AOMG Puts Dating Rumors About Rapper Gray and Actress Song Da-Eun to Rest

AOMG quickly put to rest rumors that its artist, rapper Gray, is dating actress Song Da-Eun.

Gray and Song Da-eun – OSEN News

AOMG Official, Gray’s management agency, told news outlets on Friday afternoon that a report claiming that the rapper and actress Song Da-eun are dating is a groundless rumor. The statement came just 20 minutes after the now debunked article emerged and helped to prevent the story from spreading any further. Song’s representative also denied the rumor afterward.

Earlier, a media outlet reported that Gray and Song had graduated into a romantic relationship from friends. Further, according to the article, the two began to date sometime last year. However, due to their celebrity status, they have been cautious to hide their relationship in public. On the other hand, when with close acquaintances, they were able to open up and express their affection for each other, the article purported.

Meanwhile, Gray is behind numerous hit songs as a rapper and producer for singer Jay Park’s label AOMG Official. Additionally, the rapper is loved by the public after appearing on cable channel Mnet rapper survival program “Show Me the Money 5.”

Last year, Song saw her popularity grow after starring in Channel A’s “Heart Signal 2” last year. She later appeared in well-received web dramas.



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Pristine’s Kyulkyung Denies Dating Rumors With Son of Chinese Conglomerate

Joo Kyulkyung’s Chinese agency looks to take legal action after dating rumors emerged involving the singer.

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Updated 1:41 pm PST with the correct company name

Several rumors have circulated saying that Pristine member Joo Kyulkyung went on a joint trip with the son of the founder Chinese Dalian Wanda Group to Japan. Responding to the uproar, her agency in China said that the rumors were “groundless speculation” and “malicious fabrications” that has a “serious impact on Joo’s image and is a violation of legal rights.

Further, the company strongly condemn the spread of the rumor and demanded that netizens immediately delete any posting or the rumor. The agency place to look at online trends and will take legal action for netizens who continue to spread the misinformation.

Joo Kyulkyung debuted as a member I.O.I. after participating in the first season of “Produce 101” on Mnet. After the group disbanded after a year, she debuted in the group Pristine under Pledis Entertainment. Besides music, Joo has gained attention for her venture into various entertainment programs and dramas in both China and South Korea.




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‘Running Man’ Members Talk About Lee Kwang-Soo’s Relationship on ‘Happy Together 4’

Yoo Jae-suk and Jeon So-min who both star on SBS’ “Running Man” talking about lovelines and Lee Kwang-soo’s relationship on “Happy Together 4.”

Image source – KBS2

Actress and “Running Man” member Jeon So-min appeared on the latest episode of KBS2’s “Happy Together 4” along with singer Hong Jin-young, Norazo’s Jo Bin, Kim Hoyoung, and Park Yoo-na. Known for their happy and charismatic depositions, the show was a delight for audience members and viewers.

Talking a bit about romance, or the perception of it, Jeon So-min said that the most embarrassing moment for her in 2018 happened at the 2018 SBS Entertainment Awards. There, comedian and MC Shin Dong-yup commented that she and Lee Kwang-soo had a passionate love for one another.

It put Jeon — who already know about Lee’s relationship with Lee Sun-bin — in an awkward position. “I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t manage my expression,” said Jeon. However, her expression only seemed to add fuel to the fire.

Regarding this, MC and fellow “Running Man” member Yoo Jae-suk commented that he knew that moment would make its way into the news cycle the next day. At that time, he recalls sitting next to Lee, who had pinched his thigh in nervousness.

Besides that, Jeon also talked about how the members of “Running Man” supported her when he moved into her new residence. Yoo bought her a TV set, Ji Suk-jin gave her a rice cooker, while Lee gifted her a sofa. To this day, the actress said that every time she watches television she thinks of Yoo.





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JBJ Kim Yong-Guk and Sonamoo Na-Hyun Deny Relationship Rumor

Photos spread on an online community have created rumors that JBJ Kim Yong-guk and Sonamoo Na-hyun are in a relationship.

Image source – OSEN News

On Saturday, a media outlet reported that love was blooming between JBJ member Kim Yong-guk and Sonamoo member Na-hyun. The report was based on photos that have spread on online communities recently. In the pictures, two people who some alleged are the singers are together at a cafe. In one of the photos, the girl thought to me Na-hyun places her arm around Kim’s shoulders.

