Super Junior Heechul Shows Close Friendship With TWICE’s Momo

Kim Heechul posted a friendly video taken with TWICE member Momo on his social media.

Image source – Heechul’s Instagram

On November 3, Super Junior member and entertainer Kim Heechul posted a short video on social media. In the video, the singer is with Momo from girl group TWICE. From the way they are dressed it appears that the two filmed the short clip while on set for “Knowing Bros,” a comedy-variety show where Heechul is a regular cast member.

In the clip, both wave happily and Heechul shows support for the group’s comeback by saying “Yes or Yes,” which happens to be TWICE’s comeback song. Likewise, Momo cheers on Heechul by saying “‘Knowing Bros’ fighting!”

Meanwhile, Twice is set to release their new album on November 5 with their title song “Yes or Yes.”



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Super Junior Heechul to Participate in New Album Making, But Not Music Shows

Super Junior’s Heechul confirmed to have participated in making the new album, but will not perform on music shows.

Following the announcement to make another comeback of the year in October, Super Junior released teaser images of Heechul, Donghae, and Eunhyuk on September 21. Thus, the group confirmed that Heechul, who had to sit out for the last comeback due to health issues, will join in the production of upcoming album.

Many fans were surprised to see Heechul in the teaser photos, since they did not know whether the singer had recovered his health enough to participate in promotions.

In response, Label SJ said, “Heechul could not come to Macao (for music video filming) due to health issues. However, he did participate in the additional music video filming in Korea, and the album cover photoshoot. Still, only 7 members (Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, and Ryeowook) will perform on music shows.”

Meanwhile, Super Junior recently confirmed to come back with a special mini album “One More Time” in October. Prior to the official release, they will pre-release “Animals” with its music video on September 27.

Image Source – SM Entertainment

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Siwon In, Heechul Out for “Lo Siento” Music Show Promotions

Label SJ has released an update on Super Junior’s comeback regarding member participation in music shows.

Image source – OSEN News

On March 30 Label SJ announced on their website that Super Junior Kim Heechul will be absent from music show performances due to health concerns. Instead, the label has “decided to [have Heechul] attend other promotional activities besides music broadcast,” putting the singer’s health first.

Heechul underwent major surgery in 2006 to install an iron rod in his leg after it was crushed during a major car accident. Although the accident happened years ago, the injury and the subsequent surgery have significantly affected his ability to perform choreography and other physically straining activities.

However, this does not mean that he abstains from these kinds of activities completely. During Super Junior’s music show performance for their October comeback of last year, Heechul made an entrance during his verse towards the end their song.

Nevertheless, it appears that Label SJ consider this a serious situation, and has rightfully prioritized Heechul’s health. As a result, Leeteuk, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Shindong, and Siwon will be the members representing the group at weekly music broadcasts.

Notably, this marks Siwon’s return to active promotions since a controversy last year. In September, news broke that Siwon’s family dog bit a neighbor while unleashed. The neighbor later dies due to blood poisoning. Still, no connection was made between the bite and the cause of death. Notwithstanding, the public blamed the singer for the death. As a result, he issued an apology and pulled out of the group’s then-upcoming promotions for PLAY.

Meanwhile, Super Junior’s new album REPLAY is slated to release on April 12. It will be headed by the Latin-pop inspired title track “Lo Siento.”



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Fans Hilariously React to Heechul’s New Look for “Lo Siento”

Super Junior fans have found Heechul’s new looks to be…historic.

Image source – Twitter

On March 27, veteran K-pop group Super Junior dropped a group teaser image for the title song, “Lo Siento.” The warm-toned picture featured dusty colors and some bold clothing in line with the reported Latin-pop sound of the song.

Unsurprisingly, fans loved the image and took a particular interest in Heechul’s new look. With his long, luxurious locks, brown suit, and posed with his hand strategically placed behind his back, fans could not help but see a historic correlation.

Fans did not stop there, Hee-chul suddenly took the place of some major character in different films.

Even Hee-chul himself got in on the joke. In an Instagram post he wrote:

“My little ones, I did this [hairstyle on purpose] to make it all over the world ha ?(truthfully I had no idea ?). My long hair expresses the passionate sensuousness of South America ?(I just wanted long hair ?).”

