Makeup Artist Risabae Perfectly Does ‘SKY Castle’ Kim Joo-young Makeup Cover

Are you a fan of the “hit” drama ‘SKY Castle’, too?! Check out this video and see how Risabae transforms into the character Kim Joo-young through makeup.

[Opinion] Holika Holika X Jella Collaboration Is a Turning Point for K-Beauty

Earlier this year the Korean cosmetics brand Holika Holika launched one of the deepest foundation shades sold in South Korea. As a result, although the line only has six colors for customers to chose from, it is one of the most inclusive lines sold domestically.

At the beginning of September, Holika Holika added shade 6 Jella, to its Hard Cover Glow foundation line. As the name of the shade suggests, the cosmetic’s brand collaborated with Korean Youtube star Jella to create shade 6.

Her new shade for Holika Holika, Jella mentions in a video that she went through several modifications before setting on the warm brown hue. According to the Youtuber, she wanted a deep shade that would not make the wearer look washed out due to a cool undertone. As such, she based her color on Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Tahoe but aimed for a shade that was a tad bit lighter.

As someone who prefers to tan, the Jella previously use products for meant for contouring or mixing like VLD’s Expert Blending Shade or using imported foreign brands like MAC or Nars, to find a matching shade.

The reason for this is because South Korean makeup brands release very limited foundation shades. One brand, Clio, as a popular Kill Cover Foundation that comes in four different colors: lingerie, linen, ginger, and sand for color. Like Clio, the majority of brands in South Korea have a lackluster selection of medium (or deep) shades — if they make them at all.


While this makes sense in what is generally considered a homogenous society and population, look wise, to match. However, this is definitely not the reality. The fact remains that although a limited shade range does suit a large percentage of the population, it does not match everyone. Those with deeper skin, like Jella, are left on the fringe of the domestic beauty market. As a result, the Youtuber has expressed a need for further development.

With the addition of this new shade, Holika Holika has become one if not the only beauty brands to sell such a deep tone within South Korea at an affordable price. There are other companies like Innisfree that also has deep tones, but those are only available in the U.S.  Hopefully, with the successful launch of this new product, other beauty brands will also follow suit.



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K-beauty Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Are Not Extreme

Halloween is just around the corner! You have your cute costume and everything, but maybe not exactly sure about makeup. Here are 5 Korean Halloween makeup tutorials that are not extreme at all, so you can actually look pretty while looking scary at the same time.

1. Im Bora

By now, most of you must know that she is famous for being rapper Swing’s girlfriend. But you know what? The 23-year-old model has unbelievable makeup skills. Just watch the video, her Halloween makeup will give you chills (Wait till the end for Girl’s Day’s Sojin and Hyeri’s reactions).

2. Cho Hyojin

First of all, those tattoos of beauty YouTuber Hyojin are fake! After completing her ‘girl crush’ Halloween look, you might as well want to try those fake tattoos to add more uniqueness!

3. Heizle

Is that a doll am I seeing in the thumbnail? Heizle, who recently gained a lot of attention with her cover makeup of BLACKPINK’s Jennie, will guide you to complete a cold, spooky makeup look.

4. Leesu

Do you wanna go actually even more spooky? Then try Leesu’s ‘dark vampire makeup’ tutorial. Don’t forget to finish your look with your costume!

5. Risabae

This tutorial is not exactly a “Halloween” makeup look, but what can I say. You can never go wrong with Risabae, who has almost 2 million followers! Follow this “fall street style makeup” tutorial to look sharp and clean, but still good enough for Halloween.


by Audrey Joung

Hong Jin-young’s Cosmetics Sells Out on GS Home Shopping Network

Home shoppers bought up trot singer Hong Jin-young’s coveted cosmetic line.

Hong shot

On the morning of August 26, trot singer Hong Jin-young appeared on GS Home Shopping to advertise and inform viewers on some products from “Hong Shot” her new and coveted cosmetics line. In particular, she personally demonstrated how to use her foundation, concealer, lip-tint, and other interesting make-up products.

Before the broadcast ended, the singer’s entire line had sold out. According to the network, over 7,700 sets, which include liquid bottle foundation, a cushion compact, and liquid lipstick, were bought. Further, although this is the singer’s third time appearing on the GS Home Shopping, her products continue to exceed expectations.

In response to the positive reception to her make-up, Hong took to her Instagram account to thank buyers. “After the show started, everything sold out. Thank you very much for your interest,” she said.

A GS Home Shopping representative said that when the singer appears on their program, online interest skyrocket. Online searched for “Hong Shot Foundation” ranks high in real-time search algorithms along with other products from her line.

Meanwhile, Hong announced her make-up line in July.



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Beauty Creator Risabae Transforms in to MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

Beauty creator and YouTuber Risabae perfectly transformed into Hwasa from the girl group MAMAMOO.

Image source – Instagram

On August 6, beauty creator Risabae posted a photo on Instagram with a message that read “Hwasa makeup.”

Risabae has created celebrity inspired looks in the past. However, what caught many of her followers’ attention, was not just the YouTuber’s makeup, but also how well she copied Hwasa‘s facial expression and pose.

Followers left comments that said she really has a “golden hand,” referring to her skill. Others said that “MAMAMOO members too would be concerned.”

On the other hand, Risabae produces a variety of content. On top of beauty looks, the creator also made her debut as a singer with a digital single titled “E.N.C.”



