[POLL] Blue Dress: Song Hye Kyo Vs. Han Ye Seul

2 of Korea’s A-list actresses Song Hye Kyo and Han Ye Seul were seen wearing the same dress for different events.

Actress Song Hye Kyo wore this dress for her Elle shoot while actress Han Ye Seul wore it for her guest appearance on MBC’s Ugly Duckling.

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BTS Becomes Cover Model of Elle Girl Russia’s December Issue

Group BTS is the cover of a Russian magazine.

On November 15th, Elle Girl Russia posted a photo of BTS in their December issue cover on Twitter. They added tags that say: #ellegirlrussia, #ellegirl, and #BTS. The Russian magazine also shared the photo on their Instagram and YouTube accounts, and official website.

In the Christmas-vibe photo, BTS members are posing in front of the camera behind red curtains. In the magazine, there is also a special article with BTS.

Meanwhile, not only Russian fans are purchasing the magazine, but also fans from all over the world are inquiring about how to purchase it.


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BewhY Talks About How He Thanks Fans for Supporting His Music

BewhY speaks candidly about music and his appreciation for fans in an interview with Elle Magazine.

Image source – Elle Magazine

Rapper BewhY is known to have a unique interest in fashion, which showed in his photo shoot for the October issue of Elle Magazine. For the shoot, the rapper wears a variety of styles ranging from a full suit to an overside jacket over a relaxed outfit. Notably, his signature hairstyle played a large part in adding an edge to each look.

During the accompanying interview, BewhY revealed straightforward thoughts on music and life. In particular, he showed a strong drive to create unique music. When it’s time to make a song, the rapper asks himself if a song like his own already exist in the entire world or not. Further, he divulges that until he is sure that nothing like it exists, he won’t even announce that he is working on new music. This is a practice that he calls “my standard.”

His standard pays off however rigorous the process. ” I really appreciate the interest and love of those who listen to [my] music,” he said. Further, he said that he has even visited fan accounts that post pictures of him on Instagram and “likes” them to express his gratitude.

More pictures and the full interview are available in Elle Magazine.



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Cha Eun-Woo Talks About Taking His First-Ever Lead Role with “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”

Cha Eun-Woo says he’s thankful for being able to take his first-ever male lead role through JTBC drama “My ID is Gangnam.”

In the recent interview and pictorials with fashion magazine ELLE, Cha Eun-Woo talked about what is was like to take his first-ever male lead role in a drama. In response, the singer/actor said, “it was a lot of pressure, but I’m thankful that many people gave me many generous compliments.”

Regarding his character in JTBC “My ID is Gangnam beauty,” Cha Eun-Woo said the character was very different from the image that the public thinks of when they hear the name Cha Eun-Woo.

The actor said, “before I began the drama, everyone thought of me as this innocent and naive person. So when I received the offer to play in the role of Do Kyung-Seok, I thought to myself how great it would be if people realized that there’s a different side of me than the sweet, innocent person that they know me as.”

Afterwards, Cha also talked about what it was like to take his first-ever male lead role. He said, “at first, I felt a lot of pressure. However, I focused on my work and I listened to the advice from the directors and senior actors. Naturally, I was able to overcome my fear and fix my flaws, and I think everyone saw how hard I was trying and complimented me. I’m very thankful for that.”

You can look at more pictorials and interview from Cha Eun-Woo in the October issue of ELLE and its official website.

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Girl’s Day Hyeri Opens About First Big Screen Debut and Upcoming Film “Monstrum”

Hyeri shares her excitement about her first big screen debut through an upcoming film, “Monstrum”

In new pictorials with fashion magazine “ELLE,” Girl’s Day member Hyeri briefly talked about her first big screen debut and the upcoming film “Monstrum” also starring actor Kim Myung-Min.

In order to prepare the audience for her changed look in the upcoming film “Monstrum,” Hyeri participated in the pictorials with a dark, smokey eye makeup. With a confident pose and look, Hyeri instantly captivated the reader’s gaze.

Following the photoshoot, Hyeri also participated in an interview. During the interview, the actress shared her excitement about her first big screen debut. She said, “I had a lot of expectation for the film, so it was fairly an easy decision to make. I was excited to find out what I would look like in a historical film, which is so strange to me.”

Furthermore, she explained how she had a big fantasy about filming an action movie. Hyeri said, “I always found action films very fancy. While attending the action school, everyone complimented me all the time. It motivated me to work harder and become better. At the end, I thought to myself “yes, let’s just go for it” and tried my best.”

