Police Arrest Jung Joon-Young After His Admission of Guilt

Singer-songwriter Jung Joon-young has been arrested. It is the first celebrity arrest in the “Burning Sun Gate” scandal.

On Thursday at 8:50 p.m., police arrested singer-songwriter Jung Joon-young on charges of violating the Sexual Violence Crime Laws. With his arrest, Jung becomes the first entertainer to be arrested in connection with the “Burning Sun Gate,” the title given the convoluted investigations of those connected to nightclub Burning Sun, Lee Seung-hyun, popularly known as Seungri, and Jung Joon-young.

Appear at the court at 9:35 a.m. on the same day, police questioned Jung hours before his arrest from 10:30 in the morning to 12:17 in the afternoon. Prior to the warrant hearing, Jung stood before the press where he apologized using a prepared script. “I’m really sorry,” he said, and “I committed an unpardonable crime. I accepted all the charges against me. Today, we will not argue over the allegation and follow the court’s judgment.”

Jung Joon-young issues an apology and admits to charges of violating Sexual Violent Crime Laws – OSEN News

Jung also issued an apology to those he victimized. “I once again apologize to the victims. I apologize to all of the women who have been damaged through no fault of their own, and to all those who have shown interest and affection to me so far. For now on, I will sincerely cooperate with the investigation process and reflect on what I have done for the rest of my life.”

Jung wept while reading the apology and stopped talking at once point due to his tears. However, he did not answer questions from reporters following his statement. In particular, Jung kept mum on whether he received consent from the victims before share the illegally filmed videos.

As a result, public criticism of Jung as intensified. Many say that his “crocodile tears” were fake and just a device to avoid arrest. However, tears are not a valid legal reason for police to not complete an arrest warrant.

On the day of the arrest, Lim Min-sung who is a judge at the Seoul District Court, said that with the status of crucial material evidence submitted, the circumstances of and after the crimes were committed, and the progression of the investigation so far that the “reason for the arrest of the accused and its considerable validity are recognized.” Further, there was also a concern that Jung may destroy evidence, although he has submitted three mobile phones for digital forensic investigation.

Jung is suspected of spreading filming and sharing sex videos in group chatrooms he shared with other celebrities without permission. Some of the stars in these chatrooms include Lee Seung-hyun, former Highlight member Yong Jun-hyung, former F.T. Island Choi Jong-hoon, and CNBLUE member Lee Jong-hyun. Additionally, authorities believe that Jung shared at least ten videos since late 2015.




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Police Charge Son Seung-Won With Driving Drunk and Without a License

A judge granted police an arrest warrant for actor Son Seung-won after he caused a car accident on December 26.

Image source – Ilgan Sports

Authorities have arrested actor Son Seung-won for drunk driving and for operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license. The Seoul Central District Court issues a warrant for Son on Wednesday saying that his crime is clear. Further, it said that the reason for the arrest and the necessity for it were recognized.

Son’s arrest stems from an accident that actor had on last year on Dec. 26. The incident, which occurred at the in the Cheongdam district of Seoul, injured two people. At that time, police discovered Son about 150 meters away from the crash site and suspected that he had attempted to flee from the scene. CCTV footage later confirmed their suspicions.

A test determined that the actor had a blood alcohol level of 0.206%, enough to have his driver’s license revoked. However, the authorities discovered that it had already been suspended from another drunk driving incident that happened a few months before in September. Notably, Son driving record shows that he has had three other DUIs, with the one in September included.

As a repeat offender, prosecutors have said that they do plan to apply the Yoon Chang-ho Act to his case. The act deals out more severe punishment to criminals charged with drunk driving. If applied to Son’s case, he will be the first entertainer charged under the act since it was passed last November.



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Police Arrest Actor Son Seung-Won, Drunk and Unlicensed, After Car Accident

On the early morning hours of Wednesday, Son Seung-won was involved in a drunk car accident from which he fled but was eventually captured.

Image source – OSEN News

According to authorities, actor Son Seung-won has a car accident at an intersection close to the Cheongdam district of Seoul at 4:20 a.m. Further, police suspect that Son attempted to run away from the scene since he was found about 150 meters from the accident site, where other vehicles blocked his car.

Once arrested, authorities determined that the actor had a blood alcohol level of 0.206%, which warrant the suspension of his driver’s license. However, they discovered that it was revoked earlier this year due to another drunk driving incident. Meaning he was operating a vehicle without a license. Notably, Son has three recorded driving accidents on his record to date and police are looking to arrest the actor should their warrant be accepted.

The collision injured two people, but it is unclear which car the injured occupied during the accident, including musical actor Jung-hwi, who was in Son’s car. Jung-hwi is also under investigation for aiding and abetting.

