Hyuna Updates Fans With Fun Pictures & Videos

Hyuna recently updated fans many pictures and videos to everyone’s delight.


On March 9th, Kpop artist Hyuna updated fans with some lovely pictures and videos. After seeing various posts one after another, many fans are speculating she may be teasing of her upcoming return.


Just over a month ago, news broke of Hyuna and beau E’Dawn‘s departure from Cube Entertainment to Psy’s new agency. As many fans await for Hyuna’s return to the stage, there have been rumors of the couple‘s possible duet in the near future.



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[Slide!] Kpop Idols Grace the Red Carpet for the 6th Annual Edaily Culture Awards

Kpop idols attended the 6th Annual Edaily Culture Awards on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul.

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Hyuna & E’Dawn Lovey Dovey Photo Shoot

Hyuna and E’Dawn updates fans on their lovey dovey relationship.


On January 10, Hyuna and E’Dawn both updated their Instagram with pictures from a photo shoot the couple recently had together.

In the photo shoot, Hyuna and E’Dawn wore fashion forward outfits with adventurous makeup. The couple had the freedom to pose in various fun positions showing fans many sides of the couple. Aside from comments on how beautiful and lovey dovey the couple appears in the pictures, fans have noticed that the couple seems to be resembling each other more over time. Do you think they look alike?




Hyuna and E’Dawn have been openly dating since they went public with their relationship in 2018.


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No Longer in Hiding, Hyuna and E’Dawn Date Publicly

After both artists severed ties with Cube Entertainment, Hyuna and E’Dawn show that they are still going strong as a happy couple.

Hyuna and E'Dawn

On Tuesday afternoon, Hyuna and E’Dawn had a live broadcast on social media, sharing a cute outting with fans. One their way to a vintage shop, the couple sat side by side in a car and interacted with fans in the chat.

During the broadcast, one fan asked about what E’Dawn finds charming about Hyuna. Laughing, the singer said that he likes her big eyes and that she has a healthy appetite. More than that, he also mentions that he finds so many things about her charming, so he didn’t know what to say. In response to further questioning, he joked that Hyuna is “hard-fisted and good at kicking” but that he luckily has healthy teeth.

Likewise, Hyuna also talked about E’Dawn. “He’s ugly but cute,” she joked, “In particular, when he is working he is very cool,” she said. Lastly, the singer mentioned that E’Dawn is kind and nice, smiling as she spoke.

Although the two faced a tulmultous period following the revelation of their relationship, they are still going strong. Notably, the two have continued their relationship after leaving Cube Entertainment. Hyuna terminated her contract in October while E’Dawn and the agency came to an agreement to void his contract this month.

As attention continues to focus on the couple, many expect that the two will continue to share their lives on social media. More, many also assume they will choose to continue their career together.



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HyunA Shares Her Fashion Philosophy in Pictorials with “Grazia”

HyunA shows off her flawless bare skin in pictorials with magazine “Grazia”

On November 20, magazine Grazia released preview images from HyunA’s photoshoot session. To seem as natural as possible, the singer even removed the base makeup and stood in front of the camera completely bare-faced.

During the interview that followed the photoshoot, HyunA talked about her unwavering tastes and fashion philosophy. She said, “I’m very clear of the things that I like and they don’t change very often. For the past few years, I’ve been into vintage mix-and-match styles. I frequently visit vintage markets in Japan and Europe, as well as the vintage shops at the Usadangil in Korea.”

At the end, she also talked about her current hairstyle. HyunA said, “I got a perm at a hair salon in my neighborhood. It’s the type of salon that elderly men go to. I didn’t expect it to turn out so great, but I’m glad it did.”

Meanwhile, HyunA recently gathered much attention for outing her relationship former PENTAGON member, E’Dawn. The two artists have removed themselves from CUBE Entertainment and are continuing to promote solo without agencies.

Image Source – Grazia

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Cube Entertainment and E’Dawn Part Ways After Both Agree to Void His Contract

Cube Entertainment and Pentagon E’Dawn have agreed to terminate their the exclusive contract they had together.

Image source – Instagram

On Wednesday, Cube Entertainment released an official press release announcing that it and singer E’Dawn from Pentagon agreed to terminate his exclusive contract with the company. Ending the announcement, the company thanked him and his fans for being with Cube Entertainment until now.

This announcement comes after E’Dawn and Hyuna revealed they have been in a relationship for up to two years in August. Since then, Cube Entertainment halted their activities and had flipped-flopped on outing the two. Last month, Hyuna parted ways with Cube Entertainment and has not yet announced any information about her current plans.

Likewise, in the short press release, Cube Entertainment failed to clarify how E’Dawn departure will affect Pentagon. He has played a huge part in established the group’s sound and, or was, their leader.



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Cube Entertainment to Launch New Ballad Group “A Train to Autumn”

Cube Entertainment announces the official debut a new ballad group, A Train to Autumn.

On November 2, Cube Entertainment released a poster that marked the official debut of their newest group, A Train to Autumn. According to the agency, the group will debut through their upcoming digital single, “Season When You were Here” (literal translation).

Image Source – Cube Entertainment

A Train to Autumn is a traditional ballad group that hopes to face the competitive music market only with their sincerity for music and soothing voices. The group’s debut single will be a 5-part series that each tells a different break-up story.

In July, the group released a remake of “Watercolor Painting in a Rainy Day,” rasining much curiosity among fans. At the time, the song featured a male-female duet, but did not reveal their identities.

Meanwhile, PENTAGON’s Kino reportedly participated in writing the lyrics of the group’s upcoming digital single and showed his support for his fellow label-mates. The singer put his own emotions into words, hoping to empathize with the audience similar to his age.

