[HOT CLIP] Park Bom Performs ‘Spring’ Live for the First Time at Showcase

Park Bom made a remarkable comeback that ended her controversial hiatus on Wednesday at 6 p.m.


Returning as a solo artist for the first time, the return marks a new stage in the singer’s life. No longer a part of YG Entertainment or her former girl group 2NE1, Park is emboldened and fresh like her title song “Sping,” embodies. Since the song’s release, it appeared in the first spot on Soribada, Genie, Olleh, Bugs, and Mnet music charts. Further, she also entered the top five on Melon, the nation’s most-used streaming service.

Ha Sung-Woon Looks to Defines His Solo Career With ‘My Moment’

Former Wanna One member Ha Sung-woon to begin his solo career with the self-defining album “My Moment.”

Image source – Star Crew Entertainment

Ha Sung-woon’s agency Star Crew Entertainment released information about the singer solo debut following Wanna One’s disbandment in January. According to a fan cafe post made on Thursday at 6:00 p.m., Ha looks to define himself as an artist with his upcoming debut mini-album titled My Moment.

Starting tomorrow, his agency plans to release his first photo teaser, with the release of a tracklist and music video teaser quickly following until his album’s release on the 28th. In addition to preparing for the start of his solo career, Ha is also working to organize his first fan meeting. The event is scheduled to take place in early March at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul over the course of two days.

In the weeks following his domestic debut, Ha plans to embark on a multi-country fan meeting tour with stops in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and more. The flurry of activities is raising expectations for the artist and the success that he’ll reap as a soloist.

Meanwhile, Wanna One decided not to extend their contract with Swing Entertainment last year and disbanded. In January, they wrapped up their activities with a concert in Seoul.




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MAMAMOO Hwasa Reveals Title of Her Solo Debut Song

MAMAMOO Hwasa title song for her solo debuted slated to take place later today in Korea.

Image source – RBW Entertainment

On Wednesday morning, Hwasa announced the title of her solo debut song which she will release at 6:00 p.m. KST. “Twit,” her title track, is said to have a “variety of charms” ranging from dreamy to chic that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. It will feature a trap beat, an “addictive melody” and lyrics that deal with the complications of love.

According to reports, Hwasa participated in writing and composing the song, adding her own special touch. In particular, this is the singer’s first official solo song since MAMAMOO made their debut five years ago in 2014. As a result, the release holds a special meaning and works to put a spotlight on her individuality and varied musical skills in both the music video and song.

RBW Entertainment, MAMAMOO’s agency, has also put a lot of thought into her physical album. Buyers will enjoy 14 photo cards, a mini poster and two logo stickers among other goods.




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MAMAMOO Hwasa Is Going Solo Next Week

MAMAMOO member Hwasa is going to make her solo debut next week!

Image source – RBW Entertainment

An official from MAMAMOO‘s agency RBW Entertainment reported that member Hwasa is going to make her debut as a solo artist next Wednesday, Feb. 13. Further, according to the agency, she will debut with a digital single “full of colors” that the singer and the company worked hard on.

It has been around five years since Hwasa debuted with MAMAMOO back in 2014. Now, in 2019, she will be taking steps to build her character as a soloist outside the group. She has ventered into this territory before, however. On the group’s sixth mini-album she had a solo song “Be Calm,” and last year she collaborated with rapper Loco for the hit track “Don’t Give It to Me.”

Hwasa is a well-rounded vocalist that can both sing and rap. On top of this, she is attention-grabbing onstage with her dance move, unique outfits, and strong stage presence. Moreover, her appearance on “I Live Along” coupled with her performances at different year-end award shows have won her a legion of fans and heightened influence.




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[Opinion] 2018 in Review: A Year of Dismantlement

From music charts, the “Me Too” movement, to the reopening of old cases, 2018 was a year where established structures of the K-Pop industry began to crumble.

There were many things that happened over the course of 2018 like the “Me Too” movement and the ongoing uncovering of financial fraud by celebrity parents with many celebrities. Reviewing the year, there is a theme that runs through the year’s most impactful events and developments: dismantlement.

Those who have been lulled into a safe sense of security due to fame, wealth, social standing, professional position, or through their connections have had a rude awakening. Additionally, with changes to real-time charts, new, and more honest, result have emerged that hint at where the Korean music industry is heading.

#Me Too and Financial Fraud Hits K-Pop

During the early months of 2018, students and former costars to prominent actors like Oh Dal-su, Jo Min-ki, Cho Jae-hyun, Choi Il-hwa, and many more have accused them of sexual assault and harassment.

Many of the victim’s testimonies told that the actors would use their position as more experienced actors to lure their less experienced victims to secluded areas under the pretense of helping them before forcing themselves on the women. In Jo Min-ki‘s case, he would send inappropriate messages to his students and call them up to his officetel for meetings and lectures.

The movement brought more awareness to sexual misconduct and crimes in the entertainment industry. More importantly, it gave a platform for many victims to tell their stories and speak their truth.

