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More and more attention is given to K-Pop artists for their vigorous dancing and acting along to their lyrics on stage.

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After exploring the story behind the experts in the K-Pop industry and idols who create and produce their own music, journalist Park Hee A in her third book has turned her focus to idols who put on a unique performance based on the identity they each formed in their past.

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Ock Joo-Hyun Reveals that Park Hyung-Sik is Her Second Cousin

Ock Joo-Hyun and Park Hyung-Sik say they are blood-related!

On November 26 broadcast of MBC “Section TV,” the stars of musical Elizabeth appeared as guests. The lineup included Ock Joo-Hyun and Kim So-Hyun, who will be taking over the role of female lead, Elizabeth, and Park Hyung-Sik and VIXX’s Leo.

First, Ock Joo-Hyun and Kim So-Hyun addressed the double casting and how each one’s Elizabeth differs from one another. Ock said, “I think the main difference is that we are just simply two different people. Because we look different, even though we play the same role, you can definitely tell us apart.”

Image Source – MBC

Kim So-Hyun responded, “Ock is such a lovely queen. You may also say she’s one of the people you can just trust and listen to without a single doubt. In my opinion, she is the perfect fit as an Elizabeth.”

However, what caught the eyes of the audience was a surprise announcement made by Ock Joo-Hyun and Park Hyung-Sik. Park Hyung-Sik said, “it was really late at night and I received a phone call from Ock. I picked up and she just straight up asked me to find the score. Then, she started giving me a lesson at night.”

To this, Ock revealed, “we are second cousins, did you know that? Since we are related, I’ve been giving him special treatment with lessons and else. I cannot look over my relative doing poorly. If he doesn’t do well, I will push him and train him much harder.”

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VIXX Leo Talks About First Time Promoting as Soloist

VIXX Leo shares about his first time promoting as a soloist!

On August 21, VIXX’s Leo participated in a photoshoot with star&style magazine @star1. In the interview that followed the photoshoot, the singer talked about his recent experience promoting without his members, and said, “I have finally adjusted to this new experience.”

The singer recently released his first-ever solo album “Canvas” and went on promotions for several weeks. The promotion had just ended, and to sum up the experience, Leo said, “I think I have finally adjusted to it.”

When asked about the time he missed his members the most while promoting solo, Leo picked doing a comeback interview on music shows. He said, “I had to participate in a comeback interview during one of the music shows. I personally had a hard time describing and introducing my song to fans.”

Moreover, Leo shared how he hoped to show his different sides and colors through “Canvas” and specifically mentioned “Cover Girl,” for which he had collaborated with EXID rapper LE. The singer continued, “after producing this song, I thought if it needed a rapper, it should most definitely be LE. Then, I told LE that she had the perfect voice for this track.”

At the end, Leo did not forget to thank his fans for their everlasting love. The singer said, “I am thankful, but also sorry that they have to come to music shows so early in the morning. I always think I can repay the love by singing and putting on a great performance, but I’ve having this feeling that it’s not enough.”

Meanwhile, you can see more of Leo and his interview in the September issue of @Star1 Magazine.

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VIXX LR Announce Concert Tour and Upcoming Performance in Russia

Vocal and rap duo Leo and Ravi from VIXX are heading to Russia later this year as part of a newly announced concert tour.

Image source – Jellyfish Entertainment

Early August 18, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that sub-unit VIXX LR would be holding a concert in Moscow, Russia this November on VIXX’s official social media pages.

The sub-unit, composed of main vocalist Leo and rapper Ravi made their debut with “Beautiful Liar” in 2015. Since then, they have had one other comeback headed by the song “Whisper” in 2017. Although the duo has only released two albums together, fans and music critics have embraced and praised both records.

According to the post, the entertainment company joined forced with Spika Concert Agency to make the event possible. In addition to the announcement of the duo’s concert in Russia, is information the show was a part of a concert tour. Regarding this, Spika Concert Agency wrote that the tour called “Eclipse” is a metaphor to describe the uniqueness of VIXX LR.

As the word describes the astrological phenomenon when the Earth’s moon intersects with the sun, Leo and Ravi, who have completely different charms, come together to create something magical. Combining their talents, the two artists have a “special power representing a unique synergy” that fans will see in the show. As such, ticket holders can expect perfect choreography, high emotion, and charm that has made the subunit and their group a mainstay of the K-pop world.

Meanwhile, given that a concert tour should have more than one show to justify the title, fans of the group are anticipating additional announcements from Jellyfish Entertainment regarding other locations.



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[M/V] VIXX Leo Makes His Solo Debute With ‘Touch & Sketch’

VIXX’s main vocalist Leo has released his first solo album Canvas, headed by the intimate song “Touch & Sketch.”

