10 K-pop Idols Who Excel at Sports

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Seo-Eon, Seo-Jun, and Sarang to Join “The Return of Superman” for 5th Anniversary

Former cast members of “The Return of Superman” are joining current members to celebrate the show’s 5th anniversary.

“The Return of Superman” released teaser videos for the upcoming episode. According to the teasers, previous cast members Seo-eon and Seo-jun, as well as Sarang, are joining the current cast members on their hiking trips.


Lee Hwi-jae and his twin brothers, Seo-eon and Seo-jun are joining Seung-jae on the hiking trip to Paektu Mountain. In the teaser, Seung-jae gets along with the brothers well, especially with Seo-eon.


Sarang is meeting Na-eun in Jeju Island. The teaser depicts how Na-eun looks upto Sarang very much.

In addition, SHINee’s member Minho is also making a special appearance in the show. Si-an is attached to Minho as he takes such a good care of him.

The 5th-anniversary special episode of “The Return on Superman” will air on October 28.


By Heewon Kim


SM Entertainment Supports President Moon Jae-in With His Diplomatic Activities

Various artists from SM Entertainment are accompanying President Moon Jae-in with his “soft diplomatic” activities. Besides the recent cultural exchange event in North Korea, these artists are accompanying the president in summit diplomatic events as well.

On April 1, Kim Jong-un made a surprise appearance at the East Pyongyang Grand Theater, where Red Velvet performed with other South Korean artists. Kim Jong-un had apparently said, “many wondered whether I would come or not to see Red Velvet perform.” Afterwards, Red Velvet member Irene stood next to Kim Jong-un to take a picture, and Yeri mentioned how nervous she was to shake hands with Kim Jong-un in an interview.

Image Source – photo@newsis.com

Red Velvet is an idol group under SM Entertainment. Seo-hyun, who was a host for the events in Pyongyang, also stayed in SM Entertainment for over 10 years. Furthermore, another SM idol group EXO performed at the closing ceremony of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and EXO member Baekhyun sang the national anthem at the IOC General Assembly Opening Ceremony.

SM Entertainment artists supported President Moon in his summit diplomatic activities as well. In December last year, President Moon Jae-in attended the Korea-China Trade Partnership event in China. Next to the president were EXO-CBX members, Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin. The members accompanied the president throughout all events in China, from the opening ceremony to state banquet.

On November 7, 2017, First Lady Melania Trump with Shinee Min-ho during President Trump’s diplomatic visit to South Korea
December last year, EXO-CBX and actress Song Hye-kyo accompany President Moon Jae-in on his visit to China

Moreover, to congratulate President Joko Widodo’s first daughter’s marriage, President Moon Jae-in brought with him a video message from Shinee member Minho and signatures from EXO members to Indonesia. Also, Shinee member Minho kept First Lady Melania Trump accompanied during President Trump’s visit to Korea last year.

There is no special connection between President Moon’s office and SM Entertainment.

However, President Moon Jae-in did have a meeting with associates from SM Entertainment while running his presidential campaign in May last year. The president got to meet the management team from SM Entertainment at a Korean Cultural Exchange Conference at SM Town. When requested by the entertainment to attend EXO’s concert, president Moon Jae-in said, “I can’t make you a promise. But I promise to be the president that knows how to enjoy a cultural life.

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