[RECAP] ‘Running Man’ Compete in the Unboxing Race

On the 443 episode of SBS’s ‘Running Man’, everyone participated in a race to gather enough funds for the unboxing auction.


The newest episode of SBS’s ‘Running Man’ had all the members in a frenzy to gather interesting objects to fund for the ‘unboxing auction’. Members were told to bring an object that you don’t use but can’t bear to throw away.


Opening scene starts off with the dongsengs making fun of Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin for wearing similar jackets.

As each member shared what object they brought for the ‘unboxing race’, members were teased or hurt by some of the items. Interesting segments were Yang Se Chan’s protein powder, Ji Suk Jin’s clothes from the 80s and Kim Jong Kook’s limited edition CD.

Yang Se Chan brought an unopened container of protein powder he had bought at a whim for dieting. When asked if the protein powder was strawberry flavor, Yang Se Chan confirmed yes. Hilariously Haha read the label and pointed out it was actually chocolate flavor. Further telling Yang Se Chan that just because the container is pink doesn’t mean the protein powder is going to be strawberry flavor to everyone’s amusement.

Ji Suk Jin complained of his wife’s tendency to throw things away while introducing his item. Kim Jong Kook commented Ji Suk Jin should be thankful his wife hadn’t thrown him away or else. Ji Suk Jin shared he brought a meaningful item that was when he was a fashionista decades ago.


Kim Jong Kook’s item was Haha’s reggae limited CD box that Haha had gifted a long time ago. Haha expressed his disappointment and pointed out that CD box wasn’t even commercially sold but given to fans during one of his concerts. Kim Jong Kook stated he cherished the CD box but couldn’t really use it. Haha expressed he’s thankful Kim Jong Kook kept it until now instead of trying to sell it on a second hand website. Kim Jong Kook comments he couldn’t sell it since Haha wrote a message to Kim Jong Kook on the CD box.



Once everyone had presented their item, members were divided into teams to try to exchange the items for something more expensive to gather enough finding for their mission. Hence, the members were divided using the PPL (product placement) Samsung’s new phone that now has the fingerprint reader on the front of the screen + wireless earphones chargeable from the phone.

Race to gather items

Each team tries their best to trade their items with various celebrities. Hilariously Ji Suk Jin’s clothes were traded with SF9 members. The clothes that had looked “questionable” became so fashionable when worn by the idols. SF9 members Chani and Rowoon looked ready for the stage in Ji Suk Jin’s clothes.


Lee Kwang Soo’s figure cut out was valued at 10 cents, 2 dollars and later 50 dollars in Hwahakdong. Yoo Jae Suk was amazed at Lee Kwang Soo’s item being valued at 50 dollars even if the offer was for the buyer’s daughter (a huge fan of Lee Kwang Soo). It was funny to see Yoo Jae Suk trying to decrease the price telling the buyer its not worth 50 dollars.


Kim Jong Kook and Haha sell of Kim Jong Kook’s item by comparing Bob Marley giving a CD to Michael Jackson. The show commented on how thick faced Kim Jong Kook and Haha are for daring to sell of the CD for limited edition Michael Jordan sneakers from actor Oh Chang Seok.

Ready for the auction

Each team aimed to gain the most amount of funding to use during the auction to complete this week’s episode. Unfortunately, many were disappointed to learn some of their items had lower value than expected. In the end, Yoo Jae Suk & Lee Kwang Soo ended up gathering the most funding thanks to Yoo Jae Suk’s item-electric guitar.

Each team used the funding from their items to buy the boxes at the auction. From a total of 50 boxes, 10 boxes were reported to have a cellphone that contained clues to completing the mission. Each team gambled on which auction item would have a cellphone for completing the mission. Not surprisingly, Yoo Jae Suk & Lee Kwang Soo had the advantage since their team had the most funding. Ji Suk Jin caused everyone to be exasperated when he kept increasing the bid. Ji Suk Jin would call out the highest bid followed up increasing his bid again for no apparent reason. All the members asked why he would increase his bid when he doesn’t have any competitors.

