Shinhwa Kim Dong Wan Garners Attention for March 1st Holiday

Kim Dong Wan, member of the longest active idol group Shinhwa, has been garnering much attention for celebrating South Korea’s holiday-March 1st.


March 1st is a special holiday in South Korea known as the March 1st independence movement to remember the past during Japanese colonization in the early 1900s.

Among the many celebrities celebrating this year’s 100th anniversary like actress Song Hye Kyo’s donation or posting about the anniversary, actor and idol Kim Dong Wan has been garnering attention for his “deep” post about Korea’s independence.

Shinhwa Kim Dong Wan starred in the drama specially prepared for this anniversary. To express his thoughts, he posted about a picture from his drama script that says the following:

“Truthfully, I can’t imagine Korea without Japan. Korea was already under Japan’s rule before I was born. I can’t imagine a different Korea. What we’re doing may be comparable to changing the sun with the moon.”

With this, the photo was captioned with “Korea’s independence was once considered a fantasy. Many fellow Koreans [figuratively] threw rocks at those who dreamed of this fantasy. If it wasn’t for those few dreamer’s sacrifice, we wouldn’t have the things we take for granted today. Thank you, sorry.”

Food for thought, can you imagine 2019 without your favorite idol? Without Kpop as it is today?



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Actress Song Hye-Kyo Donates to Martyr Yi Jun’s Peace Museum in The Hague

In honor of the centennial celebration of the March 1st Independence Movement in Korea, actress Song Hye-kyo donated in honor of martyr Yi-jun.

Image source – Ilgan Sports

March 1st is the 100th anniversary of the Independence Movement in Korea against Japanese Imperial rule, which took place in 1919. With this momentous milestone, several celebrities have decided to celebrate the event by honoring the memory of the struggle for independence and thinking about the future of the Korean peninsula.

One of the people celebrating this day is actress Song Hye-kyo. Along with the somewhat controversial professor Seo Kyung-duk from Sungshin women’s university, the actress donated a large wooden signboard and information board to The Yi Jun Peace Museum in The Hague in the Netherlands.

Professor Duk notified the public of their donation on social media. There, he wrote that “On the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Independence Movement, we donated large Korean signs (wood) and exhibition boards to the Yi Jun Peace Museum in The Hague, the Netherlands.”

Notably, the duo has partnered up for similar donation and history projects in the past. Previously, they donated Korean guidebooks about the independence movement to sites overseas and opened a Korea history website earlier this year to provide digital access to interested parties. Additionally, back in 2013, they donated a bronze plaque to the Yi Jun Peace Museum.

Regarding the maintenance of historic sites related to Korean culture and history, even those overseas, the professor says that it is of the utmost importance. “I think that by paying more attention and frequently visiting these historic sites is the only ways to protect these historic sites in other countries,” said Seo. Moreover, he praised Song as being a really good example of how a K-pop star can contribute to the nation and its interests.

Years before the independence movement in 1919 in 1907, Ji Yun and two other Koreans made a historic journey to the Second Hague Peace Conference in The Hague to attempt that Korea was an independent country. At the same time, they also wanted to let the world know that the Japanese colonization of the Korean peninsula was illegitimate. In doing so, they hoped to garner support to recover the country’s sovereignty and nullify the Eulsa Treaty.

Just a few days later, Ji was found dead in his motel room in The Hague. The location of his untimely passing became the memorial hall and museum.



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[POLL] Blue Dress: Song Hye Kyo Vs. Han Ye Seul

2 of Korea’s A-list actresses Song Hye Kyo and Han Ye Seul were seen wearing the same dress for different events.

Actress Song Hye Kyo wore this dress for her Elle shoot while actress Han Ye Seul wore it for her guest appearance on MBC’s Ugly Duckling.

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Park Bo-gum to Debut as Singer in Japan

Actor Park Bo-gum will debut as a singer in Japan.

On January 31st, Japan’s Nikkan Sports reported, “Korean top actor Park Bo-gum will debut as a singer in Japan. He will release his single album ‘Bloomin’ on March 20th”.

According to the report, the song ‘Bloomin’ is a rhythmical and energetic pop song. In addition to the song, ‘My Dearest’ will also be included, which is the OST of ‘Love in the Moonlight’. Park Bo-gum has recorded every song in Japanese.

