[M/V] New Girl Group, The Pink Lady Debuts with ‘God Girl’

A new girl group is in town, The Pink Lady debuts with ‘God Girl’ that shows of their amazing vocals!


On February 20, the popsical (pop/musical) girl group, The Pink Lady officially debuted with their first digital single with God Girl. As a 5 membered girl group, OD Entertainment has been teasing the Kpop scene with various content since January. Check out the M/V!


The Pink Lady made their first appearance on stage on MBC’s Show Champion on February 20. What do you think of The Pink Lady?




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Mnet Announces Comeback Show for Wanna One to be Broadcasted Internationally

Wanna One announces to host a comeback show!

Mnet has announced to host Wanna One’s comeback show for upcoming album “1¹¹=1 (POWER OF DESTINY)” on November 22 at 6PM, KST.

Image Source – Swing Entertainment

Different from previous cases, the upcoming show will be broadcasted not only on Mnet, but also on M2, Wanna One’s official Facebook page, and YouTube channels for M2, Mnet Official, and Mnet KPOP. This will give global fans a chance to watch the show as soon as its release and to be the first ones to see the group performing their upcoming title track.

In addition, Wanna One plans to perform all tracks in their upcoming album, including the title track. Furthermore, the show will be pre-recorded instead of live broadcasted, thus ensuring the increase in efficiency and perfection of the program for all fans.

Meanwhile, Wanna One will drop their album “1¹¹=1 (POWER OF DESTINY)” on November 19 at 6PM, KST.

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Indie Band Standing Egg Apologizes for Posting Picture of Kim Jong-Un Facebook

Indie band Standing Egg found itself in hot water after and accused of being pro-North Korean after posting a picture of a figurine of the country’s leader.

Image source – Facebook

On Sunday, indie band Standing Egg posted a picture of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on its official Facebook account. Although the main picture is not a real photo of the leader, rather a figurine made in his likeness, it has still landed the group in hot water.

The figurine sports the leader’s signature slick-back hairstyle and similar face, but dons a more hip-hop style. The figurine of Mr. Kim has a long black sweater with a picture of U.S. president Donald Trump on top of a white t-shirt. More, he has baggy grey pants and black, red, and white high-top sneakers.

Talkling about the post, the group wrote its apology that it was short-sighted and sincerely apologized for their action. However, the band also mentioned that the figurine was posted with information about the art piece, the title of the work,” KIM,” and the exhibition which currently displays it. As such, in thinking of it as art Standing Egg felt it was cute and witty.

Furthermore, they group distance itself from the possibility of being supporters of North Korea. “We didn’t think it was pro-North Korean and just accepted it as pop art with wit and satire,” it said. However, they do not shy away from the fact that this can rightfully be interpreted as being political.

“We never thought about what Kim Jong-Un is like and admit that we were politically ignorant,” the band said. Further, they also mentioned that given the political climate with the North and South meeting several times this year alone that the atmosphere and mood are tense and sensitive. As such, they wrote that they “deeply regret acting without thinking” before posting the photo.



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Celebrities Respond to Singer Shaun Being Accused of Chart Manipulations

Singer Shaun has become the music industry’s hot potato with flying accusations of chart manipulation, earning a nickname of “second Nilo.”

Shaun, an EDM DJ and a member of band The Koxx, recently ranked first place on various music streaming charts with his track “Way Back Home.” On Melon and Mnet, the song ranked very high, ultimately beating out records set by TWICE and MAMAMOO.

Image Source – Instagram @password0123456789a

While it is possible that the public just simply loved Shaun’s new track, many Korean music enthusiasts and fans are rather suspicious due to similar incidents regarding singer Nilo. Many argued that Shaun’s situation is very similar to that of Nilo, rising to first place on music charts during the “Fandom Creation Time Period,” where various idol fans stream their idols’ songs all night long to maintain their places in the chart.

Furthermore, Shaun’s “Way Back Home” chart graphs looked almost identical to Nilo’s – the streaming count begins to rise around 10 PM the night before, consequently dominating the chart until the morning.

Image Source – Instagram @password0123456789a (Shaun’s Instagram)
In response, Shaun’s agency DCTOM Entertainment strongly denied the accusations.

On July 17, the company said, “it’s not sajaegi.” They continued, “we have never participated in any form of illegal marketing or chart manipulations. However, we did introduce Shaun’s song through a Facebook page, and it was a success. As a result, the craze just naturally went over to music charts, leading the song to top them.”

Image Source – Facebook / Facebook page that advertised Shaun’s new track “Way Back Home”

Furthermore, they explained that when this certain Facebook page advertised the song, it specifically said that it was a paid-advertisement. The company continued, “if we had manipulated even Facebook page comments using fake accounts, it is illegal. However, we are innocent and the Facebook page even specifically said it was a paid-advertisement.”

