Lee Sung-Kyung Captivates in Red at Milan Fashion Week

Lee Sung-kyung, who is an actress and model, made a splash at the Fendi show at the Milan Fashion Week with her bold red style.

On her way to attend the late Karl Lagerfeld‘s Fendi 2019 Autumn/Winter Women’s Collection Show” held in Milan last Thursday, Lee Sung-kyung attracted attention with her red outfit.

Wearing a red textured flitz skirt, a t-shirt and short jacket both from Fendi’s Roma Amor line by Lagerfeld, Lee gained attention from media outlets who had gathered for the late designer’s last show. According to reports, sources say that people admired her “Barbie doll proportions” and ranked her high in regards to both fashion and beauty.

Last week when new of Lagerfeld’s death came to light, it was reported that Lee was invited to view his last collection in Milan.




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Sulli Reveals That the Show ‘Jinri Market’ Helped Her in New Pictorial

Sulli’s entertainment program “Jinri Market” provided her with an opportunity that she says helped her.

Sulli, a former member of f(x), sported a quirky and unique style in her latest pictorial in fashion magazine Grazia. The shoot partially reflected the city where it took place, Tokyo. Unlike the bustle that the metropolis is known for, there was a quiet and still atmosphere that allows viewers to focus on focal pieces and makeup for the upcoming spring season.

In the interview that followed the shoot, Sulli expressed her feeling about “Jinri Market” which ended recently. With filming having taken place in Europe, the singer and actress said that the show “brought me into the outside world” because she had to meet so many different people outside of what she is used to. Additionally, with the focus on the show being a pop-up shop, she also had to take on managerial duties and took part in important meetings.

Overall, she says that her biggest gain came in the form of people. ” I have vivid memories with everyone, including those involved in the pop-u, fan I met, and so on,” recalled Sulli.




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Karl Lagerfeld Dies at 85; Korean Fashion Models Pay Tribute

Yonhap News

Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld has passed away.

On February 19th, Chanel announced that the brand’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld had passed away in Paris, France. The sign of death has not been revealed. However, Lagerfeld’s health reportedly had gone worse for the last few weeks. He also did not attend Chanel’s Haute Couture show in Paris last January.

Karl Lagerfeld was originally born in Hamburg, Germany. He moved to Paris at the age of 14 and started working as a designer. First, he started off as Pierre Balmain’s assistant, and worked as a designer at brands including Chloé and Valentino. In 1983, Lagerfeld was appointed as the creative director of Chanel, and his Haute Couture debut show was praised and called the “rebirth of Chanel”.

Meanwhile, many fashion models that have walked his Chanel shows are paying tribute to him on social media. Among them, Korean models Soo Joo and Jung Hoyeon also mourned Lagerfeld.





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Actor Won Bin Models Casual Spring Fashion in New Pictorial

Actor Hyun Bin showed off some of the key fashion for the spring season.

The men’s casual fashion brand Olzen has unveiled some piece from its new 2019 spring collection featuring handsome actor Won Bin.

Taking place all over Sydney, Australia the actor presents a casual, everyday look that everyone can pull off come spring. streamline coats and light sweaters help build a bridge from cold winter to warm spring.

The styling mostly contains basic items like t-shirts, jeans, and one casual suit. Even so, it is approachable in a way that one Olzen representative said mad it “perfect for the season.”

With the addition of Won Bin, a sense of luxury and sophistication helps step things up a bit.

During and after the shoot, staff members praised the actor for his professionalism and modeling ability. The entire pictorial can be found on the fashion brand’s official social media channels as well as on Top Mall’s website.




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GOT7 Mark Say That the Group Is Always His Focus

As time goes on the different charms of GOT7 Mark, the shy visual, slowly come to light, but through the five years that the group has been together, one thing has not changed his focus on the group.

GOT7 member Mark decorates the pages of The Star‘s February issue in a unique eye-catching pictorial. In the shots, the rapper dons a variety of different pieces including a sequined shirt, a jacket that appears to be filled with fabric flowers, and patterned trousers.

