GOT7 Members Chat with Twitter’s Creator and CEO Jack Dorsey.

GOT7 members Mark, Young-jae, and BamBam, met with Twitter creator and CEO Jack Dorsey to chat about K-pop and how the micro-blogging site has helped it grow.

For the past few days, Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey has been in South Korea where he has had an opportunity to meet president Moon Jae-in, attend a press conference, and even sit down to converse with K-pop idols. It is part of the silicon valley power house’s international tour of regional offices. While there were a variety of subjects to talk about, one, in particular, held the most discussion time: K-pop.

K-pop has contributed to Twitter’s resurgence in South Korea, the CEO of Twitter Korea Shin Cheong-seop acknowledged in an interview last year. When Twitter was introduced to the country in the early 2010s, daily user use was far below other places in the world.

However, after actively expanding K-pop idol group accounts and broadcasting interviews on Twitter in 2015, “fans began to flock to [Twitter],” for the artists domestically and around the world revealed CEO Shin.

Dorsey echoed this sentiment. “K-pop loves Twitter; Twitter loves K-pop. Certainly, we benefited massively from people choosing us to have a conversation about their passion,” he said Friday. According to the micro-blogging site, South Korea ranks as the second fastest growing revenue market for the company. This year it may ascend to first place.

On Friday when he sat down with GOT7 member Mark, Young-jae, and BamBam, Dorsey and another company representative chatted about how they discovered and used the program. BamBam commented that he likes to use Twitter because it is one of the “fastest ways to connect with people” all over the world.

This connection is one of the reasons why K-pop Twitter is growing so much. With a legion of followers groups like BTS (14.4 million followers) and GOT7 (6.2 million followers) have fans who had translated updates and shared information on the platform years before the entertainment agencies started providing translations themselves.

While GOT7 members have seen the benefits of the platform in communicating with the fanbase, Youngjae presented an idea for a better and more intimate way to speak to fans when Dorsey asked them how they would run Twitter. “If [we] could make a room and put a limit on the number of people in the room [and] the first people to get into the room (sic) gets a chance to talk to you,” he said through a translation by member Mark.

His idea was well received by Dorsey, and with South Korea and K-pop playing an important role on the platform, his idea might take hold.

Check out their full conversation here.



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[M/V] Sunmi Critiques Social Media in Her New Song ‘Noir’

Singer Sunmi is back with her new song “Noir,” which critiques the effects of living in a world where social media seems to dictate people’s lives.

As the name of the song implies, there is a dark undertone to the lyrics and the subject matters depicted in the music video. With it being prescient in the same way that Dean’s song “Instagram” was last year, this song is sure to hit home for many people.

No Longer in Hiding, Hyuna and E’Dawn Date Publicly

After both artists severed ties with Cube Entertainment, Hyuna and E’Dawn show that they are still going strong as a happy couple.

Hyuna and E'Dawn

On Tuesday afternoon, Hyuna and E’Dawn had a live broadcast on social media, sharing a cute outting with fans. One their way to a vintage shop, the couple sat side by side in a car and interacted with fans in the chat.

During the broadcast, one fan asked about what E’Dawn finds charming about Hyuna. Laughing, the singer said that he likes her big eyes and that she has a healthy appetite. More than that, he also mentions that he finds so many things about her charming, so he didn’t know what to say. In response to further questioning, he joked that Hyuna is “hard-fisted and good at kicking” but that he luckily has healthy teeth.

Likewise, Hyuna also talked about E’Dawn. “He’s ugly but cute,” she joked, “In particular, when he is working he is very cool,” she said. Lastly, the singer mentioned that E’Dawn is kind and nice, smiling as she spoke.

Although the two faced a tulmultous period following the revelation of their relationship, they are still going strong. Notably, the two have continued their relationship after leaving Cube Entertainment. Hyuna terminated her contract in October while E’Dawn and the agency came to an agreement to void his contract this month.

As attention continues to focus on the couple, many expect that the two will continue to share their lives on social media. More, many also assume they will choose to continue their career together.



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Indie Band Standing Egg Apologizes for Posting Picture of Kim Jong-Un Facebook

Indie band Standing Egg found itself in hot water after and accused of being pro-North Korean after posting a picture of a figurine of the country’s leader.

Image source – Facebook

On Sunday, indie band Standing Egg posted a picture of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on its official Facebook account. Although the main picture is not a real photo of the leader, rather a figurine made in his likeness, it has still landed the group in hot water.

