GOT7 Members Chat with Twitter’s Creator and CEO Jack Dorsey.

GOT7 members Mark, Young-jae, and BamBam, met with Twitter creator and CEO Jack Dorsey to chat about K-pop and how the micro-blogging site has helped it grow.

For the past few days, Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey has been in South Korea where he has had an opportunity to meet president Moon Jae-in, attend a press conference, and even sit down to converse with K-pop idols. It is part of the silicon valley power house’s international tour of regional offices. While there were a variety of subjects to talk about, one, in particular, held the most discussion time: K-pop.

K-pop has contributed to Twitter’s resurgence in South Korea, the CEO of Twitter Korea Shin Cheong-seop acknowledged in an interview last year. When Twitter was introduced to the country in the early 2010s, daily user use was far below other places in the world.

However, after actively expanding K-pop idol group accounts and broadcasting interviews on Twitter in 2015, “fans began to flock to [Twitter],” for the artists domestically and around the world revealed CEO Shin.

Dorsey echoed this sentiment. “K-pop loves Twitter; Twitter loves K-pop. Certainly, we benefited massively from people choosing us to have a conversation about their passion,” he said Friday. According to the micro-blogging site, South Korea ranks as the second fastest growing revenue market for the company. This year it may ascend to first place.

On Friday when he sat down with GOT7 member Mark, Young-jae, and BamBam, Dorsey and another company representative chatted about how they discovered and used the program. BamBam commented that he likes to use Twitter because it is one of the “fastest ways to connect with people” all over the world.

This connection is one of the reasons why K-pop Twitter is growing so much. With a legion of followers groups like BTS (14.4 million followers) and GOT7 (6.2 million followers) have fans who had translated updates and shared information on the platform years before the entertainment agencies started providing translations themselves.

While GOT7 members have seen the benefits of the platform in communicating with the fanbase, Youngjae presented an idea for a better and more intimate way to speak to fans when Dorsey asked them how they would run Twitter. “If [we] could make a room and put a limit on the number of people in the room [and] the first people to get into the room (sic) gets a chance to talk to you,” he said through a translation by member Mark.

His idea was well received by Dorsey, and with South Korea and K-pop playing an important role on the platform, his idea might take hold.

Check out their full conversation here.



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GOT7 Mark Say That the Group Is Always His Focus

As time goes on the different charms of GOT7 Mark, the shy visual, slowly come to light, but through the five years that the group has been together, one thing has not changed his focus on the group.

GOT7 member Mark decorates the pages of The Star‘s February issue in a unique eye-catching pictorial. In the shots, the rapper dons a variety of different pieces including a sequined shirt, a jacket that appears to be filled with fabric flowers, and patterned trousers.

In the interview after the photo shoot, Mark takes about a few things that have caught his interest recently. In particular, he has found a fashion has grabbed his attention. “Nowadays, I’ve been interested in fashion which came about after I took pictures for different fashion magazines by myself,” said Mark.

Moreover, he has found that unusual piece to be exciting. “This time, I tried on a pair of short pants for the first time, and it was cool,” he said adding that having to try on different clothes for these shoots have allowed him to show different sides of himself.

Besides fashion, the GOT7 member has been exposed as quite the trickster thanks to his participation in the XtvN show “GOT7 Real Thai” that is currently broadcasting. “Everyone said they were surprised by my playful sense of humor. Originally, I like to tease and play around with my friends (privately). But this time around, I think I’m more comfortable,” he admitted.

However, above all of this, Mark said that his greatest interest lays with his group, GOT7, both its success and personal development. Since making their debut five years ago, the members have grown together. “Out team GOT7 always. Now that we’ve made out debut, the members have created many of our own stories and give each other strength.”

With that said, it seems like he has finally made peace with his identity and career. “I once thought, ‘what am I doing?'” Mark reveals when thinking about being a K-pop idol. Now, “I definitly like it, but I was confused about whether it was right for me or not.”

A lot of this acceptance has come with time and GOT7 increasing control over their music and means of communication with their fans. Although he was very determined to be top brass when he was a trainee, once he debuted with the group, the long hours and hard work was a difficult adjustment. “I don’t want those kinds of days now. We wanted to communicate with fans like we do now and make the music we wanted to do.”

Further, although he has been doing a few photo shoots by himself, he hopes that everyone will get to know the group through him.




Image source – The Star Magazine

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[M/V] BTOB’s Lee Chang-Sub Asks Fans to Remember Him Even When He’s “Gone”

BTOB’s Lee Chang-Sub delivers a heartfelt message to fans in “Gone,” the title track to his first solo album “Mark”

On December 11, BTOB’s Lee Chang-Sub released his first solo album “Mark” along with the title track “Gone.” Previously, Lee mentioned that he had hoped to leave a “mark” in the industry with this album as he faces military enlistment in January.

