‘Chameleon’ Taeyeon Graces Her Beauty on the April Issue of ELLE Korea

Former Girl’s Generation leader Taeyeon graces the April Issue in Elle Korea.

Artist Taeyeon (30) graced the April issue of ELLE Korea showing off her everlasting beauty. The former idol’s professionalism and chameleon like adaptability is reported to have made all the different lipstick colors (pomegranate red, neon orange, bubblegum pink, ripe plum etc.) give different vibes proving her status as a ‘beauty muse’.

Who isn’t tempted to go buy those lipstick colors? Or her accessories?


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Did Momoland’s Nancy Change Her Korean Name from Seungri to Geuru?

Momoland’s agency responded to the rumor about Nancy choosing a new name over “Seungri.”

Instagram @momoland_official

On March 20, Momoland’s member Nancy shared selfies through the group’s official Instagram account. In three posts shared on the same day, Nancy’s name is written as “Geuru,” instead of “Lee Seungri,” the Korean name Nancy has been using.

Because of this, fans assumed that she changed her Korean name to Geuru. Especially as the K-pop industry is suffering from a great disturbance caused by the former Big Bang member Seungri, the assumption sounded reasonable. Several news outlets, too, reported that Nancy changed her Korean name.


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However, Momoland’s agency corrected the rumor and stated that Geuru is only her another stage name.

“Nancy did not change her name,” MLD Entertainment stated. “Her Korean name is still Lee Seungri and Geuru is just a stage name she used before.”

On the same day, Momoland came back with the fifth mini album. The group is currently promoting with the title, “I’m So Hot.”


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MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ Did Not Edit Out Cha Tae Hyun Amid Gambling Scandal

Cha Tae Hyun who has currently cancelled all activities in the entertainment industry was reported to not have been edited out on March 20’s episode of MBC Radio Star.


On March 20, OSEN reported MBC aired their newest episode of ‘Radio Star’ which had not edited out MC Cha Tae Hyun at all. MC Cha Tae Hyun, also known for being a member of KBS’s ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ was in a scandal last week for illegal gambling alongside ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ member Kim Joon Ho.

Once news broke of the actor- entertainer’s gambling scandal, Cha Tae Hyun declared he would halt all activities to reflect on his actions. Interestingly, while KBS had to put their show ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ on an indefinite hiatus, MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ decided to not make any changes to reflect on Cha Tae Hyun’s scandal. What do you think about ‘Radio Star’s decision?


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[RECAP] MBC ‘I Live Alone’ Struggles Without MC Jun Hyun Moo

The first episode without MC Jun Hyun Moo aired on March 15 where all the cast members struggle without their leader.

Brief background on MBC’s I Live Alone

MBC’s entertainment reality TV program, I Live Alone has been airing every week since March 2013 where cast members and guests view and comment about the current episode. Known for having popular guests (e.g. idols, actors) appear on the show in addition to the hilarious scenes from the cast members, I Live Alone is recognized to be one of the most popular variety shows in Korea. Even MBC’s Omniscient Interviewing View can be said to derived from this show. Former MC Jun Hyun Moo became familiar with his girlfriend model Han Hye Jin while filming on this show in 2017. The couple announced their breakup and temporary leave from the show last month.

Regular cast members: Park Narae, Gian84, Lee Si Eon, Sung Hoon, Henry, Hwasa

Commenters on this week’s episode: Park Narae, Sung Hoon, Lee Si, Gian84


The opening scene shows only Park Narae and Gian84 in the studio. As the 2 members worry how they will carry on the show, cut to Sung Hoon and Lee Si Eun joining them to offer some support during this crisis.


This week’s episode showed ‘The Idiots’ minus Henry in Hong Kong. The 3 men explore a market where maknae Kian84 goes a little crazy buying various things. All the commentators back at the studio ask Kian84 why he suddenly bought so many things given he’s known to be a scrooge. According to Lee Si Eun, Kian84 recently bought a used car that had 200,000 miles very cheaply. But within a week of buying that used car, it broke down so now it’s in a shop called ‘I’m sick’.