At last, the company said, “it is “viral marketing,” not using the traditional media forms like TV or Radio. We wanted to create good contents and advertise them according to the changes in society.”

Image Source – Instagram @930406eb
However, some of the celebrities and many Korean music enthusiasts are not buying it.

Choi Eun-Bin from Mnet’s “Produce 101” uploaded a mysterious post on her Instagram, which seemed like she was targeting Shaun and his possible chart manipulations. In the post, Choi Eun-Bin (now known as rapper EB) said, “you have suspicions, but no tangible proof. Therefore, I didn’t do anything wrong.” She continued, “He probably foresaw this kind of reaction from the public, but he did it anyways. This can only mean one thing: It didn’t matter to him if he lost his reputation or his sincerity in music, as long as he could benefit from topping the charts.”

At last, Choi Eun-Bin said, “it’s very uncomfortable to witness this. If he had any interest in how the Korean music lovers consume music or the method they consume the music, he would have seen this coming.

Image Source – Instagram @pkalbum

Furthermore, singer-songwriter Paul Kim also joined Choi Eun-Bin, seemingly attacking Shaun in the similar sense. He uploaded a brief statement that said, “now that we have let go the previous thief, they think it’s legal.”

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Director Leesong Hee-il Accused of Sexual Harassment

A male director has accused director Leesong Hee-il of sexual harassment on social media. Leesong is openly gay and credited for creating Korea’s “first gay feature.”

Image source – Star News, OSEN News

On June 10, male director A, who attended INDIEFORUM, an independent short film festival, posted a message on Facebook as part of the Me Too movement.

According to the director A “at the opening party (of the film festival) on (June) 7th, I experienced sexual harassment and abuse from director Leesong Hee-il and his fans,” he wrote. Further, the victim wrote that during the terrible experience he “suffered from sexual objectification” and that Leesong’s actions were supported by the “active sympathy of three women.”

During the party, the victim claims Leesong told him that he “likes macho style guys like you” and that he “looks delicious.” At the time, the victim said he did not respond and remained silent but felt extreme shame and rage. Notwithstanding his silence, he says that Leesong continued to stare at him until he stormed out of the venue.

Going Public

Afterward, the victim sent a message to INDIEFORUM about the incident. Moreover, he also expressed his desire for them to make an official statement on the matter. Interestingly, the day after the report was made Leesong contacted the victim to apologize. Leesong attempted to explain he thought the victim was gay and was very drunk at the time.

Image source – OSEN News

In response, the victim told Leesong he wanted a public apology. Reportedly, Leesong has yet to respond to or honor the request. Consequently, the victim decided to make the incident public. However, the reason behind the posting is not just to expose Leesong but is also suspected INDIEFORUM. It turns out that Leesong Hee-il was a former chairman of the festival and is still apart of the team, albeit in a different position.

A media outlet reached out to the director Leesong for comment, but he has not responded to inquiries thus far.



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Still No Response From Lee Young-Ha on Rape Allegation From Former Miss Korea

Actor Lee Young-ha has maintained unbroken silence for two days as an allegation of rape hangs over his head.

lee Young-ha
Image source – OSEN News

Known only by her surname and that she is a former Miss Korea and actress, Ms. Kim accused actor Lee Young-ha of rape on TV Chosun’s “News 7” on March 18.

The attack that reportedly took place 36 years ago happened at a hotel in Yeouido. There, Lee forced himself on Ms. Kim who remembers calling out for help and resisting him but to no avail. Moreover, since they were starring in the same drama, Ms. Kim felt she had no choice but to step down from her role in the show — finding it too painful to reencounter Lee after his attack.


So far, Lee Young-ha has taken no position regarding the rape accusation. However, it is possible to indirectly assess his stance through a mobile messenger chat. In the chat revealed on “News 7,” Lee apparently has a conversation with Ms. Kim where he apologized, saying “I apologize. I apologize with all my heart! I want to make a personal apology.”

However, “News 7” released only part of this conversation and Lee has not publicly responded. The actor, who is reportedly in Europe on vacation, deleted his Facebook account shorty after the allegation came to light. The act is raising suspicion because Lee posted pictures documenting his trip just a few hours before the rape allegation report aired. The deletion coupled with his two days of silence is drawing attention and more suspicion.

Yet, the suspicion the Lee sexually violated someone is just that, suspicion. If Lee stays silent, however, the public will likely accept it as an addmission of guilt. If Ms. Kim’s claim is valid, some believe it best that Lee should quickly provide a public apology. Conversely, if it is false, he should take action to prevent further defamation. Lee’s drawn-out silence is only making the situation worse. Whether or not the alleged violation is true or not, it is time for Lee Young-ha to express his position on the matter soon.

Whatever the situation with Lee may be, Ms. Kim has said “I don’t want the downfall of Lee Young-ha. What I want is a genuine apology from him.”


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