Famous Hair Salon Owner Claims Big Entertainment Companies Skip on the Bill

The head of a famous hair salon claims that large management companies Starship Entertainment, C-JeS Entertainment, and Cube Entertainment have skipped out when it is time to pay the bill.

In a press interview on Monday, the owner of a famous hair salon, surname Kang, claimed that Starship Entertainment, C-JeS Entertainment, and Cube Entertainment book makeup and hair appointments for their talent, but fail to pay the bill. According to the owner, his shop has continually sent out payment requests but did not get a response from the companies. More, Kang also alleges that company representative threatened him on several occasions to not go public with the information.

In response, all three companies have refuted the allegations. Further, a representative from C-JeS Entertainment said that since 2013, the company had requested payment and transaction information, including work done, on several occasions. However, they never got a reply from Kang.

Likewise, Cube Entertainment (Cube) said that they have evidence of payment to the salon until the first quarter of 2015. Like C-JeS Entertainment, Cube claims to have made several requests for payment, invoices, and transaction details to no avail.

As such, the three agencies are asking for Kang’s cooperation to submit relevant evidence as soon as possible to complete any necessary payments, if there are any.



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CNBLUE Jung Yong-hwa Shares Photo of His New Military Haircut

Jung Yong-hwa greets fans with a new haircut.

Jung Yong-hwa
Image source – Twitter @JYHeffect

On March 4, a day before he enlists, CNBLUE member Jung Yong-hwa took to social media with a special picture and message for his fans.

Dressed comfortably, Jung looks ready for his enlistment with the mandatory military required buzzcut and a relaxed pose. Accompanying the casual photo, Jung told fans “Everyone, I will be joining the army tomorrow. Always take care of your health, always support your dreams and accomplish your goals.” He continued, assuring fans that he “will go and return safely, so please don’t worry” and told then that “during that time, always only be happy!” He concluded his message with “For a short time, goodbye.”

Jung Yong-hwa will enter the 15th Infantry Division’s training came in Hwacheon County, Gangwon Province on Monday, March 5th. Leading up to his enlistment, Jung has been preparing for the day by slowly wrapping up loose ends. This past Friday and Saturday, the singer help a two-day fan meet where he greeted and performed for fans.

However, while he has been able to say goodbye to fans, he will not be able to do the same to his recent scandal. In February the singer was accused of entering the graduate school of modern music at Kyung-hee University with a fraudulent application.

Additionally, after a police investigation, it was revealed that Kyung-hee University did not have Jung undergo the standard interview process before accepting him. As a result, prosecutes may indict Jung for obstructing business as usual. This is a bit surprising given that it appears to be the university’s fault.

Meanwhile, Jung’s expected discharge date is December 2019.



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The Look: HyunA’s Solo Career

HyunA changes her look and style like a chameleon.

From her time in wonder girls, to her re-debut as part of 4Minute, and in her emergence and dominance as a solo-artist, Hyuna has had many memorable looks. With HyunA’s 6th mini album, ‘Following’, and song “BABE” dropping on August 29 we want to take a look at some of HyunA’s best looks during her solo career and let you know how you can achieve them too.

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“Change” (2010)


The Look: HyunA’s rebellious and dark urban concept in “Change” is achieved through choppy medium length hair, dark colors, and risque dance moves . Dark creamy eyeliner on the lower and upper lash lines create an intense look that matches the concept of of this era. Additionally, the nude pink lips topped with gloss balances the strong eye look which is the focal point of the look.

“Trouble Maker” (2011)


The Look: HyunA and Beast’s Hyun-seung have great chemistry in the ultra provocative 2011 “Trouble Maker”. Long, wavy, dark-chocolate colored hair and the eye-shadow based eye look create a feminine and seductive concept. The eyes are once again the center of attention of the look with champagne, grey, and green shimmers used on the lid and lower lash line. A defused winged eyeliner using black eye shadow provides a frame for the eyes without being harsh.

“Ice Cream” (2012)


The Look: HyunA goes for a more spunky and colorful look in her 2012 song “Ice Cream”. Light brown hair with streaks of blue, green, and orange contribute to a playful concept. Coupled with shimmery blue-grey eye shadow, black eyeliner on the waterline, and a heavy dose of mascara completes the fun look.

Red (2014)


The Look: Bold lip-colors have never scared HyunA. The bright red lipstick matches the theme of the song. It is powerful, seductive, and provocative like HyunA. This is the first look in this list where the lips are centerpiece. Mascara, minimal eye shadow, and a diffused cat-eye are used to compliment her bold lips.

Roll Deep (2015)


The Look: The 2015 hit “Roll Deep” featuring Il-hoon of BTOB features HyunA with some fierce looks. But the rainbow ombre haired look is by far one of the most alluring. A purple smokey eye and heavy black liner on the lower lash-line pulls the look together.

“Fresh 365” (2017)


The Look: In “Fresh 365″ HyunA has a warm and heated concept that resembles the desert or rust. Bright orange and red are the dominate colors for HyunA’s look. Bold red lips, orange eyeshadow, and faux freckles results in a country, girl-next-door seductress.

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