Sulli Reveals That the Show ‘Jinri Market’ Helped Her in New Pictorial

Sulli’s entertainment program “Jinri Market” provided her with an opportunity that she says helped her.

Sulli, a former member of f(x), sported a quirky and unique style in her latest pictorial in fashion magazine Grazia. The shoot partially reflected the city where it took place, Tokyo. Unlike the bustle that the metropolis is known for, there was a quiet and still atmosphere that allows viewers to focus on focal pieces and makeup for the upcoming spring season.

In the interview that followed the shoot, Sulli expressed her feeling about “Jinri Market” which ended recently. With filming having taken place in Europe, the singer and actress said that the show “brought me into the outside world” because she had to meet so many different people outside of what she is used to. Additionally, with the focus on the show being a pop-up shop, she also had to take on managerial duties and took part in important meetings.

Overall, she says that her biggest gain came in the form of people. ” I have vivid memories with everyone, including those involved in the pop-u, fan I met, and so on,” recalled Sulli.




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Choi Tae-Joon Talks About How He Is Preparing for ‘So I Married an Anti-Fan’

Actor Choi Tae-joon showed off his warm charm and revealed a few personal details in an interview and nighttime pictorial.

In the upcoming January issue of The Star Magazine, actor Choi Tae-joon shows an interesting night owl charm with Seoul’s nighttime landscape as a backdrop. Notably, during the whole session, staff reported that while he looks chic in the pictures that he took good care of his staff without showing any signs of exhaustion from the early morning shoot.

In the interview accompanying the shoot, Choi revealed a few personal facts about himself. Firstly, the actor said that he is a night owl. “I like this time of night,” he divulged. ” I don’t even want to sleep…and I don’t mind when a friend called ‘sensitivity’ visits me at dawn,” the actor continued.

Talking about his role as a K-pop star Hoo-joon in the upcoming drama “So I Married an Anti-Fan,” said that he is not confident singing or dancing since he is “neither a top star nor a K-pop star.” To overcome this, the actor said that he is “working harder and learning some cool-looking skills. After going through different trainings, it seems that he has a renewed respect for artists. ” I realized how great K-pop stars are and I am rooting for them from the bottom of my heart.”

When asked if he shares many similarities with Hoo-joon, he answered that their mentalities are similar. While thankful for his fans, he is always nervous that he doesn’t deserve their support. Furthermore, he notes that Hoo-joon seems adept to naturally to celebrity while he himself wants to communicate more with his supporters.



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Actress Shin Se-Kyung Adds This Unique Personal Touch to Each Role

In an interview and photo shoot with fashion beauty magazine Cosmopolitan, actress Shin Se-Kyung that she adds depth to her character with this product.

Image source – Cosmopolitan Magazine

According to an interview with fashion and beauty magazine Cosmopolitan, Shin Se-kyung has found a unique way to add a personal touch to each of her roles.

“When I start a new project, I use a perfume that suits my character,” she divulged. “I think that scene is a memory that tells me where I was at that time,” she explained, “over time, if you accidentally smell that scent after a long time, you can think of the project and scene.”

Shin has starred in several different shows including “Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me” on KBS2 and “The Bride of Habaek” and films such as Hindsight and Tazza: The Hidden Card. Moreover, while her roles span different genres, the actress says that she is usually drawn to a handful of specific scents. “I like the smell of nature, grass, and woody.”

Her simple and elegant preference is shown throughout her photo shoot with the magazine dressed in all black or light pink.



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(G)I-DLE Are Bright and Feminine in New Fashion Photo Shoot

Girl group (G)I-DLE attract attention with their new photo shoot.

Cube Entertainment’s (G)I-DLE recently conducted a photo shoot for August issue of Star Magazine. In the published photos, the warm pink hues, and the members’ bright faces created a cheerful and lively image.

In the interview that followed the shoot, members So-yeon, Minnie, and Yuqi said that the group is like family now. Adding to the comment, Shuhua described the members as “sister-like-friends,” while Miyeon says that “it is like fate.”

Meanwhile, the girl group is preparing for an August comeback.