Title track “Gone” is a Pop Ballad that incorporates Lee’s soothing voice and an excited band sound. The lyrics tells a story of a person who desires to run away from the hardships of a dark and isolated world with the person he loves. However, they also represent what Chang-Sub had hoped to express to fans prior to his military enlistment.

Furthermore, the music video features Apink’s Chorong, who is also known as a real-life best friend of Lee Chang-Sub. The two appear as people who aspire to be singers and encourage one another to pursue after their dreams.

Check it out below!

Lee Chang-Sub Talks About Enlisting in Military Amid BTOB’s Growth

Lee Chang-Sub, who faces both military enlistment and first solo album ahead of him, opens up about having to live in the middle of BTOB’s rapid growth.

On December 10, BTOB’s Lee Chang-Sub hosted an interview to commemorate the release of his first solo album “Mark.” The singer said, “just like the title of my solo album, I want to leave a “mark” of my voice.”

Lee continued, “I feel honored and almost overwhelmed to be able to release my solo album for the first time in 7 years. With this as my first step, I hope to keep on releasing albums that contain only my voice in the future.”

Compared to other idols, it took a while for him to be able to release a solo album. When asked why, Lee explained he wanted to focus on BTOB promotions more. Lee said, “to be honest, while promoting as a member of BTOB, I wanted to focus on group activities more. Because BTOB was my priority, I didn’t feel the need for a solo activity. Now that my group has grown and become somewhat successful, I decided it was the right time for me to promote as a solo artist.”

Lee Chang-Sub also mentioned his military enlistment, which is scheduled to take place on January 14.

The singer said, “after receiving the confirmation about my enlistment, I begun preparing for my solo album. I wanted to leave my mark while I was gone to the military, and I wanted to compare my music to before and after I completed my military duties.”

He continued, “to be honest, I’m a little upset. BTOB has finally started to receive the attention for our unique color and we have finally started to do music that we’ve always wanted to. It’s upsetting that I have to leave in the middle of that. Sometimes, I wish that this could’ve happened to us sooner. But then, I also consider it as my fate. I think it will look better on my part that I leave on my own will, instead of being forced to leave later.”

Lee Chang-Sub concluded by mentioning his fellow BTOB members. He said, “by the time Sung-Jae enlists in the military, other members will all be back. I will tease him one month prior to his enlistment. But, I think everyone will be fine. I do worry about Peniel, I hope he doesn’t feel lonely.”

He concluded, “by the time BTOB becomes whole again, it will be around 2021 or 2023. After we return from the military, Sung-Jae will have to rethink about the renewal of our contract. We thought about enlisting altogether, but the age difference between us did not allow us. However, since there’s not much we can do about military enlistment, we decided to respect the opinions of each other. I will wait no matter how long it takes.”

Image Source – Cube Entertainment

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BTOB Lee Chang-Sub Announces Military Enlistment

Lee Chang-Sub is the third member of BTOB to enlist in the military!

On December 6, Cube Entertainment reported, “BTOB’s Lee Chang-Sub will enlist in the military as an active soldier on January 14.”

According to the company, Lee Chang-Sub will enter the training center on January 14 to participate in the basic training. Afterwards, the singer will receive his official assignment and fulfill his duty as a soldier.

The company concluded, “in consideration of his wish to enlist quietly, we will not reveal the exact location or the time.”

Thus, Lee became the third member of BTOB to announce military enlistment. Seo Eun-Kwang was the first to do so when he enlisted in August, followed by Lee Min-Hyuk, who announced his acceptance to serve as a conscripted policeman.

Meanwhile, the singer also plans to release first solo album “Mark” on December 11.

Best of luck to Lee Chang-Sub!

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Producer of “Show! Music Core” Compliment Ong Sung-Woo, Mina, and Mark

Producer of MBC “Show! Music Core” compliment Wanna One’s Ong Sung-Woo, Gugudan’s Mina, and NCT’s Mark on their diligence as MC’s of the show!

On November 2 broadcast of MBC’s “Idol Radio,” producer Heo Hang came on as a guest to talk about the three MC’s of MBC’s “Show! Music Core.”

The producer had been working closely with the team of “Music Core” for the past 2 years. As one of the main producers of the show, Heo says he grew close to the three MC’s of the show – Wanna One’s Ong Sung-WOO, Gugudan’s Min, and NCT’s Mark.

Image Source – MBC

Producer Heo began, “the three all work so hard. One specific memory that I have of them is when they prepared a special stage to make their debut as MC’s.”