On July 31, Jellyfish entertainment arranged a media showcase to celebrate the first solo release from VIXX member Leo. The event held for his first album, Canvas, occurred at the Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjang, Seoul. There, the singer performed his title track “Touch & Sketch” live.

Given that industry insiders and fans alike already recognize Leo as an accomplished singer-songwriter and performer, many have anticipated his solo work for years. Notably, Leo is the second VIXX member to branch out as a solo artist, the first being rapper Ravi.



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VIXX Leo Announces First Solo Concert

VIXX’s Leo is having his first-ever solo concert in celebration of releasing his first-ever solo mini album!

On July 24, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that VIXX member Leo will have his first solo concert at the Blue Square IMarket Hall in Seoul for three days, from August 31 to September 1.

The concert is entitled “LEO 1ST SOLO CONCERT: CANVAS,” the same title as the singer’s upcoming solo mini album. In celebration of the album release, the singer wanted to hold a concert to show off his unique color as a soloist in front of his fans.

Furthermore, the concert is the singer’s first-ever concert as a soloist since his debut 6 years ago. After debuting as a member of VIXX in 2012, Leo participated in numerous concerts and events with other members. However, he has never stood on the stage by himself, besides previous musical works.

Meanwhile, Leo is also releasing his first solo mini album “Canvas” on July 31. Previously, he had revealed a concept film, coming-soon teasers, and album cover photos for the album. In addition, he released the album’s track list and announced the name of the title song of the album, “Touch & Sketch” yesterday.

Image Source – Jellyfish Entertainment

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VIXX Leo Reveals Track List and Title Song for Solo Album

VIXX’s Leo reveals the track list for his first solo mini album!

On July 23, Vixx Leo released the track list for his first solo mini album “Canvas” through VIXX’s official SNS account. Furthermore, he also revealed the title song of the album, “Touch & Sketch,” for which the singer wrote the lyrics himself.

The track list includes 7 tracks in total, and the agency revealed that Leo participated in lyrics and composition for all of them. In addition, the lyrics of “Touch & Sketch” was written by Leo only, through which the singer wished to express his honest thoughts and feelings.

The rest of the list includes a pre-released track “Dream” and “Free Tempo,” and “Cover Girl” featuring LE from EXID. The rest includes “Give me Something and “Gesture.”

Meanwhile, the singer had also revealed a concept film, coming soon teaser, and album cover photos for the upcoming album. Through it all, Leo delivered his unique aura and drew much anticipation from his fans and the public.

Leo’s first solo mini album “Canvas” will become available on July 31 at 6PM, KST.

Image Source – Jellyfish Entertainment

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[M/V] VIXX Leo and Gugudan Sejeong Pair Up for World Cup Cheer Song ‘We, the Reds’

The main vocalists of boy group VIXX and girl group Gugudan have been commissioned to sing “We, the Reds,” South Korea’s official cheer song for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Back in May, main vocalists Leo and Sejeong first sang the official cheer song for the national soccer “We, The Reds,” at a square in front of Seoul City Hall. With their strong and distinctive vocals, the song has gained the interest and approval of sports and music fans alike.

Meanwhile, the Korean national soccer team will have their first match against Sweden on June 18. The game will be held in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.



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VIXX’s Leo and Ravi Have an Unexpected Response to College Examination Postponement

The VIXX sub-unit, LR’s (Leo and Ravi) reaction to the postponement of college entrance examinations is drawing attention.

VIXX, LR, Exam
Original post via Instagram @vixx_stargram

LR offered a full ticket refunds to people affected by the postponement of the college entrance examination. On November 15 a 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck South Korea’s southeastern coastal region but was felt throughout the whole country. Further, the earthquake dozens had been injured and left almost 1,500 people homeless, official reported on Thursday.

The Ministry of Education announced that the postponement of the college exam in response to the damage caused by the earthquake and aftershocks still being experienced that the time. The announcement was made the same day as the Earthquake. This was just a day before the examination were scheduled to take place. Now, the exam will be held on November 23 rather than the 16th.

LR first concert, “ECLIPSE in SEOUL”, was held on November 18 and 19, falling right in the middle of the old and new dates for the examination. In response to the postponement examination the group and the company decided to offer full refunds to students.

A Jellyfish Entertainment official said, ” We decided to pay a full refund to buyers who cannot come attend the concert because of special circumstance.” The official continued saying, ” I hope that the examinees will be able to take the exam without undue stress.” This is significant because buyers usually incur a cancellation fee should they cancel their ticket.

As a result of the announcement, many fans who were initially unable to obtain a tickets had a second chance. Additionally, it also also relieved any burden students could have had from canceling the ticket.

VIXX LR made their debut in 2015 with Beautiful Liar. Earlier this year the unit released their second album Whisper. Meanwhile, “ECLIPSE in SEOUL”, was successfully held at the Seoul Olympic Park.

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