[Slide!] Kpop Idols Grace the Red Carpet for the 6th Annual Edaily Culture Awards

Kpop idols attended the 6th Annual Edaily Culture Awards on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul.

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Park Ji-Hoon and Park Woo-Jin Against Choi Yoo-Jung and Kang Mina on KBS ‘Battle Trip’

Wanna One’s Park Ji-Hoon and Park Woo-Jin will appear and travel together for KBS’s variety program ‘Battle Trip.’

According to the program’s official, Park Ji-Hoon and Park Woo-Jin will engage in the in-studio film on April 27, for which the episode will air on May 5.


‘Battle Trip’ is a variety show where celebrities compete against one another on their trips. Through their trips, they also provide helpful travel information and tips. On the upcoming episode, ‘Wanna One’ team will go against ‘Former IOI team,’ Weki Meki’s Choi Yoo-Jung and Gugudan’s Kang Mina.

The travel theme for ‘Wanna One’ and ‘Former IOI’ group was ‘first trip as an adult’. All 4 members are the same age, who have recently graduated from high school and entered college.

According to producer Son Ji-Won, Park Ji-Hoon and Park Woo-Jin had a great time while filming for the program. She said, “they got to have an unexpected free time, which they enjoyed very much. I saw a few clips while editing, and the two seemed to get along very well. They also participated in a late-night camping, and Park Woo-Jin seemed to be very good at cooking.”

Meanwhile, ‘Battle Trip’ recently celebrated 2nd anniversary by revealing the MC’s trip to Guam.

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Wanna One to go on a World Tour “One: The World”

On April 2, boy group Wanna One announced the locations of their world tour “One: The World” via Facebook and Instagram.

Wanna One announced that they will have a world tour concert with the title: “Wanna One World Tour <One: The world>”

In the poster they released, the locations of the tour were written on the bottom. The locations included San Hose, Dallas, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Taipei and others. However, the poster reveals only the locations and nothing about the theme or the dates of the tour. Thus, much anticipation is rising regarding Wanna One’s first world tour concerts.

During the tour, Wanna one will be visiting 13 cities in total, starting in Seoul. They are the first group in history to have a world tour as a group’s first solo concert.

Meanwhile, Wanna One recently made a comeback with their second mini album ‘0+1 = 1 (I PROMISE YOU).’ The group also created a controversy when a private conversation between select members was accidentally broadcasted, but this did not stop them from winning 3 wins from music shows.

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BIGBANG Seungri Gives Rather Ironic Advice to Wanna One at Radio Star

On March 21 broadcast of MBC’s ‘Radio Star,’ BIGBANG member Seungri gave a rather ironic advice to Wanna One.

On March 21, Radio Star hosted a show for the ‘Strong Baby of tonight, it’s me’ theme. BIGBANG Seungri, Wanna One Kang Daniel, Ong Seong-wu, and Park Woo-jin appeared as guests.

Seungri shared the stages an idol will go through in their career and said, “immediately after debut, everything is fun. Even when your manager gets mad, it’s exciting seeing other celebrities or being in an MBC show. However, it won’t last 3 years.”

He added, “BIGBANG had a great fandom, but we did not have any hit songs for at least a year. And then ‘Lies’ happened. One way to experience our popularity was through college festivals. We were heading back to Seoul after performing at 4 festivals, when the manager realized we had left out one more. We hurried back to find out the students waited for us for 2 hours. I wouldn’t have waited if I were them.”

As he continued, “when you are in your 3rd year, you want to do solo promotions. I did and I succeeded. My outfit was a suit with flowers connected to it and I would wear it to department stores right after stage. I wanted to check how popular I was. As I kept hearing my name, I walked in circles over and over again. I was such a brat.”

However, as you lose yourself in fame, you start to look down on people. This will cause people to leave your side and that’s when “reality hits you.” He continued, “starting your 7th year, rumors and scandals happen. They happen while you’re asleep or driving. Things just keep getting in your way without you realizing what they are. That’s when you start to doubt whether you can continue your career or not. And then you star thinking about opening your own business. I’m in my 13th year and I hope this goes on forever. I am thankful to be in the same show as Wanna One members.”

One of the advices from Seungri was, “don’t talk about your payment and income to anyone.” He added, “if other people find out your exact income, they will give you irresponsible advice on how to handle your money.” At the end, he prayed for Wanna One by saying “please help Wanna One to stay out of controversy and bad happenings.”

This is ironic because the day before the broadcast, Wanna One was involved in the ‘Star Live’ broadcast incident. In the controversial conversation shared between Wanna One members, the members were heard complaining about their delayed payment. In addition, netizens claimed that other topics of the conversation were rather inappropriate to be sharing in front of the staff members.

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Wanna One Apologizes For Their Misbehaviors During Star Live Broadcast

Group Wanna One and its agency apologized for their misconduct during ‘Star Live,’ and Mnet admitted the transmission error.

At 2 p.m, March 19, in preparation for the ‘Star Live’ broadcasting, a private conversation among Wanna One members got transmitted by accident.

In the conversation, some members expressed their discontent by saying, “why can’t we get paid?” “why can’t we sleep?” and “why can’t we sleep here?” Other members treated their fans and the broadcast carelessly by using profanity.

In response, members said “we sincerely apologize for showing a poor behavior in front of our fans in today’s live broadcast. We deeply regret it and will always treat everything with care and high level of maturity from now on.” In addition, “we thank you for your unconditional love and will always give our best effort to improve our image. Once again, sorry for creating such a controversy and letting you down.”

Their agency YMC also released an apology statement. They said, “we sincerely apologize for causing such an unfortunate incident in preparation for ‘Star Live’ broadcast. We are sorry for causing concerns to the fans who have given only love and support to Wanna One. We also think it is a shame that the videos that are circulating on the web are being somewhat magnified.” They concluded, “we will pay close attention so nothing like this will reoccur in the future.”

Lastly, Mnet’s Star Live also posted their apology through their website. They claimed they did not announce the exact time of the broadcast to the members, and staff did not realize when the broadcasting had started. They continued, “we deliver our apology to all fans and everyone involved in this incident. We will improve the service so that similar incidents will not happen again in the future.”

Meanwhile, Wanna One made a comeback with their 2nd mini album ‘0+1=1 (I PROMISE YOU)’ and took over 1st place in the chart with their title song ‘Boomerang.’

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Korean Stars in Their Uniforms for High School Graduation

Many of the high schools in South Korea had their graduation ceremonies today and these young stars attended their ceremonies in their uniforms one last time.

We send warmest congratulations on their graduation!


Actress Kim Yoo-jung


Wanna One Park Ji-hoon


Weki Meki Kim Do-yeon




WJSN Yeoreum & Dayoung


April Na-eun


Wanna One Park Woo-jin




MAS Dong-myeong


Romeo Kangmin


ONF Laun


NCT Mark


By Heewon Kim