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Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Athletically talented idols

Former Sistar Member Hyolyn Makes Less $$ After Going Solo

On February 11th, former Sistar member Hyolyn was featured on MBC’s Section TV updating fans how life is as a solo artist with her self-managed company.


OSEN reports when Hyolyn was visited during her photoshoot for jeans by Section TV’s Moon Shi On, the set had a very cheerful and bright atmosphere. When asked about the photoshoot, Hyolyn said the current shoot was “a concept she has always wanted to do” sharing her personal tips for posing.


During the interview with Section TV, Hyolyn played the truth (O/X) quiz and talked about her career as a solo artist. When asked the question about how much her earnings have changed after going solo, Hyolyn replied “I earned more when I had group (Sistar) activities.” She continued to say “there are more cons than pros going solo, there is nothing to fill the emptiness (of the members).”

The soloist shared how she thinks about the other Sistar members whenever she has a hard time or feels lonely. Hyolyn reminisced how the members always knew how she was feeling with just one look. The artist also shared the members recently got together to celebrate Bora’s birthday showing fans the members to be close as ever.


Hyolyn, also known as the ‘Queen of OSTs, was asked if she considered acting to which she answered an absolute “no.” The soloist shared she had previously experienced filming for a drama and felt extremely embarrassed when over 100 crew members watched her act out her lines.


Artist Hyolyn shared out of her numerous soundtrack appearances, her favorite OST to be Crazy of You from the 2013 Korean drama, Master’s Sun. Soloist Hyolyn shared she is “planning for a world tour later this year.”



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Hyolyn Heats Up the KBS Drama Awards with ‘Dally’ and ‘See Sea’

With powerful moves and heated lyrics, Hyolyn left the stage on fire with her performances.

Image source – KBS

On Monday, network KBS held their annual Drama Awards at its building in Yeouido, hosted by Jun Hyun-moo and UEE.

Before the second part of the ceremony started, singer Hyolyn, took to the stage to reenergize the audience and heat up the atmosphere. As she started her performance, she said a cheeky comment to “Matrimonial Chaos” actor Cha Tae-hyun. “Cha Tae-hyun, would you like to go to the beach with me?” she asked before diving into the summer “See Sea.”

Afterward, she sang “Dally” and gained attention for her unusual outfits and sexy dance moves. Once she concluded her performance, the MCs not that the atmosphere was hot and that they could probably turn off the heater.



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Hyolyn Announces to Showcase New Single at Upcoming Solo Concert

Hyolyn has prepared yet another single prior to the upcoming solo concert!

On November 2, Bridge Entertainment reported, “Hyolyn will showcase a new single at her first solo concert “TRUE,” scheduled to take place on November 10.”

Image Source – Bridge Entertainment

According to the reports, the singer’s joined forces with Melanie Fontana, who is famously known for writing the lyrics of BTS’ hit-track “Euphoria.” Fontana has also worked with other famous American artists, such as Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, and the Chainsmokers.

While Hyolyn sought help from Fontana to produce the track, reports state that the singer wrote the lyrics herself. The lyrics, which contain her truthful feelings and thoughts, go along very well with the title of her first solo concert, “True.”

A representative of Bridge Entertainment said, “Hyolyn is currently working on the new track’s choreography with Nicole Kirkand’s crew, with whom she collaborated for her “See Sea” promotions and the busking tour in July. She is in the final stages of preparation, working to increase the quality of her first solo concert since the disbandment of SISTAR.”

Meanwhile, Hyolyn’s first solo concert “TRUE” will take place at the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul on November 10. The singer plans to feature a variety of performances, including her new collaboration with Melanie Fontana.

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Hyolyn Announces Her First Solo Concert in Since SISTAR’s Disbandment

Hyolyn announces her first-ever concert as a solo artist.

Image source – Bridge Entertainment

On September 13, Hyolyn announced ‘TRUE,’ her first solo concert as a soloist after girl group SISTAR disbanded in 2017.

The singer made her official debut under Bridge Entertainment after spending months between Los Angeles and Korea training and working. Her debut song “Dally” gained attention for its unique and sexy video and choreography and distinct western sound.

The song was a hit, and she regularly performs the piece at music shows pleasing fans. Following “Dally,” Hyolyn has released two other songs including “See Sea” and “Bae.”

Further, the singer plans to release additional information about the concert including date and ticket information at a later date.



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Wanna One, Red Velvet and More Attending 2018 Changwon K-Pop World Festival

2018 Changwon K-Pop World Festival reveals its lineup of guest performers!

The 2018 Changwon K-Pop World Festival, taking place on October 5, has revealed its lineup of artist in attendance, starting with Wanna One and Red Velvet.

