IU to Make Film Debut through Netflix Original

Singer-turned-actor IU is going to be featured in upcoming Netflix Original, “Persona.”


“Persona” is a series of four short films. In the series, four movie directors including Lim Pil-sung, Kim Jong-kwan, Lee Kyung-mi, and Jeon Go-woon portray IU as their personas. The Original series is to depict various faces of the actress.

Since the debut, IU has made a number of popular songs as a young singer-songwriter. The singer made her acting debut through Korean drama “Dream High” in 2011, which was followed by various Korean dramas of different genres.

This time, IU is once again going to show her originality through a specially formatted series.


Yoon Jong-shin, the head producer of Mystic Entertainment, also participated in the production of “Persona.” For the first movie project of Mystic Entertainment, Yoon Jong-shin took part in the production from the very beginning.

“Persona” will be available on Netflix in April.


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IU Cast to Star in Epik High’s New Music Video

Songstress IU will be the main character in Epik High’s new music video.


Epik High released its first teaser video for its new album Sleepless in ­­­­_______, which is scheduled to be released on March 11 at 6 p.m. The newly released teaser is for the group’s song Lovedrunk featuring singer Crush.

In the short clip, IU takes on the role of a martial arts expert. As she duels her opponent, the sound effect and the black and white imagery add drama and tension. With the name of the song and the teaser the only thing that fans have to work with, expectation and excitement are predictably high. Since the members posted the teaser on their individual Instagram accounts, the clip has amassed over 120,000 views.

Further, with IU’s involvement in their comeback, the level of excitement for the group is sure to only go up from here.




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Actress Yoo In-Na Talks About Friendship with IU in New Interview

Actress Yoo In-na has shown off her friendship with singer IU.

Image source – MBC

MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” crew caught up with actress Yoo In-na on the set of a commercial set to chat with her in a short interview about her life and relationships.

After an obligatory New Year’s greeting to viewers and fans, the actress is known for her ability to have chemistry with any actor she meets on set, set the warm tone of the interview, she set ahead to answer questions.

When the topic of her upcoming drama “Touch Your Heart” came up, the actress expressed her admiration for co-star Lee Dong-wook. “When I first heard that Lee Dong-wook would do [the drama] I was glad,” she said. Moreover, the actress commented about Lee’s acting ability, saying that he “irreplaceable.”

In particular, when asked about her friendship with IU. The two are known to be good friends, and Yoo confirmed this. “Usually, if IU and I meet, we eat and chat,” said Yoo. Continuing, the actress described IU as her cute “little sister” but noted that she too is a fan of the singer.




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IU Considering New Drama “Hotel de Luna”

Singer-turned-actor IU is considering a lead role in tvN’s new drama.

On January 14, tvN announced that the cast members for “Hotel de Luna” were not confirmed yet, denying several media reports about IU’s appearance in it. According to a source from tvN, the airing schedule is not decided either.

“Hotel Deluca” is a fantasy drama that depicts happenings at a hotel for the ghosts. The “Hong Sisters” who wrote “Couple or Trouble,” “My Girl,” “Master’s Sun,” “You’re Beautiful,” and “The Greatest Love” are in charge of writing. For directing, Oh Seung-hwan of “Doctors” and “While You Were Sleeping” has been chosen.


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IU Releases Photo Proof Refuting Unfair Land and Real Estate Speculation

On Monday, IU came under fire for what appeared to be unfair land and real estate speculation in the city of Gwancheon. As public unrest rises, the singer decided to release photos to support her claim of denial.

Image source – OSEN News

On January 7, a petition was posted on the Blue House’s website requesting an inquiry into property bought by singer IU in January 2018. At that time, the singer reportedly spent around 4.5 billion won (4,030,290 USD) on real estate and land in the city of Gwancheon.

Sitting on the outskirt of the Seoul Metropolitan Area, Gwancheon is home to Seoul Land, the Seoul Grand Park, and soon, a Great Train eXpress (GTX) station, which lies at the heart of this controversy. The news outlet that broke the story claimed that in just one year, her property had appreciated 2.3 billion won, giving it a market price of 6.9 billion.

With the amount invest and the huge appreciation, the creators of the petition suspect that IU had insider information on the GTX development. As such, she had an unfair advantage over other buyers.

Further, there is also suspicious that she bought the land and buildings with the intention of selling it to the government later on when it begins constructing the GTX. The government announced the train’s anticipated route at the end of last year. The petition asks for the government to closely monitor the information leak in the course of the policy process, too.

Screen capture of the petition on the Blue House’s website – via Korea Daily

IU denied the claims when the story first broke. In her denial message, the singer said that she had put the property to use as a private studio, a place for junior artists, and her mother’s office. Under these circumstances, she attempted to make it clear that she had no intention to sell off her properties.

Notwithstanding her claim, negative public opinion continued to mount. In response, IU’s agency announced that after consultation with her they have decided to reveal interior photos of the buildings currently in use. In doing so, they hope to further damage, prevent false information, and the spread of malicious rumors. More, it also firmly refutes the earlier report and say the claims are groundless.

