List of Indicted Celebrities From YG Entertainment

With Big Bang Seungri’s ongoing Burning Sun investigations, a recent news article has been drawing attention for listing some YG Entertainment celebrities who were investigated by police.

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Hip-Hop Producer Kush Pleads Guilty to Using Cocaine in Court

Hip-hop producer Kush has admitted to using drugs at a court hearing.

Image source – Ilgan Sports

At the first hearing at the Seoul Central District Court on Monday, hip-hop producer Kush admitted to violating the drug management law. The prosecution on the case said that he had used cocaine seven times by way of inhalation through his nose. Further, he successfully bought the drug two times and one failed attempt.

As a result of the investigation and Kush’s admitting to drug use, the prosecution is seeking a five-year prison sentence and a fine of 875,000 won ($776).

In response, Kush reportedly bowed his head and accepted the findings and the charges. “I accept all the facts of the charges,” he said. His legal representative talked about the producer’s life and how the stress of his profession led him to break the law.

“Starting at the age of 16 when he started composing music, [Kush] has continued his career in the entertainment industry for many years including being a member of the hip-hop duo Stony Skunk,” said the lawyer. However, as a consequence of entering the industry and becoming independent at a young age, he suffered from “extreme anxiety and stress” during the process.

According to his lawyer, he also developed a chronic panic disorder and had depression. At one time, Kush sought treatment to deal with his illnesses. But as his depression became worsened, he started to suffer from one of its debilitating symptoms, insomnia.

Two years ago in November 2017 was the first time that he took cocaine after an acquaintance offered it to him. According to Kush’s testimony, he went to the emergency room in a lot of pain and attempted suicide. As a result, he received psychiatric treatment. It is unclear if this emergency room trip was a result of taking cocaine.

Kush said that the incident helps him understand what his “precious” in life and apologized for his action. “I’m sorry, but I hope that I can make up for [the crime] for the rest of my life,” he said.





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Korean Hip-Hop Artist Indicted for Marijuana Use

A drug scandal has broken out.

Image source – Star Daily

On April 25, the prosecution two people, including hip-hop musician “A,” for smoking marijuana. This indictment is expected to raise the attention on drug use in the entertainment industry once again.

According to the reports, the two offenders recently visited a police station where police questioned them. Further, after questioning and a short investigation, police sent the case to the prosecution for breaking strict drug use and possession legislation.

Furthermore, the incident has put the entertainment industry in the spotlight for covert drug use once again. Indeed, this is not the first time that the industry has been rocked by such a scandal.

Last December, YG Entertainment rapper and producer Kush admitted to using cocaine. However, his case was only second in impact to the indictment of BIGBANG member T.O.P. who was convicted for smoking marijuana four times in 2016. Moreover, earlier this year actor Jung Suk-won conceded to police that he had used methamphetamine while on a trip to Australia.



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[BREAKING] YG Producer Kush Arrested and Admits Cocaine Use

Rapper and producer Kush has admitted his charge of cocaine use. During the investigation, he stated he is “suffering from depression”.

According to the police, Kush was arrested on the 12th while he was trying to pick up 1g of cocaine from an unmanned parcel service.

After investigation, it turns out Kush has been injecting a total of 2.5g of cocaine from the 26th last month to 12th this month. He used the drug both at his studio and home.

Kush reportedly confessed he is “suffering from depression” while admitting the use of cocaine.

Earlier on the 13th, the police had requested his arrest warrant, but it was dismissed the next day.

Meanwhile, he had appeared on Mnet ‘Show Me The Money Season 5’ last year as a producer. He is currently appearing on tvN ‘Livin’ the Double Life’.


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