Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment Begin Legal Battle Over His Contract

Kang Daniel, a former member of the group Wanna One, will start a legal battle with his agency LM Entertainment.

Kand Daniel – OSEN News database

Former Wanna One member Kang Daniel and his agency LM Entertainment failed to reach an agreement and entered into a legal battle. “We filed an injunction with the Seoul Central District Court against LM Entertainment to suspend [Kang’s] contract,” said Kang Daniel’s legal representative on Thursday.

According to Kang side, LM Entertainment signed a joint business contract to transfer various rights of the exclusive contract to a third party for compensation without Kang’s consent. The injunction request, consequently, is in response to the company’s actions, which Kang says is a violation of his exclusive contract.

Sending a message to his fans, Kang said “I’m very sorry to the fans who are so concerned that the situation is going to be a legal dispute,” and “I hope this will be over as soon as possible.” Moreover, he asks fans to “trust him” and wait just a bit longer for his return.

The lead up to the legal battle began earlier this month when reports emerged that Kang has sent the agency a statement asking to be released from his contract. While LM Entertainment initially denied that Kang was leaving the company, it has become clear that leaving was the singer’s intention.

Unfortunately, the dispute with LM Entertainment has put a red light on Kang’s solo debut that was supposed to take place next month.




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MADTOWN Files Lawsuit Against Agency to End Contract

From J. Tune Camp to GNI Entertainment, MADTOWN just can’t seem to catch a break.

MADTOWN ‘Emotions’ album photo – J. Tune Camp Entertainment

All of MADTOWN’s members have jointly filed a petition for suspension of their exclusive contract with the Seoul Central District Court. The group filed the petition against their new agency GNI Entertainment. Fortunately for them, a decision may be made as early as this month.

The petition is due to fraudulent activity at GNI that first came to light in March. Authorities arrested GNI’s CEO on suspicion of fraud, foreign exchange violations and other criminal charges.

This development put the newly signed group MADTOWN, who had joined the agency in January, at a crossroads. The group has not had many activities since September nor have been able to prepare for conceivable comeback.

Furthermore, workers formerly in charge of MADTOWN’s channels of communication including their homepage, social media, and phone lines have left, essentially paralyzing these channels. This is due to a deficit of workers who left the agency once the scandal unfolded.

Moreover, an aide of the group said that “The members are gathering their strength and thinking about their future if their petition is successful.”

MADTOWN is a seven-member group that first debuted in 2014 with ‘Mad Town’. They initially signed with J. Tune Camp Entertainment, the agency founded by singer and actor Rain. They released their last album, ‘Emotions’, in 2016 before transferring their contract to GNI Entertainment.

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