Infinite Sungyeol Posts Touching Handwritten Letter Ahead of Enlistment

Infinite Sungyeol, who is set to enlist early next week, revealed his short hair and a handwritten letter to fans on social media.

Infinite member Sungyeol showed off his new short hairstyle in a picture he posted on social media on Friday. His new short locks, a hairstyle that is mandatory for all soldiers, signals that it is almost time for the singer to enlist in the military.

Enlistment can be a difficult time for celebrities who are forced to put their careers on hold and their fans for the same reason. Understanding this, Sungyeol posted a handwritten letter alongside the photo of himself.

In the touching letter, the singer talked about debuting, the creation of the group’s fandom name, and the memories they created together. “It’s been nine years since I made my debut in 2010 and met you all under the name ‘Infinite,” he wrote. “We’ve been through a lot, haven’t we? The day we got our “Inspirit” name, the day of our first fan meeting, the first time we ranked no.1 on a music show, and my first solo concert,” he reminisced, “I had so many memories!”

“I’ll take these happy memories that I made with you all, and I’ll keep them in my heart,” Sungyeol wrote. “Thank you so much for being with Infinite this whole time, and I love you. I’ll be healthy and will return.”

The singer will go through basic training for five weeks before being assigned a permanent position for at least the next year and a half.




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Sechs Kies Kang Sung-Hoon Addresses all Events and Apologize in Handwritten Letter

Kang Sung-Hoon has finally opened up about all rumors and apologized in a long, handwritten letter.

Sechs Kies member Kang Sung-Hoon recently took to his personal fan cafe ‘Hoony World’ and posted a 8-page long handwritten letter. In the letter, the singer addressed all events and issues, including the cancellation of his fan meeting in Taiwan, as well as the rumors that he is having a personal relationship with the moderator of Hoony World.

The following is the letter from Kang Sung-Hoon:

Hello, this is Kang Sung-Hoon. I apologize for taking so long to write back to all my fans, who have nothing but supported and trusted me until now. A lot of things and events happened in the past month, and I know how hard it has been hard for both me and my trusting fans to take it all in every day.

First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize to my fans, who should be reading this letter right now, and the people who have paid much attention to me. I’m sorry for causing such an uproar with past events and rumors.

I want to make sure that my sincerity will not be distorted in any way, so I will deliver my apology in the most natural way that I’ve always used to express my feelings until now. I hope there is no more misunderstanding, so please keep an open mind and don’t read between the lines.

I’m also afraid that this letter will spread to places other than the one we share (Hoony World), but because I’m only addressing the people I care the most about, I’ll write with comfort.

Image Source – Hoony World
I know I asked you to give me some time, but I apologize for taking too long.

I’ve read every single comment that you guys wrote. After reading those comments, I kept on writing and deleting many letters, and I kept thinking about what is the best way to deliver my apology. I hesitated because I worried that no one would believe me no matter what I had to say. Because of that, I took a lot longer than I expected, and I truly apologize.

To be honest, no matter what I write, it won’t describe the exact emotions and thoughts I have at the moment. However, it would have been very selfish of me to just keep you guys waiting, so I’ve finally gathered up the courage to write the letter.

After a long wait, we miraculously met again.

Because it took so long for us to get here again, I wanted it to last forever. However, it’s only been 3 years before you had to encounter these unfortunate events. I know it’s all you guys who made it possible for Sechs Kies to get back together and feel this undeserving love. I’m so thankful for each and one of you.

It was up to me to keep up with the relationship that you have granted me, and I should have paid more attention to the words you’ve said to me and the advice you’ve given to me. Now that I look back at it, I feel so much regret. And of course, nothing will change no matter how regretful I am right now. I never meant for any of this to happen, but that probably sounds like another excuse to you. At the moment, I still worry that some of you will misunderstand the purpose of this letter and I’m not at the right state of mind to determine whether this is the right thing to do or not.

It was tough for me to watch these rumors that are not even true spread around.

However, I kept thinking how hard it must have been fore you, and I felt truly apologetic. I was trying to figure out what I can do to lessen the pain that you must have been feeling and if there was something I could do to take it all in, I would have. No matter what the truth it, I’m sorry you had to go through all the emotions and feelings you felt because of me.

Because I was afraid that these dreamy days of seeing you could all so suddenly disappear again, I had the desire to see you as often as possible. Every event, I didn’t want to say good bye so I went overtime. I should have been more careful and prepare for better contents and better environment. My desire to see you all in person made me get ahead of myself.

Every moment I’ve spent with you, I had nothing but a sincere heart.