Winner of this week’s episode

Team Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo successfully bidded for boxes that had clues for completing the mission. For winning the mission, Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo were told they could pick any of the remaining boxes to take home. If it had a cellphone, it was theirs to take.


Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo ended up picking a box with jump rope and an empty box respectively making them the winners but also the losers of the episode. All of their hard work resulted in receiving neither prize nor punishment.


Special notes

Songs from Queen and BTS were used a lot in the background. 


Actor Oh Chang Seok parodied Kim Jong Kook when he is working out. According to Oh Chang Seok, Kim Jong Kook remarks “Its so tasty” when he’s lifting weights. Kim Jong Kook is said to be commenting “his work out is feeding his muscles.”


This week’s episode felt rather bland compared to other episodes. ‘Running Man’ ratings have been on the decline in the recent years but comparing this episode to the most recent episodes, this one was not entertaining as the past ones. There were definitely some funny moments throughout the episode but it didn’t feel especially enjoyable. 

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Park Bo Gum Captivates Fans in Hong Kong

Park Bo Gum captivates 5000 fans in Hong Kong during his Asia tour .

On March 16, Park Bo Gum met 5000 fans at the Hong Kong Asian World Expo during a fan meeting event ‘Good Day’. The actor greeted fans by explaining the title of his tour ‘Good Day’ and played a never before seen video of his daily life. Park Bo Gum is reported to have further charmed his fans with individual gifts that has his autograph.

Park Bo Gum delighted fans by specifically performing a song in the city’s native language in addition to serenading with various songs. Many were impressed to see the star’s dedication in preparing for each fan meeting during his hectic schedule.



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Actor Joo Won Teases Fans of Upcoming Return to the Screen?

Actor Joo Won greeted fans for the first time after completing mandatory military service.

On March 18, actor Joo Won greeted fans for the first time after completing his mandatory military service on Naver V Live. Joo Won reported for military service in May 2017 and was released on February 5, 2019.  The actor stated “I lived well during my service (in the army). I safely completed my duties. I missed and yearned for you. It’s amazing how time flies.”

He updated fans on his future plans with “I had a photoshoot for my profile picture today, I am still reviewing scripts. Thankfully many have shown interest for my return.”


Joo Won’s last role was a scholar in SBS’s ‘My Sassy Girl’ (2017) prior to his enlistment. Who’s excited for the talented actor’s return to the screen?

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[RECAP] ‘Running Man’ Members Need to Find Faker Hiding Among The Freshmen Ep 442

On this week’s 442 episode of SBS’s Running Man, everyone is suspicious of each other being the fake freshman.


This week’s episode of SBS’s Running Man was similar to SBS’s X-Man (2003-2007) where everyone looked for the “spy” who is completing secret missions. In this case, the cast had to find the fake freshman, henceforth returnee, hiding among the incoming students (class of 2019). Members had to correctly vote who is the returning student at the end of each round to win and avoid punishment.

Cast consisted of all 8 regular members with guests Hong Jin Young, Han Da Gam and Keum Sae Rok.


First round: Play various ‘OT’ games

Highlights from the first round included how the cast played the orange game, orange fart game and the Kpop game.

Orange game: Every time the “orange” was passed along, the player had to act like the orange had gotten bigger.

Orange Fart game: Suggested by Hong Jin Young, the rules are similar to the 007 game where people next to the “farting” person needs to say “oh it smells.” Whoever laughs during the game loses.

Kpop game: Everyone had to sing a song that included a keyword.

Interestingly when it was Kim Jong Kook’s turn, no one knew which song he was singing. Turned out it was his own song from 2006. 


End of Round 1: Returnee failed to complete the secret mission. Everyone was told the hint about the identity of the returnee, “actions and words revealing (returnee’s) age were used a lot.”

Second round: Jokgu

Members were divided into teams to determine the lunch menu. 1st place was awarded pork belly bbq for lunch. 2nd place got ramen and 3rd place received only rice and seaweed.

The secret mission for the returnee was shared at the beginning of this round, to avoid winning first place.