Heading to accommodations

After shopping and eating at the market, the ‘3 idiots’ head to their accommodations for the night. Lee Si Eun aka Captain Idiot is responsible for making the reservations tells his brothers to look forward to the ‘Iron Man Room’. Amid everyone’s expectations, the room turns out to…not be themed out in ‘Iron Man’ .


But instead cute and lovely room for princesses aka Disney princesses theme!

Lee Si Eun apologizes for his confusion, apparently when he made the reservations he got his english words mixed up, “Iron Man”, “prince and princess.” The 3 idiots look at the 2 princess beds and try to decide who’s going to sleep on the floor. Hence, the pool battle commences. 

Gian84 tries to copy everything Sung Hoon hyung does since its cool, Sung Hoon gets challenged to various games in the pool. Not surprisingly, Sung Hoon wins (former professional swimmer).

Park Narae is astonished at the mix up asking Lee Si Eun to regurgitate the chocolate he just ate. Apparently the staff of the show were really worried with two people no longer present, they gave the commenters chocolate for the first time ever to get some energy.

Park Narae struggles as the new MC

From the beginning of this episode, Park Narae tries her best to fill the empty space left by Jun Hyun Moo. Unfortunately, even when Park Narae says something that’s sort of common sense, the other commentators aren’t able to react since they don’t know what’s the correct answer to everyone’s disappointment.


Throughout the episode, MC Jeon Hyun Moo is even more greatly missed. Especially when the 3 idiots decide to drink before going to bed, they all display their funny sense of humor struggling to order in broken english. Hilariously Park Narae becomes confused with what’s the right phrase since there’s no one to rely on. Trying to order, ‘The idiots’ go through all the difficulty of ordering alcohol and snacks then Lee Si Eun tries to add an order of “toothpaste” to everyone’s astonishment at what he’s trying to say. (Lee Si Eun clearly doesn’t know what he was trying to order.)

At the end, Kian84 comments back at the studio “we’re close to being cancelled, we need to get our game together since 2 people left the house.”

The cast members are clearly trying to end it on an optimistic note, promising the remaining fun part of Hong Kong segment- preview shows all the idiots gathered together including Henry! And – Jessi’s guest segment!

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Former Girl Group Member Ayumi to Return to Korean Entertainment Scene

Former member of Sugar Ayumi announced her return to Korean television by signing with Bonboo ENT.

Bonboo ENT

On March 19, Bonboo ENT announced Ayumi’s plan for the activities in Korean entertainment industry.

“We’re happy to sign with Ayumi,” said the agency. “We will help her to find various fields she can show talents in Korea.”

Debuted in 2002 as a member of Sugar with Hwang Jeong-eum, Park Su-jin, and Yook Hye-seung, Ayumi let her name known to the public by actively participating in variety show activities.

After receiving much love from fans with her solo track “Cutie Honey” in 2006, Ayumi started her acting career in Japan in 2008. After a long absence from the Korean entertainment industry, she came back to Korean fans in 2017 by showing her single life through a variety show.

Bonboo ENT, with which Ayumi signed the contract, is home for many stars who are showing talents mainly in variety shows. Some of the popular stars of the agency include Choo Sung-hoon’s family, Kim Dong-hyun, Hwang Kwang-hee, and Lee Sang-hwa.

“I’m excited to return to Korean television in such a long time,” said Ayumi. “I will do my best to show new aspects of me.”

Ayumi will make an official return on “Life Bar.” Her episode will air on March 21.


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Girl’s Day Sojin Signs with Acting Agency, Launching a New Career

Girl’s Day member Sojin is officially launching the acting career.

On March 19, Sojin signed a contract with Noon Company, the acting agency of talented actors including Kim Seul-gi, Ryu Hye-young, and Park Hee-bon. By this, the star is officially launching her new career as actress Park So-jin.