While the movement resulted in the death of one of the accused, who buckled under the weight of his guilt and the inevitable consequences of his actions, it also brought attention to the case of Jang Ja-yeon, who also took her life — but because of sexual abuse. Further, it also helped to expose institutional concealment of such acts and companies are now including “Me Too” clauses in their contracts.

Jang Ja-Yeon – OSEN News


Meanwhile, during the last few months of the year, several stars like Tiffany, MAMAMOO Wheein, Dok2, Ma Dong-Seok and, most notably, Microdot found themselves wrapped up in the results of the shady schemes of their parents. The parents either borrowed money from acquaintances, had people co-sign a loan, presented fake business plans, or boldly took money from coffers before never being heard from again.

Perhaps they felt comfortable under the umbrella of their children’s fame, but they shouldn’t have. Some like Microdot, who stepped down from his shows, lost brand deals, and broke-up with Hong Soo-hyun, have found their careers and relationships on the rocks. Being famous or knowing famous or rich people is no longer protection in the face of the law.

Going Solo

Screen grab from Dean’s song ‘Instagram’ – Universal Music Group

2018 was a good year for K-pop fans. The most prominent groups from the “big three,” (SM, JYPE, YG) all had comebacks — including BIGBANG right before three of its members enlisted in the army. Moreover, releases from Cube Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment, FNC Entertainment and more filled the market with robust sound and good competition. However, through all of those big groups soloist shined the brightest.

Releases from Dean, Ben, Shaun, Paul Kim, IU, and so many more topped charts for days if not weeks. Solo debuts from the likes of BIGBANG Seungri, BLACKPINK Jennie, and Mino from WINNER became the talk of the town and proved their popularity by reaching the top spot on multiple charts.

Teaser for Jennie’s solo debut – YG Entertainment

For years, the K-pop industry has been a place where few soloists could hope to make it big. Unless you had an amazing voice or built your career over several years like IU, BoA, and Ailee, success was fleeting and inconsistent. K-pop groups, especially boy groups, dominated charts, with sometimes their whole album sometimes appearing on charts (a sure indicator of fans mass streaming).

However, while the perceived change in the reception of soloist does point to a change that may lead to smaller, rather than larger groups, in the future, their success is more visible because charts are fairer. This summer, the Goan Chart Police Committee decided to freeze real-time charts from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m.

In doing so, the committee prevented fans from doing organized streams overnight and pushing certain songs to the top of charts, giving them a head start for when the general public woke up and started listening to songs. As a result, while there are still improvements to be made to ensure even more fairness, it has helped to show true trends in the industry.

Hopefully, these changes are only the beginning.



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SBS Variety Show Breaks Previous Viewership Record with Appearance of BLACKPINK

SBS “I’ll Win You Over with My Channel” broke their previous record of highest viewership ratings with the latest episode featuring all 4 members of BLACKPINK!

On December 13 broadcast of SBS “I’ll Win You Over with My Channel,” all 4 members of BLACKPINK made a special appearance. During the show, the members showcased a video footage that they had produced themselves, featuring themselves on their way to support Jennie for her first performance of “Solo” at SBS “Inkigayo.”

Image Source – SBS

The members begun, “we filmed this footage all by ourselves. We did not receive a single help from the production staff. You can only see this through “I’ll Win You Over with My Channel” so pay attention.”

The footage began with 3 members – Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa on their way to support Jennie for the recording of SBS “Inkigayo” at 4 AM in the morning. Jisoo says, “we are on our way to support our Jennie!”

During Jennie’s rehearsal for “Inkigayo,” Jisoo prepared a gift bag for each staff member present, to show her support. The member had prepared energy drinks with custom stickers for Jennie and said, “I’m going to give these out to the staff. I’ll also ask them to take good care of Jennie.”

While watching the footage, Jennie commented, “I did not know that the members went through so much to support me. It was my first performance, so I couldn’t pay much attention to the. I felt bad.”

She continued in tears, “I now realize how supportive they were and it makes me tear up. I’m very thankful for my members.”

With this emotional footage of BLACKPINK, “I’ll Win You Over with My Channel” broke its previous record of the highest viewership ratings.

According to Nielson Korea, the program managed to continue to rise up the ratings, reaching the highest of 1.9% with the latest episode.

Furthermore, the program placed itself on No.1 with viewership ratings compared to other programs airing during the same time period, including MBC’s “Dae Jang-Geum is Watching.”

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HOTSHOT Noh Tae-Hyun to Make Solo Debut in January

Singer Noh Tae-hyun, a member of boy group HOTSHOT, will be making a solo debut next month.

Image source – Star Crew Entertainment

A representative from HOTSHOT‘s agency, Star Crew Entertainment, announced that member Noh Tae-hyun will release a solo mini-album in January. Further, according to the official, he will release the album after completing group activities and preview one of the songs at HOTSHOT’s fanmeet on December 21.