End of Round 2: Returnee succeeded in completing the secret mission.

Third round: Couple hoodie game

Cast was told they have to avoid being a couple with suspected returnee. Couples competed to see the words on the back of their opponent that needs to be relayed to their blindfolded partner.

Hilarious scene was when Lee Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk competed. It was commented to be giraffe vs. hopper, with a reference made to Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won’s drama scene in ‘Secret Garden’.


As usual when Kim Jong Kook played a round with Lee Kwang Soo, the lion beat the giraffe to no one’s surprise. Lee Kwang Soo was being dragged along by Kim Jong Kook so Yoo Jae Suk later called out Lee Kwang Soo’s word to end the poor giraffe’s misery.

End of Round 3: Returnee succeeded the secret mission of saying an old popular phrase.

Winner of this week’s episode

Returnee: The returning student among the incoming students was none other than… Haha!

Loser: 3 members excluding Haha had to get punished.

Kim Jong Kook’s triangle love line


Kim Jong Kook’s choice between Song Ji Hyo and Hong Jin Young was…..Song Ji Hyo! During the third round, Kim Jong Kook asked Song Ji Hyo to be a couple with him by saying “honey.” Hong Jin Young watched the two members become a couple while commenting “they look good together” possibly marking the end of Hong Jin Young’s love line with Kim Jong Kook.


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[Teaser] How Will Kim Jong Kook’s Love Triangle End on Running Man this Sunday?

On March 10, an article revealed 3 photos from the upcoming Running Man episode hinting at Kim Jong Kook’s love triangle.


A news article released a teaser for the upcoming Running Man episode with just 3 photos and the headlines: ‘Running Man‘s Kim Jong Kook, The End of His Love Triangle with Hong Jin Young & Song Ji Hyo‘. What do you think of this teaser? Will Kim Jong Kook finally choose between Hong Jin Young and Song Ji Hyo?



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Beauty Secret To A V Line Is … A Lifting Mask

Actress Kim Min’s secret to her youthful looks may be credited to a specific beauty item!


Actress Kim Min (45) has been attracting lots of attention for her youthful looks. The veteran actress recently posted a selfie while using a lifting mask on March 6th. Kim Min captioned the post with “Lifting jawline mask!” (face with tears of joy) #fightinggravity #itpulls. This post has many speculating the lifting mask may be the beauty secret!

Lifting masks have been widely popular in Korea as many shared their successful experience of getting a slimmer jaw line. In Korea, the current trend of beauty is having a sharp V line. As a result, Korean cosmetic companies have made “slimming masks” widely available to obtain that sharp jawline without undergoing plastic surgery.



Actress Kim Min is most remembered for her roles in Accidental Spy (2001), Go (2001) and Love Story in Harvard (2004). Kim has recently been garnering much attention after her appearance on TV Chosun’s Taste of Wife. Her portrayal of daily life in LA has been well received.


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Who Is Yang Mi-Ra, the Newly Joined Member of “Wife’s Taste?”

TV Chosun

The latest episode of TV Chosun’s reality show “Wife’s Taste” featured a new couple, whose faces could be rather unfamiliar to some people. “Wife’s Taste,” which juxtaposes married couples’ daily lives through dishes they cook for each other, followed the newly wedded couple to their friend-like relationship.

Yang Mi-ra and her husband Jung Shin-wook tied the knots in October last year, after dating for over four years. Although most of the millennials wouldn’t know who Yang Mi-ra is, everyone knew her name in the late 90s and the early 2000s.

Instagram @yangmeera

Debuted in 1997 as the winner of a model contest, Yang Mi-ra had her prime year in 1999, when she was featured in the TV advertisement of Korea’s local fast food franchise, Lotteria. Her big eyes and somewhat inarticulate diction made her stood out from other models. Her uniqueness made her the face of Lotteria for years and Yang Mi-ra soon made her name known as the “Burger Girl.”

The Burger Girl’s main field was variety shows. Since the very early phase of Korean reality shows, which were concentrated on dating game shows, Yang Mi-ra showed her talents as a witty girl who has a character.


