Infinite Sungyeol Posts Touching Handwritten Letter Ahead of Enlistment

Infinite Sungyeol, who is set to enlist early next week, revealed his short hair and a handwritten letter to fans on social media.

Infinite member Sungyeol showed off his new short hairstyle in a picture he posted on social media on Friday. His new short locks, a hairstyle that is mandatory for all soldiers, signals that it is almost time for the singer to enlist in the military.

Enlistment can be a difficult time for celebrities who are forced to put their careers on hold and their fans for the same reason. Understanding this, Sungyeol posted a handwritten letter alongside the photo of himself.

In the touching letter, the singer talked about debuting, the creation of the group’s fandom name, and the memories they created together. “It’s been nine years since I made my debut in 2010 and met you all under the name ‘Infinite,” he wrote. “We’ve been through a lot, haven’t we? The day we got our “Inspirit” name, the day of our first fan meeting, the first time we ranked no.1 on a music show, and my first solo concert,” he reminisced, “I had so many memories!”

“I’ll take these happy memories that I made with you all, and I’ll keep them in my heart,” Sungyeol wrote. “Thank you so much for being with Infinite this whole time, and I love you. I’ll be healthy and will return.”

The singer will go through basic training for five weeks before being assigned a permanent position for at least the next year and a half.




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U-KISS Hoon Bids Fans Farewell Before Military Enlistment

Hoon, a member of veteran K-pop group U-KIss, bid his fans farewell as he joined the military on Monday.

U-KISS Hoon quietly entered the military on Monday without any special event. As with all new able-bodied recruits, the singer will undergo basic training for five weeks before being assigned a permanent position.

However, while the singer did not hold a special event, Hoon posted a handwritten letter to his fans on social media. “Thank you Kiss Me. I’ll return well!” the singer wrote, referring to the name of the U-KISS’ fan club.

“I’m going to [complete my service] with confidence. Since I’ve joined U-KISS, I’ve had so many many memorable and happy moments until now. I’ll come back to you with a heart and body that is like an adult,” he wrote. In addition to these promises and show of gratitude, the singer also said that fans would give him strength throughout his service.

Meanwhile, Hoon is the second member of the group to enlist. A little over a year ago, the group’s leader Soohyun began his service in December 2017. Following Hoon’s enlistment, Kiseop is expected to enter the military later this month on the 21st. On the other hand, Eli who was born and grew up in the U.S., and June who is not of age yet, will focus on individual activities.




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Goo Hara Assures Fans She Will Hold Her Japanese Fan Meeting Next Month

Goo Hara will hold her Japanese fan meeting as scheduled.

Image source – OSEN News

Late Monday, a handwritten letter that Goo Hara wrote was posted on her official Japanese website. In the letter, she assures fans that she will be holding her scheduled Japenese fan meeting on December 24 despite her personal affairs.

Image source – Goo Hara’s official Japanese site

Goo admits that she thought about the event several times because she wasn’t couldn’t to make up her mind if she would still be able to do it. However, she mentions that fans’ words of encouragement and support they have sent her are a source of courage for her. “I appreciate it,” she wrote, expressing her desire to meet with fans for Christmas.



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A Letter Hyuna Wrote to the CEO of Cube Entertainment Has Come to Light

On October 15, Cube Entertainment announced that the company and Hyuna decided to part ways in a short official statement. Although the entire situation was rife with miscommunication, a letter that Hyuna wrote to the CEO of Cube Entertainment helps to shed light on what was going on behind the scenes.

Image source – OSEN News

On October 15, Cube Entertainment released a short statement announcing it had agreed with Hyuna to terminate her contract. As such, she was able to depart from the company without any legal dispute.

While this concluded the singer’s tenure at an agency that she has been with for more than a decade, the past few months have been a rocky road. However, although numerous news articles have documented the gradual deterioration of Hyuna’s relationship with the company, there has been little information from the singer herself.

Now, a letter she wrote to the CEO on October 4 has come to light and reveals some of her feelings on the situation and the steps she took to find a conclusion.

Image source – Ilgan Sports

In the letter, Hyuna starts off by writing “as you know, I have done nothing by broken my body and diligently doing activities until now [to make] present-day Cube Entertainment,” hinting at how much the company has benefited from having the singer in their roster of artists.

Going on, she makes several points detailing her loyalty for the company over the past several years, most notably to Hong Seung-sung, who co-founded the company. In particular, she mentions her decision to join Hong Seung-sung at Cube Entertainment just a few years after he departed from JYP Entertainment in the mid-2000s and remaining by his side through another dispute.

Later in the letter, Hyuna mentions Cube Entertainment’s decision to oust her and E’Dawn on September 13.  While the company reasoned that it could no longer trust the two singers, in light of Hyuna’s letter the reasoning now appears lackluster, rushed, and possibly verging on a lie.

