[M/V] GOT7’s Unit JUS2 Debuts with the Hypnotic ‘Focus On Me’

GOT7’s new two-person unit JUS2 composed of JB and Yugyeom have released their FOCUS, their first mini-album.

The unit’s debut album is headed by the title track “Focus on Me,” a hypnotic song that features dark R&B rhythms. Check it out here.


JB and Yugyeom Revealed as GOT7’s New Sub-Unit JUS2

On Wednesday, JYP Entertainment left GOT7’s fans excited but befuddled after a mysterious teaser of two members. With their identities revealed, only hype remains.

Image source – JYP Entertainment

On Thursday, JYP Entertainment revealed the members of GOT7’s new sub-unit JUS2 as none other than leader JB and dance machine Yugyeom with a series of eye-catching pictures.

The two create an imbue the black and white pictures with splashes of bright red with an interesting atmosphere. Naturally, following the release of the stylized pictures, fans are speculating on what kind of music the two will present in their upcoming mini-album FOCUS. Either way, excitement and expectation are high for the group’s second official unit following JJ Project and their 2017 summer release Verse 2.

According to an additional teaser, JUS2’s music video will be released a full day ahead of the album on Monday, March 4 at midnight. Alongside the release of their album on Tuesday, the two will have a live premiere with Naver’s VAPP at the Walkerhill Theater in Seoul.




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GOT7 Announces Third Japanese Mini Album and Confirms Arena Tour

GOT7 announces the release of third Japanese mini album and Arena Tour to properly begin the year 2019!

On November 14, JYP Entertainment announced, “GOT7 will release their third Japanese mini album “I Won’t Let You Go” and the title track of the same name on January 30.”

Image Source – JYP Entertainment

The title track “I Won’t Let You Go” delivers a message of man who is determined to not let go of his lover. It reportedly features the smoothing voices of the members and a rather calm choreography, planning to capture the hearts of many Japanese fans.

In addition, the upcoming album increased the expectation of fans even more with unit tracks. The album features in total of three unit groups, composed of Jin-Young and Yugyeom, Mark and BamBam, and JB and Young-Jae.

Meanwhile, GOT7 has also confirmed their Japanese Arena Tour “GOT7 ARENA SPECIAL 2018-2019 ‘ROAD 2 U'” to take place on December 18 and 19 at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo. Afterwards, the group will continue on their tour next February at the World Memorial Hall in Kobe, Japan.

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[Hot Clip] Check Out Loco, Hwasa, and GOT7 JB Perform on ‘Hyena on the Keyboard’

Loco partners with MAMAMOO powerhouse Hwasa for “Don’t Give it to Me” while GOT7 JB shows off his talents with “Rainy.”

“Hyena on the Keyboard” is a KBS2 reality music program where the guesting producers and songwriters create songs. In the program, the process of these artists is recorded, and they reveal their creative process.

Furthermore, once the songs are completed, they are released as digital singles. Check out a few of the songs below!

Loco and MAMAMOO Hwasa – “Don’t Give It to Me”


GOT7 JB – “Rainy”


[HOT CLIP!] GOT7 JB, Youngjae, and BamBam Eat a Live Octopus

Seoul native JB goes restaurant hopping with members Youngjae and BamBam to try some unique Korean food.

South Korean cuisine conjures up images of kimchi, rice, and sensational spiciness. Undoubtedly so, a typical Korean meal is not complete without a bit of the three –they are unquestionable elements of Korean cuisine. However, in addition to these stables of the Korean table there is another integral part of Korean food: seafood.

Surrounded by the ocean on three sides South Korean cuisine has a plethora of sea food dishes. San-nakji, freshly cut tentacles drizzled sesame oil and toast sesame seeds, is probably one of the most notorious dishes. Check out the hilarious reactions of the three GOT7 members in the video above!

Have you tried any of the dishes shown in the video?

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[M/V] GOT7 JB & Jackson Release Sweet OST “U & I” for “The Package”

Leader JB and rapper Jackson from GOT7 worked as a unit for the JTBC drama “The Package” OST.

The Package OST
“The Package” (더 파케지) Poster – JTBC; JB and Jackson at Reebok shoe event – OSEN News

JB and Jackson’s OST, “U & I”, is an urban R&B song that expresses budding love at the beginning of a relationship. Moreover, the sweet melody created by JB’s voice and Jackson’s smooth rap create an endearing masculine feel.

Furthermore, “U & I” was composed by “Earattack”, who has worked with GOT7 previously. “Earattack” is responsible for the distinctive sounds found in GOT7’s Flight Log trilogy. This includes “Fly“, “Hard Carry“, and “Never Ever”.

Check out the video below and listen the song on Genie here.