The figurine sports the leader’s signature slick-back hairstyle and similar face, but dons a more hip-hop style. The figurine of Mr. Kim has a long black sweater with a picture of U.S. president Donald Trump on top of a white t-shirt. More, he has baggy grey pants and black, red, and white high-top sneakers.

Talkling about the post, the group wrote its apology that it was short-sighted and sincerely apologized for their action. However, the band also mentioned that the figurine was posted with information about the art piece, the title of the work,” KIM,” and the exhibition which currently displays it. As such, in thinking of it as art Standing Egg felt it was cute and witty.

Furthermore, they group distance itself from the possibility of being supporters of North Korea. “We didn’t think it was pro-North Korean and just accepted it as pop art with wit and satire,” it said. However, they do not shy away from the fact that this can rightfully be interpreted as being political.

“We never thought about what Kim Jong-Un is like and admit that we were politically ignorant,” the band said. Further, they also mentioned that given the political climate with the North and South meeting several times this year alone that the atmosphere and mood are tense and sensitive. As such, they wrote that they “deeply regret acting without thinking” before posting the photo.



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Lee Byung-Hun and Lee Min-Jung’s Son’s Identity Exposed Without Permission

Despite their efforts, actors Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung found that their son’s face had been revealed to the world without their permission.

Image source – Daily Sports

Recently, unknown netizens uploaded photos of Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung’s son, Joo-hoo, onto an online community. In one of the circulated pictures, Joo-hoo is walking between his parents while each of them holds one of his hands.

While Lee Min-jung has uploaded photos with their son on social media, she has been careful to not reveal his face. As such, this is the first time that the public has seen Joo-hoo like this since his birth in 2015.

Image source – Online community

However, while many netizens initially raved over the cute picture the adoration turned to scorn. Many later expressed anger that a few netizens revealed the face of the celebrity couple’s child without their permission. As a result, some people began leaving angry and mean comments directed at the original uploaders.

Meanwhile, the Lee couple married in 2013 and welcomed their song into the world in 2015.




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Rapper Simon D Just Made a Surprise Comeback, the First in 3 Years

Rapper Simon Dominic (Simon D) has returned to the music scene after releasing a surprise new album.

Simon D
Image source – AOMG, Sports Choseon

On June 15, rapper and AOMG CEO Simon D made a surprise comeback with his new album DarkRoom: Roommates Only. Further, as a musician who boasts a strong distinct style and power, it is understandably drawing attention from the music industry.

The announcement was made on social media through AOMG’s official page, as well as Jay Park’s, the co-found of AMOG, and what appears to be Simon’s personal Instagram account.

The new album comes about three years after his previous record ₩ & ONLY (Won & Only), that came out in 2015. At that time, he took the top spot in real-time charts on various music sites demonstrating his popularity and talent.

Moreover, in addition to sweeping charts, he was able to maintain is the position for a long time, further proving his influence and appeal that went beyond the hip-hop genre. However, since then he had not released any new music, had few collaborations, and did not provide updates on a possible album.

Meanwhile, Simon Dominique made his debut as part of Supreme Team with rapper E-Sens in 2009. Since then, he has gained popularity through his music and appearances on entertainment programs like “Show Me the Money 5.”



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2PM Ok Taecyeon and BIGBANG Taeyang Update Fans on Social Media

Both artists took a moment to greet their fans on social media while serving in the military.

Image source – JYP Entertainment, Instagram

On June 2, 2PM member Ok Taecyeon posted a message on Twitter talking about his time in the army. “Wow, (I’ve) already finished 9 months; I’m going to complete the 10th month well,” he wrote.

Moreover, funnily enough, it seems there are some people who are unaware that the singer joined the army. He joked that he sees comments asking “when did Ok Taecyeon go to the army?” and “another vacation?” and more, but laughed them off and ended with a cheer.

In addition to his message posted on the 2nd, on June 5 the singer went live on Twitter while on vacation from his military duties.

Likewise, BIGBANG member Taeyang posted his first Instagram post since March 11 a day before he was to enlist. In the new post, the singer posted a childhood picture of himself with the caption “Hi.”

Taeyang entered the military on March 12, the same day that BIGBANG released their hit song “Flower Road,” which was a present for fans. He was the third member of the group to enlist after T.O.P and G-Dragon. Currently, he is on active duty.

