7 Upcoming Korean Dramas to Premiere in March 2019

For currently showing dramas, check out our list of 9 Upcoming Korean Dramas to Premiere in February 2019.

Big Issue

  • Drama
  • March 6
  • Starring Joo Jin-mo, Han Ye-seul, Shin So-yul, and more
  • “Big Issue” follows paparazzi and other employees of a gossip magazine who do anything to chase after celebrity scandals.



  • Comedy/Thriller
  • March 6
  • Starring Song Sae-byeok, Go Joon-hee, Yeon Jung-hoon and more
  • A detective and a psychic medium work together to get rid of a ghost that possesses a person to become a murderer.


He Is Psychometric

  • Fantasy / RomCom
  • March 11
  • Starring Park Jin-young, Shin Ye-eun, and more
  • A man who has a psychometric power to read people’s minds meets a secretive woman. The two join forces to solve cases.


Dr. Prisoner

  • Medical / Suspense
  • March 20
  • Starring Namkoong Min, Kwon Nara, Kim Byung-cheol, and more
  • A skilled doctor gets involved in a medical accident and starts working as a head doctor in a prison.


Kill It

  • Thriller
  • March 23
  • Starring Jang Ki-yong, Nana, and more
  • “Kill It” is a “killer-action drama” following a veterinarian who kills people and a detective who wants to save people from him.



  • Legal
  • March 23
  • Starring Lee Joon-ho, Shin Hyun-bin, Yoo Jae-myung, and more
  • The drama follows a lawyer’s endeavor to clear his father’s charge against the law prohibiting double jeopardy.


Welcome to Waikiki Season 2

  • Comedy
  • March 25
  • Starring Lee Yi-kyung, Kim Sun-ho, Shin Hyun-soo, and more
  • A no-name actor who runs a guest house invites his high school friends to revive the business in crisis.



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[POLL] Blue Dress: Song Hye Kyo Vs. Han Ye Seul

2 of Korea’s A-list actresses Song Hye Kyo and Han Ye Seul were seen wearing the same dress for different events.

Actress Song Hye Kyo wore this dress for her Elle shoot while actress Han Ye Seul wore it for her guest appearance on MBC’s Ugly Duckling.

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Singer-Turned-Actor Minseo to Star in “Big Issue”

Singer-turned-actor Minseo is to act in SBS’s upcoming drama “Big Issue.”

Mystic Entertainement

On February 18, Mystic Entertainment announced that their artist Minseo has been cast for “Big Issue.”

“Big Issue” is an upcoming drama following professional paparazzi. The drama stars Joo Jin-mo, Han Ye-seul, Shin So-yul, and more.

In the drama, Minseo is to act a role as an intern journalist working for Han Ye-seul’s character.

Recently, the singer-turned-actor has proved her talent in acting through her role in the second season of “It’s Okay to be Sensitive.”

“Big Issue” will premiere on March 6, following “The Last Empress.”


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9 Upcoming Dramas to Premiere in February 2019

For currently showing dramas, check out our list of 6 Upcoming Korean Dramas to Premiere in January 2019.

Touch Your Heart

  • February 6
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Starring Yoo In-na, Lee Dong-wook, and more
  • A top-class actress and a perfectionist lawyer develop a romantic relationship as the actress gets to work for a law firm for a personal reason. The drama is much anticipated by many as the “Guardian” sub-couples are reuniting as the leads.


Legal High

  • February 8
  • Legal / Comedy
  • Starring Jin Goo, Seo Eun-soo, Yoon Park, and more
  • The Korean remake of the popular Japanese series of the same title, “Legal High” tells the story of two lawyers who work together despite their contrasting personalities.


Rude Miss Young-ae Season 17

  • February 8
  • Comedy / Drama
  • Kim Hyun-sook, Lee Seung-jun, and more
  • The 17th season of tvN’s popular comedy drama series, “Rude Miss Young-ae” follows Young-ae to her life in office and home. In upcoming season depicts her life as a mother.



  • February 9
  • Thriller
  • Lee Seo-jin, Sung Dong-il, and more
  • A successful anchorman goes on a vacation with his family, where he falls into a “trap.”


The Light in Your Eyes

  • February 11
  • Fantasy / Romance
  • Han Ji-min, Kim Hye-ja, Nam Joo-hyuk, Son Ho-jun, and more
  • A 25-year-old woman ages 50 years over night. The story unfolds as she gets involved with a man who lives an aimless life.



  • February 11
  • Mystery / Fantasy
  • Ju Ji-hoon, Jin Se-yeon, Kim Kang-woo, and more
  • A prosecutor and criminologist try to find the secrets behind the “items” that hold special powers.



  • February 11
  • Historical Period / Adventure
  • Jung Il-woo, Go Ara, Kwon Yul, Park Hoon, and more
  • Set during the Joseon Dynasty, the drama illustrates a group of four people who came together for a common goal to help a man claim his power as a prince.


The Fiery Priest

  • February 15
  • Comedy / Crime
  • Kim Nam-gil, Kim Sung-kyun, Lee Ha-nee, and more
  • A priest team up with a detective and prosecutor to find the secret behind an elderly priest’s death.


Big Issue

  • Premiere date TBA
  • Drama
  • Han Ye-seul, Joo Jin-mo, Shin So-yul, and more
  • The drama tells an intriguing story of a paparazzi who chases after scandals.



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Han Ye-Seul Confirms Small Screen Return with Upcoming SBS Drama

Han Ye-Seul has confirmed to make her long-awaited return to small screen with upcoming SBS drama!