He continued, “Mark prepared a rap, and Mina and Ong Sung-Woo had prepared a dance. All three of them were very busy with their owns schedules, but they still gave in 100% effort into making their debut stage. We wanted the audience to see that, so we pre-recorded the whole performance. Thankfully, it received lots of praise from the audience.”

At the end, producer Heo concluded with his first impression of the three. He said, “I remember the first time I met them. They were so prepared that their first time hosting the show together went flawlessly. Afterwards, there was not a single day that they were late or making mistakes due to lack of preparation.”

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GOT7 Announces Third Japanese Mini Album and Confirms Arena Tour

GOT7 announces the release of third Japanese mini album and Arena Tour to properly begin the year 2019!

On November 14, JYP Entertainment announced, “GOT7 will release their third Japanese mini album “I Won’t Let You Go” and the title track of the same name on January 30.”

Image Source – JYP Entertainment

The title track “I Won’t Let You Go” delivers a message of man who is determined to not let go of his lover. It reportedly features the smoothing voices of the members and a rather calm choreography, planning to capture the hearts of many Japanese fans.

In addition, the upcoming album increased the expectation of fans even more with unit tracks. The album features in total of three unit groups, composed of Jin-Young and Yugyeom, Mark and BamBam, and JB and Young-Jae.

Meanwhile, GOT7 has also confirmed their Japanese Arena Tour “GOT7 ARENA SPECIAL 2018-2019 ‘ROAD 2 U'” to take place on December 18 and 19 at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo. Afterwards, the group will continue on their tour next February at the World Memorial Hall in Kobe, Japan.

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Wanna One Ong Seong-Woo to Step Down from “Music Core”

Ong Seong-Woo will no longer serve as the MC of MBC’s “Show! Music Core”

On September 20, reports stated that Wanna One’s Ong Seong-Woo will step down from his MC position for MBC’s “Music Core.” With the upcoming September 22 broadcast as his last episode, the Wanna One member will no longer host the program.

Image Source – MBC “Music Core”

It’s been 8 months since the artist was selected as one of the MC’s alongside NCT’s Mark and Gugudan’s Mina. During their first episode as MC’s, the three put on an impressive and fierce performance and generated much excitement from fans. Afterwards, Ong Seong-Woo led the troop as the oldest one, creating much synergy between the three.

Regarding the news, Ong said, “I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me even though I lacked many skills. I’m very glad I had the opportunity to host such a great show. Even though we have unfortunately come to an end with this journey, I promise to continue to better myself to show an improved side of me the next time we see each other again. Once again, I’m very grateful for your support.”

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NCT Mark Confirmed to be the First Graduate of NCT Dream

NCT’s Mark is graduating from NCT Dream with the upcoming comeback as his last promotion!

On August 25, SM Entertainment released the second teaser video for the upcoming comeback of NCT Dream. The song they released was “Dear DREAM,” which members Mark, Jeno, Jaemin, and Jisung wrote the lyrics themselves.

Image Source – SM Entertainment

According to the agency, the songs is dedicated to Mark, as the member graduates from NCT Dream with this upcoming comeback as his last promotion. Through the lyrics, they hoped to express their true feelings towards one another, incorporated with a calming melody.

Meanwhile, NCT Dream is preparing to launch their second mini album “We Go Up” on September 3. The title song “Go Up” is an urban hip hop song that contains the group’s passion and yearning for the next stage. Following their “GO” release as a part of “NCT 2018” project, the group plans to showcase their upgraded vibes and charms through the upcoming comeback.

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[HOT CLIP!] MAMA 2017 in Hong Kong Must-See Collaborations

Mnet has successfully concluded this year’s week-long Asian Music Awards festival.

Collaboration MAMA 2017
Image source: Courtesy of Mnet

This year’s Mnet’s Asian Music Awards, also known as MAMA 2017, spanned an entire week and three cities. The first two shows in Vietnam and Japan were fantastic with performances by WannaOne, TWICE, BoA and more. However, the grand finale in Hong Kong really took the cake with a number of stunning collaborations. Check out some of the great collaborations below.

Dynamic Duo feat. GOT7 Jackson, Monsta X Jooheon, Seventeen Vernon, and NCT Mark – “1/n”

Sunmi and Taemin – “Gashina” and “Move”

Chanyeol and Soyou – “I Miss You”

GOT7 AND DAY6 –  “Never Ever” (Rock version)

Red Velvet, NCT 127, Hitchhiker –  “Peek-A-Book”, “Red Flavor”, and “$10”

Heize and Bolbbalgan4 –  “Don’t Know You” and “Some”

For more clips of the event check out Mnet’s official YouTube here.