[Slide!] Kpop Idols Grace the Red Carpet for the 6th Annual Edaily Culture Awards

Kpop idols attended the 6th Annual Edaily Culture Awards on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul.

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Ha Sung-Woon Looks to Defines His Solo Career With ‘My Moment’

Former Wanna One member Ha Sung-woon to begin his solo career with the self-defining album “My Moment.”

Image source – Star Crew Entertainment

Ha Sung-woon’s agency Star Crew Entertainment released information about the singer solo debut following Wanna One’s disbandment in January. According to a fan cafe post made on Thursday at 6:00 p.m., Ha looks to define himself as an artist with his upcoming debut mini-album titled My Moment.

Starting tomorrow, his agency plans to release his first photo teaser, with the release of a tracklist and music video teaser quickly following until his album’s release on the 28th. In addition to preparing for the start of his solo career, Ha is also working to organize his first fan meeting. The event is scheduled to take place in early March at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul over the course of two days.

In the weeks following his domestic debut, Ha plans to embark on a multi-country fan meeting tour with stops in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and more. The flurry of activities is raising expectations for the artist and the success that he’ll reap as a soloist.

Meanwhile, Wanna One decided not to extend their contract with Swing Entertainment last year and disbanded. In January, they wrapped up their activities with a concert in Seoul.




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BTS Jimin and Ha Sung-Woon Show off Close Friendship

BTS member Jimin and former Wanna One member Ha Sung-woon celebrated the Lunar New Year together.

BTS Twitter (left) / Ha Sung-woon Instagram (right)

On February 5, Jimin sent warm greetings for Lunar New Year through Twitter. Along with the caption saying, “Happy New Year and take all the good luck,” the star shared several pictures. In the pictures, Jimin looks like he went out to see the sunrise.


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On the same day, the former member of Wanna One Ha Sung-woon posted several pictures to Instagram. The pictures show that Jimin and Ha Sung-woon took pictures for each other, as the backgrounds are the same. The well-known celebrity best friends even posed similarly.

BTS Twitter (left) / Ha Sung-woon Instagram (right)

The two K-pop singers also held an Instagram live session together, singing karaoke for the fans.


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Park Ji-hoon Collaborates on Ha Sung-woon’s Solo Debut Song ‘Don’t Forget’

Although Wanna One’s group activities may be over, the friendship among the members continues.

According to multiple sources, Park Ji-hoon has collaborated on Ha Sung-woon’s solo debut song. He has done a rap featuring on the song to support his friend. The sources also told that Ha Sung-woon had directly asked Park Ji-hoon for the collaboration.

The song ‘Don’t Forget’ is Ha Sung-woon’s own music, which he has been writing during his Wanna One activities. Ha Sung-woon explained the song, “I have written the lyrics to remind everyone not to forget the good memories with people they love. I really hope everyone can remember the memories for a long time”.

Park Ji-hoon and Ha Sung-woon are not the only Wanna One members to collaborate. Earlier, it was reported that Lee Dae-hwi would participate in Yoon Ji-sung’s solo debut album as a composer. Therefore, although Wanna One’s all official activities as a group are over with ‘2019 Wanna One Concert Therefore’, it is anticipated that the members will continue working together.

Another source said, “Wanna One’s 11-member group activities are over, however, it is possible to see a synergy effect through unit activities. It is also great because we get to see different harmonies among some of the members”.


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Wanna One Mentions Past “Star Live” Incident and Explain All Misunderstanding

Wanna One speaks their honest opinions about the past “Star Live” incident and corrects all misunderstandings.

On November 15 broadcast of KBS “Happy Together,” Wanna One members mentioned the past “Star Live” incident, where a few members received an accusation of using profanity and calling out on saseng fans.

On March 19, Wanna One members were preparing for the upcoming “Star Live” broadcasting, when a part of their private conversation was transmitted live by accident. The conversation featured a few members expressing their discontent about receiving payment and not getting enough sleep, leading to accusations of using swear words.

At the time, much criticism fell exclusively on Ha Sung-Woon, who was accused of using curse words, repeatedly. Afterwards, his fans requested a scientific analysis from a forensic laboratory, which ultimately relieved the member from the accusation.

Ha Sung-Woon began, “a couple months ago, there was a controversy about one of the live broadcasts we did as a team. People accused me of using profanity and we became the talk of the town altogether. It made me very upset. And I didn’t even get to explain myself.”

He continued, “afterwards, I got to meet my younger sister during the holidays. She told me that because of the controversy, the word that people thought I had said became her nickname. When I heard that, I knew I had to find some way to explain and correct all misunderstanding.”

In support, Lai Kuan-Lin said, “I’m the one who should have received the accusation. I was still working on my pronunciation back then. On top of that, my voice sounded much higher due to excitement. People thought it was Ha Sung-Woon and even though I hadn’t said what was heard by most people, I still felt bad for him.”

Ha Sung-Woon concluded, “it was initially our fault. After this incident, it made us more aware of how we should behave at all time.”

Image Source – KBS “Happy Together”

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Wanna One Park Ji-Hoon and Ha Sung-Woon Mention Friendship with BTS Jimin and V

Wanna One’s Park Ji-Hoon and Ha Sung-Woo take the time to share some fun memories with their friends, BTS Jimin and V!