In the interview after the photo shoot, Mark takes about a few things that have caught his interest recently. In particular, he has found a fashion has grabbed his attention. “Nowadays, I’ve been interested in fashion which came about after I took pictures for different fashion magazines by myself,” said Mark.

Moreover, he has found that unusual piece to be exciting. “This time, I tried on a pair of short pants for the first time, and it was cool,” he said adding that having to try on different clothes for these shoots have allowed him to show different sides of himself.

Besides fashion, the GOT7 member has been exposed as quite the trickster thanks to his participation in the XtvN show “GOT7 Real Thai” that is currently broadcasting. “Everyone said they were surprised by my playful sense of humor. Originally, I like to tease and play around with my friends (privately). But this time around, I think I’m more comfortable,” he admitted.

However, above all of this, Mark said that his greatest interest lays with his group, GOT7, both its success and personal development. Since making their debut five years ago, the members have grown together. “Out team GOT7 always. Now that we’ve made out debut, the members have created many of our own stories and give each other strength.”

With that said, it seems like he has finally made peace with his identity and career. “I once thought, ‘what am I doing?'” Mark reveals when thinking about being a K-pop idol. Now, “I definitly like it, but I was confused about whether it was right for me or not.”

A lot of this acceptance has come with time and GOT7 increasing control over their music and means of communication with their fans. Although he was very determined to be top brass when he was a trainee, once he debuted with the group, the long hours and hard work was a difficult adjustment. “I don’t want those kinds of days now. We wanted to communicate with fans like we do now and make the music we wanted to do.”

Further, although he has been doing a few photo shoots by himself, he hopes that everyone will get to know the group through him.




Image source – The Star Magazine

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S.E.S. Shoo’s Outfit During Her First Illegal Gambling Trial Becomes a Hot Topic

While former girl group S.E.S. Shoo is on trial for illegally gambling hundreds of millions of won abroad, her ‘court fashion’ has become the talk of the town.

Image source – OSEN News

Shoo attended her first hearing at the Dongbu District Court on Seoul on Thursday morning regarding an illegal gambling charge that emerged last year. Making her way to the building, the singer’s outfit surprised onlookers and reporters on location.  

Shoo’s elegant gloves and glasses, while black, drew attention and controversy. Seeming for the sake of fashion rather than necessity, many netizens felt that she accessories damaged her image even more.

Usually, celebrities wear simple black clothing when they appear in court or are summoned to go to a police station for questioning; it creates a sense of formality and professionalism.


Some netizen wrote that her outfit was “too much” for a court hearing. Others speculated that she wore the gloves to hide her nails which may have had ostentatious nail art. Unfortunately, it seems controversy regarding the appropriateness of the singer’s outfit will likely continue for the time being.

Meanwhile, Shoo is suspected of illegally gambling abroad totaling 798.25 million won last year. Moreover, according to the prosecution, she gambled over two dozen times since August 6.

During the hearing, she admitted to all of the prosecution’s charges. “I have read the indictment, and I admit all the charges,” said Shoo. Another individual referred to as “A” who lent around 200 million won to Shoo knowing that it was going to be used for gambling has also been indicted.

When leaving the court, the singer spoke briefly to reporters where she apologized for her action and said she is reflecting on her actions.



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Jessica Shows Off Chic and Lovely Charm in Recent SNS Post

Former Girls’ Generation Jessica shows off different looks promoting her fashion brand Blanc & Eclare.

Image source – Instagram

On January 7, former Girls’ Generation (SNSD) member Jessica uploaded several pictures onto her personal Instagram account. In the photos, the singer-turn-designer is both chic and lovely.

In one, she is dressed in all white, barely standing out against a background of the same color. However, her red lips and the use of one prop — an iPhone with a black ‘Blanc & Eclare’ logo — adds contrast. Moreover, in another photo, she wears her hair down and softly clutched the same prop, this time in white, in her hands in front of a pink backdrop.

Meanwhile, Jessica debuted in 2007 with SNSD and emerged as a global star and at the head of Hallyu wave. After separating from the group in 2014, she has been working on her business and solo music.



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Actress Shin Se-Kyung Adds This Unique Personal Touch to Each Role

In an interview and photo shoot with fashion beauty magazine Cosmopolitan, actress Shin Se-Kyung that she adds depth to her character with this product.

