[HOT CLIP] Park Bom Performs ‘Spring’ Live for the First Time at Showcase

Park Bom made a remarkable comeback that ended her controversial hiatus on Wednesday at 6 p.m.


Returning as a solo artist for the first time, the return marks a new stage in the singer’s life. No longer a part of YG Entertainment or her former girl group 2NE1, Park is emboldened and fresh like her title song “Sping,” embodies. Since the song’s release, it appeared in the first spot on Soribada, Genie, Olleh, Bugs, and Mnet music charts. Further, she also entered the top five on Melon, the nation’s most-used streaming service.

List of Indicted Celebrities From YG Entertainment

With Big Bang Seungri’s ongoing Burning Sun investigations, a recent news article has been drawing attention for listing some YG Entertainment celebrities who were investigated by police.

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Park Bom Teases Fans With Upcoming Single

Former 2NE1 member Park Bom teases comeback for awaiting fans!


On March 6th, former 2NE1 idol Park Bom teased fans of her upcoming return as a solo artist on her personal social media, youtube channel and V Live app. To thank fans for waiting for her return, Park Bom used the V Live app to personally interact with fans and to share her thoughts.

On the V Live app, the former idol stated “I cried a lot. I was very touched at everyone’s support after the teaser was uploaded. I’m not sure how to express it but I am so thankful. I hope many people enjoy my song.”


“Spring” marks Bom’s return as a solo artist in 8 years and her first song under a different agency. Her upcoming single has been receiving even more anticipation once it was revealed the producer was none other than Brave Brothers with fellow 2NE1 Sandara Park starring in the music video!

Check out the teaser of Park Bom’s upcoming single ‘Spring’!



*Interesting note: The single has the same name as the singer. Bom means spring in Korean!


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YouTube Channel and Solo Comeback, 2NE1 Park Bom Prepare for Her Return

Park Bom, a former member of 2NE1, is taking steps to step back into the spotlight as a soloist.

Image source – Park Bom Instagram

Singer Park Bom is preparing to make a comeback as a solo artist with the intention to release another Korean album in the future. To do so, Park is working with a new agency and is working to establish her own YouTube channel.

It has been about five years since the singer was regularly active. As such, many are paying attention to see how she plans to re-establish herself in the ever-evolving entertainment world. In particular, for all intents and purposes, Park’s singing career stopped in 2013 with the song “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

Of course, Park has made a few memorable appearances and updated fans over the years. One of the most recent is when she 2NE1 reunited at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong. The next year the group officially disbanded. Since leaving YG Entertainment, her entertainment activities have completely stopped.

According to past updates, Park plans to open her YouTube channel in November. Further, she expects to release an album this coming January. According to the singer, she also has other content in the process.

However, although Park is hard at work the public’s reaction has been chilly.

The singer had a problematic past drug smuggling scandal in 2010. At the time she allegedly smuggled 82 amphetamine tablets into Korea from the U.S. According to the singer, the pills were for depression are legal in the U.S., but not Korea. As such, she was unaware of their legal status in South Korea.

The issues were raised again in 2014 as many wondered why no charges were brought against the Park. In response, YG Entertainment reasoned that the pills were a legal prescription from a doctor in the U.S. Reportedly, the agency submitted the necessary medical documents, and the case was dismissed.

Moreover, in addition to her drug involvement are the consistent comments and speculation concerning her physical appearance. With seemingly drastic changes to her appearance, many believe that Park has undergone many cosmetic procedures. Moreover, although she has denied the allegations, the speculation continues.



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Park Bom Reportedly Preparing for Solo Comeback with New Agency

Park Bom is preparing for a solo comeback, but with a new agency!

On July 20, reports revealed that Park Bom has signed with a new agency and is preparing for a solo comeback. The company is a startup named D-Nation, led by producer Scotty Kim and creative director Ray Yeom.

Image Source – Instagram @newharoobompark

After 2NE1’s disbandment, Park Bom has hinted at her possible comeback multiple times through social network. On June 11, the singer uploaded a mysterious post that read, “hello, everyone. I want to sing. I’ll bring you good music to listen to soon.”

Finally, with D-Nation’s support, the singer is aiming to release an album in November in Korea. 2 years after the group’s disbandment, Park Bom is finally ready to come back to her fans.

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Park Bom Hints at Possible Comeback Through Twitter Post

Former 2NE1 member Park Bom revealed that she might have a comeback soon through her recent Twitter post!

In the picture Park Bom posted, she is holding a bouquet of flowers and winking at the camera. Along with the picture, she says “I want to sing,” and thus hinting at her possible comeback.

After 2NE1 officially disbanded last November, Park Bom stayed out of entertainment industry. While other members continued to promote themselves solo, she only stayed on social media and often communicated with her fans about her daily life.

However, in the recent post, Park Bom hinted at the possibility of her comeback. She said, “hello, everyone! I want to sing. I promise to present to you some great music.” She continued, “I’m now getting ready and I know you guys waited for too long.”

She also included a few sentences in English, as well as hashtags in Chinese and Japanese. She concluded, “I miss you guys so much, all around the world. You guys better ‘get ready’ as well. I promise t make you happy!”


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Former 2NE1 Member Park Bom Clarifies Past Drug Incident From 2010

Recently, MBC’s investigative journalism program ‘PD Notebook’ revisited former 2NE1 member Park Bom’s past drug incident from 2010. Afterwards, Park Bom clarifies the incident herself in an interview.

In 2010, Park Bom was investigated for bringing amphetamines into South Korea. The program compared this case to a similar case that happened around the same time, and argued that Park Bom had received special treatment regarding the case. A lawyer appeared and said, “the Park Bom case was very rare. A normal reaction to such an accusation would be an open trial and at least a probation.”

After the program, it also shed a light on Park Bom’s past SNS live broadcast. Last August, Park Bom communicated with her fans through Instagram live broadcast. During the broadcast, Park Bom said, “I just woke up and I would like to clarify my drug incident.” She continued in a raised voice, “I really didn’t do it. Do you know? Do you really know?”

On April 26, Park Bom clarified she has never seen or done drugs in her life through an interview with Sports Kyunghyang. She said, “it’s true that I’ve never done drugs. I was even investigated for it, but they ruled I wasn’t guilty.”

She continued, “I have an illness for which I need to take medicine. It’s called ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), an illness not well-known in South Korea. There is no proper medicine for ADD, so I had to take medication for ADHD. That’s when I brought in Adderall. I admit that the incident happened due to my negligence during the process of bringing it in, but I’m frustrated that people think the medication is made 100% of amphetamines.”

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