Monetary Penalties Given to Malicious Commenters Against MAMAMOO

There is no further arrangement. Monetary penalties were given to the defendants whom MAMAMOO has sued for malicious comments.

Recently, the Gwangju District Court (Judge Kim Hee-joo) has given monetary penalties to those who have habitually written malicious comments against the girl group MAMAMOO.

The Court announced, “From September 2017 for about one year, the defendant wrote multiple malicious comments online, insulting the victim. Therefore, we sentence monetary fines for cyber lewdness”.

In October last year, MAMAMOO’s agency RBW Entertainment proceeded with suing malicious commenters and said, “We will be taking legal action against those who leave malicious comments, sexual comments, or spread false rumors about MAMAMOO. We won’t make any arrangement, but instead we will take strong action”.


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Kang Min-kyung’s Solo Debut Album to be Released Today

Female duo group Davichi’s Kang Min-kyung will officially debut as a solo artist.

On February 27th at 6 PM (KST), Kang Min-kyung’s solo debut album will be released on music websites. The album’s title song ‘Because I Love you’ is a lyrical ballad song, which is about a story after a breakup.

The album will be Kang Min-kyung’s very first solo album since she made a debut 11 years ago. In the album, a total of five songs are listed including ‘At the End of Twenty’, ‘Selfish’, ‘Tell Me’, and ‘My Youth’.

Kang Min-kyung has proved her capacity as a singer songwriter by participating in writing ‘Because I Love You’, ‘At the End of Twenty’, ‘Selfish’, and ‘Tell Me’.


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Announcer Couple Lee Ji-ae and Kim Jung-geun Expecting Second Child

Announcer Lee Ji-ae is pregnant with her second child.

On February 14th, Lee Ji-ae’s agency Dmost Entertainment announced, “Lee Ji-ae is 15 weeks pregnant and is expected to give birth in August this year. The mother and the baby are both healthy, and Lee Ji-ae will continue working while not affecting her prenatal care”.

In 2017, Lee Ji-ae gave birth to her first daughter. She got married to announcer Kim Jung-geun back in 2010.

After the couple had their first baby, they made guest appearances on the SBS reality show ‘Same Bed, Different Dream’ and shared their lifestyle.


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Park Ji-hoon Collaborates on Ha Sung-woon’s Solo Debut Song ‘Don’t Forget’

Although Wanna One’s group activities may be over, the friendship among the members continues.

According to multiple sources, Park Ji-hoon has collaborated on Ha Sung-woon’s solo debut song. He has done a rap featuring on the song to support his friend. The sources also told that Ha Sung-woon had directly asked Park Ji-hoon for the collaboration.

The song ‘Don’t Forget’ is Ha Sung-woon’s own music, which he has been writing during his Wanna One activities. Ha Sung-woon explained the song, “I have written the lyrics to remind everyone not to forget the good memories with people they love. I really hope everyone can remember the memories for a long time”.

Park Ji-hoon and Ha Sung-woon are not the only Wanna One members to collaborate. Earlier, it was reported that Lee Dae-hwi would participate in Yoon Ji-sung’s solo debut album as a composer. Therefore, although Wanna One’s all official activities as a group are over with ‘2019 Wanna One Concert Therefore’, it is anticipated that the members will continue working together.

Another source said, “Wanna One’s 11-member group activities are over, however, it is possible to see a synergy effect through unit activities. It is also great because we get to see different harmonies among some of the members”.


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[OPINION] Hong Jin-Young Solo Concert & Kim Jong Kook

On January 12, Trot singer Hong Jin-Young held her first solo concert in Los Angeles, California. Highlights were Hong Sun Young’s surprise performance, wardrobe malfunction and other exciting segments.

Korea’s Trot fairy Hong Jin-Young, held her first solo concert in LA (technically Temecula which is 2 hours away) commemorating her 10th year since debuting in 2009.

Sara N

Hong Jin Young sang all of her hit songs starting with Love Battery to set the mood followed by all of her singles like Cheer Up, My Love, Thumb Up, Good Bye etc. The concert audience consisted of a wide range of age groups from children to the elderly fans. It was a boisterous environment with lots of excitement. The stadium had a seating capacity of 3260 seats, which was filled to the max. The light sticks from the audience was mesmerizingly beautiful once the ceiling lights dimmed.

Photo of 2nd floor audience:

photos of 2nd floor audience
Sara N

Permission to take photos and videos were granted!

Generally in regards to taking photos or videos during the concerts, it is not allowed. However in Hong Jin-Young’s case, the Trot fairy gave her explicit consent at the opening of the concert. Her method to convey her permission was witty, “When you all came in, did you see the sign about not taking photos or videos?” (Hearing this all the excited fans have drooped shoulders and are slowly putting away their phones.) She continues by saying, for me you can take as much photos and videos as you want. (People are in disbelief and shocked, myself included.) Hong Jin-Young says “In fact, I look better in videos, for some reason I don’t look so great in photos,” followed by “during the concert I will strike a pose and stay still, you can take photos then so the picture comes out nice.” As a result, I was able to take photos and videos to my heart’s content to share with everyone!

