SHINee Key Donates 10 Million Won to Help Ill Children

SHINee member Key just donated 10 million one to a Chilgok Kyungpook National University Medical Center.

On February 27, a representative revealed that K-pop singer Key from SHINee donated 10 million won ($8,950) to the Chilgok Kyungpook National University Medical Center.

According to the medical facility, the funds will be used to assist with the payment of treatment for ill children. Further, in his honor, a small ceremony in the administrator’s conference room.

While there he met with a few patients where he provided encouragement and also took a few commemorative photos. Talking about the visit, the singer said “wanted to be a little supportive” and that he hopes “it will help children who continue with treatment even in difficult circumstances.”

Meanwhile, next month on the 4th he will release his second solo album “I Wanna Be” at 12 p.m. Moreover, he will be enlisting in the army on the same day.




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SM Entertainment Confirms SHINee Member Key’s Enlistment Date

In just over a month, SHINee member Key will begin his military service.

On Friday, SM Entertainment confirmed that SHINee member Key had received a notifying him of his acceptance into the military band. As a result, the exact date of his enlistment has been decided. “It is true that Key finally got accepted into the military band. He plans to join the army on March 4,” said a company representative.

Notably, once he enlists, Key will be the second member from the group to being his military service following leader Onew. This past December, the singer entered the army after leaving an album as a gift for fans. After Key, Minho will likely begin his service before the second half of the year.

After the group made a series of comebacks throughout the first half of 2018, the members focused on their individual activities. During this time, Key took up the mantle of MC for a music entertainment program, starred in a movie, and later released his first solo album.




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SHINee’s Key and Minho to Enlist During the First Half of the Year

SM Entertainment confirmed that Key and Minho from SHINee will enlist this year.

Image source – OSEN News

On Thursday, a representative from SM Entertainment stated that both Key and Minho are planning to join the military during the first half of the year. Further, according to officials, Key applied for a position in the military band and is currently awaiting a response.

Notably, they will be the next members from the group to enlist after leader Onew began service last year. With enlistment looming ever near, the members have focused on solo activities.

Key, in particular, has grown a bit as an artist by releasing his first full-length solo album Face last November. Moreover, he also held a solo concert and made an appearance in the movie Hit-and-Run Squad. Likewise, Minho recently finished filmed for the movie The Battle of Jansari.

Additionally, starting in South Korea on February 16, a series of fan meetings will be held in Tokyo, Bangkok, and Taipei ending in early March ahead of their enlistment.

Now, many are paying attention to how they will spend their time leading up to the beginning of their military service. Moreover, many fans want to know what Taemin, the youngest member of the group will place to do after the rest of the members have enlisted.




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SHINee Key Wins Best Costume Prize at the Annual SM Town Halloween Party

SHINee’s Key was voted as SM Halloween party’s best dressed celebrity.

On November 1st (KST), SM Entertainment released photos of SM Town Halloween party. SM’s artists including SM Entertainment artists, people in SM C&C, Key East, and Million Market gathered to enjoy the party.

The party’s best dressed man was selected as SHINee’s member Key. Key wore a costume of Lord Voldemort, a character from Harry Potter series. Because of his schedule conflict, Key had created a panel of himself wearing the costume and makeup. As a prize, he has received a free trip to Maldiv. Another SHINee member Onew dressed as Jim Carrey from the movie The Mask (1994), and won 3rd place. His prize was a free flight ticket to Hokkaido, Japan.

Other than these winners, many other celebrities wore costumes. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon dressed up as the doll in the movie Annabelle (2014), and Yuri dressed up as a Minion.


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SHINee’s Key Announces Solo Debut and Upcoming Digital Single Release

SHINee’s Key finally gets a chance to shine as a soloist!

SHINee’s Key is finally getting his solo debut after 10 years. On November 6, the singer will release digital single “Forever Yours” prior to his official solo debut later in the month. The first solo album will be full-length, and Key plans to show different sides of him throughout various promotional events.

Image Source – SM Entertainment

“Forever Yours,” through which Key will finally debut as a soloist, is an R&B pop that emphasizes on the tropical house vibes. The song reportedly features both charming voice and unique performance of the singer.