정휘가 26일 인스타그램에 공개한 사과문. [사진 정휘 인스타그램]
Image source – Korea Daily

On his Instagram later that day, Jung-hwi apologized for the accident. “I was in the back seat when Son Seung-won was drunk driving,” he revealed, adding that he “Sincerely [apologizes] for the disappointment and concern that day,” he said. More, he also acknowledged that by being wrapped up in this incident, that he may bring trouble to production companies, co-stars, and deter audience members from attending shows.

As such, he has decided to “voluntarily step down from [his] current musical and take time for self-reflection” to prevent any further damage. He was starring in “Pungwolju” (direct translation) which runs from Dec. 4 to Feb. 17 next year. Son too has dropped out of his musical “Rimbaud.” The production company also decided to cancel the shows scheduled on December 30 because of Son’s accident.

Fortunately, the company will pay the other actors for their work and reservations made for the show will be canceled without any fee.



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Kim Na-Young Edited Out From Variety Shows Following Her Husband’s Arrest

Entertainer Kim Na-Young has been edited out from variety shows following the arrest of her husband.

On November 26, it was reported that entertainer Kim Na-Young had recently filmed for JTBC’s upcoming variety show “Come See Me” and “Differential Class.” However, both of these shows eventually decided to edit out her appearance following her husband’s arrest.

JTBC reported, “it is true that Kim Na-Young appeared in both of these programs. However, due to the recent event that took place, we have decided edit her out in the broadcast.”

On November 23, Kim’s husband (known as A) was arrested for committing financial fraud. He had been accused of running an illegal, unauthorized futures investment company, from which he had acquired about 22.3 million won (approximately $19 million) through a bidding system much alike gambling. By doing so, “A” violated the national law on capital market and financial investment.

Image Source – JTBC

Following the news, Kim Na-Young released an official statement and argued that she was unaware of her husband’s illegal business. Furthermore, she apologized for not knowing exactly of what her husband’s business composed.

Kim said, “I cannot imagine how startled you all must be feeling due to this unfortunate event. However, I am also as shocked and in pain as you are, if not more. I promise that my husband will take responsibility and pay for the mistakes he has committed.”

She continued, “I also apologize for creating such an unfortunate controversy. In an objective point of view, I sincerely hope that the trials and investigation go as they should.”

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Chinese K-Pop Fan Arrested for Voice Phishing Scheme Used to Pay for Concerts and Goods

K-pop fans are usually described as loyal, supportive, and protective, but once Chinese fan can add the title of “criminal.”

Last month police arrested a Chinese exchange student who participated in a voice phishing scheme to raise funds to watch K-Pop performances and by merchandise.

According to police on July 1, the Seoul Dongjang Police, the Chinese student (22) on fraud charges. In early June, the student bamboozled a businessman (34) out of 10 million won cash. Further, the illegal exchange occurred at the Gayang station in the Gangseo district.

Additionally, the student did not plan to keep the money for themselves. Instead, the student intended to hand the money over to a voice phishing organization. Reportedly, the student became involved in the scheme when they found out a sizable commission would be paid to those who stole from Koreans.

Authorities were able to capture the Chinese K-pop fan after they used a personal credit card to pay for a taxi to Gayang station. As an extra precaution, police analyzed CCTV footage near the crime scene and accurately identified the suspect. They were able to arrest the student was trying to depart for China from Incheon Airport on June 27.

Moreover, according to police reports the student wanted to offset the cost of concert and plane tickets, as well as K-pop goods. Additionally, explaining their motivation, the student said that “Korean singers are much cooler than Chinese singer.



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Rapper Swings Speaks About C Jamm and Bill Stax’s Arrest for Marijuana Use

Rapper Swings finally made an informal public statement about C Jamm and Bill Stax’s recent arrest for marijuana use.

On June 3, Swings uploaded a video clip of his performance from the “I’m The One” concert, which took place at the Seoul Jangchung Arena. In the video, he made a public statement about his artists, C Jamm and Bill Stax, who were recently arrested for illegal marijuana use.

In the video, Swings said, “our company has a new nickname. Do you know what it is?” After taking a brief pause, he said, “it’s ‘Just Marijuana.'”

In addition, he said, “I think it’s time for me to give you a brief message. When someone commits a crime, they just have to deal with the punishment and don’t ever do it again. Just be responsible for your own actions. It’s that simple.”

Finally, he concluded his statement with his all-time favorite remark: “This year is ours.” Therefore, the public finally got the apology from the CEO of Just Music, Swings, that they have been asking for since the arrest of the two previously mentioned artists.


Meanwhile, both C Jamm and Bill Stax were recently booked for using marijuana at their residence multiple times, which C Jamm admitted to and is currently being held at the Suwon Detention Center.

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Police Seek Arrest Warrents for Two Nexen Heroes Baseball Players Suspected of Rape

Police applied for arrest warrants for Park Dong-won (28) and Cho Sang-woo (24) of Nexen Heroes who are suspected of sexually assaulting a drunk woman.