The singer’s solo debut comes after he failed to make the cut on the second season of “Produce 101 Season 2” on Mnet. However, while he did not join what is now WANNAONE, Noh did join project group JBJ. While with the boy group, he participated in two mini-albums, went on an Asian tour, and held a concert before it dissolved in April. Since then, Noh rejoined HOTSHOT and together they released their second mini-album Early Flowering in November.

Meanwhile, the boy group is holding a fan meeting at Ewha Women’s University auditorium on December 21 at 8 p.m.



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Lee Chang-Sub Talks About Enlisting in Military Amid BTOB’s Growth

Lee Chang-Sub, who faces both military enlistment and first solo album ahead of him, opens up about having to live in the middle of BTOB’s rapid growth.

On December 10, BTOB’s Lee Chang-Sub hosted an interview to commemorate the release of his first solo album “Mark.” The singer said, “just like the title of my solo album, I want to leave a “mark” of my voice.”

Lee continued, “I feel honored and almost overwhelmed to be able to release my solo album for the first time in 7 years. With this as my first step, I hope to keep on releasing albums that contain only my voice in the future.”

Compared to other idols, it took a while for him to be able to release a solo album. When asked why, Lee explained he wanted to focus on BTOB promotions more. Lee said, “to be honest, while promoting as a member of BTOB, I wanted to focus on group activities more. Because BTOB was my priority, I didn’t feel the need for a solo activity. Now that my group has grown and become somewhat successful, I decided it was the right time for me to promote as a solo artist.”

Lee Chang-Sub also mentioned his military enlistment, which is scheduled to take place on January 14.

The singer said, “after receiving the confirmation about my enlistment, I begun preparing for my solo album. I wanted to leave my mark while I was gone to the military, and I wanted to compare my music to before and after I completed my military duties.”

He continued, “to be honest, I’m a little upset. BTOB has finally started to receive the attention for our unique color and we have finally started to do music that we’ve always wanted to. It’s upsetting that I have to leave in the middle of that. Sometimes, I wish that this could’ve happened to us sooner. But then, I also consider it as my fate. I think it will look better on my part that I leave on my own will, instead of being forced to leave later.”

Lee Chang-Sub concluded by mentioning his fellow BTOB members. He said, “by the time Sung-Jae enlists in the military, other members will all be back. I will tease him one month prior to his enlistment. But, I think everyone will be fine. I do worry about Peniel, I hope he doesn’t feel lonely.”

He concluded, “by the time BTOB becomes whole again, it will be around 2021 or 2023. After we return from the military, Sung-Jae will have to rethink about the renewal of our contract. We thought about enlisting altogether, but the age difference between us did not allow us. However, since there’s not much we can do about military enlistment, we decided to respect the opinions of each other. I will wait no matter how long it takes.”

Image Source – Cube Entertainment

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Girls’ Generation Sooyoung Announces First Solo Mini Album

For the first time in 12 years since debut, Sooyoung announces to a solo album!

On December 3, media outlet OSEN reported that Sooyoung will release her first solo mini album before this month passes. This will be the artist’s solo debut in 12 years since her debut in 2007.

Image Source – Eco Global Group

Until now, Sooyoung has never actively promoted as a solo artist. She has once released a track by herself, an OST track to MBC drama “My Spring Days” in 2014, but never released an official solo album.

Reports state that as it’s her chance to finally prove her capability to stand on her own, Sooyoung is pouring 100% effort into making this album. Soon, she will begin filming for the music video as well, thus increasing much anticipation for her fans.

Image source – Instagram @sooyoungchoi

Meanwhile, Sooyoung is also planning on expanding not only her musical spectrum, but also her acting spectrum as well. The artist is currently filming for drama “So I Married an Anti-Fan,” which she will work closely together with actor Choi Tae-Joon. Furthermore, she has also confirmed to star in Korean-Japanese film “Memories of a Dead End,” which is set for a premiere on February 19, 2019.

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The Grace’s Dana Apologizes for Negative Comments During Broadcast

Singer Dana from the SM formed girl group The Grace apologized for what fans’ believed were negative comments targeting them and her members.

Image source – OSEN News

During a broadcast that Dana has on social media, a fan asked about the possibility that the singer would release a solo album. In response, Dana answered that if The Grace had ever topped a music chart that she would have been able to have a solo debut. Further, she said that if fans worked hard for the group, she would have debuted.

When asked about a possible reunion with the other members she frankly answered. “Rina is negative about (another) The Grace album,” she said adding that she is not in contact with member Stephanie now.

Some took her answers as negative, feeling like she blamed the group’s lack of success on fans and the members as well. Additionally, the singer reportedly flipped the bird when viewers began to criticize her have magnified the controversy.  As the fans’ criticism continues, Dana made her social media account private.

In order to mollify the situation, Dana provided an apology through her agency, SM Entertainment, saying that she will reflect on her actions and apologized for her behavior. More, she added that she regrets any hurt that she caused the viewers. Lastly, she concluded that she would be more careful and ensure that it will not happen again.



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