[Slide!] Kpop Idols Grace the Red Carpet for the 6th Annual Edaily Culture Awards

Kpop idols attended the 6th Annual Edaily Culture Awards on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul.

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OH MY GIRL Tops Japan’s Oricon Daily Album Chart

OH MY GIRL’s charm and talent have boosted their debut Japanese album to the top.

Image source – WM Entertainment, Ariola Japan

On Wednesday, OH MY GIRL Japanese Debut Album, the girl group’s first album in Japan, topped the Oricon daily album chart. Notably, the record features the Japanese version of the group’s hit songs, including “Remember Me,” “Secret Garden,” and “Closer.”

In addition to their album, the group also had a short three-day three-city tour. OH MY GIRL started the tour in Fukuoka on Jan. 4, then headed to Osaka on the 5th, and concluded in Tokyo on Jan. 6. In particular, the tour proved the group’s popularity with strong ticket sales at each location. Seats sold out at each location soon after they went on sale.

After successfully debuting in Japan, OH MY GIRL is engaging in a flurry of promotional activities. The group is scheduled to return to Korea on the 13th.



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KBS Song Festival Announces Final Lineup with 29 Teams

KBS announced the 29 participating groups and singers for its yearend song festival.

On December 20, KBS announced the third and final lineup for 2018 KBS Song Festival, which will be held on December 28 at 8:30 PM.

The newly announced teams are Celeb Five and Kim Yeon-ja, who have established their own genres in K-pop with unique music and performances. With their participation, a total of 29 teams are performing for the upcoming song festival.

Take a look at the list below for the artists to make appearances in 2018 KBS Song Festival:

Boy Groups – BTS, EXO, Wanna One, Seventeen, BTOB, Norazo, VIXX, NU’EST W, GOT7, Monsta X, and NCT 127
Girl Groups – TWICE, Red Velvet, GFriend, A-Pink, Oh My Girl, (G)I-dle, AOA, Lovelyz, Momoland, WJSN, and Celeb Five
Solo Artists – Hwang Chi-yeol, Sunmi, Chungha, Yong Jun-hyung, 10CM, Roy Kim, and Kim Yeon-ja


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Park Myung-Soo Announces Collaboration with Oh My Girl

Park Myung-Soo has sought help from Oh My Girl for his upcoming single!

On November 8, Park Myung-Soo took to Instagram to announce his upcoming single release. Park said, “I’m releasing a new track on November 9. A collaboration with Oh My Girl. Please look forward to my new single, “SNS.””

Along with the comment, Park also released a short clip of “SNS,” that featured the voice of Oh My Girl members, as well as himself. The lyrics, as the title of the track suggests, talks about posting pictures on social network platforms, getting likes by other people.


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Oh My Girl Takes First Win for “Remember Me” on “The Show”

Oh My Girl takes their first win for “Remember Me” on SBS MTV’s “The Show”

On September 18 broadcast of SBS MTV’s “The Show,” Oh My Girl took their first win for the latest title track, “Remember Me.” Thus, the group manages to take three music show wins since debut!

Image Source – SBS MTV “The Show”

The group’s leader Hyojung shared a brief winning speech. The singer said, “while we were preparing for “Remember Me,” we were happy just to be able to make a comeback with a new concept. Now that we’ve gotten this great award, we are eternally grateful. As we were preparing for this comeback, we thought a lot about our performances and music, and how to mature as a group in general. We put in a lot of effort and we are glad that our fans seem to notice the work that we have put in.”

She continued, “and of course, because of our Miracles (Oh My Girl’s fandom name), who always encourage us to be our best, we receive a lot of energy when singing and dancing. Thank you all for that! As we take our first trophy for “Remember Me,” we will consider this as our chance to improve ourselves and show you the better Oh My Girl. Thank you.”


Meanwhile, the group is also preparing to host their solo concert “2018 Fall Fairytale” on September 20 and 21 at the Seoul Yongsan Blue Square Hall.

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Oh My Girl Comes Back with Girl Crush Concept

7-member girl group Oh My Girl is releasing its 6th mini album, making a comeback in 8 months.

On September 10, the group had a showcase for its 6th mini album, “Remember Me.” The new album is a release in 8 months since “Secret Garden” that was released in January.