Nexen Heroes
Park Dong-won (left) and Cho Sang-soo (right) answer questions from the media – News 1

On June 1, an official from the Incheon Namdong Police Department said that they are seeking arrest warrants for Park Dong-won and Cho Sang-soo for possible sexual assault.

The incident where the alleged attack took place was reported last month on May 28. A friend of the victim called police at 5:21 am and said she believed the victim had been sexually assaulted while intoxicated.

As a result of the report, police summoned and questioned Park and Cho for 10 hours. During the interrogation, one of the players Cho, confesses that he had sex with the woman in question, but denied any forceful coercion or assault. On the other hand, Park has rejected all charges claimes that they “left after drinking together.”

However, the woman who reported the incident claims to have witnessed the attack in person. Further, she also argues that the two players tried to rape her as well. Moreover, she refutes Cho’s claims of consensual intercourse saying that the victim was “unconscious at the time.”

According to additional details revealed through the investigation, the two women and the baseball players were having dinner with drinks at a hotel in Incheon before heading to karaoke. Afterward, the entire party went to a hotel. There, the victim fell asleep in another room (in an apparent suite) due to intoxication.

At this time the friend was drinking with Cho until he left and went to the other room. The friend said she “felt strange” and decided to follow him and witnessed him committing the crime. The friend reported that Park raped the victim later.

Notably, the statements of the victims and the players differ significantly. As such, the police are reviewing their statements and will continue to analyzing evidence. Reportedly the police are also looking at CCTV footage from the night of the incident.



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Rapper Jung Sang-Soo Has Been Arrested for Sexual Assault

Police have arrested former “Show Me The Money” contestant Jung Sang-soo for sexual assault. The case now moves to prosecution.

On May 30, a police spokesperson said that Jung Sang-soo, who has a history of violent and disorderly conduct, was arrested on suspicion of rape. Now, the case has been handed to prosecution with the intent to indict.

On April 25, Jung was accused of sexually assaulting a drunk woman. In response, the rapper denied the claims saying that they had sex consensually. While he did admit the woman was intoxicated when he brought her to a hotel room, she feels asleep once she arrived. More, he claims that they only engaged in sexual intercourse once she woke up and asserts that he did not coerce her.

On the other hand, the victim insists that the assault happened while she was still intoxicated. As such, she was not only able to function properly but could not resist not consent to coitus.

Notably, Jung has had run-ins with police five times in the span of about a year. A few months before, he was arrested for drunken behavior and battery.



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Actor Yoon Tae-Young Booked for Drunk Driving

It was recently discovered that authorities arrested actor Yoon Tae-young for drinking and driving last week.

Yoo Tae-young
Image source – OSEN News

Police caught an inebriated Yoon Tae-young at a checkpoint implemented in a campaign to crackdown on drunk driving on May 14 around 2 am. Reportedly, Yoon has a blood alcohol level (BAC) of 0.079 percent.

Initially, a news outlet incorrectly reported that his BAC was 0.140 percent. This level is more than double the legal limit of 0.05 percent. Either way, the actor may have his driver’s license being suspended or revoked.

In response to media inquiry, the police revealed that they had released the actor after questioning. More, it is unclear if he will face additional legal repercussions since no new information has been released yet. However, in place of legal action, Yoon is facing public and professional fallout.

On May 20, the producers of the upcoming tVN historical fantasy “Dear Husband of 100 Days” remarked that they had decided to “release Yoon Taeyoung” after internal discussions. Moreover, while they have let Yoon go, they do not have a replacement actor right now. Given that the drama is going to be fully pre-produced before airing, the production team said there should be “no major problems.”

In “Dear Husband of 100 Days” Yoon was set to play a king and father of the Crown Prince Lee Yool (Do Kyung-soo). Other actors included in the cast are Nam Ji-hyun and Cho Seong-ha.

On the same day, Yoon’s agency made an official press release. In the announcement, the actor apologized saying that he “deeply regrets” what happened and will not make any excuses for his actions. More, his agency also said that they too “feel responsible and apologize” to fans.



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Korean Hip-Hop Artist Indicted for Marijuana Use

A drug scandal has broken out.

Image source – Star Daily

On April 25, the prosecution two people, including hip-hop musician “A,” for smoking marijuana. This indictment is expected to raise the attention on drug use in the entertainment industry once again.

According to the reports, the two offenders recently visited a police station where police questioned them. Further, after questioning and a short investigation, police sent the case to the prosecution for breaking strict drug use and possession legislation.

Furthermore, the incident has put the entertainment industry in the spotlight for covert drug use once again. Indeed, this is not the first time that the industry has been rocked by such a scandal.

Last December, YG Entertainment rapper and producer Kush admitted to using cocaine. However, his case was only second in impact to the indictment of BIGBANG member T.O.P. who was convicted for smoking marijuana four times in 2016. Moreover, earlier this year actor Jung Suk-won conceded to police that he had used methamphetamine while on a trip to Australia.



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