Meanwhile, Key has received much love not only as a K-Pop idol, but also for his talent in areas aside his main field. The singer has appeared in numerous musicals, showcasing his acting capability, which ultimately led him to star in the upcoming film, “Hit Squad” (literal translation). Furthermore, he also received much attention for his sensible fashion style, as well as humor that he had shown in various variety shows. Because of his all-around potential, much anticipation arises as to what he will bring to the table as a solo artist.

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SHINee Minho, Key and Actresses Jin Seo-Yeon, Oh Na-Ra to Guest on ‘Life Bar’

SHINee’s Minho and Key to join actresses Jin Seo-yeon and Oh Na-ra for a round of drink on “Life Bar.”

Life bar
Image source – OSEN News

SHINee members Minho and Key, along with actresses Jin Seo-yeon and Oh Na-ra will reportedly record for an upcoming episode of “Life Bar.”

“Life Bar” is a talk show that airs on tVN every Thursday. The program stands out from its peers due to its 19+ rating, making it the only R-rated show on tVN. Further, the rating is due to the nature of the show. As the title of the program implies, the show involves celebrity guest gathering around a table to drink and exchange life stories as they would in a bar.

Give SHINee’s 10-year anniversary releases and celebration and the show’s cast, which included Kim Heechul and Shin Dong-yup, will have much to talk about. However, Oh Na-ra and Jin Seo-yeon are not to be left out. Oh’s performance on “My Mister” and Jin’s role in the film Believer, are to make for good conversation.

Meanwhile, Their recording will be held this week, and the show will air sometime this month.



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SHINee Reveals Why They Decided Not to Cancel Their Japanese Dome Tour

On the latest episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” SHINee covered various topics, including why they continued with their Japanese tour after Jonghyun’s death.

Image source – MBC

On May 30 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” SHINee talked about why they continued with their Japanese Dome Tour in February, just over two months after Jonghyun’s tragic end.

“We wondered whether to perform or not,” Key revealed on the show. There were many things they had to consider, but in the end, they decided to keep not cancel the tour for Jonghyun and the fans who had bought their tickets months in advance. “We wished to hold a concert where we could send Jonghyun to a good place,” Key explained.

However, the decision was not well received by everyone. After the group made the announcement, Key revealed that he was shocked by some of the malicious comments that people wrote. Besides the comments, he was also troubled by some of the articles written about the tour.

According to Key, there was an article that said they were using their sadness as pop singers. However it was meant to be perceived, the Key said that he doesn’t want to hear that they are using their grief as a marketing tool.

On the contrary, SHINee has always wanted do things for the sake others Key explained. But when the group made this decision, it was one they made for themselves, “something for us,” he said.

“We have been together (as five members) for so long, but I wondered what the result would be,” Key revealed. He thought that if they “fail to overcome this, I felt like I was going to be separated from the members and I didn’t want that. So I thought we have to overcome this.”

Lastly, Minho said that “We can’t be all right, but especially we’re on stage or singing, we’re not just four people. The thought of being together gives us strength and energy. I think we can have a joyful time together.”




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SHINee Confirms Comeback Date as May 28

Boy group SHINee is making a comeback with their 6th full album, ‘The Story of Light’

‘The Story of Light’ is a compilation of 3 separate albums. On May 28 at 6 PM, KST, they will release the first episode of ‘The Story of Light,’ followed by second and third on June 11 and 25. Each album have 5 songs, and SHINee will go on promotions with 3 different title songs in the span of the album release dates.

This upcoming album is their first album in almost 2 years, since their last full album in 2016. In addition, the group is celebrating their 10th anniversary since debut with this comeback, which is more meaningful to the members and their fans. Because the fans have waited for so long, they plan to actively participate in their promotions more than ever before. SHINee will promote each title song for two weeks, resulting in a total of 6-week long promotional period.

Meanwhile, SHINee will also hold a fan meeting ‘SHINee Debut 10th Anniversary : SHINee Day’ to celebrate 10th anniversary of debut on May 27th.

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