During the era when the definition of “female celebrity” was pretty much unified, Yang Mi-ra definitely stood out with her unprecedented charm. When now top actress Shin Min-ah debuted, she changed her stage name from Yang Min-ah to Shin Min-ah because of its closeness to Yang Mi-ra’s name.

However, her prime time did not last long. After “Match Made in Heaven” in 2003, she went on hiatus for more than three years. When she came back, the entertainment industry didn’t have much room left for her.

Yang Mi-ra’s recent endeavors include the appearance in the second season of “Tribe of Hip Hop,” in which she spoke about her honest thoughts about the past years.


Most of her recent TV appearances were only as a special guest. But through “Wife’s Taste,” she seeks to make regular appearances, which can possibly lead to a major comeback to the field.

Judging from much of positive feedback on her first appearance on the show, Yang Mi-ra might actually have a shot this time.


By Heewon Kim


[RECAP] Someone Challenges Kim Jong Kook on Ep 441 of ‘Running Man’

On this week’s 441 episode of SBS’s Running Man, someone directly challenged Kim Jong Kook!


This week’s episode of SBS’s Running Man had the members in a frenzy to find the identity of “honeybee” who kept eliminating the members at every round. The first member eliminated from the start of the show was none other than Kim Jong Kook. The reason was for “bullying other members by intimidating and using your muscles.”

Cast consisted of all 8 regular members with some guests during one of the rounds. One of the guests was actress Lee Bo Young who appeared as a spontaneous guest during one of the segments.


The “honeybee” turned out to be…. more than 1 person! In the end, it was revealed to be the 3 maknaes- Lee Kwang Soo, Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan. As all three members sought revenge against their older sister and brothers for giving them a hard time.

Potential suspects throughout this episode were Kim Jong Kook, Ji Suk Jin and Yoo Jae Suk. However, towards the end of the episode, members finally realized it was the youngest members based on clues.


Winners: The maknaes won against the other members when Lee Kwang Soo survived until the very end.


Losers: Members minus maknaes lost so the winners each chose a person to get the punishment. Coincidently, everyone chose the same member so Yoo Jae Suk had to get a spanking 3 times.

Check out the summary of episode 439: Mukbang race!

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Shinhwa Kim Dong Wan Garners Attention for March 1st Holiday

Kim Dong Wan, member of the longest active idol group Shinhwa, has been garnering much attention for celebrating South Korea’s holiday-March 1st.


March 1st is a special holiday in South Korea known as the March 1st independence movement to remember the past during Japanese colonization in the early 1900s.


Among the many celebrities celebrating this year’s 100th anniversary like actress Song Hye Kyo’s donation or posting about the anniversary, actor and idol Kim Dong Wan has been garnering attention for his “deep” post about Korea’s independence.


Shinhwa Kim Dong Wan starred in the drama specially prepared for this anniversary. To express his thoughts, he posted about a picture from his drama script that says the following:

“Truthfully, I can’t imagine Korea without Japan. Korea was already under Japan’s rule before I was born. I can’t imagine a different Korea. What we’re doing may be comparable to changing the sun with the moon.”

With this, the photo was captioned with “Korea’s independence was once considered a fantasy. Many fellow Koreans [figuratively] threw rocks at those who dreamed of this fantasy. If it wasn’t for those few dreamer’s sacrifice, we wouldn’t have the things we take for granted today. Thank you, sorry.”

Food for thought, can you imagine 2019 without your favorite idol? Without Kpop as it is today?



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Actress Kim Bora Updates Social Media After Confirming Relationship

Anyone still feeling withdrawals after the end of JTBC’s Sky Castle? Luckily the drama’s real life couple, Kim Bora & Jo Byung-gyu are publicly dating.


On February 26, actress Kim Bora updated her Instagram for the first time since confirming her relationship with Jo Byung-gyu. Seen to be wearing comfortable clothes with a bare face in the photos, fans have been commenting the actress looks so pretty.



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