According to the report, the photo was taken in August and captures the two singers along with Kim’s older sister. Since the news, netizens have also grown more suspicious and have begun looking for evidence. A few have claimed they have “couple items” in the form of similar or identical t-shirt and phone case. Moreover, other have contented the use of the dragon emoticon by both was a sign of their secret love.

After not responding to initial inquiries from the media, both of the artist’s agencies came forward with official statements. Sonamoo’s agency TS Entertainment officially denied the rumor. Instead, it asserted the two are not lovers, but close friends. This stance was echoed by Choon Entertainment, Kim’s agency, who also said the rumor was not true.

Providing an explanation, Choon Entertainment said that after reaching out to Kim about the news, it had confirmed that the rumor was not true. Further, they are just friends who support each other. Moreover, the photos being spread on online communities were apparently shared with close acquaintances, claimed the company.

Unfortunately, the announcements have not yet abated the opinions of netizens.



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MeloMance’s Agency Responds to Disbandment Rumors

MeloMance’s agency denies the disbandment rumor and clarifies its origin.

On October 22, a source from MeloMance’s agency explained the cause of the group’s disbandment rumors.

The source reported, “the group performed at the 2018 GMF yesterday. The members only said it was their last performance because they weren’t sure when they will be able to meet with fans in a live environment again due to military enlistment. Naturally, the announcement was blown way out of proportion.”

The day prior, the male duo got involved in disbandment rumors when Jeong Dong-Hwan announced that the performance at the 2018 GMF was their last before they take a break from activities. Following the concert, Kim Min-Seok took to Instagram to add a comment, which seemed to back up Jeong’s prior statement. The singer deleted the post afterwards.

At the end, the agency reaffirmed that the disbandment rumors are false. The source continued, “we do not have planned live performance schedules for the duo anymore. However, MeloMance still have tracks and OST’s left that will be released very soon.”

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Actor Jo Jung-Suk Responds to Recent Rumors That He Cheated on Gummy

Actor Jo Jung-suk hints at legal action by saying he will no longer tolerate false speculation and rumors spreading.

Image source – OSEN News

On October 17, rumors spread on online communities and social media that Jo Jung-suk and singer Yang Jiwon are romantically involved. However, both parties have denied the allegations.

Yang said that “some years ago we were in a drama together, so there is a closeness,” she explained. Moreover, while they have been in chatrooms (with more than two people) on a messenger application, they have not had any personal calls or text messages in the past five years.

Additionally, Yang said that she is “sad and upset because Jo Jung-suk is already married and I’m also in a relationship,” hinting at the insinuation the rumors had that the two would cheat on their partners. It was probably this insinuation that led to Jo’s deciding to take a strong response to the allegations.

On the 18th, Jo’s agency, JS Company made a public statement in an official press release. In it, the agency said that it could no longer sit idle as the rumor damaged Jo’s reputation. “We have judged that the current rumor circulating has reached an unacceptable level,” JS Company said.

Further, it said that it “will take strong measures through legal action” if the rumors and damage (to Jo Jung-suk) continues. Within the scope of possible prosecution includes malicious rumors, false information, personal commented and other related deviations.

The public is actively supporting Jo and his agency’s move to protect themselves from baseless speculation.



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Jun Hyun-Moo and Han Hye-Jin Respond to Rumors of Marriage

Both Jun Hyun-Moo and Han Hye-Jin say “Not Yet” to marriage!

On October 17, Jun Hyun-Moo and Han Hye-Jin got swept up in a rumor that stated the couple was getting ready for their wedding in April. In response, both parties denied the rumors, saying they are not at the stage to discuss marriage, yet.

The rumor started with an online post that explained in detail the wedding plans of the MBC’s “I Live Alone” couple. The post stated that the couple is planning for a wedding in April, and a woman who was assumed to be a mother of Jun Hyun-Moo made a reservation at a famous hotel in Seoul, presumably for the wedding.

Soon afterwards, Jun’s agency SM C&C responded, “the rumors about Jun Hyun-Moo and Han Hye-Jin’s marriage circulating around the web are not true. The couple explicitly said they do not have a plan for marriage yet.”

