Police Arrest Jung Joon-Young After His Admission of Guilt

Singer-songwriter Jung Joon-young has been arrested. It is the first celebrity arrest in the “Burning Sun Gate” scandal.

On Thursday at 8:50 p.m., police arrested singer-songwriter Jung Joon-young on charges of violating the Sexual Violence Crime Laws. With his arrest, Jung becomes the first entertainer to be arrested in connection with the “Burning Sun Gate,” the title given the convoluted investigations of those connected to nightclub Burning Sun, Lee Seung-hyun, popularly known as Seungri, and Jung Joon-young.

Appear at the court at 9:35 a.m. on the same day, police questioned Jung hours before his arrest from 10:30 in the morning to 12:17 in the afternoon. Prior to the warrant hearing, Jung stood before the press where he apologized using a prepared script. “I’m really sorry,” he said, and “I committed an unpardonable crime. I accepted all the charges against me. Today, we will not argue over the allegation and follow the court’s judgment.”

Jung Joon-young issues an apology and admits to charges of violating Sexual Violent Crime Laws – OSEN News

Jung also issued an apology to those he victimized. “I once again apologize to the victims. I apologize to all of the women who have been damaged through no fault of their own, and to all those who have shown interest and affection to me so far. For now on, I will sincerely cooperate with the investigation process and reflect on what I have done for the rest of my life.”

Jung wept while reading the apology and stopped talking at once point due to his tears. However, he did not answer questions from reporters following his statement. In particular, Jung kept mum on whether he received consent from the victims before share the illegally filmed videos.

As a result, public criticism of Jung as intensified. Many say that his “crocodile tears” were fake and just a device to avoid arrest. However, tears are not a valid legal reason for police to not complete an arrest warrant.

On the day of the arrest, Lim Min-sung who is a judge at the Seoul District Court, said that with the status of crucial material evidence submitted, the circumstances of and after the crimes were committed, and the progression of the investigation so far that the “reason for the arrest of the accused and its considerable validity are recognized.” Further, there was also a concern that Jung may destroy evidence, although he has submitted three mobile phones for digital forensic investigation.

Jung is suspected of spreading filming and sharing sex videos in group chatrooms he shared with other celebrities without permission. Some of the stars in these chatrooms include Lee Seung-hyun, former Highlight member Yong Jun-hyung, former F.T. Island Choi Jong-hoon, and CNBLUE member Lee Jong-hyun. Additionally, authorities believe that Jung shared at least ten videos since late 2015.




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Seungri Apologizes to Fans for the Burning Sun Controversy at Concert

Before starting his solo concert on Saturday, BIGBANG member Seungri spoke to fans shortly about the Burning Sun controversy.

Image source – OSEN News database

“I sincerely regret [for what has happened] and apologize again for causing disappointment and concern,” said Seungri on Saturday evening. It was the very beginning of his Seoul show for his concert tour “The Great Seungri” at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium.

Before performing, the singer took the stage to speak to fans about the controversy surrounding his Gangnam club Burning Sun. “When there is a controversy I should have acted responsibly, but I didn’t,” he said, ” I feel very sorry to those who love me so much.”

While the singer lamented his mishandling of the situation, he commented that it was an opportunity for him to reflect and apologize properly. Moreover, he promised fans that he would never worry they like this again and felt shy and embarrassed about the whole thing.

Image source – YG Entertainment

After apologizing, Seungri performed some of BIGBANG’s his songs including “Bang, Bang, Bang,” “Liar,” and “Crooked,” which is one of G-Dragon’s songs. Additionally, he also performed songs from his solo album that he released last year.

Earlier this year, information emerged about a violent incident that took place at Seungri’s club Burning Sun last year. According to several reports and an ongoing investigation, the situation may have involved misconduct from both police and club personnel. The lynchpin in the whole thing is how long Seungri took to issue an official response.

On Feb. 2, Seungri released a statement where he apologized for the delay and provided a short explanation. According to the singer, he was not present when the incident took place and was informed a few days later from his staff.

