Billboard Features Infinite’s Comeback With “Clock”

On February 14, Billboard featured Infinite’s return to the Kpop scene with new digital single CLOCK.


Renowned entertainment media brand, Billboard featured their review of Kpop idol group Infinite’s comeback with their new digital single CLOCK. Billboard covered the details of Infinite’s return as a 5 member group with leader Sung-kyu absence while also critiquing the song and the M/V.

Infinite released their single on February 13 and have been promoting their new digital single with various contents. What do Inspirits think of Infinite’s new single?


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Jessi’s Teased Performance on ‘Kill Bill’ Becomes a Hot Topic

MBC’s hip-hop program “Target: Billboard – KILL BILL” is once against in news headlines due to one of its featured artists: Jessi. And no, she didn’t do anything controversial.

Image source – MBC

On Tuesday, MBC released a teaser featuring for its new entertainment program “Target: Billboard – KILL BILL” is a survival program where the contestants aim to chart on Billboards chart. To do so, the producers have secured a line-up of some of South Korea’s most celebrated hip-hop stars.

From Dok2 to Cheetah, YDG (Yang Dong-geun), BewhY, SanE, Rhythm Power, and Jessi are set to set the stage on fire with original songs and performances. Notably, the winner of the program will collaborate with DJ Khaled.

It should be no surprise then that excitement and anticipation for the programs are high.

In particular, a recently released teaser featuring Jessie has become a hot topic. Jessi became a leading female rapper in the country after appearing on a season of “Unpretty Rapstars” on Mnet. Her subsequent releases and collaboration helped to build her public persona as a rapper who is brash and unafraid to speak her mind.

With a teaser of her performance on the show released on Monday, many are looking forward to seeing how she performs as one of two female artists on the programs. Her soulful vocals, rap, and sexy dance moves have caught viewers’ eyes. Additionally, her words gained attention as she showed her competitive spirit saying that she doesn’t think Dok2 will win and that BewhY’s stage was boring.

Meanwhile, as more teasers for the show continue to generate anticipation for the show which premieres in the coming weeks.



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BTS Makes History Participating In Politics

BTS is kicking off the new year with a bang by setting new records.


On January 8th, BTS’s repackaged album Love Yourself: Answer placed 59th on the ‘Billboard Top 200’ list. The album has jumped 18 rankings from the previous week’s ranking of No. 77. In addition, BTS has been maintaining No.1 for 78 weeks on the ‘Social 50’ and No.3 on ‘Top Artists’ on the Billboard charts.

BTS’s popularity has even entered politics. On January 9th, BTS was announced to be a candidate to perform in North Korea for September 2019. Whether BTS will be able to schedule a performance in North Korea will be determined by various factors like North and South Korean relations, BTS scheduling and others. If BTS does end up performing in North Korea, this will go into the history books.



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BTS Breaks New Record on Billboard 2018 Year-End Charts

BTS breaks yet another record for being the first Korean artist group to enter the Year-End Billboard 200 Albums and Artists Charts!

On December 4, Billboard released its 2018 year-end charts. These charts measure each album, song, and artist’s year-around performance in the United States, based upon the Billboard magazine charts during the chart year.

Image Source – Big Hit Entertainment

For this year, BTS broke another record for becoming the first Korean group to land No. 21 on the year-end Billboard 200 Albums and Top Billboard 200 Artists charts.

This was resulted from their excellent performance from the past year, where they landed Billboard 200 Album chart with three of their albums. “Love Yourself: Answer” placed No. 85, “Love Yourself: Tear” placed No. 101, and “Love Yourself: Her” placed No. 150.

Furthermore, the group also placed No. 8 on the year-end Top Artists chart, which was 2 spots up from where they were in 2017. For the Top Artist/Duo Group chart, they received No. 2 and for the Social 50 Artists chart, they received No. 1. Lastly, the group also placed No. 1 on the World Album Chart, as well as the Independent Artists chart.

Congratulations to BTS!