On November 15 broadcast of KBS “Happy Together,” members of Wanna One appeared as a guest. During the episode, the members took the liberty to share only the funniest anecdotes about their time as Wanna One, as if trying to cherish the moment before their contract comes to an end in December.

Kang Daniel begun, “I’m very greedy for TV programs nowadays. I even had a meeting with my friends to what stories I should share. Every time I thought of a funny story, I called the writer of ‘Happy Together.'”

During the episode, Park Ji-Hoon proudly stated that he is now gaming friends with BTS’ V, of whom he was a big fan before his grand debut. Park said, “we’ve played video games a few times. We are allies during games. However, I can’t dare contact him because of how busy he is. I worry that he would feel uncomfortable. Nowadays, I feel closer to Jin. I’m the same clan as Jin (in video games).”

To this, Ha Sung-Woon also mentioned his close friendship with BTS’ Jimin and EXO’s Taemin. Ha said, “one time, I slept over at Taemin’s house. When his mother saw me, she said, “Tae-Min, eat your dinner.” When I told her I wasn’t him, she was shocked.”

He also addressed some fans saying that he, Jimin, and Taemin all look alike. Ha Sung-Woon said, “I think they are both very handsome and attractive. I’m honored people think we all look alike. Whenever I see Jimin and I say “even today, I look like you,” he tells me to stop saying that. He says he is better looking than I am.”

Image Source – KBS “Happy Together”

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HOTSHOT Confirms Comeback as 5-Member Group

HOTSHOT confirms comeback as a 5-member group!

On October 15, Star Crew ENT released details about the comeback of HOTSHOT on the group’s official fan cafe. According to the notice, HOTSHOT is preparing for a comeback on November 8. This is their first comeback in about a year, since “Jelly” promotions.

Image Source – Star Crew ENT

This is also their first comeback as a full group in a while. Both Noh Tae-Hyun and Ko Ho-Jung have completed their promotions with JBJ and UNB, and finally returned to their original group. Ha Sung-Woon will not be participating in the promotions as he is still contracted to work exclusively for Wanna One.

The upcoming mini album will contain a total of 5 tracks. HOTSHOT members said, “we unfortunately had to postpone our planned comeback in October, but only to increase the quality of our upcoming album. We wanted to repay all the love and encouragement from our fans with the best album quality. We worked very hard for this upcoming comeback, and we promise to bring to you a great music and performance.”

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Group HOTSHOT Is Currently Preparing for a 5-Member Comeback

Boy group HOTSHOT is gearing up to begin activities as a five-member group.

Image source – Star Crew Entertainment

On September 4, HOTSHOT’s agency Star Crew Entertainment announced the group’s intention to make a comeback. In particular, not that with member Noh Tae-hyun’s activities with group JBJ behind him, he can now return to the group. Unfortunately, member Ha Sung-woon, who is currently promoting as part of group Wanna One, will not be able to rejoin HOTSHOT until sometime next year. Likewise, member Go Ho-jung is now performing “The Unit” created boy group UNB.

As a result, Star Crew Entertainment and the group have decided to proceed as a five-member group until Ha and Go are released from their contract. However, although HOTSHOT will not be returning with all of their members, they also have an excellent opportunity to promote themselves. With different members gain popularity in their side groups and projects, it could mean a positive boost for the group overall.

Meanwhile, Star Crew Entertainment plans to release additional information later.



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Wanna One’s Ong Seong-Woo and Ha Sung-Woon to Appear on ‘Law of the Jungle’

Wanna One’s Ong Seong-Woo and Ha Sung-Woon are heading to Sabah to film for SBS ‘Law of the Jungle.’

On April 19, OSEN reported that Ong Seong-Woo and Ha Sung-Woon recently confirmed to appear on ‘Law of the Jungle in Sabah.’

The two has previously expressed their desire to appear on the program, but were unable to join due to scheduling conflicts. Since they have appeared in various TV programs and proved their sense of humor, much anticipation is rising regarding their appearance in the jungle.

Producer Min Sun-Hong is in charge of ‘Law of Jungle in Sabah’. He has previously directed ‘Law of Jungle’ in New Zealand and Cook Island. Besides the two Wanna One members, actor Yoon Shi-Yoon and Shinhwa’s Eric, Minwoo, and Andy confirmed to join as well.

The crew members for ‘Law of the Jungle in Sabah’ will depart in May, and the program will premiere in July.

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Wanna One to go on a World Tour “One: The World”

On April 2, boy group Wanna One announced the locations of their world tour “One: The World” via Facebook and Instagram.

Wanna One announced that they will have a world tour concert with the title: “Wanna One World Tour <One: The world>”

In the poster they released, the locations of the tour were written on the bottom. The locations included San Hose, Dallas, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Taipei and others. However, the poster reveals only the locations and nothing about the theme or the dates of the tour. Thus, much anticipation is rising regarding Wanna One’s first world tour concerts.

During the tour, Wanna one will be visiting 13 cities in total, starting in Seoul. They are the first group in history to have a world tour as a group’s first solo concert.

Meanwhile, Wanna One recently made a comeback with their second mini album ‘0+1 = 1 (I PROMISE YOU).’ The group also created a controversy when a private conversation between select members was accidentally broadcasted, but this did not stop them from winning 3 wins from music shows.

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