‘Chameleon’ Taeyeon Graces Her Beauty on the April Issue of ELLE Korea

Former Girl’s Generation leader Taeyeon graces the April Issue in Elle Korea.

Artist Taeyeon (30) graced the April issue of ELLE Korea showing off her everlasting beauty. The former idol’s professionalism and chameleon like adaptability is reported to have made all the different lipstick colors (pomegranate red, neon orange, bubblegum pink, ripe plum etc.) give different vibes proving her status as a ‘beauty muse’.

Who isn’t tempted to go buy those lipstick colors? Or her accessories?


By Sara N


Chloe Moretz Expresses Love for Korea, Mentioning MAMAMOO and Eric Nam

Hollywood Star Chloe Moretz expressed her unchanged love for Korea in the recent interview with Elle Korea.

Elle Korea

In the latest issue of Elle Korea, Chloe Moretz will show her beaming self without a makeup.

The interview celebrates the Hollywood star’s debut as the global ambassador for cosmetic brand SK2. As a part of the brand’s global project, “#BareSkinProject,” Chloe had a photo shoot without any makeup on.

In the interview, the global star talks about how she feels about participating in the project, as well as the value of “beauty” she thinks.

Elle Korea

“I was nervous at first about shooting without a makeup on, but I gained soon confidence about promoting one of my favorite skincare products,” said she. “I’m happy to be a part of this project, which is designed to express the natural beauty and awake the inner truthfulness and self-esteem.”

Elle Korea

Known for her love for Korean culture, Chloe reminds people of her love in the interview. “I like Korea because its atmosphere is similar to that of my hometown in Georgia,” said Chloe.

“We gather as a large family and enjoy dinner together while sharing conversations. I found Korea’s culture very similar to such atmosphere.”

She also mentions her friendship with Eric Nam and her favorite K-pop group MAMAMOO.


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Kim Tae-ri Looks Stunning On Cover of Elle Korea’s February Issue

Actor Kim Tae-ri’s new photoshoot has been released.

Kim has been selected as the cover model of Elle Magazine’s February issue. In the released photos, Kim Tae-ril is wearing all white and looks charismatic. She will appear on the new movie Little Forest, in which she will perform the character ‘Hyewon’.

Kim Tae-ri’s photoshoot will be available on Elle Magazine Korea’s February issue.


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Check out Soyou’s Stunning Body in Bali Photoshoot


Fashion magazine Elle released Soyou’s photoshoot, which was taken in Bali.

In the photos, Soyou is showing off her perfect body shape in tight rash guards and bikinis. Soyou, who is well-known for her great body among idols, showed her healthy smiles at the beach.


Soyou shared her body secret saying using Biotherm’s skin fitness body cleansing foam, body serum, and body emulsion help her body tight and healthy.

Soyou also said, “I try to work out in the most entertaining way possible. For example, if you do surfing or skiing, which are both season-related sports, you can both keep in shape and be happy at the same time. Also, I regularly put body moisturizer and oil to help my skin texture healthy.”

Soyou’s Bali photoshoot and videos are available to view on Elle’s July edition and the official website.


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by Ji Min-kyung

Translated by Audrey Joung