GOT7 Members Chat with Twitter’s Creator and CEO Jack Dorsey.

GOT7 members Mark, Young-jae, and BamBam, met with Twitter creator and CEO Jack Dorsey to chat about K-pop and how the micro-blogging site has helped it grow.

For the past few days, Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey has been in South Korea where he has had an opportunity to meet president Moon Jae-in, attend a press conference, and even sit down to converse with K-pop idols. It is part of the silicon valley power house’s international tour of regional offices. While there were a variety of subjects to talk about, one, in particular, held the most discussion time: K-pop.

K-pop has contributed to Twitter’s resurgence in South Korea, the CEO of Twitter Korea Shin Cheong-seop acknowledged in an interview last year. When Twitter was introduced to the country in the early 2010s, daily user use was far below other places in the world.

However, after actively expanding K-pop idol group accounts and broadcasting interviews on Twitter in 2015, “fans began to flock to [Twitter],” for the artists domestically and around the world revealed CEO Shin.

Dorsey echoed this sentiment. “K-pop loves Twitter; Twitter loves K-pop. Certainly, we benefited massively from people choosing us to have a conversation about their passion,” he said Friday. According to the micro-blogging site, South Korea ranks as the second fastest growing revenue market for the company. This year it may ascend to first place.

On Friday when he sat down with GOT7 member Mark, Young-jae, and BamBam, Dorsey and another company representative chatted about how they discovered and used the program. BamBam commented that he likes to use Twitter because it is one of the “fastest ways to connect with people” all over the world.

This connection is one of the reasons why K-pop Twitter is growing so much. With a legion of followers groups like BTS (14.4 million followers) and GOT7 (6.2 million followers) have fans who had translated updates and shared information on the platform years before the entertainment agencies started providing translations themselves.

While GOT7 members have seen the benefits of the platform in communicating with the fanbase, Youngjae presented an idea for a better and more intimate way to speak to fans when Dorsey asked them how they would run Twitter. “If [we] could make a room and put a limit on the number of people in the room [and] the first people to get into the room (sic) gets a chance to talk to you,” he said through a translation by member Mark.

His idea was well received by Dorsey, and with South Korea and K-pop playing an important role on the platform, his idea might take hold.

Check out their full conversation here.



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Images courtesy of GOT7 Official Twitter Account

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JUS2 Smolder in Black and White Vogue Pictorial

Vogue Korea unveiled a smoldering pictorial featuring JUS2 members JB and Yugyeom.

On Tuesday, fashion magazine Vogue Korea releases pictures from a pictorial featuring the members of GOT7’s sub-unit JUS2. JB and Yugyeom, the members that comprise JUS2, smolder in the black and white photos with a restrained sensuality drawing a positive reaction from fans.

JYP Entertainment introduced JUS2 as the second unit from GOT7 after members JB and Jinyoung’s JJ Project, which released album Verse 2 in 2017. After debuting with their title song “Focus on Me,” JUS2 has gotten favorable reviews due to the fantastic combination of main vocalist JB and dancer Yugueom. Notably, both participated in writing and composing not only the title song but the rest of the tracks on their album.

Meanwhile, the duo will embark on an overseas showcase tour in six different countries starting in April. Moreover, during that same month, they will release the Japanese version of their debut album.




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[M/V] GOT7’s Unit JUS2 Debuts with the Hypnotic ‘Focus On Me’

GOT7’s new two-person unit JUS2 composed of JB and Yugyeom have released their FOCUS, their first mini-album.

The unit’s debut album is headed by the title track “Focus on Me,” a hypnotic song that features dark R&B rhythms. Check it out here.

GOT7 Jackson Thrills Fans With His “Chocolate Abs”

GOT7 Jackson doesn’t miss an opportunity to take off his shirt and let his fans (and others who may not have asked) see the benefits of his workout.


Jackson, a member of GOT7, caught fans’ attention with a new picture he posted on social media showing off his “chocolate abs” on Thursday. In the picture, he stands with nothing but his pants and a baseball cap that covers most of his face except his bright and mischevious smile.

Captioning the picture, the rapper wrote “It (sic) better now,” which seems to be both a question and a statement. Either way, the answer is “yes” according to the almost 800,000 likes that the picture currently has.