He states that “violence can’t be justified in any circumstance” and apologized to the victim that was hurt. Further, he supports the investigation and hopes that those responsible will be brought to justice.




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MBC ‘Kill Bill’ Team Issues Second Apology to Viewers and San E

The production team of MBC’s survival program “Target Billboard: KILL BILL” made a second apology to rapper San E and viewers.

Image source – OSEN News database

On Friday, the production team of “Target Billboard: KILL BILL” posted a second apology on its website for the second time this week. This time, however, the apology was directed at San E in addition to viewers.

A few days ago, the show’s team issued an apology for a mishap that put the phrase “I ♡ Molka,” a reference the illegally act of using a hidden camera to film women without their permission, on a back screen during San E’s performance of his song “Feminist” for around a second.

Previously, the production team explained that they when they did a trial run of the broadcast they hadn’t caught the phrase. According to additional information released by the show’s team, the display of the controversial phrase was actually due to an editing error.

The phrase was meant to come up during San E’s performance, but a red “X” was supposed to appear over “I ♡ Molka” expression. However, when the camera shot changed, the X mark “could not be seen on the broadcast screen,” explained a representative.

As a result, the show’s team issued an apology to San E and viewers saying that the “screen did not accurately reflect the artist’s intent” and that it caused “misunderstanding and controversy.”

Shortly after the apology, San E took to social media to talk about the incident, firing back at critics. In his post, the rapper said that many people accused him of advocating the act of filming people illegally and that he is sexist. Rather, he alludes that viewers criticized based on an editing error without taking into consideration the “concept, content and lyrics of the entire stage,” he wrote.

Even so, viewers can hardly be faulted for jumping to conclusions. In the past, San E has made headlines for making controversial comments and actions in relation to women. Consequently, it wasn’t too far out to believe that the rapper had intentionally had the problematic phrase appear as it was during his performance purposefully.

Although San E laments how he was criticized for something that was out of his control, he realized that “the song is not fully conveying its satirical and pitched message and intention,” and will “try harder” going forward.




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MBC Apologizes for Display Mishap During San E’s Performance on ‘KILL BILL’

During San E’s performance and controversial phrase appeared briefly on a screen in the background. Though only for a short while it has angered many people.

San e
Image source – OSEN News database

Producers from the MBC hip-hop survival show “Target Billboard: KILL BILL” issued an apology for an inappropriate and problematic phrase that appeared during one of the competitor’s performances.

The phrase “I ♡ molka” appeared on a background screen for about one second during San E’s performance. Although the production team says they had a trial run of the broadcast, they failed to notice the phrase. As a result, they apologized to viewers for “not filtering out the inappropriate expression” and said they will be more vigilant going forward.

The phrase “I ♡ molka” appears on a screen as rapper San E performs his song “Feminist” – MBC

However, the apology has done little to alleviate the ire of some viewers. Comments have flooded online message boards with criticisms directed at both the show and San-E. Several people have demanded that the rapper be removed from the show while more have expressed skepticism about the production teams capability and truthtelling.

In particular, “molka” is a word that means “hidden camera.” These small and discreet cameras are sometimes hidden in public bathrooms, in public spaces, or handled by pedestrians to snap pictures of peoples’ underwear, up women’s skirts, or even using the bathroom. On some occasions, the footage is uploaded online or used for pornographic purposes.

Last year, as the “Me Too” movement reached South Korea’s shores, the issue of molka was brought to the forefront as thousands of women protested the cameras and the act that invades individuals’ privacy.

During this time, even celebrities got caught in the mix. Rapper Moon Moon was convicted for secretly filming women in a restroom and was promptly dropped from his label. Further, actress Shin Se-Kyung and Apink’s Yoon Bomi almost became victims of a molka scheme had they not discovered a camera disguised as a portable battery in their hotel room.