Meanwhile, entered the army on September 4 last year, and was the first in his group to do so. Further, after completing basic training, he was assigned to a teaching assistant position after earning excellent reviews from his superiors.



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Hwang Ha-Na, JYJ Park Yoo-Chun’s Ex-Girlfriend, Charged With Cyber Defamation

JYJ Park Yoo-Chun’s former girlfriend and fiancee Hwang Ha-na, has been charged with cyber defamation and aiding and abetting.

Image source – Instagram

On May 23 the Seocho Police Station revealed that a woman in her 20s surname Lee submitted a complaint about Hwang Ha-na on charges of cyber defamation, and aiding and abetting.

According to the complaint, Hwang mistakenly believed that it was Lee’s social media account that had critcized her. As a result, Hwang directed personal attacks and insulting comments at Lee. Moreover, she also mobilized acquaintances to do the same.

Overall, from the materials Lee submitted that Hwang encouraged acquaintances to post malicious comments under posts of people she disliked. Additionally, Lee claims that Hwang and her cohort sent her direct messages and text through Kakao Talk.

Hwang Ha-na
Image source – Sports Seoul News

Further, she also says that they even created multiple user IDs in different communities to continue the attacks. Due to these vicious attacks, Lee said that she has been hurt both mentally and emotionally.

Regarding the complaint, a police official said that they are planning on summoning both the accuser and the accused to proceed with the investigation.


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AOA Seolhyun Embroiled in Social Media Controvery

After liking Suzy post about a petition on the 17th, AOA Seolhyun’s actions on social media are being heavily scrutinized.

Image source – OSEN News

On May 20, Seolhyun unfollowed around 40 different people on her Instagram account including IU, Yoo Ah-in, Yoo Byung-jae, and SHINee Onew and followed f(x)’s Luna. As a result, netizens have speculated that the singer is making a point about feminism.

Some are pointing to a previous interview where the singer that she has become interested in “social issues regarding women” as proof. The move comes just a few days after Seolhyun liked a post by Suzy regarding a Youtuber’s confession.

However, the singer has not confirmed anything. Nevertheless, the speculation continues.



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Actors Blasted for Mourning the Death of the Late Actor and “Me Too” Perpetrator Jo Min-Ki

Public resentment has boiled over with Netizens attacking actors for allegedly mourning the death of the late actor Jo Min-ki.

Jo Min-ki
Image source – associated press photography crew

Even in death, Jo Min-ki is surrounded by controversy. The public is opening criticizing actor who has written anything mourning the late actor. The criticism is not only for messages opening mentioning the actor, but also ones that do so covertly or can be perceived to be related to Jo.

Actors Jung Il-woo and Yoo In-ah are getting criticized for their social media posts. On Friday Jung, who has acted in “Cinderella and the Four Nights” and “Flower Boy Ramen Shop,” made a post with the words “Pray for You.” However, soon afterward the post was attacked and condemned by people who understood it as referring to Jo Min-ki. As a result, Jung deleted his post to abate the attacks.

Some Netizens argue that everyone has a right to send their condolences to those who have passed. On the other hand, others add the nuance that while condolences are acceptable, the expression of the condolence that matters. As such, people find the public message Jung posted on social media as problematic. This is, in contrast, to a situation where quietly visiting the deceased actor’s wake.

Similarly, Yoo In-ah posted a video clip taken from a film that apparently shows witches publicly burnt at the stake. However, since there is no substantial comment made with the post, no has Yoo provided any enlightening reason for the post, many are inferring that the video is a criticism of the “Me Too” movement. Posted on March 10, the same day that actor Jo was found dead, netizens surmised that he was equating the treatment of Jo before his suicide to a witchhunt.


A post shared by 유아인/Yoo Ah in?? (@hongsick) on

Jo Min-Ki

Meanwhile, Jo Min-Ki was found dead in an underground parking lot storage room by his wife. Shortly afterward, he was pronounced dead due to suicide. A wake was set up at Konkuk University Hospital in Seoul. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances surround the actor before his death, a sense of bitterness accompanies the grief associated with a life lost. Notwithstanding, many make the argument that the actor created the terrible situation himself.

On another note, media sites report that authorities found six letters at the site of Jo’s suicide. However, his family decided not to disclose their contents to the public. The notes reportedly contained messages of regret, reflection, and apologies to his victims.



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