Meanwhile, film “Monstrum” will premiere on September 12.

Image Source – ELLE

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Yano Shiho Explains Why Her Family Moved to Hawaii

Choo Sung-Hoon and Yano Shiho have moved to Hawaii with their daughter, Sarang!

Recently, Yano Shiho revealed that her family moved to Hawaii through an interview with Elle Magazine. According to her, the reason was “education for her daughter, family time, and challenge for myself.”

Afterwards, Yano Shiho thanked her fans for the kind words on her Instagram. She said, “I’m 42 years old. When I look at the number, it seems overwhelming. However, I’m enjoying my age as it is, just like I did in my 20’s and 30’s. Here i Hawaii, I get to start fresh.”

Furthermore, she said, “I wanted to share about our lives overseas, my daughter, and challenging myself through work and family from different places in the world. And I hope to see warm support from you guys.”

Image Source – Instagram @shiho_style

Previously, Choo Sung-Hoon and Yano Shiho appeared on SBS “Choovely Family Outing” and revealed their lives from Mongolia. Through this program, the parents had hoped Choo Sarang could experience different things in the nature. In order to raise their child the right way, the family has now moved to Hawaii to embark on the new journey.


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Wanna One Kang Daniel on the Cover of Fashion Magazine ‘ELLE’

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel gets on the cover of fashion magazine ‘ELLE!’

On June 15, fashion magazine ‘ELLE’ released the cover photos of July issue with Wanna One’s Kang Daniel. Despite the busy schedule with the recent comeback and world tour ahead of him, Kang Daniel diligently participated in the photoshoot.

Furthermore, Kang Daniel managed to pull off high-fashion brand outfits with his height and body shape that he could pass for a model. In addition, he reportedly continued to cheer everyone up at the photoshoot, preventing them from further exhaustion.

Meanwhile, they announced that there will be two different versions to the July issue of ‘ELLE.’ A part of the proceeds from the sale will go towards a project with ‘Tree Planet,’ where they intend to plant trees in the forest near Incheon. Regarding the project, they will donate the money in Kang Daniel and ELLE’s name in October.

Image Source – Fashion Magazine ‘ELLE’

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Gong Yoo Poses for ‘Elle’ + Talks About His Next Project in Interview

Gong Yoo was in LA for a photoshoot with “Elle” for their New Year issue cover.

Gong Yoo recently posed for Elle Magazine in collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Multiple Asian editions of Elle reached out to the “Goblin” actor due to his growing fame among Asian fans.

The actor ran around the beach, wandered through alleyways, and actively took part in pitching ideas on the location and hairstyle for the shoot.

When asked about his time after hit drama “Goblin”, he replied, “After spending time being busy and nervous at work, everything came crashing down. The physical and emotional pain all came at once.”

“I fell apart under the pain, persevered, and laid them down. I returned to being me and spent time for myself.” he said.

In terms of his next project, the actor gave a unclear response. “Even though it was hard, I wanted to hurry and film another movie. But whenever I have that desire, I find myself without a good project to work on,” he said. “I want to work with people I can connect with to tell a new story. I want to become a part of a work like that.”


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Translated by Janet Kang

Lee Young-ae is an Unchanging Beauty in Photoshoot With ‘Elle’

Fashion magazine ‘Elle’ released pictures with actress Lee Young-ae.


In a recent pictorial with ‘Elle’ magazine, Lee Young-ae reveals her elegance and captivating aura. Her smooth skin, deep eyes and moist lip makeup brings out her strong, refined beauty.

These pictures portray the actress’ charisma and mysterious image to the fullest, unlike other beauty photo shoots she had in the past.

Check out the September issue of ‘Elle’ for more pictures.

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Translated by Janet Kang

Check out Soyou’s Stunning Body in Bali Photoshoot


Fashion magazine Elle released Soyou’s photoshoot, which was taken in Bali.

In the photos, Soyou is showing off her perfect body shape in tight rash guards and bikinis. Soyou, who is well-known for her great body among idols, showed her healthy smiles at the beach.


Soyou shared her body secret saying using Biotherm’s skin fitness body cleansing foam, body serum, and body emulsion help her body tight and healthy.

Soyou also said, “I try to work out in the most entertaining way possible. For example, if you do surfing or skiing, which are both season-related sports, you can both keep in shape and be happy at the same time. Also, I regularly put body moisturizer and oil to help my skin texture healthy.”

Soyou’s Bali photoshoot and videos are available to view on Elle’s July edition and the official website.


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by Ji Min-kyung

Translated by Audrey Joung