A Train to Autumn’s debut single “Season When You were Here” will drop on November 5 at 6PM, KST.

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[Opinion] Dating as a K-Pop Star Is A Risky Business Move

Dating and finding someone to spend the rest of your life with is a desire that most have, but when you’re a K-pop star it seems like taking the risk to love someone else can lead to personal ruin.

Image source – OSEN News

Goo Hara’s fallout with her now ex-boyfriend is the stuff of nightmares. Physical assault, a pending lawsuit, a police investigation, and now a sex tape. The entire ordeal has forever changed Goo Hara’s life, and likely her career and public image.

According to a recent report, Goo’s ex-boyfriend had threatened to release an alleged sex tape in the midst of an ongoing police investigation. A media outlet had apparently gotten a hold of an audio file where Goo’s ex-boyfriend is heard making the treat. Notably, he mentions that if he releases it, the tape will likely ruin her career.

This is the crux of the issue when it comes to dating a K-pop star (and celebrities in general). Being in the public eye makes celebrities particularly vulnerable when undesirable information about their private lives is exposed.

It can ruin their public image and make fans turn their back on them. This is doubly damaging when it isn’t just a friend or former business associate, but a romantic partner — someone with who is confident, a best friend, and lover. The intimacy of the betrayal is astounding and certainly traumatizing for the actress and singer. Unfortunately, she is not the first nor the last star to be threatened in this way.

Beloved ballad singer Baek Ji-young’s manager secretly recorded the two having sex back in 2000. While he did not release it right away, he used it as leverage in an attempt to blackmail here her when she attempted to hire a new manager. However, the singer did not give in to his demands. But as a result, he released the video and it forced her to step away from the stage for five years.

Having a relationship turn toxic and implode is just one of the ways that dating can be a risky business move. However, sometimes the pressure comes from the outside.

Image source – Cube Entertainment

In August, Cube Entertainment’s artists (for now) Hyuna and E’Dawn from boy group Pentagon announced that they have been in a relationship for up to two years. The confessions came shortly after the agency has issued an official denial of the rumors and in the middle of Triple H’s comeback. If the two artists were happy to finally have the truth revealed, that euphoria ended quickly when the backlash began.

Pentagon’s fans quickly descended on the couple for a variety of reasons, including feeling misled by their stage chemistry (they have chemistry off stage too, how upsetting), and because they were hiding it (but then they revealed it and…).

Not only that, but Cube Entertainment was forced to cancel Triple H’s promotional activities and removed E’Dawn from Pentagon’s schedule for the time being. In particular, in a stunning announcement, Cube Entertainment announced it had decided to oust the two singers.

The agency flip-flopped on the decision when their stock dropped. As of the writing of this article, Cube Entertainment has not announced the current standing of the two singers.



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Cube Entertainment Flip-Flops on Ousting Hyuna and E’Dawn

In a confusing series of official statements, Cube Entertainment has reversed its decision to oust soloist Hyuna and Pentagon member E’Dawn.

Hyuna and E'Dawn
Image source – Cube Entertainment

As a result of internal conflict, the president of Cube Entertainment Shin Dae-nam made a 180-degree from an earlier press conference where he announced the ousting of both singer Hyuna and E’Dawn from Pentagon.

“We are only discussing the withdrawal of Hyun-a and E’Dawn, but nothing is decided (at this time). Since the artist’s opinions are important, we are going to consider this issue carefully and hear others’ opinions,” he said. They plan to hold a board meeting next week to make a final decision.

On the afternoon of September 13, an official from the company announced they would be expelling the two from the company due to a lack of trust. “We have been working on trust and trust is our top priority when managing artists,” the company said. Regarding Hyuna and E’Dawn, Cube Entertainment stated that they could not restore their trust in the two and as such can no longer work with them.

Unfortunately, both singers were informed about Cube Entertainment’s decision to oust them this morning through the press and acquaintances.

When the couple announced their relationship early last month, they subsequently damaged that trust. When the two revealed their relationship, it contradicted an official statement of denial from the company.

Not only that, but they also did not consult with the agency about their relationship and the possibility of openly dating. Further, the situation also resulted in a loss in profits due to the cancellation of Triple H’s comeback promotions.

Reportedly, inside the company, there is a stark divide between those opposed to the idea of ousting the two singers and those who voted to separate kick them out. Moreover, complicating the situation are the differing positions of shareholders. Before reversing their position, the company’s stocks closed at 2,775 KRW — a 6.57% loss that many attributes to the news that Hyuna would be leaving the company.

Meanwhile, until the board meeting Hyuna, E’Dawn, Pentagon, and their fans will remain in limbo.



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HyunA and PENTAGON E’Dawn Removed from CUBE Entertainment

CUBE Entertainment announces the removal of HyunA and PENTAGON’s E’dawn from the list of their artists.

On September 13, CUBE Entertainment announced that HyunA and PENTAGON’s E’dawn will no longer be artists under the agency. Through its official statement, the agency said, “after a long consideration, we have decided to remove HyunA and E’Dawn from the company.”

Following is the official statement from CUBE Entertainment:

Hello, this is CUBE Entertainment.

We hereby state our decision to remove HyunA and E’Dawn from the list of our artists.

Since the beginning of our establishment, our company has been managing our artists based on the mutual trust that exists between the two parties.

After much consideration, we realized we it is impossible to recover our lost trust with HyunA and E’Dawn. As a result, we have decided to remove them from our company.

We sincerely thank the two artists and their fans for staying with us until now.

Thank you.

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