[HOT CLIP] Park Bom Performs ‘Spring’ Live for the First Time at Showcase

Park Bom made a remarkable comeback that ended her controversial hiatus on Wednesday at 6 p.m.


Returning as a solo artist for the first time, the return marks a new stage in the singer’s life. No longer a part of YG Entertainment or her former girl group 2NE1, Park is emboldened and fresh like her title song “Sping,” embodies. Since the song’s release, it appeared in the first spot on Soribada, Genie, Olleh, Bugs, and Mnet music charts. Further, she also entered the top five on Melon, the nation’s most-used streaming service.

Rookie Group TREI Talks About the Advice EXID Gave Them

While answering a few questions during their its showcase, rookie group TREI referred to advice about music and teamwork senior group EXID gave it.

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At TREI’s debut showcase for their album BORN; 本 at YES24 Hall in the Mapo District of Seoul, the members talked about their agency senior group EXID. Even before the group’s debut, the public recognized TREI as EXID‘s “younger brother” group. As the “older sister” group, EXID gave the boy group a lot of advice to prepare them to succeed in the idol world.

Member Kim Jun-tae said the LE advised them to “broaden out musical spectrum” and that if they listen to a lot of [different] music, there will be a lot of things they will be able to feel. In particular, she frequently told them that it is vital for the members to get along with each other. In response, Kim thanked her and commented that he probably could not have debuted without her advice and help.

While Kim got a lot of musical guidance from EXID, leader Lee Jae-jun said that LE gave him leadership advice. She would talk to him about how to resolve conflict and how best to lead the group. Taking in what she said to him and the number of people in their group Lee said that “I think we should have good teamwork.”




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EXID Talks About Returning With All Five Members for ‘I Love You’ Comeback

It has been two years since girl group EXID made a full-fledged return with all five members. Now with everyone back on stage they couldn’t be happier.

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On Wednesday evening EXID held a comeback showcase in Seoul where they performed their new song “I Love You” from their latest album. But this was more than just a showcase, it was also a welcome party for leader and mean vocal Solji.

Since 2016, Solji has taken a break from group activities to focus on her health. Earlier that year, she was diagnosed with a Thyroid disease, leaving her with ailments that made activities associated with promotions a health risk. Talking about her time recovering, Solji said that she decided to do things she wasn’t able to do whilst working. In particular, she mentioned traveling, and practicing singing while preparing for her appearances on the singing show “The King of Mask Singer.”

Regardless of what she did while off-stage, she is happy to participate in EXID’s comeback. “It’s a moment I’ve been waiting for…I’m so happy now,” Solji said. Following her comment, LE said that “Everything had found its place,” and commented that she hoped fans looked forward to seeing them on stage. Further, Jeong-hwa commented that they’ve waited a long time for this moment and mentioned how satisfying it felt to be on stage with all the members.



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Chae Yeon Shares What She Hopes to Gain Out of Her First Comeback in Three Years

Singer Chae Yeon returns with single “Bazzaya” and shares what she hopes to achieve from this comeback!

On November 9, Chae Yeon hosted the comeback showcase for her upcoming single “Bazzaya” scheduled to drop on November 13. During the showcase, she talked briefly about the experience of preparing for an album for the first time in over three years.

Chae Yeon said, “it was definitely tough preparing for this comeback. While I was going through a hard time, H.O.T’s Tony said something that really calmed me down. He said, ‘you are trying your best. You deserve an applause just for being able to dance and sing at your age, especially with other younger idols.’ It gave me the energy to move forward.”

Moreover, the singer also shared, “I’m actually very nervous right now. One day, I’m fine and then the next day, I’m nervous. This pattern kept repeating itself, and I felt like I was going through hell.”

But most importantly Chae Yeon pushed through and finally made it. At last, the singer shared what she hopes to gain out of this comeback. She said, “there are so many other female idols and singers, who are as sexy and talented. Many people call me the “sexy diva,” but now I’m not sure if I’m deserving the name. But I hope that people continue to call me that. I still love it when people say that I’m sexy and I still have a lot to show.”

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Wanna One to Reveal Newly Formed Unit Performances at 2018 MGA

Wanna One will be showcasing performances like never before at the 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards!

On October 26, a representative of the awards reported, “Wanna One will showcase performances with their newly formed units at the 2018 MGA, scheduled to take place on November 6.”

Image Source – Swing Entertainment

According to further reports, Wanna One plans to deliver a special message to their fans through these new performances. Currently, the group is preparing to make what could possibly be their last comeback on November 19 before their official contract expires on December 31.

Previously, TWICE also announced to have their first-ever televised performance of their upcoming title track at the awards. With Wanna One also announcing to showcase new performances, much anticipation arises among all music fans about the event.

Meanwhile, the boy group received nominations for 3 Daesang categories for the awards – Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Selling Artist of the Year. The voting will take place at the official website of Genie Music until October 31.

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Hyomin Talks About the Label “T-ara” During Solo Showcase

Hyomin returns as a soloist for the first time in two years!