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Yang Hyun-Suk (YG) Releases Statement Apologizing for Seungri’s Burning Sun Controversy

Yang Hyuk-suk entered the area of controversy surrounding Seungri regarding a violent incident that occurred at the nightclub Burning Sun, a business in which the singer is involved.

On January 31, the CEO of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun-suk apologized for the assault that took place at Burning Sun in an attempt to resolve the situation, protect Seungri, and clarify specific facts related to him as it stands.

The apology was posted on his public blog on Thursday afternoon and notably focused on Seungri rather than on the nightclub situation as a whole. Specifically, addressing some rumors and where the entertainment agency stands in all of this.

After apologizing to fans for the unexpected controversy surround Seungri and the rumors that have circulated because of it said he wanted to address these directly. “I wanted to quickly confirm and respond to the rumors about Seungri’s club from the beginning. But it was a difficult situation for YG [Entertainment] to come forward and announce its official position since it is [Seungri’s] personal business and has been carried out completely unrelated to the company,” wrote Yang.

Moreover, Yang explained that it was difficult to determine fact from fiction. “I also had issues checking the facts. I’ve never been to the club and had no idea who the club’s personnel were, so there was no way to ask or confirm details about the incident.”

However, Yang did clarify whether the BIGBANG member was present at the club when the incident took place. According to the CEO, on the day of the incident, Nov. 24, Seungri was at Burning Sun until 3 a.m. at which time he departed. This is three hours before the violent alternation between a club patron, personnel, and police, which is confirmed to have taken place after 6 a.m.

Additionally, he refuted the rumor that that illegals drugs somehow played into the situation. “The focus seems to be shifting to investigating possible drug use regardless of the [physical assault],” comment Yang. Seungri took a urine and hair test to see if he tested positive of any drugs. They both came back negative.

With all that said, Yang expressed regret for the fact that Seungri failed to deescalate the situation and issue an apology early one. “I feel very sorry for the fans who must have been worried about this too. I tried to express my position in writing this apology, but I had to hold off for a while. We decided it would be better to clarify the position after the investigation revealed the truth of the case more clearly.”

Image source – MBC

On Monday, MBC “New Week” reported on a recently surfaced incident that took place at Burning Sun last November. Kim Sang-gyo, a man in his twenties, claimed to have been assaulted by the club’s personnel and police that result in severe injuries including broken ribs after being dragged out of the building. His story launched an investigation on the claim with investigators going over CCTV footage, questioning the police who were present, and testing for drugs.




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Brand New Apologizes for San E’s Outburst at “Brand New Year 2018” Concert

Brand New has opened up about San E’s recent outburst at the “Brand New Year 2018” Concert.

On November 4, Brand New Music released an official statement addressing the recent outburst of rapper San E at the “Brand New Year 2018” concert.

Two days prior, San E made an appearance at the company-wide concert along with his label-mates. However, some audience greeted him with slogans that had offensive remarks towards the rappers, attacking him for his latest two tracks, “Feminist” and “6.9 cm.”

In response, the rapper started firing back. He called out on the members of radical feminist groups Womad and Megalia and lashed out at his critics. After leaving the stage, the audience demanded that the rapper apologizes. However, San E did not appear for the last performance. Instead, Rhymer, the CEO of Brand new, came out and apologized on his behalf.

The following is the official statement from Brand New Music:

Hello, this is Brand New Music.

Our company feels very responsible for all controversies that occurred at the recent “Brand New Year 2018” concert. At this time, we would like to offer our sincere gratitude to the audience and artists, who may have felt uncomfortable regarding the latest event.

We will be  more careful in the future to ensure that nothing like this will ever happen again.

Thank you.

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Prominent Jewish Foundation Denounces BTS for Anti-Semitism, Big Hit Responds

After a Japanese entertainment program decided to not have BTS appear on their show made global headlines, a prominent Jewish foundation denounced the group for anti-semitism.

Image source – Big Hit Entertainment

Last week a Japanese entertainment program “Music Station” decided to cancel the appearance of K-pop group BTS. The network decision came after viewers raised criticisms of the group after pictures of member Jimin in a shirt with “PATRIOTISM OURHISTORY (sic) LIBERATION KOREA” multiple times on the back accompanied with two real pictures.