“The concept for our new album is ‘Sky Garden,’ following the Garden series from the previous album,” explained the group. “We tried to express the memories related to the sky in various ways. It contains so many emotions. Hope you enjoy the song.”

The title song of the album, “Fireworks,” expresses how girls recall memories with fireworks. The dynamic yet beautiful melody of the song sings various emotions in the memories.

The group also made a bold concept transformation, trying the “Girl Crush” concept for the first time. Members each showed different styles reflecting the concept, which all go along with the EDM song.

“We’ve always wanted to try the ‘Girl Crush’ concept,” said member Arin. “We’re happy to finally be able to do so.”

Oh My Girl’s upcoming album comprises five tracks. The group’s member Mimi took a part in the lyrics writing in three of the songs.


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Oh My Girl Announces Comeback Schedule Outline and October Concert

Oh My Girl is coming back with literal “Fireworks”

On August 24, WM Entertainment released a teaser image outlining the schedule for Oh My Girl’s upcoming comeback. The teaser read as followed: “OH MY GIRL 6th Mini Album [Remember Me] Fireworks Invitation.”

Image Source – WM Entertainment

According to the teaser, the girl group will make a comeback on September 10, with 6th mini album entitled “Remember Me.” Furthermore, the teaser image revealed an outline of what they have planned until the comeback date, including teaser photo releases, album previews, and MV teasers.

The teaser also reveals that the title song is entitled “Fireworks,” drawing much curiosity from the public on what type of concept and genre Oh My Girl will showcase this time. In addition, the group also announced their second solo concert, scheduled to take place on October 20 and 21.

WM Entertainment added, “Oh My Girl is making a comeback on September 10. This is their first comeback in 8 months since “Secret Garden” promotions, and we plan to release details of the album one by one until the comeback date. We ask for your continuous love and support.”

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Oh My Girl Confirms September Full Group Comeback

Oh My Girl confirms a full group comeback in September!

On August 21, WM Entertainment confirmed that girl group Oh My Girl will make a full group comeback in September. The agency said, “we will release another mini album that will feature a newly transformed Oh My Girl members.”

Image Source – WM Entertainment

“Currently, the members are working very hard to increase the perfection of the album, since this is their first full group comeback in almost 8 months. We plan to showcase the members’ fresh and new looks, so please look forward to it,” concluded the agency.

Meanwhile, earlier reports also stated that the girl group had already finished filming a music video for the September comeback. As they finished their “Secret Garden” promotions in success earlier this year, many fans are anticipating another strong comeback that features the group’s unique nostalgic sentiment.

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Oh My Girl Members Involved in Car Accident

Four members from the group Oh My Girl were involved in a car accident on their way to a performance.

On August 1, Oh My Girl‘s agency WM Entertainment posted a notice on the group’s official fan cafe. In the post, the agency informed fans that four members from the group were involved in a car accident.

The group was on its way to the Korea Music Festival in Seoul from another event in Hwacheon County, Gangwon Province in two separate vehicles. Among the two vehicles, the car with member Mimi, YooA, Seung-hee, and Binnie never made it to the festival because of a traffic accident that happened around 4 pm.

Fortunately, the four members were not seriously injured. WM Entertainment reported that a medical examination found no other problems besides minor muscle pains. Currently, the four members are stable and resting. However, as a result, the agency decided to forego the festival for the “safety and immediate treatment of the members.”



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Oh My Girl BANHANA Confirms Japanese Debut

Girl group Oh My Girl BANHANA confirmed to debut in Japan at the end of August!

On June 11, Oh My Girl held the first press conference at Sony Music in Tokyo, Japan to officially announce their Japanese debut plans.

At the press conference, Oh My Girl announced their first unit ‘Oh My Girl BANHANA’ will debut in Japan at the end of August. On August 28, they will have their debut showcase, followed by the album release on August 29.

Furthermore, they revealed that their debut album is a translated version of their pop-up album ‘Banana Allergy Monkey,’ which released in April. This is one of the most rare cases, where a unit is debuting in Japan before the whole group’s debut.

In addition, Oh My Girl also signed a contract with one of the most influential Japanese record companies, Sony Music. With the contract, Sony Music will take care of the group’s management in Japan.

WM Entertainment reported, “Oh My Girl signed a management contract with Sony Music and plans to release their debut album on August 29. While the group prepares for their debut, we hope to receive lots of love and attention from you.”

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