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Singer Hong Jin-Young to Launch Her Own Makeup Brand

Singer Hong Jin-Young is launching her own makeup brand!

On July 27, Hong Jin-Young announced that she is launching a makeup brand called “Hong Shot,” for which she participated in research and designing herself. The singer said, “I wanted to make a product that I would trust, so that everyone else would trust it, too. Also, I wanted it to be a product that is the most essential to all women.”

Image Source – Music K Entertainment

In fact, Hong Jin-Young is already known for being good at make-up. Previously, the singer had created much buzz when she appeared in tvN’s “Life Bar,” where her makeup managed to hide an “Asian glow.” During the show, the singer had a few sips of beer, which made her body and face to turn red. The netizens then saw a noticeable color difference between her face and neck, and it led to many requests asking the singer for her makeup tips.

In response, Hong Jin-Young opened up a YouTube channel, invited her personal makeup artist, and tutored people on the makeup method. Afterwards, the singer revealed, “until now, I had to mix foundation, concealer, and BB cream to make the perfect shade/product. I wanted to lessen the steps, so I invented a “one shot” product so that you don’t have to mix and match various products to get exactly what you want.”

On July 30, Hong Jin-Young will present her makeup brand “Hong Shot” for the first time through her YouTube channel and SNS accounts. Furthermore, she plans to invite a researcher whom she had worked together to invent the product to answer any questions from the public. Furthermore, the singer will also appear in a Lotte Home Shopping Channel on the following day to advertise the brand herself.

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GUGUDAN Mina Selected As the Brand Model for Makeup Brand Lilybyred

Kang Mina, a member of the girl group GUGUDAN, is the new face of Lilybyred.

kang mina
Image soruce – Lilybyred

“The image of Kang Mina, who is both cute and sexy at the same time, goes well with our makeup brand’s philosophy,” a Lilybyred spokesperson said regarding a recent announcement. On June 26, makeup brand Lilybyred selected Kang from the group GUGUDAN as their exclusive model.

Furthermore, along with the announcement the brand also released a teaser photo of the GUGUDAN member. In the picture, the singer is elegant and charming in a black dress and natural makeup but vivid lips.

Image source – Lilybyred

According to the report, Kang has already completed brand related photoshoots and filming last month. As a result, the company plans to have her focus on meeting consumer through different activities and events.

Meanwhile, Kang has recently taken on acting roles and is an MC for MBC’s “Show! Music Core.”



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Singer Chungha Reveals She Wants to Work With I.O.I Again

In a recent photo shoot and interview with bnt International, solo singer Chungha showed off a variety of looks and spoke candidly about her career.

Having endured reality show “Produce 101,” debuting in the group I.O.I, then going solo, Chungha career as a singer has been fast and bombastic. However, it has humble beginnings.

“My mother sings really well,” she revealed in an interview with bnt International. “I was a choir member at church with my mom; I think that’s when I became interested in being a singer,” she explained.

When she joined the line-up of Mnet’s “Produce 101,” Chungha said that it was not stressful for her. She doesn’t like competition, she revealed, and as such took it as an opportunity to “test and accept myself,” she said. However, while the program was not hard, going solo after the massively popular girl group I.O.I was difficult for the singer. In fact, she listed it as one of her most trying experiences.

“Although I was confident, I was worried that the public’s expectation of me when I made my solo debut,” Chungha said. Further, she says that nothing has changed much since becoming a solo artist except that she “hears [her] songs on the street” but does not think she is very popular yet.

Besides releasing more of her own music, the singer answered that she wants to collaborate with I.O.I when asked who she wants to work with to create music. “Even now I communicate with them every day” and “I really want to get together again,” she said.

In regards to skincare, the singer said that while simple, “water and sleep are the best” when it comes to good skin. Moreover, Chungha recommended that instead of going along with new makeup trends, that doing a natural look is the safest best.

“When I look at past pictures, I think that my makeup is so embarrassing. I recommend keeping your make-up as natural as possible so that you don’t end up with a humiliating photo,” she explained.

Talking about her diet, Chungha said she isn’t super strict about what she eats so that she does not burden the people around her. Instead, she makes changes according to the conditions or adapts to the situation.

An example that the singer provides is that because she does not like to drink, she will meet with friends at a cafe instead. Further, if she ends up at a bar, she will eat some snacks instead of drinking alcohol.

Meanwhile, Chungha is working on a new song that is expected to come out this summer.



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Girl Group GFriend Shows Off Trendy, Blushing Makeup in New Pictorial

K-pop girl group GFriend appears in new trendy makeup for a High Cut Korea photo shoot.

The ladies of GFriend look gorgeous and fresh in the latest edition of the fashion magazine High Cut Korea.

With soft lighting and makeup that emphasized the flushing effect of blush, the group created a warm and atmosphere with glowy skin and natural-hued lips.

During a short interview, members Yuju and Umji demonstrated their interest in makeup but providing easy-to-follow tips. In particular, Yuju talked about the recent trend towards rose and pink-hued eye looks. She explained that to create depth you should use “2-3 different eyeshadows that have different textures” and shades.

More, the group talked about how they achieve long-wearing makeup for their busy schedules. In response, Umji said that if “you apply foundation, transparent power, and finish off with a setting mist it will last a long time.”

Meanwhile, High Cut Korea‘s magazine featuring GFriend is available in their May edition.



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