AOMG Seeks the Next Generation of Hip-Hop Artists Through Competition Show

AOMG Official has partnered with MBN to launch a new competition show to find the next generation of great hip-hop talent in South Korea.

Jay Park, Simon Dominic (top row), Gray, Code Kunst – AOMG

MBN and AOMG Official are collaboration to discover the next generation of South Korean hip-hop artists in the form of a competition survival show. For the new program called “SighHere,” the show will look to find the artists that are extremely talented rappers, vocalists, or producers. In particular, they are looking for people who are well-rounded with both basic production and performance skills.

Artists from AOMG Official including Jay Park, who is the CEO of the label, Simon Dominic, Gray, Code Kunst, Woo Won-jae and more, will join the program as team leaders. The leaders will try to recruit members who will compete against opposing teams in the show. Further, if they struggle to get people on their side, they themselves may have to step into the competition which is a facet that is raising expectations.

On top of that, it is noteworthy this is the first program headed by producer Nam Sung-hyun, who transferred from KBS to MBN. Previously, Nam worked on “Hyena on the Keyboard” and assisted in the creation of the hit collaboration song “Don’t Give it to Me” by Loco and MAMAMOO Hwasa.

Meanwhile, “SignHere” will premeier during the first half of the year.




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AOMG Puts Dating Rumors About Rapper Gray and Actress Song Da-Eun to Rest

AOMG quickly put to rest rumors that its artist, rapper Gray, is dating actress Song Da-Eun.

Gray and Song Da-eun – OSEN News

AOMG Official, Gray’s management agency, told news outlets on Friday afternoon that a report claiming that the rapper and actress Song Da-eun are dating is a groundless rumor. The statement came just 20 minutes after the now debunked article emerged and helped to prevent the story from spreading any further. Song’s representative also denied the rumor afterward.

Earlier, a media outlet reported that Gray and Song had graduated into a romantic relationship from friends. Further, according to the article, the two began to date sometime last year. However, due to their celebrity status, they have been cautious to hide their relationship in public. On the other hand, when with close acquaintances, they were able to open up and express their affection for each other, the article purported.

Meanwhile, Gray is behind numerous hit songs as a rapper and producer for singer Jay Park’s label AOMG Official. Additionally, the rapper is loved by the public after appearing on cable channel Mnet rapper survival program “Show Me the Money 5.”

Last year, Song saw her popularity grow after starring in Channel A’s “Heart Signal 2” last year. She later appeared in well-received web dramas.



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The Korea Music Copyright Association Looks to Honor Creative K-Pop Idols

As the preeminence of K-pop stars who have the skill and talent to write their own music grows, the Korea Music Copyright Association looks to highlight their work.

Zico, CNBLUE Jung Yong-hwa, iKon B.I. – OSEN News database

K-pop Idol composers such as Zico, Highlight’s Yong Jun-hyung, Seventeen’s Woozi, AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk, iKON B.I., CNBLUE Jung Yong-hwa, and former B1A4 member Jinyoung and more have made songs that have managed to succeed in the mainstream music market. Besides all of these artists being talented singer-songwriters, they also have another commonality. They are all hit-making members of the Korea Music Copyright Association.

Before the 56th annual general meeting, which will take place at 63 Convention Center in Yeouido, Seoul, the association released its list of candidates that it will promote on its website this year. Out of its more than 30,000 music copyright holding members, the association as chosen to promote 25 members who have received the most royalties over the past few years.

Several well-known artists have been honored with the association’s promotions including BTS Suga (2018), Im Chang-jung, Kim Tae-woo (2017), IU, Crush (2016), and BoA (2015). The promotion brings with it media attention and higher public recognition.

In addition to the idol members up for the promotion this year, Beom-Jun Jang, 10 cm Kwon Jung-yeol and Yoon Cheol-jong, Zion.T, Gray, Bumzu, and pianist Yiruma are also candidates.

An associate representative said that the trend in the pop music industry which favors musicians with creative ability is reflected in their list. Going on, the representative said that to support their members they will be developing ways to support the welfare.




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AOMG Music Family Gathers to Send Loco Off to the Military

The AOMG family gather together to send off labelmate and friend Loco as he begins his two years of mandatory military service.

Image source – Instagram

On Wednesday, rapper and singer Gray posted a photo on social media with different artists signed to AOMG Music as a (temporary) farewell to friend and labelmate Loco (real name Kwon Hyuk-woo) who enlisted. The rapper is and is set to go through basic training before serving as a police officer.

In the photo Gray, Simon D., Ugly Duckling, Code Kunst, DJ Pumpkin, Woo Won-jae, Elo and others strike different poses around a cardboard cutout of Loco. Along with the photo, Gray wrote “my dear Hyuk-woo, don’t get hurt and make sure to come back healthy.”

Image source – Instagram

However, the AOMG members weren’t the only ones to post a goodbye message. On the same day, Loco took to social media where he announced his latest album which also served as a goodbye present for his fans. “Hello, my new album Hello, will be released at 6 p.m. tonight. Please enjoy listening to the album,” the rapper wrote. In response, fans responded with massage and comments of encouragement and to say their farewells.

Image source – AOMG Official

The new EP has six tracks and features many of the talented artists from his record label with collaborations with pH-1, Woo Won-jae, Paloalto, and Zion T. Moreover, it is also produced by Gray, Woogie, Goosebumps, Thurxday and Kitsches. In addition to the album, AOMG plans to sell limited edition stamps and calendar featuring Loco.