Image source – LOEN Entertainment via Ilgan Sports

According to the agency, one of her building is currently used as the singer’s personal studio, her mother’s office, and a warehouse. The publication, which has sparked some privacy concerns, has failed to have the desired effect and remains controversial.

While IU and her agency whether this storm, they will not stand for the “spread of false information and defamation” and will take legal action if necessary.



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This Photographer is Hot Issue Right Now for Resembling Singer IU

A photographer is a hot issue right now for resembling singer IU.

Instagram @kimcheonga
Instagram @kimcheonga
Instagram @kimcheonga

Photographer Kim Cheonga first gained recognition back in 2017 for looking very much alike IU.

Under the photos of herself she posted on her Instagram, many have commented that she and IU looked so much a like that they even look like “twins”. Especially in some of her photos, her hairstyle and fashion are very similar to IU’s.

Since 2015, Kim Cheonga has been working as a freelance photographer, and she is also close friends with Sulli.


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IU is Under Fire for Allegedly Engaging in Unfair Land and Real Estate Speculation

Confusion and rising suspicion have motivated some people to seek out government intervention regarding news involving singer IU.

Image source – OSEN News

Controversy has erupted around singer IU surrounding her alleged land and real estate speculation in Gwacheon. Gwancheon is a town in the Greater Seoul Metropolitan Area in Gyeonggi-do Province and is home to amusement park Seoul Land, Gwanak mountain, and Seoul Grand Park.

In this city that lies just south of the heart of Seoul, IU reportedly spent some 4.5 billion won (4,030,290 USD) on buildings and land last year in January. The news outlet that broke the report also noted that the value of the properties had significantly increased.

Quoting a representative from real estate office in the area, reported that the property IU bought has appreciated by over 2 billion won with the current market price tallied at 6.9 billion won. The report also said that real estate prices in the region are rising sharply due to the Great Train eXpress (GTX) project. One of the stations for the new train line will be in Gwancheon.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s GTX project is a high-speed rail plan that will connect Gyeonggi Province and Seoul. With Seoul being the economic center of not only the area but the country at large, many residents that live outside of the city limits for various reasons have to commute into the city.

However, according to Land Minister Kim Hyun-mee, it can take more than 90 minutes for Gyeonggi to Seoul. With the GTX in place, the Ministry hopes to reduce commute time from 70 to 80 percent. That means that the typical 80-minute train ride from Kintex to Samseong district in Seoul will only be around 20 minutes.

To complete the project the government has and is expected to buy land.

Screen capture of the petition on the Blue House’s website – via Korea Daily

Many believe that IU may have gotten insider information from people associated with GTX project. As a result, they think she bought land and property with an unfair advantage hoping to sell to the government later at a higher price.

So far, over 20,000 people have signed a petition created Monday asking for an investigation and clarification on the situation. Specifically, the creators and the supporters of the petition want to know if someone gave her an unfair advantage in the market by giving her confidential information.

IU for her part has denied the accusations made in the report. In response, the singer explained that she did not buy the property to sell it to the government at a higher price later on.

Instead, the land and real estate are being used for her mother’s office, IU’s private studio, and spaces for younger colleagues and musicians, she explained after the report. Further, she refuted the assessed value for the assets, saying that it is “wrong information.”

However, some argue that it is nonsense to invest 4.5 billion won without any information. On the other hand, some see nothing wrong with her purchase.



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[Opinion] 2018 in Review: A Year of Dismantlement

From music charts, the “Me Too” movement, to the reopening of old cases, 2018 was a year where established structures of the K-Pop industry began to crumble.

There were many things that happened over the course of 2018 like the “Me Too” movement and the ongoing uncovering of financial fraud by celebrity parents with many celebrities. Reviewing the year, there is a theme that runs through the year’s most impactful events and developments: dismantlement.

Those who have been lulled into a safe sense of security due to fame, wealth, social standing, professional position, or through their connections have had a rude awakening. Additionally, with changes to real-time charts, new, and more honest, result have emerged that hint at where the Korean music industry is heading.

#Me Too and Financial Fraud Hits K-Pop

During the early months of 2018, students and former costars to prominent actors like Oh Dal-su, Jo Min-ki, Cho Jae-hyun, Choi Il-hwa, and many more have accused them of sexual assault and harassment.

Many of the victim’s testimonies told that the actors would use their position as more experienced actors to lure their less experienced victims to secluded areas under the pretense of helping them before forcing themselves on the women. In Jo Min-ki‘s case, he would send inappropriate messages to his students and call them up to his officetel for meetings and lectures.

The movement brought more awareness to sexual misconduct and crimes in the entertainment industry. More importantly, it gave a platform for many victims to tell their stories and speak their truth.

While the movement resulted in the death of one of the accused, who buckled under the weight of his guilt and the inevitable consequences of his actions, it also brought attention to the case of Jang Ja-yeon, who also took her life — but because of sexual abuse. Further, it also helped to expose institutional concealment of such acts and companies are now including “Me Too” clauses in their contracts.