Meanwhile, besides working with GOT7, Jackson also has a thriving solo career in China and acts as an advertising model for Fendi. Further, earlier this year, he went on a media tour in the U.S. where he had interviews at different radio stations all over the country.




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GOT7 BamBam’s First Solo Fan Meeting Tour to Bangkok Sold out Quickly

Tickets to BamBam’s first solo fan meeting tour to Bangkok sold out quickly, proving the artist’s global popularity.

JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment announced GOT7 member BamBam’s first solo fan meet in Thailand. The upcoming tour in March is titled, “BAMBAM THE FIRST FAN MEETING TOUR ‘BLACK FEATHER’ IN THAILAND.”

BamBam’s first fan meeting tour to Thailand will be held in five cities from March 1 to 17. Two concerts in Bangkok, the first city of the tour, sold out as soon as the tickets opened. The additional concert, too, sold out quickly.

BamBam’s popularity in Thailand has once again been proven by the upcoming fan meet. When the tickets opened, he topped the local Twitter’s trending keywords. He also topped the most mentioned hashtags chart in 2018.

Meanwhile, GOT7 members are launching various group and solo promotions this year. JB and Yugyeom will launch the unit activities as Jus2 on March 5 by releasing the first mini album “Focus,” which will be followed by showcase tour in 7 cities including Macau, Tokyo, Taipei, Osaka, Jakarta, Bangkok, and Singapore. Jinyoung will continue to build his career as an actor by leading upcoming tvN drama, “He Is Psychometric.”


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BTS No.1 for Selling Most Albums on Ebay Korea for 2018

BTS has once again proven their global popularity by selling the most albums to foreigners on Ebay Korea for 2018!

Yonhap News

On February 17, Ebay Korea reported their sales for albums and photobooks increased by 62% while idol related goods like t-shirts, mugs etc. went up by 55% in 2018.

BTS’s 3rd album Love Yourself 轉 Tear was reported to have sold the most for 2018. Even though the BTS album as a packaged set with 4 versions could be considered to be one of the most expensive Kpop albums at 65,000 won (~$65), the price did not deter the popularity of the album. It has been reported that 1 out of 5 shoppers on Ebay Korea (aka gmarket global website) purchased the packaged BTS album set that included a photobook, photocard, poster etc.

Unboxing video of BTS’s 3rd album Love Yourself 轉 Tear for the curious.

BTS’s 3rd album Love Yourself 轉 Tear, title track: Fake Love

Other boy groups responsible for increasing album sales by 62% includes Wanna One, EXO, GOT7, Super Junior and Shinee showing off the power of Kpop boy groups.

Congratulations to BTS for setting another record!


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JB and Yugyeom Revealed as GOT7’s New Sub-Unit JUS2

On Wednesday, JYP Entertainment left GOT7’s fans excited but befuddled after a mysterious teaser of two members. With their identities revealed, only hype remains.

Image source – JYP Entertainment

On Thursday, JYP Entertainment revealed the members of GOT7’s new sub-unit JUS2 as none other than leader JB and dance machine Yugyeom with a series of eye-catching pictures.

The two create an imbue the black and white pictures with splashes of bright red with an interesting atmosphere. Naturally, following the release of the stylized pictures, fans are speculating on what kind of music the two will present in their upcoming mini-album FOCUS. Either way, excitement and expectation are high for the group’s second official unit following JJ Project and their 2017 summer release Verse 2.

According to an additional teaser, JUS2’s music video will be released a full day ahead of the album on Monday, March 4 at midnight. Alongside the release of their album on Tuesday, the two will have a live premiere with Naver’s VAPP at the Walkerhill Theater in Seoul.




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EXO’s D.O Voted as the Most Anticipated Idol-Turned-Actor of 2019

EXO’s member D.O, or Do Kyung-soo, has been voted as the most anticipated idol-turned-actor of 2019.

SM Entertainment

MBC Plus’ mobile application “Idol Champ” has recently opened a survey with the title, “Who is the most anticipated idol-turned-actor of 2019?” From Jin-young who recently acted his first big-screen lead in “The Dude in Me” to April’s Na-eun of online drama series “A-Teen,” a number of idol artists gained a total of 120 thousand votes.

