Lee Sung-Kyung Captivates in Red at Milan Fashion Week

Lee Sung-kyung, who is an actress and model, made a splash at the Fendi show at the Milan Fashion Week with her bold red style.

On her way to attend the late Karl Lagerfeld‘s Fendi 2019 Autumn/Winter Women’s Collection Show” held in Milan last Thursday, Lee Sung-kyung attracted attention with her red outfit.

Wearing a red textured flitz skirt, a t-shirt and short jacket both from Fendi’s Roma Amor line by Lagerfeld, Lee gained attention from media outlets who had gathered for the late designer’s last show. According to reports, sources say that people admired her “Barbie doll proportions” and ranked her high in regards to both fashion and beauty.

Last week when new of Lagerfeld’s death came to light, it was reported that Lee was invited to view his last collection in Milan.




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Actress Lee Sung-Kyung to Attend Karl Lagerfeld’s Last Fashion Show

Actress and model Lee Sung-kyung will be at a fashion show where the last of Karl Lagerfeld’s designs will be showcased.

Lee Sung-kyung
Image source – OSEN News database

Lee Sung-kyung will head to the final Fendi 2019 Autumn/Winter Women’s Collection Show by the late Karl Lagerfeld, which will take place at the Milan Fashion Week.

The famous designer passed away on Tuesday at the age of 85 after leading a life that had a tremendous influence on fashion as we know it today. Lagerfeld is credited with helping to form to what the luxury fashion world is today with his work as creative director of Fendi and Chanel singer 1965 and 1983, respectively.

His signature style, for himself and his collections, could be seen in the cross-section of “high fashion and high camp,” as The New York Times puts it, earned him a legion of admirers including several K-pop stars and models. From G-Dragon and CL to actress Song Hye-kyo, various celebrities who had a chance to meet or work with the prodigious designer posted messages about him as news about his passing spread.




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Actress Kim Hee-Sun is Chic and Luxurious in New Photo Shoot

In a picture spread titled “Hyper Feminine,” actress Kim Hee-sun pulls off chic and luxurious looks in the June issue of Style Chosun.

The photo shoot, which was taken with a “twin look” concept, displays the actress’s pure elegance by styling her in two different styles in one space. Notably, all the clothing featured in the shoot are from fashion brand Fendi.

In the first photo, the multicolored check patterned coat ($3,390) and green wool midi-length skirt ($1,290) along with the sculpted-heel mesh pumps ($750) tie the two looks together

Lips are the focal point of the make-up are the bold lips that stand out with the mostly natural and flush look Kim dons. Her red lips in the second photo compliment the Fendi wool suit (jacket $3,690, pants $990) and feminine skirt outfit ($2,890).

The last photo is definitely the most luxurious (and expensive!) with pieces that clearly display the clothing line’s logo. The two featured outfits include a wool sweater ($990) and clothe ankle boots ($990) and partial-leather boots ($1,100)

Meanwhile, Kim Hee-sun has starred in a variety of different films and dramas. Some of her most memorable work includes JTBC’s “The Lady in Dignity,” and SBS’s “My Fair Lady.”



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