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Hyuna Teases Triple H’s Comeback During Photo Shoot with Allure Magazine

Hyuna, a singer who has started her comeback countdown with Triple H, unveiled a photo shoot with beauty lifestyle magazine Allure.


In a photo spread titled “Day and Night in Hong Kong,” Hyuna showed off her exclusive and lovely charm, effortlessly pulling off a wide range of outfits ranging from casual jeans to cute sleeveless dresses, and a charming dark blue lingerie looks.

Having recently performed at her company’s concert, 2018 UNITED CUBE-ONE, Hyuna revealed that it was a new experience for her. ” I felt a new emotion in my heart because I had to lead the concert,” she said. In doing so, she had a lot of expectations. The singer revealed that she “wanted to set up a stage where not only the audiences but also the juniors who attend the concert can have fun.”

Besides being a solo artist and leading her juniors, the singer is also preparing for a comeback with the three-member unit Triple H. Following the group’s sensual “365 Fresh” from last year, Hyuna said that their new album will be “very familiar but innovative.”

Further, she promised to show fans “something new” and is considering what would make them happy. Meanwhile, Hyuna is preparing to perform in Vietnam at the Bingo Music festival next month.



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Actors Lee Jung-Jae, Jung Woo-Sung, and Ha Jung-Woo Are a Striking Trio in New Pictorial

The three actors coordinated their schedules for a rare photoshoot that shows off their devastating and classic good looks.

W Korea

Representative leading stars of the Korean movie scene, Lee Jung-jae, Jung Woo-sung, and Ha Jung-woo came together for a summer photo collection by W Korea magazine.

On June 20, the fashion magazine released a few teaser photos of their July issue with the three stars. For in the pre-released cover, Lee, Jung, and Ha sit side-by-side in stylish navy, khaki, and grey suits, creating a scene that is reminiscent of a “bromance” movie.

In particular, for the relaxed, masculine, and fun photos, the three actors all take poses and facial expressions that, interestingly enough, reflects their individualities in Hawaii’s beautiful scenery.

Further, in other pictures, the men don seasonal field jackets, picket polo shirts, cotton pants, and colorful shoes. With these ensembles, the men cover a range of styles from formal to casual while maintaining a kind of summer fashion etiquette.

Meanwhile, the entire photo shoot with the three actors are available in the July issue of W Korea.



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Seo Kang-Joon Talks About Acting in ‘Are You Human Too’ in New Photo Shoot

Actor Seo Kang-Joon Share his acting concerns and unusual charm in a new photo shoot.

Seo Kang-joon

The hard edge that marks Seo Kang-Joon’s character in his airing drama “Are You Human Too?” is absent from the casual masculine charm the actor exhibits in his latest photo shoot with CéCi Korea magazine.

With the city of Bangkok as the backdrop, Seo turns into a more mature man — a maturity that can be seen in the way he thinks too. In an interview following the photo shoot, the actor revealed that he encounter some issues in his new role.

“It was harder to play the robot persuasively,” he revealed. Continuing, “When I read the script, I thought a lot about how I would express it (the role) with acting. Even though it was fun, I went through a lot of trial and error,” Seo explained.

Meanwhile, the entirety of Seo’s interview and more picture can be found in the July issue of CéCi Korea.



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Singer Chungha Reveals She Wants to Work With I.O.I Again

In a recent photo shoot and interview with bnt International, solo singer Chungha showed off a variety of looks and spoke candidly about her career.

Having endured reality show “Produce 101,” debuting in the group I.O.I, then going solo, Chungha career as a singer has been fast and bombastic. However, it has humble beginnings.

“My mother sings really well,” she revealed in an interview with bnt International. “I was a choir member at church with my mom; I think that’s when I became interested in being a singer,” she explained.

When she joined the line-up of Mnet’s “Produce 101,” Chungha said that it was not stressful for her. She doesn’t like competition, she revealed, and as such took it as an opportunity to “test and accept myself,” she said. However, while the program was not hard, going solo after the massively popular girl group I.O.I was difficult for the singer. In fact, she listed it as one of her most trying experiences.