D.O, who is also known by his actor name Do Kyung-soo, gained 35.32% of the total votes. He has been mentioned as the most talented idol actors several times. Since his acting debut through a 2014 movie “Cart,” Do Kyung-soo has portrayed a wide range of characters from an ALS patient in the drama “It’s Okay That’s Love” to a serial killer in “Hello Monster.”

ASTRO’s member Cha Eun-woo gained 30.17% of the total votes, taking the second place following Do Kyung-soo. Many acclaimed his talent to convey the character in the 2018 drama, “My ID is Gangnam Beauty.”

17.16% of the voters voted for Infinite’s L, who starred in “Shut Up Flower Boy Band,” “What Is Mom?” “Master’s Sun,” and “The Time We Were Not in Love.” Especially in “The Emperor: Owner of the Mask,” L showed his ability in different genres.

Vixx’ N, WJSN’s Bona, SF9’s Rowoon, GOT7’s Jinyoung, DIA’s Jung Chae-yeon, Gugudan’s Kang Mina, April’s Son Na-eun, and Hello Venus’ Nara follow the mentioned three.


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GOT7 Mark Say That the Group Is Always His Focus

As time goes on the different charms of GOT7 Mark, the shy visual, slowly come to light, but through the five years that the group has been together, one thing has not changed his focus on the group.

GOT7 member Mark decorates the pages of The Star‘s February issue in a unique eye-catching pictorial. In the shots, the rapper dons a variety of different pieces including a sequined shirt, a jacket that appears to be filled with fabric flowers, and patterned trousers.

In the interview after the photo shoot, Mark takes about a few things that have caught his interest recently. In particular, he has found a fashion has grabbed his attention. “Nowadays, I’ve been interested in fashion which came about after I took pictures for different fashion magazines by myself,” said Mark.

Moreover, he has found that unusual piece to be exciting. “This time, I tried on a pair of short pants for the first time, and it was cool,” he said adding that having to try on different clothes for these shoots have allowed him to show different sides of himself.

Besides fashion, the GOT7 member has been exposed as quite the trickster thanks to his participation in the XtvN show “GOT7 Real Thai” that is currently broadcasting. “Everyone said they were surprised by my playful sense of humor. Originally, I like to tease and play around with my friends (privately). But this time around, I think I’m more comfortable,” he admitted.

However, above all of this, Mark said that his greatest interest lays with his group, GOT7, both its success and personal development. Since making their debut five years ago, the members have grown together. “Out team GOT7 always. Now that we’ve made out debut, the members have created many of our own stories and give each other strength.”

With that said, it seems like he has finally made peace with his identity and career. “I once thought, ‘what am I doing?'” Mark reveals when thinking about being a K-pop idol. Now, “I definitly like it, but I was confused about whether it was right for me or not.”

A lot of this acceptance has come with time and GOT7 increasing control over their music and means of communication with their fans. Although he was very determined to be top brass when he was a trainee, once he debuted with the group, the long hours and hard work was a difficult adjustment. “I don’t want those kinds of days now. We wanted to communicate with fans like we do now and make the music we wanted to do.”

Further, although he has been doing a few photo shoots by himself, he hopes that everyone will get to know the group through him.




Image source – The Star Magazine

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TVN Releases Stills of GOT7 Park Jinyoung in ‘He Is Psychometric’

GOT7 member Park Jinyoung transforms into a psychometric teen for a new drama.

Park jinyoung
Image source – tVN

In tVN’s new monthly drama “He Is Psychometric” a love story unravels between two high school students that seemingly have little in common. Even so, they both have secrets that will change each other’s lives.

Park Jinyoung from GOT7 takes his first lead role as Ian in “He Is Psychometric” as a high school student with secret powers. According to reports, Ian has the ability to see other people’s memories when he comes into contact with them. As a result, he can decipher secrets in just three seconds.

In still photos released by tVN, Park’s perfect visuals and self-confident look hint at his character’s personality. He jumps over a school gate and lands solidly on his feet. Confident, fearless, and perhaps even a bit reckless appear to be part of Ian’s personality. However, while confident his is also clumsy and manages to stir up trouble.

Meanwhile, the new drama is set to air on March 4 at 9:30 p.m.



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