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BTS Tops Billboard’s Social 50 Chart for 100th Week Despite All Controversies

In midst of controversies, BTS continues to rise on top and enjoys their 100th week as No. 1 on Billboard’s Social 50 Chart!

According to the newest chart by Billboard, BTS managed to keep their place on top of the Social 50 Chart for the 70th consecutive week. As a result, the group has now come in first place a total of 100 times.

Image Source – Big Hit Entertainment

Thus, BTS now holds the second highest record for the chart. In addition, they are the first group to reach this milestone since the establishment of Social 50 in December, 2010. The highest record goes to Justin Bieber, who currently holds the records of 163 weeks in total.

Moreover, the group’s latest repackaged album “Love Yourself: Answer” placed 66th on the Billboard 200 Chart, managing to enter the chart for the 11th consecutive week. The album also managed to place third on World Album Chart, 6th on Independent Album Chart, and 57h on Billboard Canadian Album Chart.

Meanwhile, the group recently hit a few road blocks, mainly for being accused of anti-Japan and anti-semitism activities. On November 13, BigHit released an official statement that addressed all controversies and strongly denied the group’s affiliation of condoning any activities of war or the use of atomic weapons.

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[Opinion] The Definition of What a Successful K-Pop Group Is Has Evolved

In 2018 especially, the definition of what it means to be a successful K-pop group or artist has evolved to include the western music market. However, with this new definition, what does it mean for the newest generation of K-pop?

There have been numerous popular Korean artists who have had performances overseas in such places as Australia, the U.S., and Europe including acts like Big Bang, Wonder Girls, VIXX, and Super Junior. However, it was a completely new concept to be noticed outside of the then niche audience that listened to music that came out of South Korea — especially by moguls and entertainment programs. That is until Psy’s 2014 song “Gangnam Style” literally took over the world.


While most couldn’t understand the lyrics, the energy of the song, the catchiness of the hook, the absurdity of the video, and the bizarre horse dance created the perfect mixture for a worldwide hit (think of “What Does the Fox Say” for another reference). I witnessed the song played at weddings, in shopping malls, and heard it drift out of cars once in a while. However, the appeal of the song in the west also played to stereotypes about East Asia and East Asian music being different, wild, peculiar, and otherized.

As the years went on and K-pop moguls pulled in more popular Western music sounds to appeal to a wider audience, so did the acceptability of K-pop become more palatable. The updated music, artistry, and over-exposure of the singers which resulted in emotionally dedicated fandoms created an impetus that had no real alternative than to go global.

As such, while Psy presented the absurd, BTS presented a more approachable image.

BTS China DNA Hallyu band United States U.S
LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 19: BTS attends the 2017 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 19, 2017, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Chris Polk/AMA2017/Getty Images for dcp)

Although there are still lingering conflicts with the image of masculinity they present in comparison to the common constructs presented in Western media, with their fandom, charisma, and similar sounding music, they were accepted into popular Western culture in an unprecedented manner. They appeared on several liver entertainment programs, got a few plays on radio stations, performed at large venues, attended award shows and have even collaborated with different artists including Steve Aoki and Charlie Pluth.

In the manner, BTS began to change what it means to be successful in K-pop.

GOT7 interview with Billboard – JYP Entertainment
Monsta X with Singer Gallant – Starship Entertainment
NCT127 at FOX LA – SM Entertainment

In their footsteps, several other boy groups began making media tours in addition to concert and performances including Monsta X, GOT7, Super Junior, and NCT 127. More, artists like BLACKKPINK, Wendy from Red Velvet, and CL have gone on to collaborate with Western singers Dua Lipa, John Legend, and The Black Eyed Peas. Not only that, but landing on domestic charts hardly makes waves — what matters now is appearing on Billboard’s Music Chart or topping iTunes in several countries.