Moreover, a representative of Han Hye-Jin also said, “after checking the facts with Han Hye-Jin, we have confirmed that even though they are happy in their relationship, they are not at the stage to discuss marriage.”

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Sechs Kies Kang Sung-Hoon Addresses all Events and Apologize in Handwritten Letter

Kang Sung-Hoon has finally opened up about all rumors and apologized in a long, handwritten letter.

Sechs Kies member Kang Sung-Hoon recently took to his personal fan cafe ‘Hoony World’ and posted a 8-page long handwritten letter. In the letter, the singer addressed all events and issues, including the cancellation of his fan meeting in Taiwan, as well as the rumors that he is having a personal relationship with the moderator of Hoony World.

The following is the letter from Kang Sung-Hoon:

Hello, this is Kang Sung-Hoon. I apologize for taking so long to write back to all my fans, who have nothing but supported and trusted me until now. A lot of things and events happened in the past month, and I know how hard it has been hard for both me and my trusting fans to take it all in every day.

First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize to my fans, who should be reading this letter right now, and the people who have paid much attention to me. I’m sorry for causing such an uproar with past events and rumors.

I want to make sure that my sincerity will not be distorted in any way, so I will deliver my apology in the most natural way that I’ve always used to express my feelings until now. I hope there is no more misunderstanding, so please keep an open mind and don’t read between the lines.

I’m also afraid that this letter will spread to places other than the one we share (Hoony World), but because I’m only addressing the people I care the most about, I’ll write with comfort.

Image Source – Hoony World
I know I asked you to give me some time, but I apologize for taking too long.

I’ve read every single comment that you guys wrote. After reading those comments, I kept on writing and deleting many letters, and I kept thinking about what is the best way to deliver my apology. I hesitated because I worried that no one would believe me no matter what I had to say. Because of that, I took a lot longer than I expected, and I truly apologize.

To be honest, no matter what I write, it won’t describe the exact emotions and thoughts I have at the moment. However, it would have been very selfish of me to just keep you guys waiting, so I’ve finally gathered up the courage to write the letter.

After a long wait, we miraculously met again.

Because it took so long for us to get here again, I wanted it to last forever. However, it’s only been 3 years before you had to encounter these unfortunate events. I know it’s all you guys who made it possible for Sechs Kies to get back together and feel this undeserving love. I’m so thankful for each and one of you.

It was up to me to keep up with the relationship that you have granted me, and I should have paid more attention to the words you’ve said to me and the advice you’ve given to me. Now that I look back at it, I feel so much regret. And of course, nothing will change no matter how regretful I am right now. I never meant for any of this to happen, but that probably sounds like another excuse to you. At the moment, I still worry that some of you will misunderstand the purpose of this letter and I’m not at the right state of mind to determine whether this is the right thing to do or not.

It was tough for me to watch these rumors that are not even true spread around.

However, I kept thinking how hard it must have been fore you, and I felt truly apologetic. I was trying to figure out what I can do to lessen the pain that you must have been feeling and if there was something I could do to take it all in, I would have. No matter what the truth it, I’m sorry you had to go through all the emotions and feelings you felt because of me.

Because I was afraid that these dreamy days of seeing you could all so suddenly disappear again, I had the desire to see you as often as possible. Every event, I didn’t want to say good bye so I went overtime. I should have been more careful and prepare for better contents and better environment. My desire to see you all in person made me get ahead of myself.

Every moment I’ve spent with you, I had nothing but a sincere heart.

I cherish them all. I wanted to be close to you, so I did not realize some of the things I’ve said could have hurt someone. To everyone I have hurt through my actions and speech, I’m truly sorry.

The thing that most hurt me was when I heard this. They accused me of thinking you as my financial provider, I looked down on you, and I was ignorant towards you. That was never the case. I was always speaking with an honest heart and I really hope you know that. Even when some of you told me not to trust my fans too much, I was thinking, “who better to trust than my fans?”

It’s my duty to let you hear only good things, but instead, you heard words like ‘crime,’ ’embezzlement,’ and ‘scam.’ I’m so sorry. However, the truth hasn’t been revealed yet, and I will try my best to make it see the light. I don’t ask you to just sit tight and wait around for me. I’ll try to make you understand what is the truth and what is not. And regarding this part, I strictly and strongly emphasize that I have done nothing wrong.

