Sulli Reveals That the Show ‘Jinri Market’ Helped Her in New Pictorial

Sulli’s entertainment program “Jinri Market” provided her with an opportunity that she says helped her.

Sulli, a former member of f(x), sported a quirky and unique style in her latest pictorial in fashion magazine Grazia. The shoot partially reflected the city where it took place, Tokyo. Unlike the bustle that the metropolis is known for, there was a quiet and still atmosphere that allows viewers to focus on focal pieces and makeup for the upcoming spring season.

In the interview that followed the shoot, Sulli expressed her feeling about “Jinri Market” which ended recently. With filming having taken place in Europe, the singer and actress said that the show “brought me into the outside world” because she had to meet so many different people outside of what she is used to. Additionally, with the focus on the show being a pop-up shop, she also had to take on managerial duties and took part in important meetings.

Overall, she says that her biggest gain came in the form of people. ” I have vivid memories with everyone, including those involved in the pop-u, fan I met, and so on,” recalled Sulli.




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HyunA Shares Her Fashion Philosophy in Pictorials with “Grazia”

HyunA shows off her flawless bare skin in pictorials with magazine “Grazia”

On November 20, magazine Grazia released preview images from HyunA’s photoshoot session. To seem as natural as possible, the singer even removed the base makeup and stood in front of the camera completely bare-faced.

During the interview that followed the photoshoot, HyunA talked about her unwavering tastes and fashion philosophy. She said, “I’m very clear of the things that I like and they don’t change very often. For the past few years, I’ve been into vintage mix-and-match styles. I frequently visit vintage markets in Japan and Europe, as well as the vintage shops at the Usadangil in Korea.”

At the end, she also talked about her current hairstyle. HyunA said, “I got a perm at a hair salon in my neighborhood. It’s the type of salon that elderly men go to. I didn’t expect it to turn out so great, but I’m glad it did.”

Meanwhile, HyunA recently gathered much attention for outing her relationship former PENTAGON member, E’Dawn. The two artists have removed themselves from CUBE Entertainment and are continuing to promote solo without agencies.

Image Source – Grazia

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Irene Shows Off Different Summer Styles in Fashion Magazine Grazia

Red Velvet’s Irene takes over the cover of Grazia magazine for its September issue.

Singer Irene, who recently made a comeback with group Red Velvet with the energetic “Power Up,” shows off a colorful and chic style for Grazia magazine.

According to the magazine, the singer’s cover and pictorial shots were taken in both New York and Seoul this summer. Further, in the new issue, Irene reveals how she stays organized and stays positive, even with a hectic schedule.




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