Jang Ja-Yeon – OSEN News


Meanwhile, during the last few months of the year, several stars like Tiffany, MAMAMOO Wheein, Dok2, Ma Dong-Seok and, most notably, Microdot found themselves wrapped up in the results of the shady schemes of their parents. The parents either borrowed money from acquaintances, had people co-sign a loan, presented fake business plans, or boldly took money from coffers before never being heard from again.

Perhaps they felt comfortable under the umbrella of their children’s fame, but they shouldn’t have. Some like Microdot, who stepped down from his shows, lost brand deals, and broke-up with Hong Soo-hyun, have found their careers and relationships on the rocks. Being famous or knowing famous or rich people is no longer protection in the face of the law.

Going Solo

Screen grab from Dean’s song ‘Instagram’ – Universal Music Group

2018 was a good year for K-pop fans. The most prominent groups from the “big three,” (SM, JYPE, YG) all had comebacks — including BIGBANG right before three of its members enlisted in the army. Moreover, releases from Cube Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment, FNC Entertainment and more filled the market with robust sound and good competition. However, through all of those big groups soloist shined the brightest.

Releases from Dean, Ben, Shaun, Paul Kim, IU, and so many more topped charts for days if not weeks. Solo debuts from the likes of BIGBANG Seungri, BLACKPINK Jennie, and Mino from WINNER became the talk of the town and proved their popularity by reaching the top spot on multiple charts.

Teaser for Jennie’s solo debut – YG Entertainment

For years, the K-pop industry has been a place where few soloists could hope to make it big. Unless you had an amazing voice or built your career over several years like IU, BoA, and Ailee, success was fleeting and inconsistent. K-pop groups, especially boy groups, dominated charts, with sometimes their whole album sometimes appearing on charts (a sure indicator of fans mass streaming).

However, while the perceived change in the reception of soloist does point to a change that may lead to smaller, rather than larger groups, in the future, their success is more visible because charts are fairer. This summer, the Goan Chart Police Committee decided to freeze real-time charts from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m.

In doing so, the committee prevented fans from doing organized streams overnight and pushing certain songs to the top of charts, giving them a head start for when the general public woke up and started listening to songs. As a result, while there are still improvements to be made to ensure even more fairness, it has helped to show true trends in the industry.

Hopefully, these changes are only the beginning.



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Kim Dong-Ryul Thanks IU for Her Kindness During Recent Collaboration

Kim Dong-Ryul takes to his Instagram to show gratitude towards IU and the kindness she showed during their recent collaboration.

On December 14, musician Kim Dong-Ryul delivered his gratitude towards his fans and IU for the successful launch of their recent collaboration “Fairytale.”

On Instagram, Kim begun, “last Friday, track “Fairytale” was released. Because it was also the first day of my concert, I ended up just uploading the link to the music video. Despite my lack of communication, many of you so gratefully enjoyed the track. Thanks to you, I got to place No. 1 on music charts, and I was able to finish off this year with great news.”

He said, “I began working on this track about two years ago. Finally, it’s here. First of all, I would like to thank IU for so willingly accepted my offer to feature in the song. We recorded the song on the first day of her filming of tvN’s “My Mister.””

“During the recording, IU thanked me for asking her to feature in the song,” Kim continued. “She said that because her character in the drama is rather depressed, she was going through some emotional struggles. Apparently, my track gave her the bright energy that she so desperately needed. I did not understand what she meant then.”


He concluded, “but now that I’ve seen the drama, I get it. She was so bright. She exceeded my expectation. Whenever I had a request, she would go beyond that. She was always prepared. She had a beautiful voice. With all that combined, she wowed all staff, including myself.”

Meanwhile, Kim Dong-Ryul’s “Fairytale feat. IU” dropped on December 7 and immediately soared on top of several domestic music charts. Both musicians are currently wrapping up the end of 2018 with tours.

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IU and Kim Dong-ryul’s Duet Song to be Released on December 7th

Kim Dong-ryul and IU are all set to release their duet song.

According to multiple sources on the 30th, Kim Dong-ryul and IU will release their duet song on December 7th. The sources have said that Kim Dong-ryul first suggested IU to sing together on the song he wrote, and IU accepted the offer. Both IU and Kim Dong-ryul are well-known for their unique and soft voices, so fans are anticipating such a great collaboration.

Both artists have been working very hard this year. Kim Dong-ryul released his album ‘Reply’ back in January and his song was ranked #1 on music charts. He will also have his first concert in more than 3 years, at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena from December 7th to 9th.

Also, IU is the first female solo singer in their 20’s to perform at the Olympics Gymnastics Arena. This year was IU’s 10th debut anniversary, and she has shown her talent in both acting and music fields. Recently, she released her single ‘BBIBBI’.

Kim Dong-ryul and IU’s duet song will be released on December 7th.


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