Holland Announces the Release of a New Mini-Album Nar-C

Holland, South Korea’s first openly gay K-pop singer, is planning a comeback slated for the end of March.

On Tuesday, singer Holland announced that he would be returning later this month with a new mini-album titled Nar-C on social media. According to the post, he will release his new record on March 31 at 6 p.m. KST.

According to other posts, the singer had made of social media the album will have two songs, including the title track “Nar-C” which will likely be about love. In subsequent teasers, Holland has included a single sentence that points to the theme of the song and album. On Wednesday he wrote “there was a boy who fell in love,” and on Thursday “The two boys have been dating for two years.”

Fans have expressed support and excitement for the first release from the singer since his last song “I’m Not Afraid” in July of last year. Since debuting with the breakthrough “Neverland” at the beginning of 2018, Holland had been praised for pushing the social boundaries of K-pop and for being one of the only LGBTQ figures in the spotlight.

In only a year, he was voted as the most important youth culture influencer in Dazed Magazine‘s “Dazed 100” and accumulated over 300,000 followers on Twitter alone.



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[M/V] Singer HOLLAND Releases the Bold ‘I’m Not Afraid’

Singer Holland, the first open homosexual K-pop idol, has released a bold second song “I’m Not Afraid.”


Earlier this year the singer gained international attention for his unapologetic single “Neverland,” that depicted and explored same-sex love. Afterward, Holland, who debuted as the first openly gay K-pop idol, conducted international interviews and even won Dazed’s “Dazed 100” as an important change-making in youth culture. Now that he has made a comeback, attention is focusing on how it’ll impact the music industry.



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Holland Takes the Tops Spot in ‘Dazed 100’ for Shaping Youth Culture in 2018

Holland, the first openly gay K-pop star in South Korea, was voted as the most important youth cultural influencer in Dazed Magazine’s ‘Dazed 100.’ Here’s Why.

Holland Dazed
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On June 26, fashion and social magazine Dazed closed the voting for their Dazed 100 list and announced the top five on social media. The list is of 100 curated youth is chosen by the public who vote for the person they believe is having the most impact on youth culture this year.

Coming in first place is singer Holland, South Korea’s first openly gay K-pop star. According to the magazine, the public gave the singer 30,000 votes, easily securing his top spot. Others in the tops five included actress Sadie Sink, model Sasha Trautvein, musician Steve Lacey, and star Strom Reid.

Holland made his debut in January with the unapologetic and smooth ballad “Neverland,” that highlighted the path to overcoming stigma and searching for happiness in a same-sex relationship. Notably, the music video openly depicted two men in love, a first in K-pop.

Although the singer has proven to be popular, with “Neverland” racking up almost 10 million views on YouTube, the stigma against homosexuality still dog him in South Korea. Unfortunately, the singer is still unsigned and works to produce his music, album, and music video — should he decide to make another one — independently. Moreover, although mostly PG with just a few kiss scenes, “Neverland” received a 19+ age restriction when it was released.

However, as Holland has mentioned in another interview, he hopes that he can change this. As the first openly gay idol, he wants to be the voice and face for other LGBTQ+ youth. Additionally, he wants to be a role model that they can look to for strength and guidance, something the singer said he lacked while growing up.

Check out his exclusive interview with Dazed below:



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[Hot Clip] Holland Opens Up About Being the First Openly Gay Idol

Holland reveals details about his journey, not only as an artist but as a member of the LGBTQ community in South Korea as well.


“Neverland,” Holland’s debut single, has made waves for its unabashed depiction of a relationship between two men. With homosexuality still viewed as taboo in South Korea, this was a significant and courageous move — one motivated by his own experiences.

In middle school, the singer told his closest friends that he was gay. As a result of his confession, he was bullied and isolated saying that he did not get any support or comfort from anyone — not his friends, family or public figure. Inspired by that experience, he developed the belief ” there has got to be a public figure who can speak up for others.”

later, when the topic of his song arose, Holland explained the meaning behind the song. “Neverland,” he said, “It’s a place only for children. Just innocent children, not adults. I wanted to be like children who are honest about their feeling…not to lose that sort of innocence.” Further, he mentions that it took a lot of courage for him to debut and advised anyone else struggling with their identity or dreams to “Never lose your self-esteem and be confident.”

Make sure to check out Holland’s song “Neverland” here.


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