Actor Won Bin Models Casual Spring Fashion in New Pictorial

Actor Hyun Bin showed off some of the key fashion for the spring season.

The men’s casual fashion brand Olzen has unveiled some piece from its new 2019 spring collection featuring handsome actor Won Bin.

Taking place all over Sydney, Australia the actor presents a casual, everyday look that everyone can pull off come spring. streamline coats and light sweaters help build a bridge from cold winter to warm spring.

The styling mostly contains basic items like t-shirts, jeans, and one casual suit. Even so, it is approachable in a way that one Olzen representative said mad it “perfect for the season.”

With the addition of Won Bin, a sense of luxury and sophistication helps step things up a bit.

During and after the shoot, staff members praised the actor for his professionalism and modeling ability. The entire pictorial can be found on the fashion brand’s official social media channels as well as on Top Mall’s website.




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Baek Ji-Young Sheds Tears at Concert While Talking About Her Marriage

Singer Baek Ji-young cries while talking about her marriage to Jung Suk-won.

Baek Ji-young Jung Suk-won
Image source – Joong Ilbo

Baek Ji-young’s began her concert on February 10 not with a heart-racing song or an eye-catching dance break, but with an apology. Bowing to the audience, she said, “As his wife, I am apprehensive about my husband’s blunder. And together as his companion, we will sincerely reflect on this together.”

Following this, Baek Ji-young admitted she had reflected on her marriage with Jung Suk-won since the scandal. “I thought about my marriage vows again. Whether I am happy or sad, or healthy or sick, I will be there as a wife who loves him” she affirmed.

The apology and admission was a result of actor Jung Suk-won’s drug scandal that has unfolded over the past few days. Police arrested the actor at Incheon International Airport after receiving an anonymous tip of him allegedly using drugs. Later, once detailed and question, the actor admitted to using meth while on a recent trip to Australia.

Moreover, the drug usage was apparently motivated by simple curiosity. Unfortunately, his curiosity has embroiled him in a public scandal and irrevocably damaged his and his family’s reputation. This damage can be seen in the public’s response to Jung Suk-won’s apology which he gave on the 9th. Indeed, many Netizens question his reason and seeming lack of consideration for his family.

Meanwhile, Jung Suk-won and Baek Ji-young wed in 2013 and have one daughter who was born last May.



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Actor Jung Suk-Won Issues Apology for Meth Use

Jung Suk-won was detained by police earlier this week for alleged drug use.

Jeong Seok-won meth drugs
Image source – OSEN News

An anonymous tip sent to police led to actor Jung-Suk-won’s arrest when he arrived at Incheon International airport on February 8. This tip accused the actor of taking methamphetamine while on a trip to Australia.

Further, once detained and questioned by police Jung-Suk-won is quoted as saying, “I did it out of curiosity.” Later, after being held for 22 hours police released him on the basis of this being a first-time offense and a simple medication.

In response to the incident, Jung Suk-won’s agency C-JeS Entertainment said, “Police conducted an investigation regarding alleged drug used by Jung-Suk-won last week during a trip to Austraila with a friend. He admitted to the charges during the investigation. The authorities released him after questioning without physical detention.”

In addition to the agency’s statement, Jung-Suk-won also apologized publically. He said, “I apologize for disappointing so many people by making this one wrong choice. And I deeply regret having hurt my beloved family. I will sincerely cooperate for the remainder of the investigation and offer my sincerest apologies for provoking criticism.”

However, despite Jung’s apology, the public’s reaction has been cold. While netizens are voicing support for his wife Baek Ji-young and their daughter, they are criticizing the actor. Posts such as, “why would a person with a family do this,” “even if there is the first time, drugs should not be done,” and “he has a good image (reputation), this is disappointing” can be seen in the comment section of articles and on online communities.


Jung-Suk-won married Baek Ji-young in 2013. Further, after four-years of marriage, the couple had their first child last May. Prior to this incident, Jung-Suk-won and his family had a good public reputation. Unfortunately, because of this incident, their public image has been irrevocably tarnished.

This is particularly troubling for Baek Ji-young who is scheduled to perform at a concert on the 10th. Notwithstanding, she still plans to perform to keep her promise to the audience and her fans.

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