Infinite Sungyeol Posts Touching Handwritten Letter Ahead of Enlistment

Infinite Sungyeol, who is set to enlist early next week, revealed his short hair and a handwritten letter to fans on social media.

Infinite member Sungyeol showed off his new short hairstyle in a picture he posted on social media on Friday. His new short locks, a hairstyle that is mandatory for all soldiers, signals that it is almost time for the singer to enlist in the military.

Enlistment can be a difficult time for celebrities who are forced to put their careers on hold and their fans for the same reason. Understanding this, Sungyeol posted a handwritten letter alongside the photo of himself.

In the touching letter, the singer talked about debuting, the creation of the group’s fandom name, and the memories they created together. “It’s been nine years since I made my debut in 2010 and met you all under the name ‘Infinite,” he wrote. “We’ve been through a lot, haven’t we? The day we got our “Inspirit” name, the day of our first fan meeting, the first time we ranked no.1 on a music show, and my first solo concert,” he reminisced, “I had so many memories!”

“I’ll take these happy memories that I made with you all, and I’ll keep them in my heart,” Sungyeol wrote. “Thank you so much for being with Infinite this whole time, and I love you. I’ll be healthy and will return.”

The singer will go through basic training for five weeks before being assigned a permanent position for at least the next year and a half.




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VIXX’s N Shares Picture of Haircut Ahead of Military Enlistment

In the days leading up to his enlistment, VIXX’s N has gone through a checklist including spending time with group members and cutting his hair.

Image source – Jellyfish Entertainment

On Monday, VIXX’s N will officially enlist into the military where he will go through about five-weeks basic training before getting an assigned position. Ahead of his time in the army, the singer and leader of VIXX has been ticking off a checklist which included spending time with fans and group members and cutting his hair.

On the singer’s official social media accounts, he released several pictures of himself having dinner with the other members of VIXX and his new haircut.

Image source – N’s Twitter account

The dinner and haircut come after fan meetings in both South Korea and Japan last month. On the 16th and 17th, VIXX met with some 6,000 fans in Korea. Then, toward the end of the month, he had a solo fan meeting in Osaka and Tokyo.

Meanwhile, the rest of the members will engage in solo activities until all members are reunited.




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SHINee Onew Reveals New Haircut and Leaves Message to Fans Prior to Military Enlistment

SHINee Onew leaves a sweet, heartfelt handwritten message to fans before enlisting in the military!

On December 10, SHINee’s Onew left a handwritten note to fans via the group’s official website prior to his military enlistment. Along with the note, the singer also revealed a video of him getting a new buzzcut.

Image Source – SM Entertainment
The following is the translated letter from Onew:

“How have you been guys?”

“I’ve gotten some time to rest for a while. I’ve always had some regret, and will continue to have some regret. But try to think of this time as a time for me to prepare for a better self.”

“Also, being healthy is the most important of all. I sincerely hope that you guys stay healthy and happy.”

“I will continue to sing, so something reminds you of me from time to time, please listen to my voice. I will write again once I’m back.”

“I’m forever grateful for your love. Let’s meet again!”

Meanwhile, Onew announced his military enlistment on November 9. At the time, SM had reported, “respecting the singer’s wish to enlist quietly, we have decided to not reveal the location or the time.”

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