I cherish them all. I wanted to be close to you, so I did not realize some of the things I’ve said could have hurt someone. To everyone I have hurt through my actions and speech, I’m truly sorry.

The thing that most hurt me was when I heard this. They accused me of thinking you as my financial provider, I looked down on you, and I was ignorant towards you. That was never the case. I was always speaking with an honest heart and I really hope you know that. Even when some of you told me not to trust my fans too much, I was thinking, “who better to trust than my fans?”

It’s my duty to let you hear only good things, but instead, you heard words like ‘crime,’ ’embezzlement,’ and ‘scam.’ I’m so sorry. However, the truth hasn’t been revealed yet, and I will try my best to make it see the light. I don’t ask you to just sit tight and wait around for me. I’ll try to make you understand what is the truth and what is not. And regarding this part, I strictly and strongly emphasize that I have done nothing wrong.

Now, could I ask you to just trust and wait for me?

Regarding the people who are calling me a criminal, even though the truth hasn’t come out yet, I have turned over everything to my lawyers so the can take legal action against them. I want to do my best so that you won’t be hurt again. Time passes by no matter what, but I should have held your hands. I know it sounds silly, but I couldn’t dare hold your hands and ask for your trust.

I wanted to make only good memories so that when this journey finally ends some day, you would have good memories because you liked a person named Kang Sung-Hoon. Every event that caused an uproar is due to my fault, and I’m reflecting upon my past behaviors. If I get a chance to show you an upgraded, and more matured side of me, I promise to not let you down.

I’m sorry for not participating on the upcoming event. It feels like a dream that I actually turned down the chance to see you because I did not have the courage to smile and sing in front of you. I’ll take responsibility for the parts I am responsible for.

Also, I want to make sure that you know the rumors about fan contact, embezzling, and my relationship with the staff are all false. After I have organized everything in order, I will tell you the truth. As soon as everything is settled, Hoony World will also undergo a change of staff. We will only keep the space until everything is organized and afterwards, Hoony World will..

You are more special to me than anything in the world.

I’m so happy that I have you guys by my side. When I looked at you, whom I wouldn’t exchange for anything, I felt like I was dreaming and everything in the world seemed so beautiful. That’s how happy I was.

I don’t know when we will meet again, but until that day, please stay healthy. I promised we wouldn’t get separated again, but I’m sorry for hurting you with such unfortunate events. If the day miraculously comes that we see each other again, I hope we can meet with a smile on our faces.

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Block B Sends Chuseok Greetings Through Handwritten Letters

Block B wishes all fans a happy Chuseok!

On September 23, Seven Seasons Entertainment revealed the handwritten letters from Block B members, through which they sent their Chuseok greetings.

Image Source – Seven Seasons

First, Jaehyo sent his greetings with a little update on his life. The member said, “I want to be that person with whom you can find peace and comfort just by existing. I want be that person who is like a tree that always provide the shade where you can take a break underneath. BBC, please rest under the shade I have provided for you and feel my love. Happy Chuseok!”

Then, ZICO said, “you have done a great job and almost made it through the year. I hope this Chuseok is a holiday filed with joy and happiness.”

P.O potentially hinted at comeback after the holidays by saying, “BBC, our honey bees. Let’s see each other soon after spending full and warm holidays.” In response, Taeil said, “we will come back with great music and awesome performance. To BBC, whom I thank everyday. Thank you, and thank you again!”

Park Kyung also expressed his wish to meet with his fans again. The singer said, “my honey bees, I want to see you again on stage. Please be healthy and I promise to present you some great music soon. I love you.”

B-Bomb also said, “let’s see each other soon” and U-Kwon said, “have a great holiday, making great memories with family. I send you my fighting’s as you pursue your dreams.

Meanwhile, after releasing their 6th mini repackaged album “Re:MONTAGE,” the members of Block B have been focusing on individual activities.

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B.A.P Bang Yong-Guk Leaves Handwritten Letter Following His Departure

Now a former member of B.A.P, Bang Yong-Guk leaves a heartfelt handwritten letter to fans.

On August 23, TS Entertainment released an official statement confirming the end of contract with B.A.P member, Bang Yong-Guk. According to the reports, the artist expressed his wish not to renew the contract, and has departed from the group. Furthermore, the agency reported that B.A.P will now promote as a 5-member group.

Following the announcement, Bang Yong-Guk left a sweet, heartfelt letter on his Instagram for his fans. The singer expressed his much gratitude and regret towards his fans, and at the end, asked them to take care of the group.

The following is the translated version of the letter:

Image Source – Instagram @bangstergram

Letter posting on a night with a beautiful moonlight.

First, I would like to express my regret for delivering such an unfortunate news to all BABYs, who have loved and cherished B.A.P until now.