“We will support the star in various ways for her indefinite talents to shine,” said Noon Company.

Previously, Sojin starred in variety shows and dramas, in addition to a play. After the exclusive contract with Girl’s Day’s agency ended, each member chose her own way.

Sojin, however, emphasized that the activities as a member of Girl’s Day is not ending. Announcing her contract with the new agency, Sojin added that she is only taking a break from the group activities.

“Members including me will work hard in own fields until we find a good opportunity to come back with good news,” she said.


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Stray Kids to Have Their Own “Running Man” Race in Upcoming Variety Show

Stray Kids is to unveil a variety show of their own.

Mnet M2

On March 20, Stray Kids’ own variety show “Found Stray Kids” will premiere through Mnet, M2, and AbemaTV in Japan.

“Found Stray Kids” will capture the group members’ endeavors to be the rookies in variety shows. The show will take the formats from other popular variety shows.

In the first episode, the members will parody “Running Man.” The nine members of the group will wear Freddie Mercury costumes to chase each other to win the race.

“Stray Kids members, who have already proven their musical talents, will now show their idol-like aspects in each episode,” said produce Ahn Hye-rin. “Through ‘Found Stray Kids,’ the members will train themselves for the variety show appearances.”

“Found Stray Kids” will air every Wednesday night.


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Park Bo Gum Captivates Fans in Hong Kong

Park Bo Gum captivates 5000 fans in Hong Kong during his Asia tour .

On March 16, Park Bo Gum met 5000 fans at the Hong Kong Asian World Expo during a fan meeting event ‘Good Day’. The actor greeted fans by explaining the title of his tour ‘Good Day’ and played a never before seen video of his daily life. Park Bo Gum is reported to have further charmed his fans with individual gifts that has his autograph.

Park Bo Gum delighted fans by specifically performing a song in the city’s native language in addition to serenading with various songs. Many were impressed to see the star’s dedication in preparing for each fan meeting during his hectic schedule.



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Actor Joo Won Teases Fans of Upcoming Return to the Screen?

Actor Joo Won greeted fans for the first time after completing mandatory military service.

On March 18, actor Joo Won greeted fans for the first time after completing his mandatory military service on Naver V Live. Joo Won reported for military service in May 2017 and was released on February 5, 2019.  The actor stated “I lived well during my service (in the army). I safely completed my duties. I missed and yearned for you. It’s amazing how time flies.”

He updated fans on his future plans with “I had a photoshoot for my profile picture today, I am still reviewing scripts. Thankfully many have shown interest for my return.”


Joo Won’s last role was a scholar in SBS’s ‘My Sassy Girl’ (2017) prior to his enlistment. Who’s excited for the talented actor’s return to the screen?

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Jung Joon Young Could Be Sentenced 7 Years & 6 Months

Jung Joon Young’s ruling for illegal filming and sharing sexual content is expected to be 7 years and 6 months in prison.


On March 18, OSEN reports the expected sentence for Jung Joon Young is 7 years and 6 months according to the segment aired on the same day by MBC’s ‘Section TV’. On the show, Lawyer Oh Soo Jin stated Jung Joon Young’s crime of filming (body parts) without consent using cameras. In addition, based on the most recent reports of prostitution allegations Jung Joon Young could be sentenced to a maximum of 1.5x the usual sentencing.

In Korea, the sentence for sexual assault is maximum 5 years. For Jung Joon Young who could be sentenced for sexual assault, illegal filming and sharing, prostitution etc. could result to a ruling of 7 years and 6 months in prison. In addition he would be registered as an offender.


Jung Joon Young was first in the headlines on March 11, 2019 after Seungri’s chatroom conversation was shared in the media. The nation was shocked and outraged at Jung Joon Young for his crimes. As of now, many people associated with the artist have declared their shock and disappointment in fear of retribution from the public.



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