10 K-pop Idols Who Excel at Sports

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

[M/V] Jackson Releases His Single ‘Different Game’ With Gucci Mane

Jackson Wang says that the game has changed in his new song “Different Game” featuring American rapper Gucci Mane.


[Teaser] Jackson Wang to Release Single With American Rapper Gucci Mane

On November 3, Jackson Wang and his agency JYP Entertainment released a short teaser on social media announcing Wang’s collaboration with American rapper Gucci Mane.


According to both posts, Jackson Wang’s newest single “Different Game” will come out on November 7, and likely be available on all major music streaming platforms. Wang made his solo debut with the song “Papillion” and thereafter released “Okay” and “Fendiman.”

Gucci Mane has been active in the music industry for almost two decades and has 12 studio albums and 70 mixtapes in his repertoire. Further, some of his most well-known songs include his feature on “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd, “Lemonade” which came out more about eight years ago. In addition to working with Rea Sremmurd, he has also partnered with Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Chris Brown.



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[M/V] Jackson Sings About Being Left Behind by a Lover in ‘Okay’

Jackson released his new MV “Okay” on Nov. 29!

“Okay” talks about the vain efforts in trying to bring a lover back. It reassures the listener that although a love has ended, everything will be okay in the end. The song incorporates English, Korean and Chinese. Jackson both produced and wrote the lyrics for the track.

Check out the music video below!


GOT7 Jackson Interviews Desiigner on the American Music Awards Red Carpet

GOT7 Jackson seems to make friends wherever he goes, and the American Music Awards Red Carpet was not exception.

got7 Jackson red carpet AMA American Music Awards
Image Credit: Getty Images

Jackson arrived at the red carpet of the American Music Awards as a representative of Alibaba Group, a partner of the AMA foundation. While there, Jackson takes the chance to interview “Panda” rapper Desiigner.

Check out the fun clip below!

Video clip credit: via Twitter @holdinontojiaer

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GOT7 Jackson Appointed Chief Meow Officer of Tmall Global

Wang Jia Er, also known as GOT’s Jackson has been appointed the Chief Meow Officer (CMO) and it is an awesome position.

GOt7 jackson ema
Image Credit: Getty Images/ Jeff Kravitz

The responsibility of the CMO is to be an empathetic cultural ambassador. The CMO will explore local life-style and high-quality products in countries around the world. CMOs are selected because of their deep understanding of global trends, ability to determine and discover “wonderful goods” (miao wu in Chinese, hence meow) and connect with others and.

Jackson is considered the ideal candidate to Tmall Global. This derives from his meteoric rise in the entertainment industry and his bright, kind, and refreshing personality. . Jackson was born in 1994 and at 23 is an accomplished fencer, was offered a full scholarship to Stanford, and debuted in the K-pop boy group GOT7.

Jackson CMO got7
Courtesy of Youku

This year Jackson released his first solo track “Papillion” and attended the MTV European Music Awards as China’s representative. Additionally, due to his age and friendly disposition it is expected that Jackson will resonate and recognize life-style and consumption trends for his generation. Further, he made his first appearance at the CMO at Alibaba’s annual Double 11 Gala on November 11.

Tmall Global is a subset of Alibaba group, the largest e-commerce platform in China. There are other e-commerce subsets under Alibaba, however, none function like Tmall Global. Tmall Global enable international luxury brand to sell directly to Chinese consumers. By doing so, the company eliminates the risk of counterfeit goods and increases consumer trust. There two elements, consumer trust and counterfeit goods, and issues that Alibaba’s other platforms, Taobao and Tmall, are dealing with currently.

Jackson’s first official task as CMO is ” to fly to Los Angeles to play and show”. While there he will document his trip for fans and consumer alike. Furthermore, while there Jackson will also attend the American Music Awards as a representative of Alibaba.

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