Park Bo-gum also said himself, “I am very happy to connect with my Japanese fans through the songs. I am hoping to give them warm messages and love through music. I am always trying my best to show a newer side of me to my fans”.

Meanwhile, Park Bo-gum has previously said that his dream was to become a singer before debut.

Recently, the actor appeared on the tvN drama ‘Boyfriend’ with Song Hye-kyo.


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Park Bo-Gum’s Carefree Smile Sets Hearts Fluttering

The nation’s boyfriend, Park Bo-Gum is ready to greet fans looking handsome in behind the scene photos from a commercial shoot.


On January 14, top actor Park Bo-Gum’s behind the scene photos from his recent commercial shoot were shared captivating many fans. In the commercial, Park Bo-gum is seen to be enjoying the beach with a carefree smile accompanying his friends. With the cold beach contrasting with Park Bo-Gum’s warm handsome look, many are saying the cold is melted away by Park Bo-Gum’s presence. Do you agree?


Park Bo-Gum is reported to have brightened the set with his energetic personality bringing happiness to all. Park Bo-Gum’s latest project on the small screen is currently airing on TVN Wednesdays and Thursdays. He plays the male lead co-starring with Song Hye-Kyo in a romantic drama Boyfriend

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Park Bo-Gum Tops December’s Drama Actor Brand Ranking

Actor Park Bo-gum topped the list of drama actors. Park’s co-star Song Hye-kyo came in second and Hyun Bin third.

Park Bo-gum and Song Hye-kyo pose in front of a photo wall – OSEN News

The Korea Enterprise Institute (KOREAEI) published its findings after collecting and analyzing data from Nov. 20 to Dec. 21 related to 100 actors in dramas currently airing to determine which actor had the strongest brand.

Regarding brand, this refers to their market value as a celebrity individual. In particular, the institute looked at different indexes including participation, media, communication, and community index about consumers’ behavior. Through analyzing these indexes, KOREAEI can measure the positive assessment of brands, media, and consumers’ interest and traffic, response to content and popularity.

Hyun Bin – OSEN News

In conclusion, KOREAEI determined that the ranking for December 2018 put actor Park Bo-gum at the top with 14,837,092 points. Co-star Son Hye-kyo followed closely in second (13,334,953). Both are the main characters in “Encounter” on tVN. Rounding out the top three is Hyun Bin ( 8,110,227) who is lead on “Memories of the Alhambra.”



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Poster of ‘Boyfriend’ Starring Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-gum Released

On November 14th, a poster of the new tvN drama ‘Boyfriend’ (starring Park Bo-gum and Song Hye-kyo) has been released.

In the main poster, Park Bo-gum is hugging Song Hye-kyo from behind at the Malecon Beach in Cuba.

The new tvN drama will air its first episode on November 28th. It is a romance story about Cha Soo-hyun (played by Song Hye-kyo) and Kim Jin-hyuk (played by Park Bo-gum), who accidentally meet each other and fall in love.

‘Boyfriend’ was written by writer Yoo Young-ah, who also wrote worked on the adaptation of the movies Miracle in Cell No. 7 and Take Off 2. The director is Park Shin-woo, who also directed dramas ‘Don’t Dare to Dream’ and ‘Angel Eyes’.

Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo got married to actor Song Joong-ki last year on October 31st. Park Bo-gum and Song Joong-ki, who are both Blossom Entertainment actors, are well-known to be close friends.


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12 Upcoming Korean Dramas to Premiere in November 2018

November is going to be the month of happy abundance because as many as twelve new titles are listed on our monthly list of new dramas to premiere!

For currently showing dramas, check out our list of 7 Upcoming Korean Dramas to Premiere in October.


Tale of Fairy

  • November 5
  • Starring Moon Chae-won, Yoon Hyun-min, Seo Ji-hoon, and Kang Mi-na
  • The story follows the 699-year-old fairy from Korean folktale, who is living in the modern world as a barista.


Eun Joo’s Room

  • November 6
  • Starring Ryu Hye-young, Kim Jae-young, Park Ji-hyun, and Yoon Ji-on
  • Eun-joo (Ryu Hye-young), who once had managed a successful career life as an editing designer, loses health and people in the course of pushing herself for success. As she starts a jobless life, she finds the charm of DIY interior design and finds her life back.