Highlights of the Concert

Hong Jin Young actively interacted with fans throughout the entire concert.

Hong Jin Young made sudden poses during her performance to give the audience a chance to take her picture. It was hilarious at times when the singer would be dancing then casually stay still for a few minutes at the left or right side of the stage to give fans a chance to capture a great photo. Her intent to interact with the crowd was so strong to the point her security detail probably exasperated at the artist’s determination.

Hong Jin Young visits 2nd floor audience:

Hong Jin Young shared her intention to walk to the audience to get a chance to greet them since only the fans sitting in the front can see her. The excitement from that announcement was really amazing. When the artist started walking out while singing a song, many fans blocked her path (security was busy keeping on eye on everything at this point) to take a selfie together or to shake her hand etc. Interesting point was these fans were of various ages ranging from 20s-70s. Grandfather figures were so excited seeing their favorite singer up close that they forgot about their wives and grandchildren seeing them turn into excited fan boys. One of the fun remarks about this from some people around me was “The ride back home will be full of fights for forgetting their social dignity.” Considering Korean social norms play a significant role in Korean-American society, it is understandable that for some it can seem socially embarrassing to see important figures changing into excited fan boys in front of their beloved singer.

It’s probably comparable to this scene from Descendants of the Sun when the officers in the army turn into ardent fan boys in front of Red Velvet in the drama.

Hong Jin Young had to make many attempts to reach the audience in the second floor due to many excited fans blocking her path at every point. By the time she finished her walk around the venue to return to the stage, Hong Jin Young found her shoe had fallen apart and needed to take a quick break to change them. She stated it was her first time seeing this happen although she has performed on the stage so many times, commenting on how memorable it is for her.

Hong Jin Young’s shoe fell apart:

Hong Sun-Young

During the segment where Hong Jin-Young reads all the post-its prepared in advance by fans, the most remarkable one was asking about her sister.  As a result, Hong Jin Young called out her sister Hong Sun Young to the stage and the two performed a song together followed by Hong Sun Young’s solo performance. To be able to hear Hong Sun Young’s amazing vocals in person, it really reminded me of BMK in terms of her voice and singing style.

Sara N

Hong Sun Young was shy and taken aback by the enthusiasm from the audience whenever everyone chanted “encore” at the end of her songs. Unfortunately the cheers were even louder for Hong Sun Young than for artist Hong Jin Young, which were remarked by the singer.

Hong Sun Young performance snippets:

Since 2018 there have been lots of speculation and interest in whether Trot singer Hong Jin-Young and former-idol Kim Jong-Kook are (or will be) dating.

Both Hong Jin-Young and Kim Jong-Kook have expressed their chemistry with each other on screen. Many fans who have watched the variety shows when they appeared together have been wishing for the two people to really date. The crucial variety show that broadcasted their chemistry was seen on SBS’s Running Man where Kim Jong-Kook has been a cast member since 2010 with Hong Jin-Young appearing as a featured member various times. Additionally, SBS’s Ugly Ducking where Hong Jin-Young and Kim Jong-Kook are both cast members since 2018 is also memorable. Much of the public have been very supportive of these two to become a couple in real life, including myself.

I don’t think I really understood how much love and support Hong Jin-Young and Kim Jong-Kook had been receiving as an on screen item until now. It has already been established on screen to consider them to be a potential couple with the ambiguous atmosphere and hyping from the MCs. Both have been flirty on screen in various shows with the editing  building it up. This was confirmed when a compilation of those flirty scenes were played at Hong Jin-Young’s solo concert in Los Angeles.

Towards the end of the concert, Hong Jin Young started singing any song the audience requested. Lo and behold, Kim Jong Kook’s song was requested with many people shouting for Kim Jong Kook’s One Man. The cheers when Hong Jin Young sang Kim Jong Kook’s songs one after other were the loudest cheers during this segment. People were cheering for them to date, shouting they look great together etc.

Kim Jong Kook covers:

Someone yells “Kim Jong Kook” snippet:

Freebies like light sticks were given to cheer for Hong Jin Young.

Due to many local and corporate sponsors for the concert, there were some free stuff available for the audience before the concert like light sticks, health magazines, vitamin samples and coupons being handed out with some giveaways of skin care, electronics, gift certificates, health supplements and even a grand prize of one round trip to Korea from Korean Air.

Overall everyone had a wonderful time.

Hong Jin Young’s concert was not catered to one specific age group, but for all ages. Whole families from young to old had a great time listening to Korean Trot, ballads and great song covers from Hong Jin Young. Hong Jin Young was very proactive in interacting with the audience, not the mention the unexpected appearance of Hong Sun Young, which made an unforgettable experience.

