MONSTA X to Release an English Version of ‘Play it Cool’ With Steve Aoki

Social media posts by DJ Steve Aoki and MONSTA X confirm that the group’s song “Play It Cool” will have an English version.

Steve Aoki (left) and Monsta X – Starship Entertainment

Earlier this week, DJ and producer Steve Aoki posted a message on social media where he announced that the English version of MONSTA X’s song “Play It Cool” is scheduled to be released this Friday. Following his announcement, MONSTA X’s retweeted his message on its official account confirming the news.

The song is from the group’s full-length album TAKE.2 WE ARE HERE, which came out last month. The group collaborated with Aoki to create title song “Alligator,” and the two parties have decided to link up again for the English version of “Play It Cool.”

Fans of the group praised the song for its clean and refined vibe. In particular, rapper Joohoney participated as a vocalist for the first time. Moreover, with member I.M. helping to craft the rap parts of the song, he was able to achieve a different sound that deviated from the powerful and intense music that the group is known for.

Meanwhile, “Play It Cool” will come out on Friday in the United States, and Saturday in Korea. It will be available on music sites worldwide.




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GOT7 Title Song ‘Lullabye’ to Come in Four Different Languages

Boy group GOT7 proves why they are international K-pop giants.

Image source – JYP Entertainment

On Monday, September 17, GOT7 will return will its third full album Present: YOU led by the title song “Lullabye.”

On the 16th, the group’s agency JYP Entertainment released a track teaser for the song, and it was unlike any teaser the group has ever released. In particular, the teaser featured snippets of the song in four different languages, drawing attention. The members have worked to translate and sing “Lullabye” not only in Korean but English, Spanish, and Chinese as well.

Notably, while the lyrics differ somewhat due to translation purposes, the group has successfully captured the sweet and dreamy feel in all four variations. With this revelations, GOT7 has taken additional steps with this album to highlight their roles as one of the heavyweights in the K-pop world. In addition to their multi-lingual title track, all seven members will have a solo song as well.

In total Present: YOU has 16 different tracks for listeners to enjoy.



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[Hot Clip] Red Velvet Performs English Version of ‘Bad Boy’ at KCON New York

On June 23, KCON released an extended clip of girl group Red Velvet performing an English version of their banger “Bad Boy” that came out earlier this year.

As of the 24th, the clip has already gained 614,000 views and over 25,000 retweets and 37,000 like. Check out the video below!


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Chungha and Wanna One Daehwi to Join M Countdown’s New Global MC Crew

The two singers have confirmed that they will be part of MCountdown’s new global MC crew.

Image source – OSEN News

On April 26, Mnet revealed that solo singer Chungha and Wanna One member Daehwi will be the first MCs as part of the network’s “global crew.” Both of the singers are fluent in Korean and English.

Additionally, fans of the show are interested in the “couple chemistry” the two will have as MCs. Further, the two will have their first recording on April 26.

As part of M Countdown’s recently announced restructuring, the music show and chart announced a changed to their MC roster. Going forward, they will be selecting idols capable of speaking foreign languages to make up a “global MC crew.”

In this position, MCs will introduce special segments of the program in different languages. With this new facet, Mnet hopes to engage their audience of increasingly international K-pop fans. Notable, the MC will change every week.



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