One is of the atomic bomb attack on Nagasaki, which killed tens of thousands. The other picture of is of Koreans celebrating their independence from Japan on August 15, 1945. The combination of the text and in particular the atomic bomb picture were interpreted as mocking the victims of the attack and those who still suffer from the bomb’s effect today.

BTS member Jimin wears long sleeve shirt by OURHISTORY (아워히스토리) in 2017

The cancellation and the reason behind it made global headlines with stories appearing in Reuters, The Guardian, Vox, BBC, CNN, and Billboard. With news of the incident circulating through multiple channels, a prominent Jewish foundation and human rights organization the Simon Wiesenthal Center which researches “the Holocaust and hate in a historic and contemporary context,” denounced the group in a notice on November 11.

In the notice, they quoted Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the Associate Dean and Director of Global Social Action of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. “Wearing a T-shirt in Japan mocking the victims of the Nagasaki A-bomb, is just the latest incident of this band mocking the past,” Rabbi Cooper said. Besides the t-shirt that Jimin wore, the organization also cites photos from a Seo Taiji concert where the group appeared and a passed magazine photo shoot where leader RM is wearing a military-style hat that allegedly has a Nazi symbol on it. Notably, Rabbi Cooper also says this:

…It is clear that those designing and promoting this group’s career are too comfortable with denigrating the memory of the past. The result is that on young generations in Korea and around the world are more likely to identify bigotry and intolerance as being ‘cool’ and help erase the lessons of history. The management of this group, not only the front performers, should publicly apologize.”

With the rise of extremism, nationalism, and Nazism around the world coupled with the deadly synagogue shooting in Pittsburg just a few weeks ago, the organization is actively working to halt what it deems anti-semitic in its tracks.

Response to Notice

The tweet announcing the notice, which been retweeted over 3,000 times and an almost equal amount of comments, has in general been ill received by BTS fans. Some claim that it is ill-researched, that the organization is tarnishing the group’s reputation, or where themselves spreading hate. Meanwhile, another user posted a compilation of explanations for the shirt but failed to provide credible sources for the opinions expressed.




BigHit Entertainment Issues Explanation and Reaches Out to Simon Wiesenthal Center

Image source – Big Hit Entertainment

On November 13 (KST) Big Hit Entertainment published an apology on their official channels of communication where they provided an explanation for the issues raised over the past week and distanced and denounced hate group and other extreme politics.

“In all activities involving BTS and any other artists associated with our company, Big Hit does not condone any activities of war or the use of atomic weapons, is adamantly against them,” the company wrote, adding they had “no intention of causing distress or pain to anyone affected by the dropping of atomic weapons, and we will continue to adhere to these principles.”

Further, Big Hit Entertainment stated that they and all of their artists “do not support any organizations or groups oriented towards political extremism and totalitarian beliefs including Nazism,” and are in fact against such entities. More, there was never an intention to ridicule, demean, or pain those affected by historical events, like the dropping of the atomic bomb, “by being inadvertently associated with such organizations or groups.”

Moreover, the agency states that in addition to this public statement that will be taking additional steps to make sure that issues are dealt with properly. According to the company, they plan to reach out to organizations in both Japan and Korea to provide an apology to those negatively affected by the current situation. Additionally, they have written a letter to the Simon Wiesenthal Center to provide an explanation of the points raised in their post and also issue an apology.



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Indie Band Standing Egg Apologizes for Posting Picture of Kim Jong-Un Facebook

Indie band Standing Egg found itself in hot water after and accused of being pro-North Korean after posting a picture of a figurine of the country’s leader.

Image source – Facebook

On Sunday, indie band Standing Egg posted a picture of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on its official Facebook account. Although the main picture is not a real photo of the leader, rather a figurine made in his likeness, it has still landed the group in hot water.