Personally, I enjoyed the concert very much and glad for the spontaneous decision to go. If it wasn’t for my friend’s acquaintance being unable to go hours before the concert, my friend and I wouldn’t have had the chance to see and hear Hong Jin Young in person. There may be many memorable parts to the concert but what I shared are what was most memorable for me. Looking back to the concert a week later, I hope there are more chances to hear Hong Sun Young perform whether with her own debut as a singer or participating in her sister’s songs. She sounded awesome and would be perfect for Kdrama OSTs.

By S.N


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[Teaser] Yoo In-na and Lee Dong-wook Reunite in tvN Drama ‘Touch Your Heart’

The upcoming drama ‘Touch Your Heart’, mainly starring Yoo In-na and Lee Dong-wook, will air its first episode on February 6th.

Sulli Opens Up About Her Recent Instagram Controversy

Sulli from f(x) opened up about rumors and controversies about herself.

On January 15th, Naver VLive released a special clip of ‘Jinri Market’, which is a reality program starring Sulli.

In the video, Sulli shared her thoughts about the controversies that have been going around. She said, “I was very sorry to my friends. I didn’t know why my good friends had to be criticized because of me. Those who know me well understand that I have no bad intentions. However, there are many people who just look at me with prejudice and judge me, and it is quite upsetting”.

She continued and said, “I feel like it’s changed a lot, though, and I hope it will change even more in the future. And I will need to be more responsible for my friends and be more thankful for my fans”.

Earlier on January 2nd, Sulli posted multiple photos and got criticized from the netizens. Many people found these photos shocking and unconventional. Some of the photos showed Sulli and his male friend lying down together, and his head on Sulli’s stomach. When people negatively commented on the posts, Sulli wrote a comment herself saying “Why? What about me?”.

Meanwhile, ‘Jinri Market’ is Sulli’s very first reality show. On the show, Sulli became a CEO and opened a pop-up store, where she learned how to communicate with people.


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BTS’s Agency Big Hit Entertainment Unveils First Member of Their New Boy Group ‘TXT’

Twitter @BigHitEnt

Big Hit Entertainment, boy group BTS’s agency, has unveiled the first member of their new boy group ‘TXT (Tomorrow X Together)’.

On January 11th (KST), Big Hit Entertainment posted on Twitter two photos of the first member Yeonjun (연준), announcing the official debut of the group.

Earlier, it was reported that Big Hit Entertainment will debut BTS’s “younger brother group”, yet, the agency never revealed the name or details about the new group.

Big Hit Entertainment also released a teaser video of the new member on their official YouTube account, titled “TXT ‘Introduction Film – What do you do?’ – YEONJUN”.


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Kwanghee Updates Fans With Infinity Challenge Members

Kwanghee updated his Instagram with former Infinity Challenge member Jung Joon Ha and Kim Tae Ho PD.


Remember Korean variety show MBC’s Infinity Challenge? One of the former members, Kwanghee updated his Instagram on January 8 with a picture of Jung Joon Ha and Kim Tae Ho PD garnering much attention from many. Kwanghee captioned the picture with “I missed you Mr. Kim Tae Ho PD (openhands) and Jun Ha hyung (heart) Jun Ha hyung the skewers and galbi are so delicious (skewers) I’m going to come here often from now on” with various hashtags.

After being discharged from mandatory military service on December 7, 2018, Kwanghee has been very busy making a comeback on various entertainment shows. How excited are you to see Kwanghee back?


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January 2019 Ranking for Top Entertainers Full of Surprises

Kicking off 2019, the January rankings for top entertainers are full of surprises for everyone.


According to Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, the rankings for January were shaken up. Examining data only from Korean variety shows, the top entertainers for this month are surprisingly female. Entertainers Lee Young Ja and Park Na Rae placed first and 2nd place respectively. Considering these two female entertainers were candidates for the Daesang or Grand Award for Entertainers in 2018, it is exciting to see them getting some deserved attention.

The research institute has explained Lee Young Ja’s increase in ranking (+2) is due to her winning 2 Daesang Awards for KBS and MBC in 2018. In addition, the top links were “Daesang awarded, congratulations, teary”  while the top keywords were “Daesang, manager, new era of fame.”

Compared to December 2018 rankings, Park Na Rae and Jun Hyun Moo both jumped 5 rankings each while other big shots like Yoo Jae Suk (-2), Kim Jong Min (-4), Lee Sang Min (-2), Kim Jong Kook (+2), Kang Ho Dong (-3), Shin Dong Yup (+4) and Kim Joon Ho (+15) had some shifts.

Many are enthusiastic to see female entertainers getting attention and much love among the mostly male-dominated entertainment world.


By Sara N