Happy If You Died (working title)

  • November 7
  • Starring Kang Ji-hwan, Baek Jin-hee, and Gong Myung
  • The webtoon-based drama depicts the relationship between Roo-da (Baek Jin-hee) and her boss as she tries to make him a better person to save him from the repeated deaths.


Quiz of God: Reboot

  • November 14
  • Starring Ryu Deok-hwan, Yoon Joo-hee, and Kim Jae-won
  • The fifth season of the forensic crime investigation drama illustrates elite doctors who solve mysterious cases related to a rare disease.


Top Star Yoo-Baek

  • November 16
  • Starring Jeon So-min and Kim Ji-seok
  • A scandalous star isolates himself in an island to avoid public eyes and meets a country girl there.


A Promise with God (working title)

  • November 24
  • Starring Han Chae-young, Bae Soo-bin, Oh Yoon-ah, and Lee Chun-hee
  • The drama follows two couples that make unethical choices to save their kids from death.



  • November 24
  • Starring Yeon Woo-jin, Jung Yoo-mi, and Park Yong-woo
  • The “medical exorcism” drama features a group of doctors and exorcists who work together to save people at a Catholic church.



  • November 28
  • Starring Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-gum
  • The romance drama depicts the relationship between Cha Soo-hyun (Song Hye-kyo) who hasn’t had a chance to live her own life and free-spirited Kim Jin-hyuk (Park Bo-gum).


SKY Castle

  • TBA
  • Starring Yeom Jung-ah, Lee Tae-ran, Oh Na-ra, and Yoon Se-ah
  •  The black comedy drama shows the lives of rich housewives living in SKY Castle.


Clean with Passion for Now

  • TBA
  • Starring Yoon Kyun-sang, Kim Yoo-jung, and Song Jae-rim
  • The rich and good-looking owner of a cleaning company falls in love with his employee who is rather obtuse.


An Empress’s Dignity

Jang Nara Instagram
  • TBA
  • Starring Jang Nara, Choi Jin-hyuk, and Shin Sung-rok
  • A musical star becomes an empress and gets involved in the palace power struggle.


Red Moon Blue Sun

  • TBA
  • Starring Kim Sun-a, Lee Yi-kyung, Nam Gyu-ri, and Cha Hak-yeon
  • The mystery thriller uses poems as a hint to solve a perplexing case involving a mysterious child.


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Song Hye-kyo Shares Adorable Photo with Close Friend Yoo Ah-in

Instagram @kyo1122

Actress Song Hye-kyo shared her close friendship with Yoo Ah-in.

On October 25th, Song Hye-kyo posted a photo of her and Yoo Ah-in on her Instagram and wrote “Let’s hope to work for a drama or film together”.

In the photo, Song and Yoo are smiling towards the camera with their faces close to each other. Song Hye-kyo is holding a dog and looking adorable with short hair.

Song Hye-kyo and Yoo Ah-in are close friends, who are also in the same agency. Also, Yoo Ah-in is close to Song Hye-kyo’s husband, Song Joong-ki, who they appeared on KBS drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ together.

Currently, Song Hye-kyo is filming for a new tvN drama ‘Boyfriend’, and Yoo Ah-in has finished filming the movie Default, which will be released soon.


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Jang Seung-Jo to Star as Song Hye-Kyo’s Ex-Husband in Drama “Boyfriend”

Actor Jang Seung-jo is joining tvN’s upcoming drama “Boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend,” which is to premiere on November 28, is a romance drama starring Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-gum. The romance drama is to depict the relationship between Cha Soo-hyun (Song Hye-kyo) who hasn’t had a chance to live her own life and Kim Jin-hyuk (Park Bo-gum), a “free spirit.”

Because of the cast members, the drama quickly became the most anticipated drama of the year. Jang Seung-jo is joining Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-gum as Cha-Soo-hyun’s ex-husband.

The actor starred in recent tvN drama “Familiar Wife.” In the upcoming drama, he is expected to show the opposite character to his previous role.

“Boyfriend” is to premiere on November 28, following “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.”


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