Amber, Park Na-Rae, and More to Turn into Exercise Coordinators in “SKY Muscle”

Six celebrities including Park Na-rae, f(x) Amber, Momoland JooE are to turn into workout buddies and exercise coordinators in JTBC’s upcoming variety show.

“The Great Gymnasium: SKY Muscle,” which is to premiere on February 23, is readying to launch with six known athletic celebrities. The variety show invites the celebrities as exercise coordinators to inspire participants to work out.

The six celebrity exercise coordinators include comedians Park Na-rae and Yoo Sae-yoon, f(x) member Amber, actor Kwon Hyuk-soo, WJSN Eun-seo, and Momoland JooE.

The stars, who are known to be great athletes themselves, are to become workout partners for the participants to coordinate healthier lifestyles.

“SKY Muscle” will premiere on February 23.


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K-pop Girl Group Members with Tattoos

Girls with Tattoos

Girls with Tattoos

Girls with Tattoos

Girls with Tattoos

Girls with Tattoos

Girls with Tattoos

Girls with Tattoos

Girls with Tattoos

Girls with Tattoos

Girls with Tattoos

Amber Liu, Park Na-Rae, Chungha and more featured in Nike Women’s Campaign

Artists BoA, Amber Liu, and Chungha, entertainer Park Na-rae, and professional golfer Park Sung-hyun participated in Nike Women’s latest campaign.

Nike Korea

On January 31, Nike launched 2019 Women’s Just Do It campaign to support ambitious women who believe in their possibilities and to encourage women to choose self-driven lives.

As a part of the campaign this year, Nike introduced women in various fields who aspire to find the true value and energy against social stereotypes.

In addition to Amber Liu, who has established her own style free from the popular standards, multi-talented entertainer Park Na-rae, courageous vocalist Chungha, and professional golfer Park Sung-hyun are featured in the campaign video titled, “Believe in the Greatness Called You.”

In addition, BoA also participated as a narrator, conveying the message of infinite possibilities for women who believe in themselves.

“I tried so hard for such a long time to fit into the popular standards,” said Amber. “But I found myself going further from my fundamental self, which frustrated me.”

She continued, “I made myself stronger through sports and endeavored to find my true self. Now I love and respect as the way I am.”

Launched by unveiling the campaign video, 2019 Nike Women’s Just Do It will be followed by various events that encourage women to express themselves through sports.


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[HOT CLIP] Amber Opens Up About f(x), Training, and the Future

Amber Liu from K-pop group f(x) talks with MTV about how she became interested in the genre, training in South Korea, the origins of her group, and the strength of her androgynous look.

7 Korean Stars to Check out on YouTube

Shin Se-kyung

Category: Vlog
Subscribers: 140K

Through her recently launched channel, actress Shin Se-kyung shares bits of her life with two dogs, Jinguk and Sarang. Comments say that her videos, which resemble the actress’ quiet personality, are ideal to watch before going to bed.


G.O (Former MBLAQ member)

Category: Couple Vlog
Subscribers: 217K

The retired K-pop star called much attention when he became a professional live streamer and YouTuber, especially as he shared stories behind the K-pop scene. He now regularly shares dating vlogs with his girlfriend, actress Choi Ye-jin.


Kang Yoo-mi

Categories: Vlog, Mukbang, and ASMR
Subscribers: 493K

Comedian Kang Yoo-mi is one of the first Korean stars to launch her own YouTube channel. She blends brilliant comedies in videos to create her original contents. Kang Yoo-mi also catches up with the latest trends fast, so if you wonder what’s trending among Korean YouTubers, check out her channel.


Hong Yoon-hwa

Categories: Couple Vlog, Mukbang, and ASMR
Subscribers: 163K

Hong Yoon-hwa is another comedian who joined to be a contents creator. Most of her videos are co-hosted with her fiancé, Kim Min-ki. Most popular uploads are mukbang videos, but review contents and dating vlogs are worth checking out as well.


AKMU’s Su-hyun

Category: Beauty
Subscribers: 885K

Su-hyun, or Mochi Peach, is now an established beauty creator on YouTube. Thanks to her agency’s support, Su-hyun could share quality videos from the beginning. In her videos, which she organizes herself, Su-hyun shares makeup tutorials and beauty tips.


F(x)’s Amber

Category: Entertainment
Subscribers: 1M

Amber shares a wide variety of original contents that she plans and edits by herself. Through the cover videos, Amber uses YouTube as a channel to show aspects as a musician she couldn’t present as a member of an idol group. Through everything else, she presents her fun self who is always surrounded by friends.


F(x)’s Luna

Categories: Vlog and Beauty
Subscribers: 161K

Following Amber, Luna also joined YouTube as a creator. Many of her contents are about beauty and makeup, but she also shares bits of her life as a musician as well. Don’t miss out on her vlogs either!



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[Hot Clip] f(x)’s Amber Liu Sings Parody of BTS “Fake Love”

If you’re following f(x)’s Amber on YouTube, you must already be aware of her talent in making people laugh (if you haven’t heard of her YouTube channel, let’s start with this video in which she satirically replies to the haters).

This time, Amber came up with an ode to bacon, parodying BTS’ “Fake Love.” In her music video for “Bacon Love,” Amber turns into a strip of bacon, singing, “All you need is this bacon love.”

Watch Amber Liu’s “Bacon Love” below!


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f(x) Amber Puts an End to Body Shaming with Instagram Post

f(x)’s Amber puts an end to body shaming with her latest Instagram post!

On July 15, f(x) member Amber uploaded a post on Instagram, putting an end to body shaming. In the post, the singer reflected on her past self for feeling ashamed of her body, and that she will no longer do that anymore.

Amber said, “for a long time, people made me feel ashamed of my body. Then, I became ashamed of my body. People wanted me to be weak because that’s what a girl “should” be like. I threw away my ambitions and goals. Well, I’m not that person anymore. I will always continue to work hard, become stronger, and learn to love myself for who I am, imperfections and all.”

While it seemed like it was a post promoting a certain sports brand, the singer still encouraged many women to stop feeling ashamed of their bodies. More importantly, to stop letting other people to make them feel ashamed of their bodies.

Meanwhile, Amber Liu recently signed a contract with Steel Wool Entertainment, based in Los Angeles, California. As SM and Steel Wool both officially signed this contract, they plan to provide full support in the singer’s promotions in both America and Korea.

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[Hot Clip] F(x) Amber Liu Talks Music, Comebacks, and Gender Roles New Video

While eating a cup of Korean spicy noodles, F(x) member Amber answers fans’ questions.

Amber Liu sits down with Buzzfeed’s Andrew to go through a selection of hand-picked questions posed by fans. During the interview, the rapper dished on celebrity, the K-pop industry, the current status of f(x), gender roles, and LGTBQ rights and progress in South Korea.

Check out the fascinating and enlightening video below!

Superfruit Duo Releases Music Video Featuring f(x)’s Amber Liu

Superfruit released a song with f(x) member Amber Liu.

Source: Superfruit’s Official Website

Superfruit is a singing and comedy duo that consists of Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying. Both are members of the five-member acapella group Pentatonix. The duo recently came out with their first album Future Friends on Nov 10. F(x) member Amber Liu sang and rapped in the thirteenth track “Fantasy”.

Check out their music video here!