Although the company later flip-flopped and retracted their earlier statement to make a final decision in a general meeting with stockholders the following week, Hyuna reveals that she has remained in limbo for almost two months. Instead, Hyuna says she had been given nothing by endless excuses. Moreover, for unknown reasons all of her activities have been canceled.

After weeks of waiting she finally put her foot down.

Image source – Ilgan Sports

“It’s too hard for me to wait for two months. I’d like you to reply by the 15th of this month, and I hope my contract will be terminated early,” Hyuna said. Further, should she not get an answer on that day, she tells the CEO that she will be moving forward in a press conference on her own.

Finally, wrapping up the letter she writes that “if you think of the beautiful old times, I hope you will find an amicable solution,” and wished for Cube’s everlasting development.



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INFINITE Sung-Kyu Sends Handwritten Letter to Fans From Military

Sung-Kyu says thanks to fans, he has the energy to survive in the military!

On September 10, Woolim Entertainment released a handwritten letter from Infinite’s Sung-Kyu, who is currently fulfilling his mandatory duties in the military. The artist begins his letter with, “Hello, INSPIRIT! This is Sung-Kyu.”

Image Source – Twitter @Official_IFNT 

The following is the translation of the letter:

Hello, INSPIRIT! This is Sung-Kyu. I’m doing very well. I have gained the strength and energy to survive in the military while reading your letters at the training center.

So, here I am, writing a response to you all.

Thank you for loving my live album that was release after I had entered the military. Thank you for supporting “Shinheung Military Academy” which is currently happening.

Thanks to you all, I have gained much strength and energy.

I will do my best with the rest of my military service. Don’t worry too much, and please stay healthy.

Don’t forget me! Salute!!

I’ll be back!!

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PENTAGON E’Dawn Addresses Recent Events in Letter to Fans

PENTAGON member E’Dawn has finally opened up to his fans about the recent events regarding his relationship with HyunA.

On September 7, PENTAGON’s E’Dawn stopped by the group’s official fan cafe, leaving a letter to fans expressing his honest thoughts and feelings about the recent events regarding his romantic involvement with HyunA. In the letter, the singer apologized to fans about missing out on official events, as well as taking a temporary hiatus from group activities.

The following is E’Dawn’s full letter:

Hello everyone, this is E’Dawn.

I’m sorry for coming to you so late, so suddenly, and not even directly, but with a letter.

I had wanted to stand in front you at the fan meet and the fan club inauguration ceremony in August, for which our members and I had worked very hard, but I was unfortunately not able to attend.

I needed to find a way to express my regret and apologize to fans for disappearing so suddenly, even after I had said I wanted to perform confidently and proudly in front of you. While I do not know how this letter will appeal to you guys, I wanted to deliver my sincere apology and update you on my life to everyone who is wondering about my whereabouts.

Before the incident took place, I was very scared and afraid. I had talked to my members about it multiple times, trying to decide what is the right thing to do. However, I finally realized that I needed to be honest and not lie about the things I had chosen to do. The right thing to do was to stand in front of you, and be honest about my feelings.

Moreover, I had promised to perform on stage as soon as possible, and I’m sorry that I have broken that promise with the upcoming PENTAGON comeback. however, our members have worked very hard for this comeback, and I’m glad that they got the opportunity to showcase their hard work in front of you.

While I can’t be there physically, but I will be cheering on our members with our fans for they have put their fullest efforts into the upcoming album.

I was given a month to think about the incident and consider what my next step should be.

At the beginning, I anticipated a lot of people to hate me. I also worried that I had hurt too many people. Overall, it was a time for me to think about a lot of different things. Now I’m upset that this is the only way to deliver my sincere heart, and only through a letter.

I do not know how we will meet again, but please stay healthy. I pray that only good news and things will come into your lives. I’m sorry, I thank you, and I miss you. Every time I get a chance, I promise to come back with more news.

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Highlight Yoon Doo-Joon Updates Fans with a Handwritten Letter

Yoon Doo-joon may have joined the army, but his change from singer to soldier has not prevented him from keeping in touch with fans.

Yoon Doo-joon
Image source – Instagram

On September 5, Highlight member Yoon Doo-joon released a handwritten letter on social media directed at fans.

In the letter, the singer apologized for the sudden news of his enlistment, but that he was very determined to join. Further, he asks fans to give his regards to the other members. While his message to fans seems to be positive overall, Yoon reveals that it wasn’t always like that.

In a previously released picture, the singer looks calm, content, and comfortable. However, in the letter, the singer reveals that he felt unsure and lonely when he first enlisted. Subsequently, he admits that he often cried without anyone knowing.

Now at present, he says that he believed he has finally adjusted to his new life and as such, asks fans not to worry. In the end, he wished for everyone to remain healthy as the season changes and to be careful of catching a cold.