Meanwhile, besides Loco, BtoB member Lee Min-hyuk, rapper Hanhae, and former Infinite member Hoya also enlisted on Wednesday.



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Loco and GRAY Make Comeback with First Duet Song in 2 Years


Loco and GRAY came back with their first duet song in 2 years.

At 6 PM on the 28th, Loco and GRAY released their new digital single ‘Late Night’ and its music video.

‘Late Night’ is the two artists’ first duet song in 2 years, since they released ‘GOOD (Feat. ELO)’ back in 2016. The new song has witty lyrics and a vibrant melody.

In the music video, fellow AOMG artists Code Kunst, Woo Won-jae, ELO, and DJ Wegun make special appearances.

Meanwhile, Loco will be joining the army on February 7th next year. Until then, he will consistently perform through a variety of performances.


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LOCO to Collaborate with Gray for One Last Track Before Military Enlistment

Rapper Loco announces new track with Gray before he enlists in the military!

On November 26, AOMG reported, “Loco has confirmed to enlist in the military on February 7, 2019 as a conscripted policeman. Prior to the enlistment, the rapper has decided to release one last digital single with producer Gray on November 28.”

Image source – AOMG

According to the post, the rapper has collaborated with producer Gray for one last track before he officially begins his military duties. Furthermore, the news excited many fans as it had been two years since the two artists collaborated on a track together. They released “GOOD” in 2016, but have seen walked separate musical paths.

Meanwhile, Loco plans to meet with his fans through a number of promotional events before saying goodbye for military enlistment. The new track with producer Gray will drop on November 28 at 6PM, KST.

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Producer Lineup for “Show Me the Money 777” Including Gray, BewhY and More

“Show Me the Money” announces further lineup of producer teams for the upcoming season 7, which includes the winner of season 5 – rapper BewhY.

Mnet’s survival show “Show Me the Money” revealed two more producer teams for the upcoming season7 , including producer Gray, rappers BewhY, Nucksal, and Deepflow.

On July 2, the show announced their first producer team, composed of rappers Swings and Giriboy. At the time, the program’s production staff showed much confidence by saying, “Swings and Giriboy are two artists who have the ability to lead South Korea’s Hip Hop scene. Furthermore, they are one of the teams that contestants have shown much preference.”

Following Swings and Giriboy, rappers Nucksal and Deepflow confirmed their appearance.

Deeflow is the CEO of one of the major Hip Hop labels in South Korea, VMC. He is known for producing a hit track “Jakdu” and 2015 album “Yanghwa,” through which he had shown his distinct sound. In response to the news announcing his participation in “SMTM,” Deepflow said, “I want to discover a young talent. Through “Show Me the Money 777,” I am interested to find out what kind of new sound I will get to hear, that I’ve never heard before in my life.”

In addition, the runner-up of “SMTM 6” Nucksal decided to join the program. But this time, he will appear not as a contestant, but as a producer. Nucksal said, “with Deepflow, I know I’ll have a lot of fun while participating in this contestant. I will try my best to produce music with new sound and new style.”

The third producer team “SMTM 7” revealed was a collaboration between BewhY and Gray. This is not the first time these two artists worked together on the show; they first met in season 5 when Gray acted as BewhY’s producer to help the rapper get his much-deserved win.

BewhY, after earning the public’s trust and support by winning season 5, released many hit tracks and continued to thrive as one of Korea’s best rappers. This time, he has made alliance with producer Gray, in order to help the contestants, just like he had received help several years ago.

Meanwhile, “Show Me the Money 777” aims to begin airing in September. Who do you think will win this season?

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[MV] Jessi Shows Off Her Hot Body in “Down” Music Video and DF Live

Jessi is back hotter and sexier than ever before!

On July 6, Jessi released her digital single “Down,” for which she partnered with producer Gray. In the music video, she is showing off her hot body in a bikini – a perfect match to her song that has a cool, tropical sound.

The rapper also participated in a live music video with Dingo Freestyle. In the video, she live performs her song flawlessly, accompanied by sexy choreography.

Check them out below!

Jessi Partnered With Rapper and Producer Gray for Upcoming Single

Jessi collaborated with mainstream producer and rapper Gray.

Image source – YMC Entertainment

On June 28, YMC Entertainment reported that “Hip-hop label AOMG producer Gray participated in Jessi’s new digital single.”

The news comes just a few days after YMC announced that the female rapper was preparing to return in July. Further, the new release is the first for the year and as such, is highly anticipated by her fans.

According to her agency, the new song will have a “cool sound” that will pair nicely with the hot summer days. In particular, with the news that Gray has participated in the song, it will sure to be trendy. Additionally, YMC said that the two worked perfectly together and that the result of their collaboration will satisfy awaiting fans.

Meanwhile, Jessi will release her new song on July 6.



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[M/V] Jay Park, Simon D, Loco, and Gray Release ‘Upside Down’

Some of the most prominent artists from AOMG have come together on “Upside Down.”

“Upside Down” is the latest release from the label, continuing their notable presence in the music world. Before this song, both singer Hoody and Jay park released new songs at the end of April. Additionally, rapper Loco’s collaboration with MAMAMOO Hwasa is currently dominating music charts.

Check out the video below!