The figurine sports the leader’s signature slick-back hairstyle and similar face, but dons a more hip-hop style. The figurine of Mr. Kim has a long black sweater with a picture of U.S. president Donald Trump on top of a white t-shirt. More, he has baggy grey pants and black, red, and white high-top sneakers.

Talkling about the post, the group wrote its apology that it was short-sighted and sincerely apologized for their action. However, the band also mentioned that the figurine was posted with information about the art piece, the title of the work,” KIM,” and the exhibition which currently displays it. As such, in thinking of it as art Standing Egg felt it was cute and witty.

Furthermore, they group distance itself from the possibility of being supporters of North Korea. “We didn’t think it was pro-North Korean and just accepted it as pop art with wit and satire,” it said. However, they do not shy away from the fact that this can rightfully be interpreted as being political.

“We never thought about what Kim Jong-Un is like and admit that we were politically ignorant,” the band said. Further, they also mentioned that given the political climate with the North and South meeting several times this year alone that the atmosphere and mood are tense and sensitive. As such, they wrote that they “deeply regret acting without thinking” before posting the photo.



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Rapper Simon Dominic Issues Apology for Angry Rant Directed at Fan

Simon Dominic has issued an official apology for an angry outburst he had during an Instagram Live.

Image source – Instagram

On December 9, rapper Simon Dominic (herein referred to as Simon D) grew angry with a fan during an Instagram Live session. The outburst from the rapper shocked many fans and compelled the rapper to apologize.

During the broadcast, Simon D recommended the viewers listen to DJ Wegun’s song. In response to the suggestion, one viewer wrote that he was promoting the DJ based on personal connections. This one comment changed the course of the Instagram live.

Simon quickly angered and went on a tirade, dropping formalities and using swear words. Directed that the commenter, the rapper said “don’t listen if you don’t want to,” “You’re just in your room listening to music,” and asking if the viewer thinks making music is easy. Additionally, Simon D said that his rant was not due to alcohol, but it was something he always wanted to say.

In response to his outburst, some sided with the rapper saying that they understood why he was so outspoken. However, on the other hand, some said that he was too hasty. Notwithstanding that the live stream happened on his personal account, he is still a public figure and needs to be mindful of his position.

Image source – Instagram

Later, Simon D apologized for his outburst though a post on his Instagram account. In the apology, he writes that he is “sorry to have offended many last night for [my] inappropriate speech and abuse on Instagram Live.”

Additionally, he refuses to make any excuses for his behavior. “This is my mistake without excuses, and I sincerely apologize to those who could have been disappointed by my careless words and actions,” he said.

Unfortunately, even with the apology, fans continue to argue over the situation. In particular, the controversy seems to have escalated as Simond D has gained popularity since starring in MBC’s “I Live Alone.”



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SechsKies Kang Sung-Hoon Apologizes to Fans for Recent Controversy

SechsKies Kang Sung-hoon addressed his fan club to apologize for the rumor.

Image source – OSEN News

On September 11, SechsKies member Kang Sung-hoon apologized to his fans for the whirlwind of controversy that enveloped the singer on Tuesday.

Rumors erupted soon after the singer canceled his Taiwanese fan meeting. According to a source associated with the singer, the local organizers that Kang was working with failed to obtain the proper visa for the singer in time for the event.

However, reports from Taiwanese news outlets saying that the cancelation was an act of fraud overshadowed information form Kang’s team. According to these outlets, Kang is dating the president of his fan club and had pockets the funds generated by the now-canceled fan meeting. This was supported by the fact that ticket buyers did not get proper refunds.

On the same day, Kang refuted the claims as a baseless rumor and asked fans not to read too much into the misinformation. Nevertheless, many fans remained unsettled. In response, Kang decided to issue a direct apology. “At a time when I can’t even express my gratitude, my carelessness has harmed my fans and my team, and for that, I am truly sorry. I will try my best to correct the misunderstanding,” he said.

Although he has apologized, many are wondering if it will be enough to settle the controversy.



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