Meanwhile, Yoon enlisted while his drama “Let’s Eat 3” was still airing.



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BTOB Seo Eun-Kwang Leaves Handwritten Letter to Fans Before Military Enlistment

BTOB’s leader Seo Eun-Kwang leaves a heartfelt message to fans before enlisting in the military!

On August 20, BTOB’s Seo Eun-Kwang left a sweet handwritten letter to fans before enlisting in the military the following day. Along with the letter, the singer also shared a picture that showcased his new buzzcut, saluting to fans to promise a safe training.

Image Source – btob_silver_light

Seo Eun-Kwang made his military enlistment announcement on August 9. While the sudden announcement came to a shock to many fans, they admitted they had finally run into an inevitable situation. It was later reported that the singer would enter the 27th Division’s training camp, where BIGBANG’s Dasung currently works as one of the camp instructors.

Meanwhile, BTOB also spun a roulette to choose the next leader, which led Lee Min-Hyuk to fill in the void while Seo Eun-Kwang focuses on his training. Below is the handwritten letter as well as the direct English translation:

Following is the translated version of the letter:

Hello, Melodies, my people! I’m BTOB’s first generation leader, Seo Eun-Kwang.

It’s been so long since I’ve written a letter to anyone. I don’t even know where to begin.

First, I would like to thank you for allowing me and BTOB to feel happiness and gratitude for being able to sing, passion for music, the motivation to keep singing, the reason to keep singing, and most importantly, the energy to help us get up when we are down.

I will never forget, always cherish, and always be thankful for everything that you have given us. I hope that our Melodies feel the same emotions from one another and be a lifetime partner that encourages each other’s dreams and hopes.

Exactly 14 hours later, I’m enlisting! I also shaved my head. I had this hairstyle when I attended middle and high school and now that I have it again 10 years later, it’s very refreshing and convenient. Since it’s really warm outside, I recommend this hairstyle!

Melodies, don’t get sick, be healthy, don’t skip a meal, don’t be late to work or school, and wash your hands when you get home. And most importantly, take care of BTOB for me! Please look after the second generation leader Lee Min-Hyuk as well as other members.

They are a group of awesome people so I don’t worry too much, but you Melodies have to promise that you will always be their power source and continue to cheer them up on future promotions.

I miss everyone! Both Melodies and BTOB. The blue wave at the recent concert still lingers in my heart and in front of my eyes. Let’s remember all those beautiful moments from the past 7 years and fighting to all of us until the day we meet again!

I sincerely love you with all my heart.

I love you, Melody! Forever!

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CEO of CUBE Entertainment Posts Heartwarming Letter to Express His Love For CUBE Artists

On May 7, CEO of CUBE Entertainment, Hong Seung-Sung posted a heartfelt letter to express his love for the artists and update on his health.

Hong Seung-Sung is currently battling with Lou Gehrig’s disease. In the letter, he thanked everyone for the encouragement while he battles with his illness, and expressed his love and gratitude towards CUBE artists.

The message wrote as followed:

“Hello, this is ‘Hong Cube,’ CEO Hong Seung-Sung.”

“About 10 spring seasons have passed since the first time I introduced myself as ‘Hong CUBE’ and I would like to offer my gratitude towards everyone who has loved CUBE artists throughout the years. To return the love I’ve received from your encouragement, I’m trying to listen to even the smallest voices.”

“It’s been about 6 years since I started this battle with my health. During those 6 years, I witnessed lots of changes in the music industry and thousands of thoughts and emotions crossed my mind. As I witnessed BTS’s global success and great singers like Yoon Jong-Shin who had remained and endured through all changes, I saw hope in the industry once again. Then, I decided that I wanted to build on that hope with you guys. Because I know for a fact that all CUBE artists are enough proof that that hope will grow even stronger.”

He continued, “even though I was away fighting with illness, I continued to communicate with my artists.

“However, we could only communicate through a video chat, and I was upset and felt regrettable that I didn’t get to have more intimate time like I used to with BTOB, HyunA, and Jo Kwon.”

“But I continued to host weekly assessment and debuted rookie groups, such as CLC, PENTAGON, and (G)-IDLE. In addition, I’ve been watching our two “little chicks,” Seon-Ho and Guan Lin from afar to help them to become the performers they wanted to be.”

As I watch all the executive staff members, along with BTOB and HyunA take care of each other when the time of United CUBE concerts approach, I feel nothing but proud and thankful. I feel especially proud when I see BTOB and HyunA, who became the senior artists, and Jo Kwon in the front and leading the group.

He concluded, “I heard that the United Cube Concert will be starting soon. What kind of great performances will unfold? I can already picture them in my mind.”

“I will be there in spirit. From afar, I will sing along to the songs and send my applause for my great artists. I hope you do the same. Once again, I thank you for your love and ask that you continue to cheer on our artists at CUBE Entertainment. Thank you.”

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