I am aware of all of your feelings, and I am taking serious responsibility and accepting all those feelings.

Just know that that’s how important and precious it was to me.

From our debut to now, no words can describe how much of a strength the members and BABYs was to me. Now that I look back, I think I was just a small, incapable person, but the members and you fans have helped me to become a bigger and better artist. I’m forever in debt.

I plan to hold my gratitude in my heart forever, and I will never forget.

Thank you for sending me much cheers and encouragement.

Please take care of my B.A.P members and B.A.P, whom I love very much. I will continue to do music and walk forward as a leader of B.A.P, whenever and wherever I go.

I love you and respect you, always.
Sincerely, Bang Yong-Guk

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Kim So-Hyun Leaves Sweet Message to Fans for 10th Anniversary

Actress Kim So-Hyun leaves a sweet handwritten letter to fans to celebrate 10th anniversary of debut!

On August 7, actress Kim So-Hyun shared a letter that she had written for her fans to celebrate 10th anniversary of debut on Instagram. In the letter, she said, “thank you and I love you. If I stay satisfied with my life right now, I know I won’t be able to grow as a person. With that being said, I will always remember the beginning and try to learn something new everyday.”

Following is the translated letter from Kim So-Hyun:

Dear my beloved fans,

You have no idea how happy I was when I woke up this morning. Thank you for congratulating me on my 10th anniversary.

I was looking for ways to express my gratitude for the love I received from you in the past 10 years, and I decided to write it down. I hope you all like it.

Anyways, I remember when I first begun my career as a 10-year old girl. At the time, the drama set was just so fascinating and fun for me. Now that I look back at it, I realize how lucky I am. It’s enough that I can already do what I love so much, but the fact that I’m also surrounded by some amazing people and fans amazes me every time.

It’s a new start! As I just entered my 20’s, I will work hard until I’m in my 30’s and 40’s. I hope that everyone who have stayed by my side and loved me stays healthy and happy.

I will always thrive and learn to be a better person so that you won’t be ashamed of me. At last, I hope you are all happy, stay strong in the heat and fight through the day!

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Baro Writes Sincere Letter to Fans and B1A4 Members After Signing with New Agency

Baro, who recently signed a contract with new agency has written a sincere letter dedicated to B1A4 members and his fans, BANA’s.

On July 17, Baro posted a handwritten letter on B1A4’s official fan cafe, for the first time since his departure from WM Entertainment. After leaving his old agency, Baro signed a new contract with HODU&U Entertainment that specializes in actors.

He first began the letter by saying hello to his fans. The rest is as followed:

“More than half of this year has already passed and hot summer has begun. I think the time goes by so quickly. It’s been 10 years since I came to Seoul to chase after my dreams. It’s also been 7 years since I became a member of B1A4 and met you BANA’s.”

“I remember I promised to make only good memories, but I am not quite sure if you were happy during those times you spent with me. Now that I look back at it, I don’t think I was very good at keeping my promise. I am full of regret and disappointment.”

“To me, the times I spent with you BANA’s were very special and meaningful. I sincerely thank you. Furthermore, I want to thank my members, who understood and supported my final decision. Special thanks to the 3 members who remained as B1A4. I am truly sorry, but at the same time, very thankful.”

“No matter where I am, I will always cherish the memories I made with my members and you BANA’s. I will work harder until the day I can come back as B1A4 Baro. I will always think of you guys. Once again, I sincerely thank you, and I love you. BANA!”

Image Source – B1A4 Official Fan Cafe

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Romeo’s Milo to Announces to Enlist in Military and Apologizes For the Controversy

Boy group Romeo’s Milo has announced his decision to enlist in military, following the recent sexual proposition controversy.

On May 3, Milo announced his military enlistment plans through the official Twitter account of the group. In addition, he posted a handwritten letter to his fans, apologizing again for the recent controversy.

In the letter, he said, “I want to, once again, offer my sincere apology to those who were affected by the recent controversies. I’ve been spending lots of time reflecting and in shame that I let down the people who have loved me the most.”

He continued, “I was recently called by the country to enlist in the military, and it was a hard decision to make, but I have decided to enlist. I apologize for such a sudden news.”

In conclusion, he said, “I had such a great time with our members and fans while being part of Romeo. However, now, I plan to put aside my name as “Romeo’s Milo” and carry out my duty as Kim Min-Hak.”

Meanwhile, Milo was accused of inviting an underaged Japanese fan to his hotel room. The fan posted pictures of the conversation between the two online, and it resulted in public backlash among fans. Afterwards, the agency announced that Milo will take a personal break from all group activities.

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