Of course, the post would not have been complete without the rest of Super Junior.


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Shin Dong-Yup, Heechul, and Kim So-Hyun Will MC the Seoul Music Awards

The three entertainers are confirmed at the MCs for the 27th Soul Music Awards.

Seoul Music Awards
Image source – OSEN news

Shin Dong-yup is considered “King of awards” since he has been the MC for a myriad of different programs and K-pop award shows. In fact, he was an MC for the Soul Music Awards in 2011, making it his second time as an MC for the event. The 27th award show will also mark Super Junior member Heechul’s second time MCing for the event. Last year Heechul made his first appearance as an MC that added a fresh energy to the show. Due to his terrific performance, he has been asked to return.

Unlike Shin Dong-yup and Heechul, this will be Kim So-hyun’s first time attending the Seoul Music Awards as an MC. Previously, Kim Soo-hyun has been a host for MBC’s “Show! Music Core,” and “KBS Drama Awards” in 2015. Furthermore, Kim Soo-hyun is known for having an innocent and calm charm that will pair well with the other two MCs.

This year leading K-pop groups like EXO, BTS, TWICE, Wanna One, Red Velvet, Mamamoo, and Black Pink will perform. More, soloists IU, Ailee, and Yoon Jong Shin will be attending as well.

The Seoul Music Awards will take place on January 25.


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[M/V] Super Junior Steals the Night with ‘Black Suit’

Super Junior is back with ‘Black Suit’!
The group released their second music video, ‘Black Suit’ on Nov 6. Their first music video, ‘One More Chance’ has already gathered more than 7 million views.

Check out the music video here!

[M/V] Super Junior Want ‘One More Chance’ in Long-Awaited Comeback

Super junior released their new MV ‘One More Chance’ on Oct 30.

‘One More Chance’ is a ballad track from the group’s 8th album ‘Play’. Their album will come out on Nov 6, and feature seven out of the eleven members.

Check out their music video and comeback schedule below!

Source: Super Junior’s Official Facebook

Heechul Posts Comeback Concerns on SNS + Label Responds

Super Junior’s label, Label SJ, clarified details in regards to the singer’s participation in group comeback activities.

On Oct 17, the singer conveyed his apologetic heart to fellow members and fans on his Instagram. “Some of you may know about this, but I hurt my left leg in a car accident eleven years ago, and have not been able to use it normally ever since. I wanted to continue doing the activities I enjoyed, so I continued on despite the pain. Nowadays, I feel scared. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older. Last time on ‘Life Bar’, I talked about how I am experiencing severe pain in my ankle more frequently,” he said

“Super Junior’s comeback is on Nov 6. All of our members and fans are happy and energetic because it’s our first comeback in a while. I also felt the same way. However, it no longer appears I can resume normal activities for our comeback,” the singer confessed. “If you can all forgive me, I will attend rehabilitation with a more positive mindset and grateful heart.”

Label SJ made an announcement on the following day in regards to the post. “Kim Heechul made that post out of concern over his chronic pain. He will continue to participate in Super Junior’s comeback activities.”


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Super Junior to Have a Seven-Member November Come Back

Legendary k-pop boy group Super Junior is finally returning to the music scene after two years.

Super Junior
“Super Show 6” press conference – OSEN

Super Junior has finalized their long-awaited come back for November, according to an SM Entertainment spokesperson. Currently, the group is preparing for their comeback and recording the new album.

According to the same source, seven members will participate in November comeback. These members are: Lee-teuk, Hee-chul, Ye-sung, Shing-dong, Eun-hyuk, Si-won, and Dong-hae. The remaining four members, Kang-in, Sung-min, Ryeo-wook, and Kyun-hyun will not be participating in this return; Kang-in and Sung-min are on hiatus and latter two are currently serving in the military.

Super Junior debuted in 2005 as a 12-person boy group. Interestingly, the members of the group were chosen due to their varying experiences in the entertainment industry. Many already had experience as actors, MCs, models and radio hosts prior to their debuts.

Since 2010 Super Junior member have gradually been enlisting and finishing their mandatory military service.

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