“Although I was confident, I was worried that the public’s expectation of me when I made my solo debut,” Chungha said. Further, she says that nothing has changed much since becoming a solo artist except that she “hears [her] songs on the street” but does not think she is very popular yet.

Besides releasing more of her own music, the singer answered that she wants to collaborate with I.O.I when asked who she wants to work with to create music. “Even now I communicate with them every day” and “I really want to get together again,” she said.

In regards to skincare, the singer said that while simple, “water and sleep are the best” when it comes to good skin. Moreover, Chungha recommended that instead of going along with new makeup trends, that doing a natural look is the safest best.

“When I look at past pictures, I think that my makeup is so embarrassing. I recommend keeping your make-up as natural as possible so that you don’t end up with a humiliating photo,” she explained.

Talking about her diet, Chungha said she isn’t super strict about what she eats so that she does not burden the people around her. Instead, she makes changes according to the conditions or adapts to the situation.

An example that the singer provides is that because she does not like to drink, she will meet with friends at a cafe instead. Further, if she ends up at a bar, she will eat some snacks instead of drinking alcohol.

Meanwhile, Chungha is working on a new song that is expected to come out this summer.



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Actress Kim Hee-Sun is Chic and Luxurious in New Photo Shoot

In a picture spread titled “Hyper Feminine,” actress Kim Hee-sun pulls off chic and luxurious looks in the June issue of Style Chosun.

The photo shoot, which was taken with a “twin look” concept, displays the actress’s pure elegance by styling her in two different styles in one space. Notably, all the clothing featured in the shoot are from fashion brand Fendi.

In the first photo, the multicolored check patterned coat ($3,390) and green wool midi-length skirt ($1,290) along with the sculpted-heel mesh pumps ($750) tie the two looks together

Lips are the focal point of the make-up are the bold lips that stand out with the mostly natural and flush look Kim dons. Her red lips in the second photo compliment the Fendi wool suit (jacket $3,690, pants $990) and feminine skirt outfit ($2,890).

The last photo is definitely the most luxurious (and expensive!) with pieces that clearly display the clothing line’s logo. The two featured outfits include a wool sweater ($990) and clothe ankle boots ($990) and partial-leather boots ($1,100)

Meanwhile, Kim Hee-sun has starred in a variety of different films and dramas. Some of her most memorable work includes JTBC’s “The Lady in Dignity,” and SBS’s “My Fair Lady.”



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DinDin Displays a Masculine Charm and Perfect Street Style in Photo Shoot

Rapper and entertainer DinDin shows off a manly and sexy charisma in the latest issue of Maxim magazine.

Image source – Maxim Magazine

At a club in the Eulji neighborhood in Seoul, rapper DinDin posed for a series of photos for the magazine Maxim. The dark and urban vibe of the place complemented the street-wear style that the rapper wore naturally.

Lee Seok-woo, the editor of the magazine who also directed the shoot said they wanted to create a “manly and sexy charisma” image for the rapper. Explaining it further, Lee said they wanted something different from the cute image the artist displays in entertainment ordinarily.

Image source – Maxim Magazine

Recently, DinDin has built a distinguished reputation for himself through appearances on various programs as well as music. After appearing on “Show Me the Money 2” the rapper has appeared in some of the most watched shows in South Korea such as “Happy Together,” “King of Mask Singer,” and “Knowing Bros.” Moreover, this month JTBC announced that he had joined the cast for the reality-variety program “Looking for Trouble” season 2.

Regarding his growing popularity in entertainment, DinDin said, “I am grateful and happy,” but “sorry for my neglect of music” simultaneously. Additionally, the rapper expressed that there have been difficulties being an “entertainment phenomenon,” especially regarding mean comments. Regarding this, he adds perspective: out of the millions of people living in Korea, only about one percent leave comments.

However, bad comments are not going to stop the artist. “I want to jump not only into music, but also acting, business, and all of my other interests,” said DinDin. Further, he revealed that he wants to release a full album before he turns 30.



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