On September 12, T-ara’s Hyomin hosted a showcase for her solo comeback. The singer released a new digital single album “Mango” prior to the event, making her first solo return in two and a half years.

Hyomin greeted the press and guests by sharing a word of gratitude. She said, “thank you for coming to my showcase today, I will try my best to put on a great performance for everyone. After releasing “Nice Body” in 2014 and “Sketch” in 2016, I have finally made another comeback with my third solo album.”

When asked about her recent whereabouts, Hyomin explained she spent some time abroad. The singer said, “after promotions abroad, I took a short break. However, I had been very busy preparing for the comeback in the recent days.”

Afterwards, the soloist also explained a little bit about her newest single, “Mango.” Hyomin said, “it is a double entendre. It can mean the fruit “mango” as well as phrase, ‘Man, go.'” She continued, “in the beginning of the song, I compared myself to mango, but the latter part of the song talks about how I don’t need a man anymore, thus ‘Man, go.'”

Hyomin also answered some questions regarding her former group, T-ara. The singer said, “members were of course the first ones to say words of encouragement to me. I think they are coming to the showcase that’s happening after this one. They also did some monitoring for me and did not hold back their advice.”

When asked about who now holds the right to the label T-ara, she answered, “Everyone.”

“The name T-ara does not belong to us, and it does not belong the company. That was what we came to agree upon. It belongs to everyone. Everyone who has loved us, the members, and the agency who created us all have the right to claim the name. Thus, we decided it would be best if we did a collaboration soon, just to show that we are all on good terms now. We have resolved all misunderstandings with our former agency.”

At the end, the singer shared her personal aspirations with the comeback. Hyomin said, “of course I want to go on various promotions and meet with my fans, but my priority is to put on a great performance for you guys. I would also like to host a mini concert next year. I’m still very new to this, but I will try my best. Please continue to look after me, give me your support. Thank you.”

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Eric Nam and His Return With the Ambrosial ‘Honestly’

Eric Name is back after almost two years with the honest and sexy “Honestly.”

Eric Nam
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On April 11, Eric Nam held a showcase for his third mini album Honestly in Hongdae, Seoul at 5 pm KST. The album and the music video for the title track that has the same name as the album, dropped an hour later at 6 pm KST.

For Honestly, Eric participated in writing, composing, and producing every song on the album. However, the singer-songwriter also utilized the expertise of some of the most talented people in the entertainment business. In a previous interview, Eric revealed that he has worked with many prominent produces who have worked with Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Jason Derulo, and Camila Cabello.

The work that he has put in appears to have worked. Under his new music video, the majority of the 1,851 comments are positive. More, it also has 31,000 likes and 70 dislikes, a ratio that show’s the two years of preparation have paid off.

Showing A Different Side

eric nam
Image source – OSEN News

Talking about his album, Eric said that “there’s no love song on this album. Previously, I showed a sweet and romantic image. But now I want to show off different colors, content, and visuals and that is how the preparation for this album came about.” Later he added, “I wanted to show that I have a tough and sexy side, not just cute.”

More, Eric explains that his previous image was constraining. “The sweet, romantic stereotype put a little strain on me when I was broadcasting…with this album, I think I wanted to show that I am challenging myself.”

Instead of the sweet and quiet romanticism of “Interview,” there is a notable heat that imbues his newest song and album. “I saw the rise of ‘Havana’ and Latin pop generally growing worldwide. However, in Korea there isn’t that much familiarity with music from Latin America,” Eric explained.

Eric Nam shot his music video in San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. Check out the video below!



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EXID Hani and Oh My Girl Arin Fangirl Over Each Other at Their Showcases

Girl Groups EXID and Oh My Girl each recently made a comeback with ‘Lady’ and ‘Banana Allergy Monkey’. At the comeback showcases, EXID Hani and OMG Arin showed how much a fan they are of each other.

On April 2, EXID presented their title song ‘Lady’ at their comeback showcase. At the showcase, EXID member Hani shared how excited she is to be promoting her music alongside girl group Oh My Girl. During the interview, Hani said, “our fans said no matter how many wins we take, it’s already a win for us. Of course, I agree. I’m just glad I will be able to see Arin at music shows and listen to her new album.” In addition, Hani said, “I wish the both of us the best of luck with our promotions.”

When the interviewer requested her to send a video message to Arin, Hani said, “Congratulations, Arin. I saw your highlight videos and teasers. You were very cute and pretty as always. I hope you stay healthy and happy for the rest of your promotions. I also hope that your positivity brightens your life. As a fan, I will always support you. Let’s eat Tteok-bokki, tempura, and Sundae soon.”

In response, Oh My Girl Arin sent a video message to Hani at Oh My Girl’s comeback showcase on April 3. Arin commented, “as soon as the news of EXID’s comeback broke out, our members told me. Hani mentioned my name and said she wanted to grab a meal with me. Because I didn’t have a phone before, I wasn’t able to contact her. However, now that I have a phone and we will be promoting our music together, I will give her my photo card with my number on it.” Furthermore, Arin said, “I was going to buy her a meal with my allowance, but Hani said she wanted to buy me, instead. I will definitely pay, though.”

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