As these larger and more established groups expand into different markets, what does this mean for new generation groups or those who don’t have popular (Western) appeal? While some of these new group have managed to build up their fan base, they have struggled to have that popularity translate to an international fanbase that makes media tours like the groups mentioned above feasible, like Wanna One. Earlier this year, the group was unable to sell enough tickets for their North American tour and had to downgrade their venue size.

Similarly, having sold over a million albums this year alone putting them on a similar level as EXO and BTS, and breaking other records TWICE have failed to gain international attention and acceptability like BLACKPINK and Red Velvet. Prior to this change in the definition in success, winning on a domestic music program like “M! Countdown” or “Inkigayo,” or maintaining a decent spot on music charts was enough. Now it is not. So what happens now? Will groups be able to be in the top 10 on a music chart and still be considered “flops” if they can reach the level of these other groups?



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Exo’s Lay Makes Billboard 200 Chart with Highest Ranking Ever as Chinese Artist

Group Exo’s Lay has entered the ‘Billboard 200’ chart with the highest ranking as a Chinese singer.

According to Billboard’s article ‘Lay Makes His Solo Debut on the Billboard 200 with New Album’, which was published on October 29th, Lay’s U.S. debut album ‘NAMANANA’ was ranked #21 on the chart. The album was also ranked #1 on the world album chart.

After making his debut as Exo’s member, Lay has been performing globally. Recently, Lay participated in his U.S. debut album with producing. His album has made the highest rank ever as a Chinese artist, which is why the recognition is also meaningful.

Furthermore, on the release date, ‘NAMANANA’ was #2 on Amazon Music’s best seller chart, and #1 during the pre-sale time. The album is also #1 on iTunes’ 16 locations’ music charts and global music websites including China’s QQ Music.


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NCT Dream Makes Billboard’s ‘Music’s Next Generation’ List

Billboard includes boy group NCT Dream as part of its “21 Under 21: 2018: Music’s Next Generation” list.

Image source – SM Entertainment

On October 12, Billboard published their “21 Under 21: 2018: Music’s Next Generation” list, with the notable inclusion on NCT Dream. In particular, the boy group was the only artist based out of Asia to make it into the publication in the 21st spot with a total of 36.7 million streams.

Billboard considers a variety of indicators while creating the list. Some of the categories it takes into consideration include impact on consumer behavior, streaming, album sales, social media impressions, career trajectory, and industry impact over the last 12 month are aggregated. Popular artists like Khalid, Sean Mendez, and Lil Pump ranked on “21 Under 21: 2018: Music’s Next Generation.” Those in the top five spots on the list have over 1 billion streams.

Since the group debuted in 2016 the group “has made waves in the K-pop world with its retro hip-hop and funk-infused take on dance-pop,” wrote Billboard. Further, the fresh and energetic image of the boy bad was present in their second mini album We Go Up.



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Dok2 Joins Music Program Aiming to Takeover Billboard’s Music Chart

In an upcoming music entertainment program, artists aim to take advantage of the increased popularity of Korean popular music.

Image source – Illionaire Records

On September 11, MBC Music announced a new hip-hop program titles “Target: Billboard – KILL BILL.”

In this program is a survival program where hip-hop artists take on a “Billboard Chart challenge” where they make songs with the hopes of gaining mass global popularity by the end of the show. In particular, the show hopes to shine a light on the Korean hip-hop scene as an alternative to the dominance of K-pop.

MBC Music announced that the first artist to confirm their appearance on the show is Dok2. His has worked to popularize hip-hop in South Korea and is the CEO of Illionaire Records. Due to his influence and popularity in the Korean music industry, this announcement is already drawing attention and fans.

With Dok2, a total of seven artists will compete on stage with performances and song that concert-level quality. The winner of the new program will try their mettle by seeking to top Billboard’s music chart through collaboration with international artists.

Regarding the reason behind the new concept, MBC Music explained that they are taking advantage of the momentum recently established by BTS. This year, the boy group has appeared on Billboard’s Hot 200 chart with the help of fans.

Meanwhile, “Target: Billboard – KILL BILL” is scheduled to air in November.



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