On December 12, it was stated that Han Ye-Seul has confirmed to star in SBS’ upcoming drama “Big Issue.” For the first time in a year, Han announces her return to the small screen and generated buzz among fans.

Image Source – Partners Park

“Big Issue” tells a story about a paparazzo who chases after scandals after scandals. Director Lee Dong-Hoon of “Tazza” and “Protect the Boss” and writer Jang Hyuk-Rin of “The K2” have joined forces to produce the drama.

Meanwhile, Han Ye-Seul will play in the role of Ji Soo-Hyun, the chief editor at a news outlet company. Using her extensive network of people and information, she ruthless discovers and reveals scandals of many celebrities.

While she hoped to become a journalist with integrity, who only chases after the truth, she faces the reality and chooses to stand on the dark side of journalism.

Previously, Han Ye-Seul received much love from the public for her outgoing and bright characters in various dramas. However, the actress plans to undergo a drastic change in her image to best portray the vicious character in the upcoming drama.

“Big Issue” will premiere sometime in February after the end of “The Last Empress.”

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Korean Celebrities with Long Hair VS Short Hair

Long Hair VS Short Hair

Long Hair VS Short Hair

Long Hair VS Short Hair

Long Hair VS Short Hair

Long Hair VS Short Hair

Long Hair VS Short Hair

Long Hair VS Short Hair

Long Hair VS Short Hair

Long Hair VS Short Hair

Long Hair VS Short Hair

Han Ye-Seul Leaves Key East and Signs Contract with New Agency

Han Ye-Seul signs an exclusive contract with a new agency to have a fresh start!

On July 3, it was reported that actress Han Ye-Seul left Key East and signed a new contract with Partners Park. Partners Park is an agency established by Shin Hyo-Jung, a former CEO of Key East Entertainment.

The agency reported, “we are glad to work with Han Ye-Seul again, an actress with multiple charms and capabilities. We have much expectation as to what good things this partnership will bring. Based on the trust we had built in the past, we will fully support Han Ye-Seul to freely explore around her passion through various projects.”

In 2014, Han Ye-Seul signed an exclusive contract with Key East. However, the contract expired last month, and the actress decided not to renew. While searching for a new home, Han had a meeting with Partners Park, and successfully signed a new contract.

Meanwhile, Han Ye-Seul recently dealt with negative effects from a lipoma removal surgery she received in April. After a surgery, the actress argued that there has been a medical accident from the surgery, leaving a detrimental scar on her arm. Furthermore, Han argued that the hospital did not apologize nor compensated for their mistakes. Many netizens were furious for the actress, and it led to a Blue House petition.

Afterwards, the hospital eventually admitted their fault and offered to treat the scar. In a recent interview with W Korea Magazine, Han Ye-Seul bluntly revealed that going to the hospital was main part of her daily life. In addition, to the question asking what her current goal is, she responded “to get healthier.”

The CEO of her new agency also commented on Han Ye-Seul’s medical accident. They said, “because Han Ye-Seul has been continuously receiving treatment, she is almost healed. It doesn’t have any effects on her daily life. If a great project presents itself, a comeback in the second half of this year is possible. At this time, there is no problem regarding Han’s health, and she has shown a strong desire to make a comeback.”

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Han Ye-Seul’s Medical Accident Has Led to a Blue House Petition

Han Ye-seul going public about her medical accident has resulted in an unforeseen development.

blue house
Image source – OSEN News

When Han Ye-seul posted images of her surgery wound on social media, no one would have guessed that it would start a movement. In addition to the hospital admitting wrongdoing and offering compensation, 2,000 people have signed a petition regarding medical accidents.

The petition was created the day after Han’s post on the 20th. According to the petition, the people are requesting that a bill be enacted to “relieve the burden of proof for the victims” should there be a medical accident. In turn, they are also asking for medical practitioners to carry more liability. Notable, they directly reference the actress in the petition.

The appeal goes on to note the process that many patients have to go through. This process may include contacting the Ofice of Medical Conflicts and request mediation. As such, they argue that the current system puts the affected patient in a “very disadvantageous” position.

As of yet the Blue House has made not commented on the petition.

Meanwhile, Han Ye-seul got surgery on April second to remove a lipoma from her arm. However, the procedure did not go as planned and she was left with a scar. Since then, Han has posted an additional image, and the hospital issued an official apology for the accident.

According to a recent report from her lawyer, Han is seeking 20 million won (18,573 USD) in restitution.



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Actress Han Ye-Seul Publishes Picture on Medical Accident Treatment

For the past few weeks actress Han Ye-seul has received treatment for a medical accident.

Han Ye-seul, medical accident
Image source – Instagram @han_ye_seul_

On April 23, actress Han Ye-seul released a new picture of the contusion located on her upper arm that resulted from a medical accident on Instagram. Moreover, while disturbing, the explicit image serve to show care the extent of the mishap at the hands of hospital staff. In the post, Han writes “I took this picture today…really…I am so upset.”

On April 20, Han revealed the story behind the accident. A few weeks ago she underwent a surgical procedure to extract a lipoma, or fatty deposits, in her upper arm. However, the operation did not have the expected and standard results. Instead, she experienced pain. More, the point of extraction was shoddily stitched. As a result, Han has to get additional treatment to rectify the situation.

The day after the post went up the hospital where the operation took place, now revealed as CHA Gangnam Medical Center admitted wrongdoing. Further, they are “proposing compensation according to the extent of the damage” incurred.

Meanwhile, the discussion is happening between the hospital and Han’s management company.


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