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More and more attention is given to K-Pop artists for their vigorous dancing and acting along to their lyrics on stage.

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After exploring the story behind the experts in the K-Pop industry and idols who create and produce their own music, journalist Park Hee A in her third book has turned her focus to idols who put on a unique performance based on the identity they each formed in their past.

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J-HOPE and His Fans Donate Large Sum Celebrating His Birthday

BTS member J-HOPE is giving hope to many on his birthday.

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J-HOPE made a meaningful donation on his birthday to return the love and supports he has received as a global K-pop artist. On February 18, he donated 100 million KRW (approximately $89 thousand USD) to Green Umbrella Child Fund Korea.

The artist made the donation especially to help the children of low-income families at his alma mater. Previously in December 2108, he made a donation of 150 million KRW through the same non-profit foundation.

At the same time, J-HOPE’s fandom “Hope on the World” made a meaningful donation to celebrate the artist’s birthday. About 540 fans from 50 different countries shared hope through KFHI, a Korean non-profit foundation for children suffering from famine.


By Heewon Kim


7 K-pop Stars who Showed the Most Dramatic Transformations

K-pop Stars Transformation

K-pop Stars Transformation

K-pop Stars Transformation

K-pop Stars Transformation

K-pop Stars Transformation

K-pop Stars Transformation

K-pop Stars Transformation

K-pop Stars Transformation

BTS Nominated for Top Social Awards at 2018 Billboard Music Awards

Boy group Bantan Boys, once again, received a nomination for the ‘Top Social Awards’ at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.

On April 17, Billboard released a list of nominees for 2018 Billboards Music Awards. For the ‘Top Social Awards,’ BTS managed to put their name on the nominee’s list after their win last year. This year, they will be competing against Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and Shawn Mendes.

In fact, BTS has won ‘Top Social Awards’ at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. They were the first ones to break Justin Bieber’s record of winning 6 awards in a row.

They have a high chance of winning this award again. Last  year, BTS appeared on America’s Top 3 talk shows and promoted themselves as the representative of K-pop. In addition, their influence on SNS is powerful. The awards are given based many things, one of them being the voting process that holds place on various SNS platforms. As BTS has a great influence on SNS, it gives them the advantage.

The fans are hoping that this will give BTS a chance to perform at the awards. Last year, they only received the award without a performance. However, the fans are hoping that BTS will be able to perform ‘DNA’ or ‘Mic Drop’ and swept away America once again.

Meanwhile, 2018 Billboard Music Awards will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on April 20.

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Translated by Dasol Kim


BTS Documentary Coming Soon on YouTube Red

On March 28, an eight-part documentary about group Bangtan Boys is releasing as the YouTube Red Original Series.

‘BTS: Burn the Stage’ is an eight-part documentary that will be released at midnight of March 28. The documentary contains close interviews of BTS from their ‘2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour.’ This tour spanned over 300 days since February last year, in 19 cities and 40 concerts. In addition, it includes the big moments of BTS such as receiving a Billboard Music Awards in May or their performance at the American Music Awards in November.

“Bangtan Boys (also known as BTS) are global stars that got started on YouTube. They established a channel on YouTube even before their debut, resulting in Armies from all around the world to unite on YouTube. Based on the statistics, 87% of the crowd was from outside of Korea, and we thought they were perfect candidates for YouTube Red Originals. However, we did not think things would get this huge.”

These are the words Nadine Zylstra, a head of YouTube Originals, shared on March 15 in Yeoksam-song, Seoul. She explained how choosing ‘BTS: Burn The Stage” as the second Korean Original Series was not a coincidence, but an inevitability. The accumulated views of BTS-related videos on YouTube exceed 10 billion.

The first time YouTube Red created their originals, they chose K-pop and produced a 6-part documentary, ‘Run, BIGBANG Scout.’

After expanding their business to Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico, YouTube Red chose Korea as their 5th location. Zylstra said, “K-pop is the most active music genre that grew up on YouTube. It also helps people to get familiar with the Korean culture.” This meant that people who didn’t even know where Seoul is located, knows now thanks to PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style.’

Zylstra was in charge of producing ‘Sesame Street’ for 13 years since 2002. After moving to YouTube, she said “I became interested in Asian contents through Pororo and Pinkfong. I was introduced to the animations when I was put in charge of producing kids/family contents.”

Meanwhile, YouTube Red is planning on expanding their service locations as well as contents, globally. Zylstra said, “we plan to produce 4 original series in Japan this year. We have already started the animation ‘Idolish 7,’ and are preparing for other programs such as ‘Stalking Vampire.’ Just like Korea has K-pop as their forte, we will be utilizing animation as the tool to captivate the Japanese market.”

Zylstra concluded, “I have no idea who is going to be the star in our next original series. However, I believe that everything that happens on YouTube could be our fuel. Elements like the number of views, likes, and time people spend on each channel add up and start a fire. We plan to provide valuable programs that will last forever instead of burn for a moment and come crashing down the next.”

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J-Hope of BTS Releases His First Mixtape Since His Debut

At midnight on March 2, KST, J-hope of the Bangtan Boys released his first mixtape since his debut called “Hope World” through the official BTS SNS account. In addition, the music video of the title song “Daydream” was also released.

For his New Year’s resolution, J-hope had said “I am working on my new mixtape. I will try my hardest to deliver the best music to you that will be worth all the patience.” A total of 7 songs are in the mixtape, including “Hope World,” “P.O.P (Piece of Peace) pt.1,” and “Daydream.”

Since mixtape is not for a commercial use, you may download it for free online. BigHit entertainment shared the link to free download of the mixtape on the official BTS SNS account. This caused the website to momentarily crash due to too many users the minute the mixtape dropped.

Another member of BTS, RM (formerly known as Rap Monster) published his first solo mixtape in March, 2015, and in August, 2016, Suga released his mixtape under the name of ‘August D.’

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5 Must-Watch Hidden Camera Pranks on K-pop Idols

Check out these five hilarious hidden camera pranks performed on your favorite K-pop idols! From SHINee’s Key to GOT7’s Yugyeom, their reactions will have you laughing for days.

1.) 2AM Jinwoon’s Pee Prank on SHINee’s Key

2AM’s Jinwoon pretends to pee in a changing room and leaves Key to deal with the mess.

2.) BTS Elevator Prank

An old hidden camera prank on the young BTS, where they are individually put in an elevator with a crying woman.


3.) GOT7 Angry Prank on Yugyeom

The members of GOT7 start a heated argument in front of their innocent maknae, Yugyeom.


4. B1A4 Sandeul Prank

How will B1A4’s Sandeul react to a model’s invite to Playboy Mansion? Watch to find out!


5. Produce 101 Trainee Ghost Prank

Each of the Produce 101 S2 trainees are put in a room with a mirror, clueless about the scare they’re about to receive!