Image source – Cosmopolitan Magazine

According to an interview with fashion and beauty magazine Cosmopolitan, Shin Se-kyung has found a unique way to add a personal touch to each of her roles.

“When I start a new project, I use a perfume that suits my character,” she divulged. “I think that scene is a memory that tells me where I was at that time,” she explained, “over time, if you accidentally smell that scent after a long time, you can think of the project and scene.”

Shin has starred in several different shows including “Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me” on KBS2 and “The Bride of Habaek” and films such as Hindsight and Tazza: The Hidden Card. Moreover, while her roles span different genres, the actress says that she is usually drawn to a handful of specific scents. “I like the smell of nature, grass, and woody.”

Her simple and elegant preference is shown throughout her photo shoot with the magazine dressed in all black or light pink.



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Japanese Show Cancels BTS Appearance Due to Controversial Atomic Bomb T-shirt

The cancellation of an appearance by BTS on a Japanese TV show has caught the attention of the world and uncovered still festering wounds between Japan and Korea. CNN, Billboard, BBC, The Guardian, Reuters, and Vox have all published articles related to the event analyzing the history that BTS member Jimin’s t-shirt seemed to highlight.

On Thursday TV Asahi’s program “Music Station” decided to cancel the boy group’s appearance which was set to take place the next  day. Big Hit Entertainment broke the news to BTS’ Japanese fan club of the cancellation afterward.

On the same day, “Music Station” posted a notice on their homepage explaining the reason for the cancellation. “Previously, a BTS member wore a t-shirt that caused a stir and was covered by the media, and we reached out to BigHit about the incident,” it said. However, ultimately the program “decided not to have BTS participate.”

The shirt in question is a white short-sleeve t-shirt that includes the sentence “PATRIOTISM OURHISTORY (sic) LIBERATION KOREA” multiple times on the back with two pictures. One depicts the United State’s 1945 atomic bomb drop on Nagasaki, Japan that killed around 70,000 to 146,000 people. The other is of Koreans celebrating their independence on August 15, 1945. Member Jimin was pictured in the shirt, and the image began circulating in October although he wore the shirt in 2017 during a world tour.

The impact from the incident has gotten missed responses with some questioning the relevancy if the t-shirt given that Jimin wore it last year. On fan with the surname Kang (31) said that it was because “Japan’s music industry has declined while K-pop has gained popularity” with BTS being the reason. Japan currently has the second largest music industry in the world behind the U.S., with South Korea ranking eighth as of 2017.

Others have speculated that BTS’ is being used by right-wing conservatives in Japan to instigate anti-Korean sentiments. However, Japanese netizens and fans of the group have agreed that “BTS should have given more thought to Japanese fans,” finding the fashion choice an insulting. At the same time, other fans of the group have started to used the hashtag #LiberationTshirtNotBombTshirt to circulate a post on social media attempting to explain the meaning of the shirt.

Meanwhile, BTS is expected to continue with their planned tour of Japan later this month.



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BewhY Talks About How He Thanks Fans for Supporting His Music

BewhY speaks candidly about music and his appreciation for fans in an interview with Elle Magazine.

Image source – Elle Magazine

Rapper BewhY is known to have a unique interest in fashion, which showed in his photo shoot for the October issue of Elle Magazine. For the shoot, the rapper wears a variety of styles ranging from a full suit to an overside jacket over a relaxed outfit. Notably, his signature hairstyle played a large part in adding an edge to each look.

During the accompanying interview, BewhY revealed straightforward thoughts on music and life. In particular, he showed a strong drive to create unique music. When it’s time to make a song, the rapper asks himself if a song like his own already exist in the entire world or not. Further, he divulges that until he is sure that nothing like it exists, he won’t even announce that he is working on new music. This is a practice that he calls “my standard.”

His standard pays off however rigorous the process. ” I really appreciate the interest and love of those who listen to [my] music,” he said. Further, he said that he has even visited fan accounts that post pictures of him on Instagram and “likes” them to express his gratitude.

More pictures and the full interview are available in Elle Magazine.



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