t expect the (public’s) evaluation (of me) to change with a single drama,” Kim said adding that he is “prepared to do a lot of work” to rebuild his reputation. Nonetheless, he hopes that the show will be successful and gets positive reviews based on its content rather than his involvement in the production.

Meanwhile, “When Time Stops,” premieres on October 24.



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SS501 Kim Hyun-Joong Wins Second Case Against Ex-Girlfriend

Having now won the second trial in a civil lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, Kim Hyun-joong’s remaining criminal cases and upcoming drama are gaining attention.

Image source – OSEN News

On October 10, the 32nd civil affairs department of the Seoul High Court held the second trial concerning singer and actor Kim Hyun-joon and his ex-girlfriend, referred here as Ms. A.

Both parties did not attend the trial in person on the same day, but it appears that their appearance was not necessary for the trial to proceed. The court dismissed the appeals filed by Ms. A, giving the same verdict as the first trial. As a result, the court determined that Ms. A pay Kim 100 million South Korean won (87,447 USD).

The situation behind the case is traced back to April 2015. Ms. A filed a lawsuit against Kim for 1.6 billion South Korean won (approximately 1.4 million). According to Ms. A’s claim, she was pregnant with Kim’s child but suffered a miscarriage due to physical assault at the hands of the SS501 member.

Kim filed a counter lawsuit where he denied the accusations, and that the ex-girlfriend was guilty of libel and defamation. Ms. A had conducted an interview where she presented her side of the story in a media publication. The first trial took place in 2016 where the court first said that Ms. A did not have sufficient evidence to back her claim.

During the first trial, prosecutors investigating the circumstances sought to indict Ms. A on attempted fraud and libel charges. Ultimately, she was found guilty of defamation by publication in February 2017 and attempted fraud. In response, Ms. A’s defense appealed the decision, leading to the most recent ruling.

With Kim set to return to the spotlight in the fantasy drama “When Time Stopped,” many are wondering how or if his past scandal and trial will affect him.



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Kim Hyun-Joong in Talks to Make Comeback with Upcoming Drama

Kim Hyun-Joong is planning to return to Korean dramas for the first time in 4 years.

Singer/actor Kim Hyun-Joong is finalizing the details to make his official comeback in Korea. On June 26, KeyEast Entertainment reported, “we are currently reviewing his offer in the upcoming drama “When Time Stops” (literal translation).”

Drama “When Time Stops” is a fantasy romance and Kim Hyun-Joong received the offer to play the male lead, a time traveler. If he confirms appearance, this will be his first drama in 4 years, since KBS drama “Inspiring Generation” in 2014.

However, KeyEast also reported that they are being careful with making an official statement since there are still many adjustments to make. In addition, neither filming date nor network has not been confirmed yet.

If there is one thing for sure, it is that Kim Hyun-Joong is certainly making his comeback. Since 2014, the actor has been in a long legal battle against his ex-girlfriend. Furthermore, the actor also received a fine worth of 2 million won for drunk driving.

While he was involved in a lot of controversies, the actor managed to fight through it all.

After he was discharged from the military, he started his preparation for the comeback. Moreover, the actor recently finished a 6-month long tour in success, touring over 7 countries, 8 cities, and 12 concerts.

Furthermore, he released a single album in November, and successfully extended his exclusive contract with KeyEast Entertainment. The CEO of KeyEast said, “we will continue to provide support to Kim Hyun-Joong, who has been with us since 2010. With our know-how’s as a professional actors management agency, we will aid him to thrive in drama, as well as film industry.”

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SS501 Kim Hyun-Joong Holds Special Fan Meeting for His Birthday

Singer, actor, and SS501 member Kim Hyun-joong released a new song and met with Japanese fans for his birthday.

Kim Hyun-joong
Image source – OSEN News

On June 6, Japanese news outlet Nikkan Sports reported that Kim Hyun-joong held an event in Tokyo to celebrate the release of his new song “Take My Hand,” and his birthday.

According to reports, the SS501 member wrote, composed and produced the new song. The aim of the song, Kim explained, was to give hope as if someone were holding your hand firmly. In particular, the voice of Kim’s nephew is included in the new song, which drew attention.

Moreover, during the event, Kim expressed his commitment to music. “I want to release two albums over the next year,” he said, showing his determination to concentrate on singing. In addition to this fan meet, Kim plans to nationwide tour this fall.

This tour follows on he had last year that began in Seoul in December. Afterward, he visited eight other cities including places in Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong beginning his post-military career on the right foot.



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SS301 Kim Kyu-Jong Denies Dating Rumors

On April 20, a news outlet reported that SS301 member Kim Kyu-Jong visited Jeju Island with his non-celebrity girlfriend.

According to the dating reports, Kim Kyu-Jong’s girlfriend accompanied him to Jeju Island to film for a variety show. Afterwards, the couple enjoyed their time together, alone.

However, Kim Kyu-Jong’s agency quickly denied the reports. OSEN reported, “after checking with CI Entertainment, the earlier dating reports are not true. While he filmed for the variety show, Kim Kyu-Jong spent time with his manager, stylist, and production staff.”

In the official release statement, CI Entertainment said, “Kim Kyu-Jong filmed for a mobile variety program from April 3rd to 9th, with Yang Se-Chan, Kim Poong, Benji, and Lee Jin-Yi. During this time, Kim spent time with his manager, stylist, and production staff. Once again, we announce that the dating reports are false. Thank you.”

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