Now, could I ask you to just trust and wait for me?

Regarding the people who are calling me a criminal, even though the truth hasn’t come out yet, I have turned over everything to my lawyers so the can take legal action against them. I want to do my best so that you won’t be hurt again. Time passes by no matter what, but I should have held your hands. I know it sounds silly, but I couldn’t dare hold your hands and ask for your trust.

I wanted to make only good memories so that when this journey finally ends some day, you would have good memories because you liked a person named Kang Sung-Hoon. Every event that caused an uproar is due to my fault, and I’m reflecting upon my past behaviors. If I get a chance to show you an upgraded, and more matured side of me, I promise to not let you down.

I’m sorry for not participating on the upcoming event. It feels like a dream that I actually turned down the chance to see you because I did not have the courage to smile and sing in front of you. I’ll take responsibility for the parts I am responsible for.

Also, I want to make sure that you know the rumors about fan contact, embezzling, and my relationship with the staff are all false. After I have organized everything in order, I will tell you the truth. As soon as everything is settled, Hoony World will also undergo a change of staff. We will only keep the space until everything is organized and afterwards, Hoony World will..

You are more special to me than anything in the world.

I’m so happy that I have you guys by my side. When I looked at you, whom I wouldn’t exchange for anything, I felt like I was dreaming and everything in the world seemed so beautiful. That’s how happy I was.

I don’t know when we will meet again, but until that day, please stay healthy. I promised we wouldn’t get separated again, but I’m sorry for hurting you with such unfortunate events. If the day miraculously comes that we see each other again, I hope we can meet with a smile on our faces.

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Kang Sung-Hoon to be Absent from Upcoming Sechs Kies Concert

YG announces that Kang Sung-Hoon will be absent from the upcoming Sechs Kies concert.

On September 21, YG Entertainment announced that Kang Sung-Hoon will not participate in the upcoming Sechs Kies concert in October. After many thoughts and discussions, the singer expressed his desire to skip out on the concert due to personal issues.

According to the agency, Kang Sung-Hoon independently decided that he cannot get up on stage due to personal issues. With the concert approaching quickly, Kang determined that he doesn’t have time to prepare good enough of a performance to satisfy his fans.

Even though the rest of Sechs Kies members expressed their regret at first, they eventually came to understand Kang’s point of view and accepted his decision. On the other hand, the members will have to reorganize the whole concert in less than a month.

As a result, members will have to return their holiday break in order to practice performing without Kang Sung-Hoon. Another member will have to come in place to take care of Kang’s part, and reorganize the choreography.

In addition, YG Entertainment announced that the comeback of Sechs Kies has also been pushed back. The agency said, “we were in the process of recording the new tracks. However, due to unfortunate events, we have decided to push back the date of the group’s comeback. We truly hope that all misunderstandings and controversies will be resolved as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, Kang Sung-Hoon recently became the talk of the town when his fans accused him for taking advantage of their money. The singer had reportedly canceled a solo fan meeting without a proper fund, and many argued that he had committed fraud against them.

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SechsKies Kang Sung-Hoon Apologizes to Fans for Recent Controversy

SechsKies Kang Sung-hoon addressed his fan club to apologize for the rumor.

Image source – OSEN News

On September 11, SechsKies member Kang Sung-hoon apologized to his fans for the whirlwind of controversy that enveloped the singer on Tuesday.

Rumors erupted soon after the singer canceled his Taiwanese fan meeting. According to a source associated with the singer, the local organizers that Kang was working with failed to obtain the proper visa for the singer in time for the event.

However, reports from Taiwanese news outlets saying that the cancelation was an act of fraud overshadowed information form Kang’s team. According to these outlets, Kang is dating the president of his fan club and had pockets the funds generated by the now-canceled fan meeting. This was supported by the fact that ticket buyers did not get proper refunds.

On the same day, Kang refuted the claims as a baseless rumor and asked fans not to read too much into the misinformation. Nevertheless, many fans remained unsettled. In response, Kang decided to issue a direct apology. “At a time when I can’t even express my gratitude, my carelessness has harmed my fans and my team, and for that, I am truly sorry. I will try my best to correct the misunderstanding,” he said.

Although he has apologized, many are wondering if it will be enough to settle the controversy.



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