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Cast of “Law of the Jungle” Cook Islands Confirmed

The return of Kim Byung-man ushers in a new season of “Law of the Jungle”.


The cast for the upcoming season of the survival show “Law of the Jungle” has been confirmed. This coming season will take place on the Cook Islands, which are located in the South Pacific.

The cast will include actors Lee Chun-hee and Park Jung-chul as return guests. They will be distributed evenly to the different participant teams to relieve some of the burden from host Kim Byung-man. In the first group, Lee Chun-hee will be joined by GOT7 JB, CNBLUE Lee Jong-hyun, Solbin from LABOUM, and golfer Park Se-ri. On the other side, Park Jung-chul, Kim Jung-tae, Lee Da-hee, and Jung Joon-young will make up the second group.

Additionally, filming will begin in late October, which is only a few weeks after Kim Byung-man confirmed he would return to the show. Mr. Kim suffered a spinal injury during a sky-diving incident back in July. The producer of the show, Min Seon-hong, said that he monitored Mr. Kim’s recovery. When the two spoke and Mr. Kim confirmed his return, Mr. Min thought that having a cast who work well together in the jungle would be great.

GOT7 JB and LABOUM Solbin has already conducted interviews earlier this year but weren’t able to join because of their schedules. Furthermore, Lee Da-hee expressed her desire to appear on the show a few years ago. Lastly, famed golfer Park Se-ri was the last member to join the cast due to her hesitation with the concept of the show. Mr. Min described the process saying, “one-by-one a meaningful cast was created.”

The producer expressed his expectations for the new season of Law of the Jungle. ” Even in the previous ‘Wild New Zealand’. I want to hear people talk about the show. I want everyone to look forward to another Law of the Jungle.”

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[Teaser] GOT7 Releases Track List for ‘7 for 7’

The newly released track list for GOT7’s upcoming album marks a huge milestone for the group.

GOT7 Never Ever Group photo
JYP Entertainment

GOT7 released the track list for their new album, 7 for 7, this morning and fans of the group will notice something important.

The title track of GOT7’s seventh extended play (EP) is written by one of the members, JB. Prior to 7 for 7 GOT7’s last six Korean EPs and two studio albums had title tracks the members were not involved in. Clearly, this is a huge milestone for the group.

The title track, “You Are”, is the third on the album following “Moon You” and “Teenage”. Following these three tracks is “Firework”, “Remember You”, “내게” (to me), and “Face” creating a total of seven songs.

Moreover, every single song on the album has member involvement — mostly for lyric writing and song composition. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until October 8 for the album spoiler, keeping the album’s concept mysterious.

GOT7 will be making a comeback on October 10 after a seven month break since their last release in March. Since the release of their last album Flight Log: Arrival members have focused on individual and overseas activities.

Check out the track list here:

7 for 7 track list – JYP Entertainment

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[Teaser] Schedule for GOT7’s October Comeback Released!

GOT7 has finally released the schedule for their 7 for 7 comeback.


Fans were left in a state of anticipation after the released of the 7 for 7 clip on September 19. But, with almost a week since the release of the clip fans were growing anxious for more information. Well, the wait is over.

This morning GOT7 released the schedule for the return next month. Starting on September 26 fans can expect non-stop teasers until the release of the album. The new album’s track list will be released first, followed by a series of teaser images and a lyric video teaser.

GOT7 last album  Flight Log: Arrival was released in March, headed by the title track “Never Ever”. Since the release of the last album, the members have been focusing on activities abroad as a group and as individuals. Moreover, in July a sub-unit of GOT7, JJ Project, returned after a 5-year hiatus.

Check out the schedule here:

Got7 comeback
GOT7 comeback schedule – JYP Entertainment

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[Teaser] GOT7 Releases Mysterious “7 for 7” Clip

This morning GOT7 released a mysterious clip titled “7 for 7” on their social media channels.

Via Instagram: @ifandco “Custom 14K Solid White Gold & Yellow Gold “Got7” Seven-Piece Squad Set. “

The “7 for 7” clip is likely a teaser for the group’s anticipated comeback slated for October. Interestingly, the clip featured metallic triangles coming together in a septagon, a seven-sided shape. Moreover, the septagon is a shape that can be directly associated with GOT7, with its first appearance being the ‘GOT7: Identify’ album in late 2014.

Via Twitter: @mtuan93

Additionally, the members were revealed to have customized necklaces that when combined create the same shape. Back in May of this year members were spotted with new and shiny bling. As interest in the necklaces grew a deeper meaning was uncovered. GOT7 had created the pieces to symbolize  the group member’s connection, love, and friendship.

We can’t wait for more information! Check out the clip here:


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