Image Source – KBK “2018 Changwon K-Pop World Festival”

The K-Pop World Festival is an annual event organized by South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs with support from other government agencies. According to the organizers, the festival serves a purpose of fusing the Korean culture with cultures from other countries by inviting Hallyu fans across the globe to South Korea.

This year, they hosted preliminary competitions in 90 different cities in 75 countries. At the end, they chose 175 teams as finalists, from which 12 teams were invited to perform in South Korea at the actual event. Furthermore, this year’s events gained especially more attention because the First Lady of South Korea, Kim Jung-Sook, paid a visit to the competition held in India.

The event had also previously generated much buzz when they revealed their lineup of MC’s, which included Wanna One’s Lee Daehwi, Red Velvet’s Irene, and entertainer Park Soo-Hong. Furthermore, other famously known K-Pop stars have also confirmed their attendance as guest performers, including former SISTAR member Hyolyn, AOA, PENTAGON, MOMOLAND, and Stray Kids.

Meanwhile, the 2018 Changwon K-Pop World Festival will take place in Changwon, South Korea, on October 5. The tickets will become available starting on Setember 7 at 8PM, KST through Interpark website.

The event will be live broadcasted through KBS WORLD’s official SNS account.

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[Teaser] Hyolyn Teases New Retro Summer Single ‘BAE’

Songstress Hyolyn teases a fun and retro single “BAE” with photos and video clip.

On August 12, the former leader of SISTAR released teaser images for “BAE” through her official SNS channels. Designed to look like the cover of a fashion magazine, the pictures are elegant, fun, and somewhat romantic.

According to the singer, she plans to release the song and the accompanying music video on August 18. This will be Hyolyn’s fourth release this year, and her third since her official solo debut. At the beginning of the year, the singer released “To Do List” followed by her debut single “Dally” featuring rapper Gray. This summer she put out the summer jam “See Sea.”

Check out the teaser clip below.




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Hyolyn Talks About Childhood Illness and Post-SISTAR Life

Hyolyn recently gathered much attention for opening up about overcoming insecurities from childhood illness and post-SISTAR life.

On August 9 broadcast of tvN’s “Life Bar,” Hyolyn appeared as a guest. During the show, the singer openly shared the things and emotions she went through after SISTAR had disbanded, in addition to overcoming insecurities from suffering illness as a baby.

First, Hyolyn shared how much she misses her former co-workers. She said, “they just randomly pop up in mind while I’m about living my daily life. I think it’s because we’ve been working together for so long and we know each other more than anyone else.”

Moreover, she briefly talked about the one-man agency she had established and some of the struggles she went through as a soloist. The singer said, “I lack so much experience and knowledge so I get a lot of help from this one particular person. I’m not the CEO. My business card identifies as me as both artist and a director of the company.”

She continued, “I am a very responsible person. I used to be a person who easily forgets things and don’t get stressed out and even SISTAR members were so jealous of that. However, things have changed. Now I feel like I can’t rest and when I do, I feel guilty.”

Then, she shared about overcoming a trauma she had received from suffering an illness as a child. When MC Han Hye-Jin asked her about the abdominal tattoo, Hyolyn explained she had gotten it to cover up a surgery scar. She said, “I got a tattoo to cover up my scar. As a baby, I had an abdominal surgery twice, and the scar that resulted from the surgery was my biggest insecurity.”

She continued, “after I got the tattoo to cover it up, my insecurity went away. Currently, many parents with children suffering from Tendonosis send me a lot of and e-mails. They always ask me to be the best that I can and sing louder and harder for their children.”

Meanwhile, not long after making a comeback with “See Sea,” Hyolyn has already announced to release another surprise single “Bae.”

Image Source – tvN “Life Bar”

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[Hot Clip] Watch Hyolyn Perform ‘Dally’ Live in Gangnam

“Dally” was Hyolyn’s solo debut song under her label. With its addictive hook and intense choreography, it is a perfect piece to get a crowd hype! Check out her performance in Gangnam below.




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[M/V] Hyolyn Releases “See Sea” as Final Track of Single Project

Hyolyn is back with the final track of her single project!

On July 20, Hyolyn released a music video for “See Sea,” a final track of her single project “SET UP TIME.”

The music video features the singer by the beach, dancing to a rhythmic song in her swimwear. She collaborated with producer duo Black Eyed Pilseung for “See Sea,” who has also produced TWICE’s “Cheer up, “TT,” and “LIKEY.”

Following the first single “To Do List” in February, Hyolyn released “Dally” featuring rapper GRAY in April. In both tracks, the audience could see a side of her that did not quite show during SISTAR era. With “See Sea,” Hyolyn shows off her unique voice and upgraded choreography.

Check it out below!